The Anti-Christian Leftists Behind the Border Crisis with Ann Coulter





In this episode, Ann Coulter joins Liz Wheeler to talk about the ending of Title 42 and the border crisis, and the significance of this issue in the 2024 presidential elections.

Liz begins the interview by asking Ann Coulter what she thinks will happen in the days after Title 42 expires.

Coulter argues that the Left has a segment of constituents that hate America, and that Joe Biden’s administration is being run by radical leftists, particularly on immigration, despite Biden’s long history as a moderate Democrat.

Furthermore, Coulter believes that Title 42 was an excuse for Donald Trump to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, and its lifting will result in a mass movement of immigrants into existing ghettos.

Coulter goes on to describe how the far Left targets Christians and religious institutions, and that they hate America due to the country’s strong belief in God.

On top of Title 42 and immigration policy, Liz Wheeler and Ann Coulter discuss the 2024 presidential elections, and the interview ends with Coulter sharing her thoughts on Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News, and his coverage of the January 6th protests.


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Oh man, I just got done interviewing Ann Coulter, and let me tell you, it was fiery. Some of you are gonna love this episode. Some of you are not gonna like some of the things that she said, but let me tell you, you’re gonna get, there’s going to be a reaction no matter who you are. We talked about just about everything. We talked about President Trump, we talked about Governor DeSantis. We talked of course, about the border crisis. And perhaps most interestingly, the ideological underpinning of those who on the Left who are propagating this border crisis, which I found very interesting. I have one very big takeaway from this interview that I want you to stick around for towards the end of the episode. But this was one of those times, I gotta tell you, as a host sitting here, sometimes I have a back and forth conversation with people I interview. Sometimes I’m bringing up different points in addition to the points that the my interviewee is bringing up. But today I just sat back and I just listened to what Anne called her to say. I directed her to some topics that I wanted to talk about, but it was really mesmerizing. I think you guys are really gonna enjoy it. So, without further ado, this is Ann Coulter. 

All right, guys. With me today is 13 times New York Times bestselling author, including the book. This is somewhat ironic, audios America, the Left’s Plan to turn our country into a third-world hellhole. Sadly, apropo, for the moment that we’re in, in our nation right now, as supposedly 700,000 illegal aliens await to cross our border. Now that the Biden administration is allowing them to do so. Also, highly recommend that you go to It is, of course, Ann Coulter, and good to see you. Thanks for joining. 

Absolutely. This is quite a day to be here. 

It is. So, I wanna start with actually a very open-ended question. We’ve seen a lot of headlines and a lot of comments even from within Border Patrol about what is going to happen once Title 42 expires, that there are, you know, 10,000 people crossing a day, 700,000 people waiting on the other side to cross when you know, they’re given the leeway to do so. But what is going to happen in the coming days? 

It really is amazing that even with a presidential election here coming up, they’re not pretending to give a crap about the border. as I describe in the book, I mean, there, I don’t think this of all Democrats, it’s quite clearly not true of all Democrats. But on the Left, there is a segment that just really, really hate our country. They rooted for the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Sadly, Ronalds Reagan defeated the Soviet Union, and America was never nuked. so they learned, oh, there’s another way we can destroy the country. Let’s just move the entire third world here. and it really is grounded in a jealousy and hatred of traditional America. I mean, it’s all of a piece with them ripping down statues, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, they hate this country. What’s particularly weird about this time is, I mean, it actually is true. 

 Joe Biden has a, you know, 50-year history of being a moderate Democrat. Unfortunately, he now has senile dementia, and it is clearly the very hard left running his administration, particularly in the area of, of immigration. I mean, listen to mayors like Mayor Adams, or read the comment sections in the New York Times when they write one of their tendentious articles about, oh, the poor asylum seekers, the asylum seeker. Look, I mean, I’ve noticed this since I wrote Adios America. Wow, New York Times readers are not really down with wrecking our country. Isn’t that interesting? Which is why, you know, a complete jackass won the presidency in 2016, an utterly unlikely candidate because he ran on immigration. He said outrageous things, things in ways even I wouldn’t have said it. As Mickey Cow said, he, Mickey Kaus reviewed my book, adios America, and said, you know, compared to Donald Trump’s opening statement, which he made coming down the elevator, two weeks after Adios America came out, he said, you know, that makes Ann Coulter’s book sound like Desmond Tutu. 

