Elementary School FORCES Kids To Celebrate Pride Month





Liz criticizes Pride Month for targeting children, arguing it has become a leftist cult rather than being about promoting advances in equality.

She provides examples such as young children being forced to join Pride Month celebrations at an elementary school, a drag queen event involving provocative dancing in front of a toddler, and an all-ages pride event in Los Angeles with public displays of gay sexual activity.

Liz condemns Pride Month as an anti-Christian event promoting Marxist ideology, arguing the Left has gone too far in sexualizing and grooming children. She believes that unveiling the true agenda of Pride Month will result in its rejection by the American people.

Next, Liz discusses Target’s funding of a leftist activist group aiming to abolish Mount Rushmore over claims of white supremacy. She questions whether corporations like Target embrace excessive wokeness voluntarily or under pressure to improve their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scores. Liz also speculates that companies like Target may have an anti-capitalist agenda and willingly sacrifice profitability to undermine the free market economy.

Finally, Liz discusses Mike Pence’s announcement to run for President. She notes that both Trump supporters and the Left have issues with Pence, making it unclear who would vote for him. Liz analyzes Pence’s motivations for running, and concludes that Pence may be delusional in thinking he has a chance to win the presidency.

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Welcome to The Liz Wheeler Show. Don’t forget to sign up for my new email newsletter. It’s got all the goods in it, all the information that you need. Go to LizWheeler.com/email to sign up for my newsletter. It’s got show research, it’s got articles, it’s got everything that the corporate media doesn’t want you to know, and everything that big tech sensors and doesn’t allow us to talk about. Go to LizWheeler.com/email and sign up for my brand new email newsletter. So today we’re going to talk about, there’s a new documentary out, a new documentary on Amazon. It’s called Shiny Happy People. It’s about the Dugger family, but a little bit bigger than the Dugger family. It’s about the religious cult that they belong to. And yes, I’m going to call it a cult because I believe that’s what it is. this religious cult, they portray themselves as being Christian perhaps what they believe is sort of similar to Christianity, but as all cults do, Christianity has been warped in their cult to be something that is not actually Christianity. 

It’s led by a man named Bill Gohar. We talked a little bit about this on the show when one of the daughters, one of the Dugger daughters, gingered Dugger published a book talking about how she escaped from this cult. Now, it wasn’t escape a physical escape. This was an ideological escape. How she disentangled herself from the heretical theology that was taught and the really, the really destructive, dangerous weirdo practices of the cult. Things that don’t have anything to do with religion. You know, we’re all familiar with how the Dugger dressed on their show, right? The long skirts, the very long hair they didn’t wear. The girls weren’t allowed to wear shorts. They didn’t let their shoulders show. they have as many kids as they possibly can. Those are just some of the stereotypical things associated with the Bill Goard cult. 

These are teachings that Bill Goard required his followers to practice this new documentary series. Shiny Happy People exposes Bill Goard and exposes this cult. And you’re probably like me. You find this pretty interesting. I mean, the Dugger have been public figures in our country for decades now. I remember watching the Dugger growing up just because it was fascinating to see a family with 19 kids and especially that family. They’re kind of interesting people. So this documentary series is lighting up. People are watching it and watching it because they’re interested in it, and they’re especially interested in the Bill Goard called After Ginger Dugger said that she is rejecting it. However, however, what I wanna say right now is we are going to have on this show someone who escaped from the Bill Goard called that episode is going to drop next week. 

So be sure to subscribe, be sure to set the notification on YouTube or on Rumble or on Apple Podcast or on Spotify, so that when that episodes drops, you don’t miss it. A man who escaped the call is going to tell us what it was like on the inside, how he how he got away, how he got away. One of the things though, about shiny happy people is as the mainstream often does, when there is an instance, this happens not just with Christianity, it happens also with homeschooling. Whenever there’s an instance of abuse or warped theology or something bad that’s associated with people that claim to be Christians or people that pretend to homeschool, what the Left does is instead of, instead of just understanding that that’s, that the abuse that’s found within the Bill Goldard cult is not Christian teaching. It is not biblical teaching. 

