CRAZY FBI Testimony Claims Cell Data of January 6th Pipe Bomber Corrupted





On January 5th, 2021, pipe bombs were found outside the RNC and DNC in Washington, D.C. The FBI has been unable to identify the person who placed the pipe bombs. An FBI agent claims that the geotracking data used to track the suspect’s cell phone was corrupted by the cell phone carrier.

Julie Kelly joins Liz to discuss this incident. They express doubts about the credibility of the FBI’s explanation, and suspect that the pipe bomb incident may have been a hoax or diversion. They also raise questions about the motives behind the pipe bomb incident and the overall narrative of January 6th.

Next, Liz reports DOJ Special Counsel John Durham revealed that the FBI ignored intelligence and relied on politically funded and uncorroborated opposition research (Steele Dossier) during the 2016 election. Kelly condemns the federal government for allowing the corruption and bias within the Department of Justice and the FBI to go unpunished. She emphasizes the need for House Republicans, who have uncovered past scandals related to the Biden family, to use their power of the purse to hold accountable the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Finally, Liz and Julie Kelly end the show by discussing the Department of Justice’s intention to indict Donald Trump over the events of January 6th. Kelly reports charges Trump may face include obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to obstruct, tampering with evidence, tampering with witnesses, and seditious conspiracy.

Kelly highlights the DOJ has tied Trump to groups like the Proud Boys, accusing him of inciting them during the September 2020 presidential debate and calling them his army. The jury for Trump’s trial will be made up of individuals from Washington, D.C., who she argues are seen as biased against Trump due to their association with federal agencies and left-leaning views.

Kelly criticizes The DOJ’s handling of Trump’s case as weaponizing statutes like obstruction and seditious conspiracy to criminalize political dissent, setting a dangerous precedent that may affect future cases as well.

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You’ve been saying this all along. You’ve been one of the only people that has believed that the Department of Justice intends to indict Donald Trump over January 6th. And they obviously, if they indict him, they intend, they want to, they desire to convict him, they want him in prison. What’s that gonna look like? What are those charges gonna be? 

Well, we know what they are. Obviously for the classified documents case for January 6th, I’m expecting at least the obstruction of an official proceeding count, conspiracy to obstruct, probably tampering with evidence, tampering with witnesses. There was some accusations made by the January 6th committee, I believe that was one of their recommendations, criminal referrals to doj. but I think the most serious charge he potentially faces is Seditious conspiracy. And this is sort of tantamount to treason. And you already have 10 to 12 defendants tied to the Oath Keepers and the proud boys who have been convicted or pleaded guilty to Seditious Conspiracy. And the government in the Proud Boys trial were four of five proud boys, were convicted by a jury of seditious conspiracy. The government, this DOJ tied Donald Trump to that group, basically called the Proud Boys Donald Trump’s army, that when he made a comment during the September, 2020 presidential debate, proud Boys stand back and stand by, that was a call to arms that the conspiracy started when Donald Trump tweeted to be in Washington on January 6th. That tweet was December 18th, 2020. That’s when the government said the conspiracy began. So because this DOJ special counsel Jack Smith is armed now with these convictions and plea deals that these groups were tied to, Donald Trump gives them all the more evidence, ammunition they need to seek a similar indictment before a DC grand jury against Trump. 

So it doesn’t matter that Donald Trump wasn’t tied to these groups. It doesn’t matter that when Donald Trump spoke those words, it was the same as if you said, Hey, let’s go feed the ducks. And the Department of Justice goes, Hey, Julie Kelly just called these people to arms. And you’re like, no, I just suggested that we go to the park and feed the ducks. It doesn’t matter because this’ll be tried in Washington dc which means the jury will be made up of all these same swamp creatures just a little bit lower on the, on the rung at all of these agencies that want to throw Donald Trump in jail. 

Well, a lot of ’em are tied to these agencies. I mean, you listen to the jury selection, it’s like it, you have to laugh. I mean, you had someone who was on one of the Oath Keepers trial who was a Department of Justice attorney, and the judge allowed him on the jury now, didn’t say if he was a pass, a former DOJ attorney or a current one, doesn’t matter because they have so many trials. And because Washington DC is a relatively small city, and it’s all Democrats and they’re all tied to the federal government one way or the other, they have no choice but to put these highly biased people sitting on these juries in the Proud Boys trial, which is arguably the most high profile trial with the most at stake for Donald Trump and the Department of Justice. You had seven or or eight jurors who told the judge and told defense and government attorneys that they had attended left wing demonstrations, anti-gun rallies proab anti pro-abortion rallies. 

 two of them, I believe had been at the Women’s March. They described January 6th people as Insurrectionists, I mean, just rolled off their tongue. And they were still seated on this jury. There’s no way anyone could get a fair trial in Washington dc And this is the same jury pool, both grand jury and regular trial jury that Donald Trump will have to confront. And I’ll tell you, the real villains here are the judges, Liz, as you and I have talked about, they are the ones who are acting as nothing more than a rubber stamp for DOJ. This includes Trump’s own appointed judges. And the scary part about the seditious conspiracy, and quite frankly, the obstruction count, is that there is now precedence for judges to hold the accused under pretrial detention. That means denied bail if they are charged with seditious conspiracy and or obstruction of an official proceeding. 

We have case law. So Liz, to your viewers who think we should move on, the reason why we can’t is because this DOJ is weaponizing statutes like obstruction of an official proceeding like Seditious Conspiracy. They are using it now to set precedent case law that criminalizes political dissent. This will not just apply to January 6thers, it will be used universally against anyone who protests especially on federal property or, you know, in a blue, in a blue city. So that’s why it’s still important. And maybe your viewers, your astute viewers who and I certainly hear this myself, let’s move on. Once Donald Trump is indicted and they see exactly how this goes down in Washington, dc maybe they’ll understand why we keep talking about it and trying to inform people about what I call the legal and judicial circle of hell in Washington, dc. because that that’s exactly what’s coming for Donald Trump. 

And listen, the vast majority of people who listen in to and watch this show understand what’s at stake here. The these conversations that we have are oftentimes some of the highest rated episodes because people know that you are one of the only people, if not the only person that’s accurately reporting this. It’s just the vocal minority, if you will, who are skeptics.

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