Yet. And still, it didn’t matter how outrageous Trump was, this is how much the public wants to, to shut this down. once of all, there’s a reason we wanted it all. There’s a reason by running on promising to build a wall could get, you know, Mickey Mouse elected president. Unfortunately, Donalds Trump is profoundly stupid. It is the one thing I underestimated. I knew he was tacky, a vulgarian arriviste. I admit, I had no idea how stupid he was. But in my defense, I didn’t think it was possible for a human being to be that stupid. So he runs on, build the wall, build the wall, build the wall, doesn’t build the wall, doesn’t get reelected. Duh. Warned about this since the moment he won the nomination and what it looks like. He was, I mean, he was starting to sell out right away warned him to look at Bush. 

Number one, he made one promise one time at the Republican National Convention, read my lips, no new taxes, broke that promise, lost reelection. Don’t, don’t betray the voters. very simple rule for politics, but there’s a reason voters voted for a wall. So that what’s happening now could not not happen because we know there are these far-left America haters and they are who were just dying for a moment like this. Well, a wall would’ve stopped him. It sure would’ve slowed him down. but no, what’s going to happen now, title 42 was just some, you know, BS excuse for Donald Trump to try to do something to stop the flow of illegals during his pathetic four years in office. now it’s being lifted. and, and when you hear, for example, oh, Biden’s sending troops to the border, woo, that sounds so tough. 

We’re gonna have troops standing at the border. Oh, no, no, no. They’re going to be distributing welfare applications and putting the illegals on buses and ushering them into the country. I was thinking about this. I suspect the co the places they’re going to be moved un mass to, to the interior of the country, are probably going to be areas where there already are. well, little ghettos of, of foreigners where, well, the, where they’ll speak the language. this is part of the problem with bringing in a mess of immigrants who are, don’t speak English. they end up just creating their own little communities. I don’t know if this is still true, but up in Detroit a few years ago I friend I went to Michigan Law School. I’m driving around Detroit with a friend there. There’s an area where all the street signs are in Arabic. No, you don’t want that in your country. This is an English speaking country. But if Biden were to move these illegal immigrants into your neighborhood, into my neighborhood, people might notice. So I think this is the one, my prediction is that is the one deference he will be making to the fact that he’ll be facing the voters next year. try to make it not noticeable, but just get them in. Get them in, get them in as fast as you can, get them in. 

And by the way, about half my viewers are evenly split on whether they like Trump or whether they like DeSantis. So I do wanna circle back and talk to you about 2024, the primary before even we get to the general election. But I guess I wonder when you use this phrase, far left America haters, that seems pretty obvious to those of us who are not watching CNN and MSNBC. You can’t de make deliberate choices about the border the way that Joe Biden does without understanding the consequences and understanding the destruction it’s going to cause to our nation. But who are these people? What is their ideological foundation or their philosophical view of the world? Because it sometimes it seems like hard to put a pin on it to me, when we don’t say like, okay, well, the people behind critical race theory are the critical theorists. The Marxists from the Frankfurt School, or the people behind queer theory, you know, the transgender thing, are the queer theorists. Who are these people? 

Well, it’s, I think it’s all of a piece. And, you know, I’m not an expert. I’m not their therapists. I am not their exorcist. But the impulse seems to be just a hatred of Western civilization. Whether that is a hatred of, of male and female separate bodies normality there. I mean, it’s a war on normality. and America is of course, the, of Western civilization, the highest realization of it from our Declaration of Independence to just a country on the go. And, and the inventions and the land, the patriotism, the really very, very little, little crime, except in some, some small areas. and until recently, and, and it’s the same impulse of the j George Soros, prosecutors release criminals. They are for criminals. They are for poisoning and mutilating children, and they are so for the destruction of the United States of America. 