It is counter to biblical teaching. Instead, they try to smear all Christians. They try to use this as an indictment of a large family, of a pro-life family, of a Republican family, of a homeschooling family, and of a Christian family. And that is frustrating for those of us who are, well, I was homeschooled, as you guys know, a lot of people that watch this show, I know homeschool their kids. I’m practicing Christian. A lot of you guys are practicing Christians. And this is an unfair indictment of what we’re dealing with because the cult of Bill Goard is exactly that. It is a cult. It is a fringe, a minority group that is not biblical. It’s not actually practicing Christianity. But what I wanna do today is I wanna talk about an actual cult that is running rampant in our country. That these same people who are so obsessed with following the Dugger and using the Dugger as ammunition to try to assassinate the character of all Christians and all homeschooling families, this cult, those same people aren’t interested in condemning at all, even though the cult that’s bigger, the cult that is touching every part of our lives from corporate America to our children’s classrooms. 

This video I have to show you of what is happening at one elementary school for Pride month. This is the real cult and the Leftists, well, they’re not interested in talking about it, and maybe for once it’s coming back to bite them. So let’s get to it. 

Okay, so the actual cults that has taken a hold of our country, and they are behaving like an actual cult is pride month. Pride month is not about pride in, in the way that we would describe ourselves as proud to be an American or proud of our families. Pride Month is behaving as a literal cult, a literal cult, and they’re coming for our children. And I know this sounds some people are gonna be like, well, Liz, come on. This is just about, this is just about celebrating the advances that gay people have made in our country, equality, intolerance, and yada yada yada. And let me just tell you, watch this video and you can decide for yourself, because this happened at an elementary school in the United States of America in honor of the first Day of Pride Month, which the Left calls Pride Day. These are children. 

You can see the ages of these children in this video. And let’s play, let’s go ahead and play this right now. They’re entering school. They have no choice but to participate in this, in this Pride Celebration Elementary School children, they are small children, and they’re met with teachers and administrators dressed in rainbow colored uniform onesies, waving pride flags. There’s the transgender progress flag, the transgender flag in this elementary school. Look at how small that child is. Those are kindergartners and first graders and second graders, and they’re all forced to walk under a rainbow arch. So when I say that this elementary school is forcing children to celebrate Pride month, I mean that, I’m not saying that to sound bombastic. I’m not saying that to be hyperbolic. Look at those teachers. They are draped in rainbow flags, draped in pride flags. These small children are forced to participate in Pride Month. 

Understand what Pride Month is. Pride month is not about the dignity of all human beings. It is not about celebrating equality under the law. It is not about promoting tolerance for alternative lifestyles. Pride Month is underpinned by queer theory. Pride Month is an anti-Christian antibi, anti-science Marxist ideology. You saw the transgender flag in the hallway of that elementary school. Those small children, some of them don’t even have their front teeth are being taught. You’re a boy. Well, you can be a girl. If you wanna be a girl, you’re a girl. Well, maybe you’re, maybe you’re a boy trapped in a girl’s body. Maybe you should go on hormones. Maybe you should surgically mutilate your body. Maybe you should wreck your fertility for life. Maybe you should reject your family. Maybe you should embrace a neo-Marxist ideology because it serves our political agenda. That’s what Pride Month is. 

Pride month sexualizes Children. It’s so just, it’s so destructive. It’s so disgusting. And here’s what I will say this year for the first time in the history of Pride Month, because pride month is not new. For the first time, the Left has crossed the line. No, I’m not saying in individual instances, the Left hasn’t crossed the line before. Of course they have. But as a whole, for the first time, the Left has collectively stepped over a line that the vast majority of the American people are not willing to tolerate. And that is sexualizing our children. That is grooming our children, that is indoctrinating our children. And they’re doing this openly. They’re doing this without shame. They’re doing this, they’re admitting that they’re doing this, and they’re trying to gaslight you. If you oppose it, this is a drag queen. And this school is in Canada, but it’s still an elementary school. 

