Joe Rogan SMOKES Pro-Vaxx “Scientist”





Liz discusses the controversy surrounding Peter Hotez and Joe Rogan after vaccine safety expert and Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” and previous Rogan guest Peter Hotez called for Spotify to censor the show. In response, Rogan challenged Hotez to a debate, offering $100,000 to Hotez’s chosen charity. The debate has gained attention, with Elon Musk and others contributing, resulting in a current charity debate pot of $1.5 million.

Liz shares a tweet by Peter Hotez, where Hotez expresses concerns about Rogan’s association with RFK Jr. and alleged neo-fascist leanings. Liz criticizes pro-vaxxers like Hotez for refusing to be questioned and labeling skeptics as neo-fascist. She also shares a previous interview with Rogan and Hotez, where Rogan points out Hotez’s hypocrisy of advocating for immunity and vaccines, but admitting to having a poor diet and eating junk food multiple times a week.

Liz goes on to recommend several books related to vaccines and autoimmunity, including “Vaccines: Auto Immunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood,” “Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccines Science and Myth,” and “The Unvaccinated Child: A Treatment Guide for Parents and Caregivers.”

Next, Liz criticizes Anheuser-Busch’s recently released statement in response to the Bud Light boycott. She says that while CEO Brendan Whitworth outlined actions for the company’s progress, including investing in employees, assisting wholesalers, and launching a Bud Light advertising campaign, he failed to offer a sincere apology for hiring Dylan Mulvaney as their spokesperson.

Then, Liz addresses the L.A. Dodgers hosting a pride event before a game. She shows a video of the event, featuring a nearly empty stadium. Liz believes this shows the team fears backlash from the fans.

In addition, Liz shows footage of attendees protesting the Dodgers during the same game. She applauds the protestors for speaking out against the Dodgers’s woke agenda.

Finally, Liz reports that Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire revealed internal documents at Fox News that endorse queer theory, transgender ideology, and promote actions such as administering sterilizing hormones to homeless youth and monitoring employees using woke AI. She adds that Fox News encourages employees to donate to LGBTQ+ organizations. Liz condemns Fox News for promoting ideas contradictory to conservative values.


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Okay, guys, something horrendous happened last week, and I really appreciate you guys bringing it to my attention because I’m not sure that I would’ve noticed had you not sent me just thousands of messages and left reviews on all of my podcast channels. What you told me was that during an episode of last week’s show, there was an advertisement that played, it was actually an ad for Febreeze, and this advertisement wasn’t just for Febreeze, it was branded with Pride branding, super horrendous. And a lot of you were saying, Hey, Liz, what are you doing? Like, why is this ad playing in your show? This is contradictory to everything that you stand for. And the answer to that is yes, it is contradictory to everything that we stand for, everything that we’re working towards. And I wanted to take the opportunity today to do two things to first explain to you what happened because it wasn’t intentional. 

And two, to offer my reparation to you. So I’m gonna start with what happened. So the way that advertising works on this show, and some o some other people, by the way, have also noticed that we’ve had an increase in the number of ads that we play on the show. And that’s, that’s correct. That’s an accurate observation. And some people have even complained that it’s annoying. And the reason that we’ve increased the number of a advertisers on the show is because we’ve been demonetized on social media. So this show is a business after all. So when you are demonetized from one of your revenue streams, you have to, you have to lean on the other revenue stream a little bit more. So I hope you’ll bear with us a little bit as we write the ship given the fact that YouTube and Facebook constantly demonetize us. 

 so that’s the first thing, just the number of advertisers. But there are two different kinds of ads that run on the show. The first type of ad is the type that I speak or that I read to you. It’s what in the industry, it’s what’s called live read. So the show, the sponsor for today is American Hartford Gold. And I’ll, I’ll talk to you about why I like American Hartford Gold. That’s called a live read. And we have full approval and full control over what’s said and how I endorse that. I endorse the products, I like the products, and we pick and choose very carefully which products we endorse on this show so that it’s a real endorsement. those are called live reads. The second type of ads that plays in the show are called Programmatic Ads. 