 I think part of the reason, and I’m sure they hate the fathers just, don’t, I’d throw that in just to give you the, the image of what it is we’re talking about. Exactly. I have long suspected, I wrote about this in treason that part of the reason America is the number one country they need to take down is not only because we’re the greatest country in the world, most powerful country in the world the most successful, beautiful gleaming country in the world. But, you know, there are a lot of beautiful countries in Western Europe. A lot of beautiful arc and architecture and culture. but one thing Europe doesn’t have that we have is a very strong belief in God. and I do think it has a lot to do. Yes, they hate Christianity. Oh my gosh, they hate Christianity. 

You are, I suppose any, any God believer. But Christianity is of course the dominant religion here. so yeah, it’s of a peace with the ones who go into churches and, and tear them down and turn them into, you know, selling peace pops like at St. John The Divine in New York City, and they have solstice festivals. It is hatred of God, hatred of your father, hatred of this country, hatred of civilization. I am not describing Democrats. I don’t even think I’m describing most of the hosts on MSNBC or CNN but there are enough. There are enough certainly on tv particularly, who will go along with the program. but again, I recommend to you Breitbart just had an article about this this week. But it’s something I noticed when I was writing Adios America. I read these articles. 

I always look at, not always, but I often look at the comments on New York Times articles just to see what, what are crazy liberals in New York thinking these days? and any other article. It could be on transgenders, it could be on Trump, it could be on, you know, Joe Biden or Eric Adams. it could be on the Phil Harmonic, and you will get standard New York liberal responses, articles on immigration, sound like the commenters at Breitbart. even liberals know that this is wrecking our country and wrecking their country. and, and there, I mean, I suppose in New York City and New York Times readers, there is a lot of wealth. They do have something to lose. If America is destroyed the, it’s very hard to have hope right now. I mean, I really do think, wow, this country looks doomed. I thought Trump was gonna be our last chance to save it. 

And about halfway through his administration,, it became clear, he wasn’t gonna do it. so now I’m usually very perky and optimistic. Something my friends make fun of me for. And I guess the only, you can’t help, at least I can’t help as a human being looking for some ray of hope someplace. There’s gotta be something I can root for. and I do root for, for Governor DeSantis. I mean, he has been very good on immigration in the state of Florida. He just passed E-Verify for the entire state. And that took a lot of guts because unbeknownst to many Americans Florida is a huge agricultural state. You’d be stunned. I mean, they have cows. They’re, I think they’re growing like cotton, everything. You think of it as Disneyland and spring break. Oh, no, no, no. This is a big state. 

There’s a lot of farmland and I’m sorry. But the agricultural interests, they want their cheap labor. And so to stand up to these major donors and say, no, look, we have to do this. Love you guys, but we’re talking about saving our country. I, that means a lot to someone like me. And I guess we just have to remind him if or to be really perky when he becomes president of the phrase repatriation. and that’s where we send the illegals back. I mean, it just, it is not fair that a democratic administration, oh, we’re just gonna bring in 40 million new voters. Yep. We’re just gonna rush ’em across the border. Oh, and welfare recipients. And, you know, we have poor people in this country, but we want the poor people of other countries. We’re gonna drag ’em all in. None of them, none of them are legitimate asylum applicants. 

Not one, none of them are fleeing Adolf Hitler. Give me a break. They could go to, to, why don’t they stay in Mexico? Oh, whoa. Help me, get me out of here. Oh, could I go to the country with the most generous welfare? could I go to the country where I will get into, my children will get into Harvard faster than native born Americans. We don’t need, we’re, we’re not a women’s a battered women’s shelter. We are a country. and for them to be dragging in, dragging in the poor, the dysfunctional, the criminal, the criminal of the world, this is fraud. And I don’t care if you have to employ you know, half of the state of Florida. They need to go through every one of these applications and send them back to their own countries because this is an absolute fraud. 

I’m really interested in something that you said before when you said that Trump won in 2016, because he campaigned on build that wall. Now there were, I think that there were several different things like crooked Hillary, lock her up, you know, the working, the forgotten working class, white working class in the Midwest, but applying that, do you think for 2024 that, and this doesn’t even have to be the Republican primary, this can apply to the general election. Do you think that the candidate that is the strongest on the border, that that’s the winning campaign message? 