You can see how small the children are in this auditorium, in this auditorium, in this elementary school in Canada, a drag queen performs, and the children, as you can see, participate in this drag performance by clapping and listening. A drag queen. What is a drag queen? A drag queen is a man, a biological man dressed up in a hypersexualized costume, supposed to portray a woman, and not just a woman, but a degrading stereotype of a woman. And look at how small those children are. Those children are so young, they’re going to think this is normal. And that’s the point of pride month. That is what Pride Month is trying to do. They’re not, if you ask someone, if you ask someone who is part of the LGBTQIA, a activist crew, if you ask them, well, what exactly do, what rights do gay or lesbian or bi or transgender people not enjoy? 

What, where is the institutional discrimination? What are they not allowed to do that a a straight person or a so-called cisgender person is allowed to do? And they can’t answer this question. They immediately turn it around and talk about your viewpoints. They talk about how your viewpoints are hateful. Your viewpoints are bigoted, and you must be forced to celebrate their ideology, their sexual immorality, and their rejection of objective truth. That is what Pride Month is about. It’s not about equality or tolerance or any of those things. It is about forcing you to comply. This is a rapper, a rapper. And you can contrast this. Actually, one of one of our producers made this point right before we went on, Erin, it’s a really good point, so I wanna share it with you. Oh, last week, we watched the video of the rapper, that made a song that filmed the video inside Target. 

You remember this inside target saying, this is too far. Don’t target our children. And this video, this rap, became the most downloaded song on iTunes. It rose to the top of the iTunes charts. Well contrast that, remembering watching that and how people reacted to that, because we all feel the same way. That’s why we’re boycotting Target. That’s why their stock prices continue to take a nose dive. That’s why their stock has actually been downgraded because they’ve chosen queer theory over a business. They’ve chosen to target our children instead of instead of pursuing us as consumers. Contrast that video with this one. This is an all ages pride party. All ages means children are invited featuring a rapper who is actually singing about gay sex acts in front of children in front of children. Watch this video very closely. 

You can see this rapper gyrating on the stage at an all ages drag show. And there’s a toddler gyrating and talking about gay sex in front of a toddler. This is what Pride Month is about. This is what Pride Month in this next video, I will confess to you guys, I wasn’t sure whether to show this video or not. This video is so disturbing. This video is so, it’s obscene, actually, it’s pornographic. And don’t worry. We made the decision to blur it out. And I know I don’t often do that because I don’t wanna be a gatekeeper of information. I want you to have access to what we’re talking about. And I don’t wanna serve as a sensor to you, but I know that there are a lot of people who listen to this show with their children around a lot of people who, well, if you’re like me, you don’t wanna see this image yourself. So we did blur this out. 

We did pixelate the obscene part. If you ha if, I mean, if you’re morbidly curious about what it is, I suppose you can go and look it up online. But I think after you see this video, you will agree. you’ll, you’ll thank us for doing this. And a special thanks to our graphics editor, who I’ll probably have to pay for therapy for now because we had to therapy, or at least bleach for his eyes after this. This is, this is in LA, a Los Angeles Pride event. Again, for all ages meaning children are invited to this. It features men actually engaging in gay sexual activity. Not talking about it, not singing about it, not insinuating it, not teaching it, engaging in sexual activity. As you can see, it’s beyond obscene. It’s beyond disturbing. Even with the pixelated version, you’re probably like, oh, thanks a lot, Liz. 

How do I ever get that image out of my head? This is what Pride Month is about. And for the very first time, the Left, that sponsors Pride Month, the Left, that tries to force Pride month. And all of us has crossed a line. They are actively trying to sexualize our children. They’re admitting it, and they’re trying to force you to partake in it. Maybe this is actually a good thing, not good for our children, but maybe this is actually a good thing because it allows the American people to see their true agenda. And when people see their true agenda, they don’t like it. When people see their true agenda, they reject it. So it’s not just performances, sexualized performances aimed at children in the name of Pride month, which is bad enough and should be enough. It’s also books. You go into a children’s library and you’ll pull a book off the shelf that looks like this. 