Now, programmatic ads are different depending where you are, where you’re located, what platform you’re listening to. So you might listen to Spotify in Oklahoma, you’ll hear a different ad on your, on the show, on the, on my episode, than someone in New York City listening on Apple Podcasts. We’ll hear these ads are specifically targeted to what they think that you will like and to, in order to present these programmatic ads. We, we partner with an advertising platform that that feeds those programmatic ads into the show. So I don’t have direct approval or disapproval over the copy and the advertiser in the show, what I, when they’re programmatic, what I do control is the category of the advertiser. So, for example, Febreeze. Yeah, Febreeze, what’s the problem with Febreeze, right? That’s a, it’s a household cleaning product or a freshness spray or whatever it is. 

 that’s great, that’s fine. What I wouldn’t approve is, and we’ve actually gotten this request on the show before what I wouldn’t approve is like a sex toy manufacturer, right? There are things that are like moral immoral that I approve versus don’t approve. What we can’t always foresee, unfortunately, is when an advertiser in a category, a completely innocuous category, like a household goods product, a spray that’s supposed to freshen your couch also wants to add a queerness agenda to their advertising, right? So you and me both sitting here like, are you kidding me? This was on my show after all the effort, all the work, all the investment that we put into this show to fight against queer theory. This is what plays on the show. So I share your frustration. It wasn’t intentional. I hope it won’t happen again. We do our best. 

All of this nitty gritty is just to say that I appreciate you guys reaching out. I apologize that that played on my show. I certainly don’t endorse that. I certainly wish that that had not have played, and this is what I would like to do to make up for it. I would like to offer you a month free of ad free episodes. So if you go to liz, I’ll give you this promo code, which I gotta tell you, we were laughing pretty hard about this promo code behind the scenes before we came on the show today. if you use promo code pride, then you can get one month free on the Liz Wheeler Show Community on Locals where ad free episodes, we post the ad free version every single day. So liz use promo code pride and you won’t have to hear another ad for an entire month. 

Again, I totally feel your frustration. I apologize that that played on my show. I do not endorse, I mean, I hardly even need to say I do not endorse the pride agenda, but that’s sort of the backstory of how that got placed in the show. So go to, use promo code pride to get one month of ad-free episodes from me to you. I appreciate everybody who watches this show, and I think that you will enjoy the Liz Wheeler Show community as well. So Liz Wheeler Okay, so what we’re gonna talk about on the show today, I, this weekend I watched all an entire episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which is very unusual for me. I usually follow what Joe Rogan does, who he’s talking to, what topics he’s covering. But I have to admit his podcasts are like three hours long. 

And I very rarely watch an entire podcast. I usually watch the viral clips that go around because that gives me the information to know what he’s talking about and what might be trending without investing three hours of every day into listening to Joe Rogan. Well, this weekend was the exception. I listened to the entire episode of Joe Rogan interviewing Robert Kennedy, Jr. Yes, RFK Jr. Who’s running for Democrat. He’s running in the Democratic primary for President of the United States. He’s challenging Joe Biden, he’s got like 20% in, if you poll Democrats, he’s got like 20% support in the Democratic primary, which is bananas because he’s facing an incumbent. Usually there are usually in a primary where a sitting president is running for reelection. You do have a few people, usually people that don’t have much name recognition try to challenge that president in the, in the primary, but they get like 0.1%, 0.5%, maybe 1% or something like that. 