Yes. Yes. Yes. It is always. I mean, there are other issues. It is always a winner. And again, I recommend you to the read the letters and the times and compare them to the letters in Breitbart about, about immigration. And incidentally, I mean, I did write the book in Trump We Trust. I was absolutely for him, and it was specifically because of immigration as, as my friends were. Although, you know, I grew up in Connecticut, outside of New York. I was well familiar with the kind of man Donald Trump was, as many of my friends were. And we didn’t, we didn’t care. I supported him in 2015. One thing I’ve noticed is of the people who no longer support Donald Trump we are all the ones who supported him in 2015, we’re not the Johnny Come Late Leagues. We supported him for the issues he ran on and then betrayed us on. 

 and in, in Trump. We trust the book I wrote to encourage his election. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve, I’ve signed copies to people in the Republican party. I would like to run for president as the Republicans, and I sign it. But you actually have to do it. I still maintain the 2016 campaign was the greatest presidential campaign in world’s history. Everything fell apart when he became president. But in the book, in we Trust I mean, I sort of challenge the point that you just made that, oh, well, he ran on a lot of things because I noticed the media kept saying, oh, he is, he has no issues. He is not running on anything. Well, a couple of things. No, his plans were really quite specific. He was more specific than anybody else was. But one of the interesting things I went through his, I think it was interesting, went through his opening speech when he came down the escalator. 

And Liz, he talked about all kinds of stuff. He talked about, you know the troops and veterans and Obamacare, and how we need to be tough abroad. tax cuts. Look at his speech when he came down the escalator. But what was the line that ignited the fire that propelled him to the presidency? It was what he said about immigration. And all of the elites as usual, viciously attacked him. Oh, it’s so mean. And it was kind of mean. but the people, the voters did not care. We don’t care if you are, if you are polite about, we’re just fed up. We have had it. We, you can be as rude as you wanna be on immigration. This is our country and we’re, we’re running out of time to save it. 

Do you consider yourself a single issue voter on border stuff? On border security? 

that’s interesting. I mean, I’ve never, I’ve never put it that way. but I mean, I can tell you why did I support Romney in 2012? Because he had the strongest position on immigration. I mean, whatever you wanna say about Romney. back then, Mike, Mike Huck’s position was illegal. Immigration is how we make up Forry. new Gingrich wanted to let them all in. And we have little hearings in towns. Do, do you like these particularly illegally? They were, they were all, the Republican party has been pedaled to the metal open borders because that’s what the donors want, because the donors want the cheap labor and don’t give a crap about the country and the culture. so MIT Romney, without question, had the toughest position on immigration. He was pire for it, but it, I’m, maybe you’d phrase it differently. It was self deportation. 

This idea that, oh, how are you gonna get rid of them all? Round them up, round them up. No, you don’t have to round them up. They’ll go home the same way they came. That’s self deportation. So that’s why I was pedaled to the medal for Romney. the rest of them were disastrous on immigration. And that is of course, why I, and I think an awful lot of voters supported Trump. I mean, it’s noticeable as I keep pointing out in my columns, not keep pointing out, but I pointed out a couple of times, what’s the one demographic that, that Trump lost in 2020 compared to 2016? Was it, was it single moms? Was it you know, suburban moms? was it Hispanics? Was it, was it, no, it was white man. The left behind the people. He was finally, you know, finally somebody was speaking to them in 2016. 

Usually the Republicans are just, what does Wall Street want? Wall Street hates you, Republicans stop sucking up to them. and, and the campaign was magnificent on, on other issues too. It was, it was pretty magnificent. It wasn’t supposed to be tax cuts. What does Trump do? He gets into office and he gives Wall Street tax cuts. He got zero support from Wall Street. I mean, it, it was like a miracle of his election that you wouldn’t think would be possible. Someone elected the presidency who didn’t get a dime from Wall Street. We could finally have a president stand up to these vultures and Trump gets into the Oval Office. Oh, wait, so that means I give the keys of the kingdom to Wall Street. Right. And that’s exactly what he did. He brings in Gary Cohn. We never got rid of the carried in interest deduction. No, he was an absolute liar. And, and it was a disaster, particularly because, I mean, the reason there might be a c bit of bitterness in my voice is the promise of two 16, the promise. I mean, to have all of our hopes rest in such a man as him. It’s heartbreaking.. 