This book is called Granddad’s Pride. It’s about, well, what do you think it’s about? propagating the LGBTQIA ideology. But if you look on the inside of this book, look at what it features the inside of this book features a BDSM couple. Look at that right there in the middle. Bondage dominance. That’s so disgusting. That’s so disgusting. And this is what we’re, we’re telling children. This is a, a perverted sexual fetish. This is something that’s like a psychological issue. And we’re telling children that it’s normal. We’re telling children that that’s what it means. If you don’t wanna be a homophobic, if you don’t wanna be a bigot, if you don’t wanna be a transphobic, you have to embrace that pride month has gone too far. And listen, when I’m putting this show together, I’m, I’m sitting here thinking this is what’s happening in public schools. 

I know I have always been an advocate of homeschooling. I was homeschooled myself. It was a, it was a wonderful experience. and that was back when there weren’t quite as many homeschooling. Like there were still a, there, it was still thought of as like the weirdos were homeschooled back when I was homeschooled. Now, I’d like to think that I’m not too much of a weirdo, but you know, it is what it is. Everybody’s a little weird. And maybe compared to pop culture or compared to, compared to what what pop culture was teaching kids at my time. Maybe I am weird compared to that, and maybe that’s a good thing. But regardless, I’ve always been an advocate of parents pulling their children out of public schools and homeschooling if you possibly can, because it’s better for your family. It’s better for your children. It’s better for edu their education. 

It’s better for their moral formation. You protect them from this kind of stuff. But I think I’m red pilling further on public schools. And this is what I mean, let me walk you through it. So I’m, I’m putting this show together today, and I’m thinking, what purpose do public schools actually serve? Like, what is, what is their purpose? So when they were created in our country back, it wasn’t right at the founding. It was, it was after that Thomas Jefferson was was a proponent of government-funded schools. So public schooling, but it didn’t happen for a while after the founding of our country. And then even after there were public schools. It wasn’t mandatory until the mid 18 hundreds when, when laws passed state by state that required parents to send their children to school. And I thought, okay, well, what is the purpose of public school? 

What are they accomplishing right now? Originally when they were formed, their purpose was, some people are gonna be surprised by this, but their purpose wasn’t indoctrination. The purpose wasn’t education like reading, writing, and arithmetic. The purpose was to indoctrinate children. The difference between then and now is back then the indoctrination was indoctrination into American values. And believe it or not, into Christian values, specifically Protestant values. There were a lot of immigrants many of them Catholic, that were coming to the United States at the time. A lot of our founders were very devout Protestants. They didn’t want Catholic theology in their country. There was a, there was a time in our country when Catholics were persecuted. And so public schools were intended to indoctrinate children who were maybe first generation Americans in American values. They didn’t want children to be primarily loyal to the country of their parents’ origin. 

They wanted children to understand why the United States government was formed the way to that it is, and why it was Im, why it’s important to protect it. So they wanted to indoctrinate children in Americanism, and they wanted to indoctrinate children in Protestantism. That’s not what’s happening in schools right now. So we’ve clearly we’ve clearly deviated from the original intent of public schools. So what are we achieving with public schools right now? At least? Are we achieving education? Are we teaching children how to write? Are we teaching children how to read? Are we teaching them how to think via mathematics, arithmetic? And the answer to that is no, we’re not. We leg behind academic achievement on every metric by a long shot when compared with other countries all around the world, not just Western United Nations, but countries all around the world. 

We leg terribly. Our, the academic achievement in our schools is abysmal. It’s embarrassing, especially given how much money we throw at public schools. So it’s not American indoctrination, it’s not we’re Christian indoctrination. It’s not achieving any kind of education. Well, is at least achieving socialization. Are we, are we, are we teaching children how to interact with people, how to operate in a civil society, a society that’s supposed to be based via our constitution on ordered liberty? And the answer to that is no, we’re not. Our children are not socialized. They’re not, they’re not adept at from manners to the ability to think independently, to the ability to interact with people outside of their peers in this tiny little Petri dish of a classroom. We’re failing on indoctrination and American values. We’re failing on education. We’re failing in socialization. So what is the public school system then? 