But no, this time it’s like a real challenge, a real challenge. 20% of the Democrat vote. So RFK Jr is obviously famous for a being part of the Kennedy family. He is the son of Robert Kennedy Sr. The nephew of former president JFK. And he has made a name for himself as an environmentalist, and then as a vaccine safety advocate. That’s what he is. That might be what he’s known for most at this point. the Left and the public health establishment and the big pharma shills like to call RFK Junior an anti-vaxxer. It’s basically their worst insult. RFK Jr wrote the book The Real Anthony Fauci, which we talked about on this show probably a year and a half ago. I think I read it in January of 2022, is when I think I read that book in its entirety. 

Super long, like 900 pages. It took me the entire month to read that book. Highly recommend, as I said at the time you to read that. But the moral of this story, or the context that I’m painting right now is that Joe Rogan had RFK Jr on his show, and the first thing Rogan said to him was, listen, when you are on other people’s shows, cuz RFKs going, he’s making the podcast rounds right now. Rogan said, when you’re on other people’s shows, something I’ve noticed is that other people cut you off before you have made your point. They don’t let you finish what you’re saying. And Rogan said, I think it’s a form of self-censorship. I think that these podcast hosts are so desperate to protect their reputation by association, essentially. They don’t wanna be associated with a quote unquote anti-vaxxer that they don’t let you make your point before you’ve made your point just to try to try to protect their reputation. 

So Rogan said, I’m not going to interrupt you once during this podcast. And he did not. He did not. He let RFK Jr speak. And I gotta tell you, I highly, highly recommend you go over to Spotify Rogan’s exclusive to Spotify and listen to that episode. It’s so, so good, so good. He talks about, well, he talks about vaccines, he talks about the science behind vaccines. And maybe the most interesting part, Rogan asked him, how did you even get into this particular field? Like, you’re not in medicine, you’re not a scientist. How did you get into vaccine safety? And RFK Junior talks about when he realized that so-called scientists sometimes don’t know what they’re talking about. And you, I think you’ll be surprised, it certainly surprised me because it’s not your typical story of how his eyes were open to the fact that it’s okay for us everyday men and women to question the narrative coming from the public health establishment, from doctors or from big pharma. 

So all of this to say, I was not the only one that was obsessed with this interview. A lot of people were, it’s been trending all over Twitter for multiple days now. And the response from the response from the medical community or the public health community, I should say, has that’s actually what I wanna talk about right here. I was talking to my producer right before the show and I was like, what’s interesting is if you look on Google Trends or you look on YouTube trends, people are actually interested in talking about vaccines. Not just the Covid vaccine. People are interested in talking about all the vaccines, but even though almost everyone is interested in the conversation, and you can see this by how it trends on Google searches and YouTube searches, it often doesn’t spill out into the general discussion. It doesn’t spill out into a trending topic on a public platform, meaning on Twitter, people aren’t tweeting about it the same way or on television or even on podcasts because people are afraid to talk about it. 

But even if they’re afraid to talk about it, people are very, very interested in it. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve seen the conversation about childhood vaccines spill outside of like mom communities or natural medicine communities or big pharma accountability communities. There are little niches here and there that talk about childhood vaccines. But thanks to Joe Rogan and thanks to RFK Jr, this spilled out into the general population and the response from big pharma, from the so-called public health establishment. And from quote unquote, scientists sent doctors who studied vaccinology. The reaction has been extremely telling. So let’s journey back just a little bit about two years ago. Elon Musk, or not Elon Musk, Joe Rogan. Elon Musk does actually factor into the story in a minute, believe it or not, about a year and a half ago, I guess it was Joe Rogan had Dr. 

Robert Malone on his podcast. Dr. Robert Malone was one of the earliest inventors of the technology on which the mRNA vaccine is based. And Dr. Malone has condemned the current mRNA covid jabs. He thinks, and I know we’re gonna have to censor this on YouTube but we’ll be back after I say this sentence. he says that they’re unsafe. He says that he, as someone who knows how the technology works, thinks they’re very dangerous and condemns their use in the way that they’re being used, right? So Joe Rogan had Dr. Robert Malone on to talk about the Covid vaccine cuz Joe Rogan was an early adopter of the Covid vaccine. He initially got it, I think, and then realized that public health establishment were not telling the truth about the safety, the efficacy or the necessity, sort of the universal vaccination effort here. 