It’s kind of, I don’t necessarily agree on every take. I’m sitting here. Just, I mesmerized by what you’re saying. I think that your takes are excellent. I mean, we all expect him to announce. I think I’d be surprised if he didn’t. All signs are pointing in that direction. We have Nikki Haley, of course, and Vivek RamaswamIn addition to Trump. If, and I think Asa Hutchinson too, already forgot about him. He announced like a week. Joe, if these five are, are the candidates, I’m sorry, I’m not sorry about that guy. He wouldn’t even ban trans kids. who do you think is gonna win in the, in the primary, in the Republican primary? 

well, I have a number of state bets that I, you know, I get nervous about this that it will not be Trump. and luckily I didn’t have to say who I think it’s gonna be, but I mean, if you force me to, we’re, we’re very, very early. I need to preface anything I say with that. I mean, I, Liddy Dole was leadingat this point before the 2000 election. So a lot of it is name recognition right now. but I would guess it’s, I would put my money on DeSantis if I had to. if you held a gun to my head. what worries me, about my state bets is that the entire, I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago. It’s on my sub, it’s on titled Republicans, you’re Being Rolled or something like that. 

 the entire Biden reelection plan, I mean, the border is a disaster. The economy is, is, is flatlining. We have no energy, everything crime through the roof, through the roof. And because of Democrats and mostly in Democratic cities, this next year’s presidential election year, Liz, it should be a blast. It should be so much fun. Things have sucked for such a long time. It would be so fun to have DeSantis runningagainst Biden. Well, the Democrats know that it would be fun for Republicans. Democrats know that too. So their entire Biden reelection plan is tricked the Republicans into renominated Trump. And I think that was the whole point behind the moronic brag indictment. I mean, Trump made his announcement that he was running for president after totally destroying the midterm elections for us, made his announcement. It was a bunch of losers who showed up. 

Even Fox News cut away from it. The next thing you know, he’s meeting with Nick Flinto andand Kanye, who are busy, you know, when they’re not meeting with Trump praising Hitler I’m sorry. There aren’t a lot of things you have to remember not to do in life. Could you just not praise Hitler? Anyway that’s tho those are the celebrities Trump’s hanging out with. and he had completely, I mean, he would, nobody really cared about me, had a bunch of losers and conmen supporting him. Well, the moment there was a BS indictment, the Democrats did this. That was my last book. Resistance is Futile. And the thesis of it was that, that instead of attacking Trump on things that are legitimate, the Left the media either out of hatred or out of strategy, and I think it’s both. They make just nonsense BS attacks on Trump. 

And they drive people who don’t even like the guy to say, okay, I I’m not for him, but he’s not a Russian agent, thank you MSNBC. And so they push people into supporting Trump by making outrageous arguments against him. And I think that was the sole purpose of that brag indictment. And I have to say, I mean, I wrote the column and the next thing I notice, all I hear from conservative media is, save Trump. We’ve gotta say, this is so outrageous. And Republicans, oh my gosh, Republican. Like, okay, a lot of the House Republicans are complete morons, but they go to New York to hold hearings on crime in New York. What’s that for other than save Trump? How about going to Philadelphia and having hearings on crime? Philadelphia is closer to DC a lot closer, and their crime is probably even worse than, than New York cities. In fact, it definitely is worse than New York cities. So why did they go have hearings on what the DA is doing in New York City? Because that same DA had just indicted Trump. So democrats are, are, are playing Republicans. They’re apparently very easy to play their reelect Biden. their entire plan is get Democrats to renominate Trump. Oh, why is CNN having, having a town hall with Trump tonight? Why they want us to renominate Trump. And they’re right. That’s how they would get Biden reelected. 