Or is it just there to babysit kids so that when moms and dads go to work, they have a place to send their children that’s more or less free, that they don’t have to pay for childcare, they don’t have to pay for private education. The answer to that is, if so then what are we even doing? Because what’s happening in those hours, all those hours when children are at school, as children are being brainwashed and indoctrinated into radical leftist ideologies, like queer theory, queer theory, the neo-Marxist ideology that intends to sexualize children in order to separate the children from their parents in order to destroy families, in order to destroy civil society. So I’m thinking about, well, what actually is the point of public schools? Not, not in, in, like I said, this is a step further than I’ve thought before. I, I’ve, I’ve previous, I’ve previously thought, well, public schools are a dangerous place for children. 

So pull your children out of them if you can. It’s actually your moral obligation as a parent, if you possibly can to protect your child from this evil. But I’m now at the point where I’m looking at public schools and I’m wondering, well, what are they even doing? Why do we even have them? Why are we funding them? What are they achieving except for ruining the next generation of children? Maybe we should abolish public schools altogether. Maybe it’s time to reset our education system. Maybe it’s time to reset our minds, our attitudes about how we educate and indoctrinate and form our children and who cares for them and who pours information into their brains. Maybe the government has lost their legitimate, their legitimacy in being parts of forming the next generation of children. It certainly seems that they have betrayed parents and our country in this role. 

Maybe it’s time to get rid of public schools altogether in five years. The people who right now don’t agree with this, the people who think it’s too far. Maybe you’ll catch up, maybe you’ll realize, you know what, it’s a lot different than when I went to school. Public school is not the same as when we were just going, we were hanging out with our friends. We were getting homework, we were playing sports. That’s not what it is anymore. And if it’s not, what are we doing? We’re sacrificing our children to the public school system for what? Because we can’t acknowledge that an institution has been compromised, an institution that we had a different experience with 30, 40, 50 years ago. That has changed. It’s been captured. It’s not the same as it was anymore. And therefore, we shouldn’t treat it the same. We shouldn’t accept it the same. We shouldn’t respect it the same. We shouldn’t allow it to exist anymore. 

Okay, let’s talk about targets. So Target evidently not only gave money to a radical LGBTQIA group that actively seeks to hide from parents when their children are quote unquote transitioning in school. But Target evidently gave money to another radical activist group, of course, a leftist group whose goal it is to abolish Mount Rushmore. So Fox News digital reports that targets via its nonprofit foundation, which has been directed by the retail giants, senior corporate treasurers funded a grantee pushing to shut down and give away US sovereign lands such as Mount Rushmore. And the reason why this, according to Fox News Digital is be believing it to be an intentional symbol of white supremacy. This group also wants to de militarize the violent US military. And the same grantee also supports the destruction of Israel’s Jewish character through what is called the Palestinian Law of Return, and implementing economic warfare tactics against the Jewish state, such as boycotts and sanctions to “free Palestine.” 

That’s all according to Fox News Digital, oh, target. It’s like you don’t even wanna do business in the marketplace. Here’s what I wonder. Sometimes, sometimes I think, okay, well, these big corporations that choose to be woke are doing it not because they care the most about their consumer, not because they care the most about their business, but because they care the most about their ESG scores and they’re willing to sacrifice some profit. They’re willing not to compete quite as strongly in the marketplace because they’d rather have an ESG score and maybe they feel coerced into pursuing these ESG scores. That’s possible, certainly true of some corporations. Target seems to be taking it a step further. They seem to be voluntarily complying to the most extreme levels of well wokeness. So maybe it’s not just forced compliance here, but sometimes I wonder if some of these companies that propagate such Marxism are actually trying to self destruct if they, because think about Marxism. 

We think about Marxism now in the cultural sense, we think about Marxism like critical race theory. We think about Marxism as in queer theory. We think about how these cultural neo-Marxist ideologies are targeting our civil institutions like law enforcement and our criminal justice system and the family things that are part of not our governmental institutions, but our civil institutions. But remember, Marxism at its core is an anti-capitalist ideology. That’s the original Marxist Marx, an Engels. They wanted a Marxist revolution based on economic grievances. They wanted the ruling class to be overthrown by the working class. The cultural Marxist simply took economic Marxism and adapted it to cultural issues because they realized that workers weren’t actually going to revolt against the against the ruling class. So they adapted it, but at its core, it’s still anti-capitalist. You can look at Black Lives Matter, for example. 