And so Joe Rogan started talking to some people who had been skeptics of any of those three things. Skeptics of the mRNA technology, skeptics of the Universal vaccination plan skeptics of Dr. Fauci specifically, and Dr. Robert Malone was one of them. So Joe Rogan had him on the show, had a great conversation with him, and the backlash was horrendous. People were calling on Spotify to take down the episode to censor it. Spotify actually started putting quote unquote misinformation warnings on some of Joe Rogan’s episodes after this, or any episodes that dealt with vaccine mis misinformation because they essentially agreed with Rogan’s detractors or Malone’s detractors. They just, I don’t know the ins and outs of Rogan’s contract, but I assume that he has pretty heavy creative control and that they couldn’t have taken that down without violating a significant part of his contract. but this sort of gave everyone a view into the evolution of Joe Rogan, how he was being read pilled on the public health establishment narrative. 

So before that, we’re taking even one more step back before I, before I show you one of the best videos that you’re going to see in a long time. Before Robert Malone was on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he interviewed a doctor of Vaccinologist named Peter Hotez. Peter Hotez is supposedly one of the leading experts in vaccinology. He’s, he is a researcher, a PhD md who’s just what I would call a militant pro-vaxxer. A militant pro-vaxxer. He wrote a book about his daughter who has autism called, I think it’s called Rachel’s Autism Isn’t From Vaccines or something like that. He doesn’t acknowledge any, any of the risks of vaccines. He’s just, I mean, like I said, the best way I can describe him is he’s a militant pro-vaxxer. Joe Rogan had actually interviewed him prior to interviewing Robert Malone prior, this was like six months before Robert Malone. 

He’d interviewed Peter Hotez in a fairly, fairly positive way, although not entirely. and now after, so they had a preexisting relationship is the point of that. And after Joe Rogan had RFK on his show this past week, Peter Hotez starts attacking Joe Rogan on Twitter. So now you understand the background and the context of the buildup to this controversy that erupted over the weekend after Joe Rogan had RFK Jr on his show, Peter Hotez, this vaccinologist, and I’m gonna bring this tweet up. Let me find this tweet. cause I wanna read it exactly. Peter Hotez set posted an article from Vice that said Spotify has stopped even sort of trying to stem Joe Rogan’s vaccine misinformation. It’s really true. It’s awful. And from all the online attacks I’m receiving after this absurd podcast, it’s clear many actually believe this nonsense. 

So Joe Rogan responds to this because Peter Hotez is not asking to debate. He’s not even making an argument that he’s correct. He’s asking Spotify to censor Joe Rogan so that nobody can hear what RFK Jr is saying. Like, of all the cowardly intellectually narrow viewpoints to take. This just takes the cake. Joe Rogan responds, says, Peter, if you claim what RFK Jr is saying is quote unquote misinformation, I am offering you $100,000 to the charity of your choice if you’re willing to debate him on my show with no time limit, which is just, that was sort of the tweet that set it all off. So at this point Hotez essentially doesn’t respond. He says, I, he says something like, you have my email address and my phone number, Joe, we can work this out privately. And I’m paraphrasing now, but Joe Rogan was like, no, I’m, I’m, I’m saying this publicly because you publicly attacked my show and I want the public to understand that you’re not willing to come on and actually debate what you believe. 

And then Elon Musk jumps into it and says, maybe that’s because he knows that he knows that he’s wrong, so he doesn’t wanna debate cause he knows he’ll be proven wrong. and then other people started chiming in offering more than $100,000. I have a list here of everybody who has offered right now this charity debate pot, how much money Peter Hotez can give to a charity of his choice is resting at one and a half million dollars. So we had Andrew Tate offer $500,000. We had Nick Muji at, at $250,000. Bill Ackman added $150,000. Of course, Joe Rogan had $150,000. Patrick Bet David added another a hundred thousand. Steve Kirsch added another a hundred thousand. Tim Poole added another a hundred thousand. And that’s just, that’s just some of us. That’s not even the complete list here. A lot of people want to hear Peter Hotez, who publicly called for Spotify to censor Joe Rogan because RFK was on the show. 