It’s actually, I’m laughing because it’s terrifying to imagine Joe Biden as president again, because it’s almost unthinkable that he’s even president right now in his state. Let me completely change topics on you, cuz I’m really interested in people who’ve worked in media for as long as we have. I mean, you’ve worked even longer than I have in media. What is your take on what happened between Fox News and Tucker Carlson and where Tucker’s gonna land after, after what I assume is gonna be like months of lawsuits? 

I think it’s not as complicated as people are making it. I mean, I don’t know. I have no, no insider inside track on this, but three pretty big lawsuits the Dominion lawsuit and you know, footnote on that, while I’ve been telling the truth about b about Trump, both as president post presidency, oh, for about five years now, I’m taking all the slings and arrows by Fox. New news viewers ginned up by their hosts, Trump. He’s the greatest. He’s the greatest. Oh, hey, Fox News viewers who’ve been attacking me for five years now, you know what? They really thought they were lying to you. Does that make you feel good? You know, you may not like what I have to say, but I’ll tell you the truth, unlike those liars. So now that we know what the primetime host really thought about Trump that obviously was a big part of the defamation lawsuit. 

And, and some of the worst quotes, at least for purposes of defamation, of, of Dominion came from, came from Tucker. Then you also have the lawsuit by the former Tucker Producer Abby Grossman Grossberg and look, she could be a snowflake. A lot of it may be very silly but some of it does seem like a little bit of a bro culture that I I’m not, I’m not fainting over, but after what happened to Roger Ailes and what happened to Bill O’Reilly and others at Fox News, I think I wouldn’t be having, you know, huge posters of a scantily clad Nancy Pelosi on on the Wall. so that’s another lawsuit. And the third lawsuit I think is, it hasn’t been filed yet, but seems like it’s, it might be, and that’s by Ray Epps, the guy that Tucker has. 

And Tucker alone, no other hosts have done this, has accused of being an FBI agent who had specifically tried to, you know, entrap the January 6th rioters. and I think that’s a nonsense claim. And Ray Epp has a pretty good defamation case. Now he’s, he’s requested a retraction. I don’t know what he’s gonna do next, but I think Fox is just looking at these three lawsuits. I’m thinking,, this is more trouble than it’s worth. And Roger Ailes was right. We could put on a dead raccoon at eight o’clock and we’re still gonna beat cnn. as for what Tucker does next, I don’t know, I doubt I, I doubt he knows where any bodies are buried that we don’t already know. An awful lot of that already came out in the Dominion lawsuit. We see all the private text messages. I, on the, I don’t think there’s a lot of breaking news there. and no, I mean, it’s a good gig being a primetime host at Fox. You may, you may have to lie to viewers, but you’re gonna be paid well. So yeah, it’s a big, it’ll be a big monetary hit and it seems unlikely to be made up elsewhere, but who knows? Do you wanna know who I’d put in his slot? 

Oh, tell me, tell me. 

if Fox were, and they’re not I’d, I’d give the 8:00 PM hour to buck sex. but I think he’s probably too original, provocative and interesting. and they don’t want that. They want flat, boring, never, ever, ever funny, will not get us in trouble., that’s the Fox model., 

I love Buck, but if I’m not mistaken, he is unafraid to talk about transgenderism. He’s unafraid to talk about abortion. He’s unafraid to talk about electioneering laws that were changed in the summer of 2020. And he is unafraid to talk about Marxism. So I don’t know if he would be qualified for that position. Exactly. Lemme ask you, this is from one of our locals VIPs. This is from one of our locals, VIPs named Amy. She said, what is your theory on why so many middle-aged, educated white women are beholden to leftist ideology? 