Black Lives Matter is anti-capitalist, and they admit that they’re anti-capitalist. The Marxists that admit their Marxism are anti-capitalist. And I wonder sometimes if organizations, corporations, like Target aren’t just willing to take a small hit in the marketplace in pursuit of an ESG score, but are happy to do that if they’re intentionally running their business into the ground because they want to destroy the free market economy. They don’t want to. They don’t believe in billionaires. They don’t believe in business. They don’t believe in free enterprise. They don’t even believe in private property. They are communists, they are Marxist. And while we focus on the cultural outgrowth, the poisonous ideology that impacts our family and our children, and we ought to focus on that, I wonder if we’re missing the point that some of these companies have a death wish in the marketplace, a marketplace death wish, because after all, they are anti-capitalist. 

The Satanist who designed Pride merchandise for Target is blasting target now, criticizing Target for removing his merchandise from both the website and many of Target stores. The designer’s name is Eric Carnell. This is what Eric Carnell said. He said, it’s a very dangerous precedent to set that if people just get riled up enough about the products that you’re selling, you can completely distance yourself from the LGBT community when and if it’s convenient. He said, if you’re going to take a stance and say that you care about the LGBT community, you need to stand by that regardless. So this is what I mean, bef when I said before that Pride month this year for the first time, it’s so obscene, it’s so egregious. It’s certainly crossed a line that it’s never crossed before. Sexualizing our children, grooming our children, exposing our children to just pornography, pornography, and pretending that if you are a parent who opposes that you are bigoted, that you are hateful, that you’re transferred, that you contribute to the suicide rate of the LGBTQIA community. 

These, this absolute gaslighting, these lies, these, they’re really hideous lies too because of what the accusations are. But Eric Carnell, the Satanist designer proves again, that pride month is not about tolerance. It’s not about equality. You have to actually stock satanist, designed merchandise aimed at children or else you are anti LGBT. I’d be interested in what the majority of gay and lesbian people in our nation think of this because it seems to me that this is antithetical to what most people with same sex attraction believe about equality under the law. Most people, I would venture to say, and maybe maybe most gay and lesbian people are too afraid to speak up because they don’t wanna be ostracized. I don’t know. But it would be interesting to hear what the majority of non-political activists, the majority of people who are gay, who are non-political activists, think about the idea that if you don’t stock satanist design merchandise aimed at grooming children in queer theory, that you are anti-gay. 

It seems to me that gay and lesbian people are actually being hijacked in pursuit of the transgender ideology, which is of course, queer theory. but by the way this, what Eric Carnell says that target caved and that target is distancing some themselves from the LGBT community isn’t even true. Greg Price, journalist Greg Price obtained, and I’m gonna bring this up on the screen, obtained an internal email from Target that they sent to their employees on yesterday on June 5th, that actually asks them requests that they take part in so-called Pride Week. You can read this on the screen. Part of the some of the activities that employees are encouraged to participate in are queer bingo and board games. Pride Plus Culture Club presents how to be a better ally. You can attend that and Pride Plus Pro Sports Panel, well so much for Target distancing themselves from the LGBTQIA agenda. 

They certainly are not. There’s a priest by the name of Father James Martin who wrote an article answering the question or attempting to answer the question, can Catholics celebrate Pride month? Now this, by the way, does not apply just to Catholics. This, this can be easily adapted to can Christians celebrate Pride Month? And I wanna read you just a little bit of what he writes. Let me bring this up. His title is, can Catholics celebrate Pride Months? And his answer is yes. And here’s why. He said, can Catholics celebrate Pride month when the LGBTQ community marks its place in society? Can Catholics celebrate the series of events that take place in June during what is now often simply called pride? Can they do this when pride is one of the traditional seven deadly sins? Isn’t it wrong to show pride first? 

He says it’s important to remember that there are at least two kinds of pride. The first is the satisfaction that can come from your own accomplishments. This can turn into vanity, which is something to avoid. That brand of pride says, look at how great I am. It’s the opposite of humility, a key virtue in the Christian life. Humility reminds us that we are not the center of the universe and that our lives depend on God. This is the kind of humility that Jesus speaks of in the be attitudes when he says, blessed are the poor in spirit. So the first kind of pride can be a threat to humility, to discipleship, and to the spiritual life overall. But the second kind of pride is a consequence of one’s own dignity. And that’s closer to what Pride Month is meant to be for the LGBT community. 

A recognition of the human dignity of a group of people who have for centuries been treated with contempt, rejection, and violence. And by the way, guys, lemme just interject here a little spoiler alert, this priest is wildly off base. This priest is this close to preaching heresy. He’s actually specializes in walking that line where he crafts what he says in a way that makes it difficult to say, this is the heresy. But let me just tell you, let me just tell you he’s 100% morally wrong. And he’s doing this in a very deceptive way. He is actually acting exactly as the Marxist stew by redefining a word I’ll show you. He says, for the religious person, this month is also a reminder that LGBTQ people are beloved children of God. Pride Month reminds Catholics to treat LGBTQ people with the respect, compassion, and sensitivity that the catechism demands, the closeness, compassion and tenderness that Pope Francis has taught, and the love in mercy that Jesus showed to all people, especially those in the margins during his public ministry. 

It’s especially important this priest says, for churches to Mark Pride month since much of the rejection that LGBTQ people have faced has been motivated by Christianity, at least what many people think Christianity teaches. So let’s just address a couple of things. It is true that Christianity teaches us to be loving and to be compassionate and to be charitable towards people with same sex attraction. That’s a hundred percent true, but here’s where we have the redefinition of words. What is love? What is charity? What is compassion? What is acknowledging someone’s dignity? Now, we talked about this on the show yesterday, it does not make you a good person to indulge a delusion by using a man’s quote unquote preferred pronouns. If he asks to be called she her when he is a biological man, that is, it is not, it is not polite. It is not kind. 

It does not make you a good person. It is not a social convention that you must adhere to to indulge that dilution. In fact, it makes you the opposite of a good person. It is harmful, it is wrong. it’s degrading in order to indulge delusion, especially when that delusion leads to pharmaceutical interventions, abuse of drugs against your body and surgery that mutilates your body and your fertility and your sexuality. And that disassociates you from the embodiment of your spirit, your body being the embodiment of your soul. This is where Father Martin deliberately or willfully, I don’t believe that he’s a stupid person. So I’m going to assume that he is willfully misunderstanding the definition of pride. He knows that Pride Month as defined by the Left, who created Pride Month. Pride month is not simply about getting the church to welcome LGBTQIA people into their pews and say, listen, we love you, but your activities, your behavior, your sexual activities are not in line with biblical morality. 

You’re welcome here. We love you and we want what’s best for you in line with what God wants for you, with who God made you. That’s not what the Left means When they celebrate pride month. What the Left means is everything that we just talked about in the show, what the Left means by Pride month is indoctrinating. Children with queer theory is gay sex acts happening on the back of a truck in Los Angeles at an all ages drag show, a rapper on stage rapping about gay sex acts in front of a baby, a transgender progress pride flag at an elementary school that forces children to participate in an ideology that specifically rejects biblical morality. Father James Martin is not a stupid person. He’s wrong about, about how Christians and Catholics should treat LGBTQIA identifying people, and he’s misleading Christians, he’s misleading Catholics. 

So the answer to the question, can Catholics and can Christians celebrate Pride month? The answer to that is no. No, they can’t because pride month is not about equality. It’s not about tolerance. It’s certainly not about the dignity of these human beings who are being abused by themselves and by others, and by society and by politics into believing that there’s something wrong with their bodies, that they should cut off their breasts and their genitals, that they should present themselves as someone, not who God created them to be, but someone else derived from a neo-Marxist ideology, a Marxist ideology, which by the way, father, I will remind you that Catholic teaching defines Marxism and communism as a satanic ideology. 