That’s a good question. I think two reasons. One is I think you, you do have to look at marital status whether divorced, separated, never married women in those categories, myself, a major exception tends to be 

Very liberal. And I think that’s because they look to the government to be their husbands. it’s very useful having a man around, I like it myself. so, so first you have to exclude that whole group. And then I don’t think they’re, and I could be wrong, I don’t think they’re that different from man. the ones, the one, the ones who are married and still left-wing loons sorry, I’m saying too much. couple of reasons. One is women, I mean, there are all kinds of studies on this. it’s in Charles Murray’s book, human Diversity. Women have a tendency to prefer to get along in all these polls, college kids. And even beyond that there’ll be a question, is it more important to tell the truth or to go along with the crowd? And men will overwhelmingly say, tell the truth. And women will overwhelmingly say, go along with the crowd. So part of it is they, they just wanna, you know, get along, go along to get along whatever the expression is. and also the ones that probably your, your, your viewer is referring to. they probably went to, you know, some fancy school like Smith or Wellesley. So they’re as brainwashed as a recent college graduate., 

I think too, this is something interesting I’ve noticed about the younger generation. This wasn’t even true. Like I’m in the millennial generation, but women in Gen Z, we make fun of them because they wear ugly clothes and they don’t, they don’t wear a lot of makeup. And they, I don’t know, I cannot get on board with Gen Z style all the time as much as I try. But they are realizing something for the first time that even millennials and Gen X didn’t recognize, and that is all the promises of feminism don’t actually make women happy. and so maybe, maybe what she’s talking about, these middle-aged, educated white women are still beholden just to the narratives of feminism that they fall prey to that from their indoctrination in college. I don’t know. one more question from locals. And I actually don’t even know if the premise of this question is true. You can tell me if it is or not. This question says Ann’s dad was an F FBI agent, so I want to ask how she feels about what’s happening at the f FBI today. Is that true? Was your dad an FBI agent or is this question off? 

No, when, for a few years, I’m not as long as I was alive, but when he got out of law school it was almost like having a a judicial clerkship when he got out of law school. he was an FBI agent, he was a red hunter. I’m, I, that’s why I dedicated my book Treason to him. That’s the one that redeems Joe McCarthy tells the truth about Joe McCarthy. Let me put it that way. Anyway, he was involved in a lot of the red hunting cases and then that wasn’t enough money toto raise a family of, of five. so he became a corporate lawyer. I mean, he was a lawyer, but he switched career paths. And yes, I mean, it’s heartbreaking. I still, there’s there, president DeSantis is going to have a lot on his plate because I think the FBI is a very important institution. 

Lots of things, lots of things need to be cleared out. and yet it’s heartbreaking. What’s happened to the FBI I suspect, and I hope I’m right. I don’t know. I think it’s mostly coming from headquarters in Washington. I’ll give you one story about that that you, you may not remember. After the nine 11 attack we got news about two of the two of the terrorists have been taking flying lessons in Arizona. And it turns out there was a local FBI agent who happened to notice. Huh, that’s weird. There are a lot of Arabs taking flying lessons in our country. And so he notifies FBI headquarters in Washington, DC I believe notifies the Terrorism unit in New York City. This was before nine 11 and, and FBI headquarters in Washington. D c says, leave it alone. It looks like racial profiling. And two of the hijackers came out of the flight school he was looking at. So thank you FBI, good work. 

Ugh. It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it Literally heartbreaking that political correctness and wokeness got in the way of actually protecting our homeland and the worst attack that we’ve suffered on mainland United States. Terrible. Ann Coulter, you are a delight to talk to. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Everybody listening, go to anncoulter.dotcom. She just published a fiery piece over there that I know you’re gonna like. Also make sure to pick up her book Audios America, because you’re gonna read about exactly what’s happening before our very eyes, unfortunately, with this terrible border crisis. And thanks for joining me. 

Thank you, anytime, Liz. 

Okay, guys, don’t forget to subscribe to Ann’s Substack. It’s Love her or hate her. She is a firecracker. And if I am correct, I would guess that you were mesmerized the entire time, just as I was even on the points that we don’t necessarily agree. I don’t agree with her on everything. I don’t disagree with her on everything. She’s just an interesting person to listen to. My biggest takeaway, the part that is sticking in my head that was sticking in my head the entire time actually, and I’m still thinking about is the reason she says that Donald Trump was elected. Now, you and I might sit here and think, okay, Donald Trump was elected in 2016 because he appealed to the forgotten man. And in, in that case, in 2015 and 2016, the forgotten man was white working class, typically in the midwest. And that’s true. 