Father James Martin’s superiors ought to know better than to let him propagate this kind of borderline heresy that is certainly harming Christians all across the country. But make no mistake, if his superiors refuse to do so, we’re not going to let him get away with misleading Christians because that would be the opposite of a loving thing to do. Okay. So Vice President Mike Pence, or former Vice President Mike Pence, is going to announce that he’s running for president. it’s funny, isn’t it, to see all these different candidates jump into the race when you wonder, who exactly does Mike Pence think his constituency is? Who does he think is gonna vote for him? President Trump supporters don’t like him. President Trump supporters, by and large think that Mike Pence betrayed them. The left has always despised Mike Pence for his conservative evangelical religious views. I’m not sure who Mike Pence thinks is going to vote for him unless he’s deliberately trying to, I mean, he couldn’t even be a spoiler because we’re not talking about the general election. 

But let me tell you how I analyze each of these candidates, these Republican candidates, as they enter the race. If you look at the candidates through this lens or through this viewpoint, it makes what they’re doing a little bit more fun to watch. So I asked myself a couple of questions about each candidate. The first question is, can this candidate win? And we’ll just answer these as we go. So can Mike Pence win? Now? The answer to that question is no. Mike Pence can’t win. Obviously this, I obviously not. so what is he doing? Well, this, that brings us to the second question is, does he have a book deal or perhaps a business that he is wanting to promote, and this is just the easiest way to promote that to be on a national public platform. The answer to that question is not that I know of. 

I mean, he wrote a book already and he already went on a book tour, sort of his pre-announcement tour. So I don’t think that that he is doing this just to promote a business and just to promote a book. So the third question is, okay, well, if he can’t win, and he’s not doing this to promote Im material good, he’s not doing this for a profit. Is he doing this because he is sucking up for a role in the administration of the eventual Republican nominee who hopefully will become the next president of the United States? The answer to that with Mike Pence seems no, he was vice president and he’s not gonna wanna serve in any role that’s lower than vice president. Obviously, he only wants to serve in the one role that’s higher than that president. So the fourth question then, if he, if he can’t win and he doesn’t have a book dealer or business, and he’s not sucking up to be placed in the administration of the eventual, eventual Republican president, then is he just delusional? 

Does he, is he just, is he actually diluted himself into believing that he has a shot or that he has a constituency, or that he has voters? Listen, Mike Pence is a, is a nice man. Mike Pence is a good man. Mike Pence is a good husband and he is a good father, and I assume a good grandfather. Everyone who ever interacts with Mike Pence only has kind things to say. In fact, I will tell you a story about Mike Pence on my daughter’s se first birthday I was speaking at I was speaking at an event right after Mike Pence. I didn’t see him in the green room, but my daughter was with my husband in a separate green room. Mike Pence came into that room. He came over to my husband, introduced himself, introduced himself to my daughter, and drew her a cartoon picture for her first birthday. 

Super sweet thing to do. Very nice man. Very sincere man. Very genuine man. But is he delusional about whether he can win the presidency? I think that the answer to that is yes, highly recommend you use these four questions when analyzing every single candidate who is, this is not just Republicans, by the way. This is also Democrats. Every single candidate who declares their or throws their hat into the ring in the primary asks these four questions, can this candidate win? Does this candidate have a book deal or a business that they’re trying to promote? Is this candidate sucking up for an administrative administration position, or is this candidate just delusional? I promise every candidate will fit into one of those four boxes. And the verdict on Mike Pence is ding, ding, ding. He fits into the fourth box. I think he might just be delusional in this case. 

Alright guys, make sure that you sign up for my email newsletter. Go to LizWheeler.com/email, drop me your email address. the newsletter is, it’s a fun thing so far. It’s a fun new way for us to be connected to, for me to send you the information that I come across in the course of my research that, you know, censored oftentimes on big tech, this is a way that I can directly get it to you, especially as we face so much censorship. well, specifically in this case, I’m thinking about YouTube, but it’s not exclusive to YouTube all the time. LizWheeler.com/email. Thank you for watching. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is The Liz Wheeler Show. 


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