I think that that’s, that’s accurate. And the data, the voting data show that that’s accurate. But her contention, Anne’s contention, is that the way that Donald Trump convinced those individuals, white working class, maybe lower income Americans that he really was going to fight for them was by securing the border, by campaigning on Build the Wall. So maybe in some cases, the neighborhoods of of these individuals that they didn’t have illegal immigrants busted into their neighborhoods. Or maybe it was, you know, com competition for jobs that there wasn’t cheap labor that was excluding American citizens from, from finding employment because it would be the white working class who were excluded from employment. If companies in corporations, just employers in general are hiring illegal labor, that they’re paying, you know, a wage that’s, that’s not comparable to what an American citizen would want to make for that same work, that’s the one thing she said that is sticking in my mind many interesting things. 

But this, It’s interesting to think about, it’s interesting to think about because she’s right. In 2020, nobody was talking about the border. It, it seemed that Trump deliberately avoided the border because he knew that the Left was going to try to weaponize the idea that, you know, the build the wall thing didn’t turn out the way that he had campaigned on it exactly in 2016. For a lot of reasons, not all reasons that were his fault directly. Some reasons that he could have done better on, but regardless, the Left would’ve tried to use that as a cule against him. But what if, what if that really is what if and is right? What if this is an issue, border security being really strict on the border? What if this is an issue that changes the mind of the independent voters that we always try to seek? 

What if that is the reason that Trump won in 2016? What would this mean for 2024? What would this, what would this mean? Not just for the, what would this even mean for the primary, really the Republican primary, but also in a Biden versus Republican, probably either Trump or DeSantis? What would that mean in the 2024 general election? We’re not hearing a lot, we’re not hearing a lot about that right now, even as Title 42 expired, even as we see videos of all these migrants just flooding across our borders, even as, as we hear these horrendous numbers, 10,000 migrants crossing our border every day and 700,000 waiting to rush our border once Title 42 expires. It’s a little hard to fathom all of that. But also, it’s still not the dominant political conversation that’s happening in our country generally. Even a Democrat gets a little stricter on the border in the lead up to a, a presidential election cycle, because it is, at least among voters, maybe excluding Gen Z, who actually think that open bordersis a thing. 

But it’s usually an issue that Republicans and Democrats agree on. So that’s the biggest takeaway for me, is that’s a very, very interesting point that I am going to be giving a lot more thought in the coming weeks and months. You can let me know what you thought. Also, if you missed any of our other episodes this week, we talked about the Texas Mall shooter. Horrible tragedy. What the mainstream media does or did in this case is what the media always does. It’s the same playbook to try to associate these mass murders with Republicans. And if we don’t identify what that playbook is, understand it, and then debunk it in real time, it’s going to be a successful way to demonize Republicans. So if you didn’t watch that episode, go back, it was from Monday. We also talked about on Tuesday, we talked about Chelsea Clinton’s insane vaccine plan. 

You know, when I, when I want advice about how to keep myself alive and my children alive, I always turn to the Clintons for that advice. We also talked on Tuesday about the polls showing Joe Biden in a hypothetical matchup between Biden and Trump in 2024 and Biden and DeSantis in 2024 that Biden was losing in both of those matchups. But while a lot of Republicans are excited about that highly recommend you watch that episode because I’m not excited about that poll. I think if Republicans count on just being ahead in the polls as to give them confidence that they’re gonna win in 2024, then they will lose. There are two other very important things that need to be done in order for Republicans to win. And then of course, we talked about Tucker Carlson. He’s back. He said he is going to launch relaunch his show on Twitter. 

So we talked about that and we talked about the man who was arrested. This is such a crazy story at Warren Buffett’s annual meeting for Berkshire Hathaway because the man who was on the agenda to speak, he was allowed to speak. He had the microphone, his name was on the, on the program because he talked about Warren Buffett’s political affiliation with Bill Gates and Bill Gates’ Association with Jeffrey Epstein. And for that, he was within seconds of mentioning the name Jeffrey Epstein. He was arrested. So if you miss any of that go to Apple Podcasts, click subscribe, watch those episodes, go to Wheeler. if you wanna see the video version of those episodes. Thank you for watching today. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is The Liz Wheeler Show. 


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