A lot of people want to hear Peter hoes make your case come and debate. The guy that you say is spreading misinformation isn’t the best antidote to so-called misinformation, more information. And Peter Hotez won’t do it. He’s, he claims that he’s being abused. He claims that he’s being harassed. And then finally, finally, he claims, and I wanna bring this tweet up as well. Finally, he, Joe Rogan posts an a screenshot of a tweet that Peter Hotez had tweeted from back at the beginning of May. On May 9th, 2023. Peter Hotez had tweeted, I’m quite concerned about the Elon Tucker link, then fold in Rogan and RFK Jr. And it becomes a pretty formidable with neo fascist leanings. And there we have, the real issue here is that Hotez and these other vaccine experts don’t want us to question them. And if we do, they accuse us of being neo fascists. 

So all of this is to say two things. First of all Joe Rogan, this is the most hilarious video that I have ever seen. When Peter Hotez was on Rogan’s show a year or so back Rogan challenged Hotez on his entire lifestyle. Cause Hotez portrays himself as being all about immunity and immunization with vaccines and for the health and wellbeing of children, especially poor children. And Rogan kind of catches him in a lie, not about it actually has nothing to do with vaccines, but he catches him in an incredible amount of hypocrisy about his own life. I don’t even know how to explain this video to you better than showing it to you so you can hear it for yourself. Take a look. Do 

You take care of your immune system in other ways? Do you take probiotics? Are you cautious about your diet? 

I’m not as cautious about my diet as I should be. I’m a junk food aholic. actually, 

Well, that seems like a terrible thing for your health. 

It is a terrible thing for my health and something my wife is working on it. 

But that seems ridiculous for someone who works with health. 

Yeah, yeah. What’s going on with you, man? Sometimes, man, I just don’t get it right. 

How often? 

What, how often, how often do I steal a bag of chips or something like that? That how often you 

Eat garbage? 

I don’t know. No? No. Hopefully not every day, but, you know, hopefully not every day. Yeah. Maybe a couple of times a week. Oh, that’s what with Rachel, my my daughter with autism, that’s like our thing is to go to the it’s called the burger joint or to shake Shack to get a, to get a cheeseburger. We’ll stick, sneak some fries. So 

Mm. So you… 

Living large, we call it 

Like that mouth pleasure. So much you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of health. 

I am. Yeah. I, you know, I, you know, I I can, I have to concede that’s the case. 

Well, there’s, I mean, I don’t have to tell you, but there’s a large body of data that connects poor diet to a host of diseases. That seems like a crazy decision for a guy in your line of work. 

There you go. Sometimes the sometimes the, it’s not all brain, it’s it’s something else. 

But I mean, if you ate healthy food, I mean, the thing is your body starts craving healthy food, you start feeling positive results. 

Yeah. No, no question. No question about it. 

Do you take vitamins? 

I don’t take vitamins. Yeah. I don’t. Wow. I don’t think they do. I don’t think they’re needed. Because most in the what? In the American. In the… 

What? Hold up, hold up. Hold up. You don’t think they’re needed while you’re eating junk food? 

Well, I don’t think, hopefully I’m not only eating junk food. Right. 

You know, there’s a large body of clinical research on the efficacy of vitamins. Mm-hmm. Especially vitamins D vitamins 

I have taken vitamin D for periods and the recommendation of my internist. Yeah. 

What about essential fatty acids? Mm-hmm. Which are great for your brain, fish, oil, all these different things that are fantastic for nature. 

I’m, I’m not gonna ar I’m not gonna argue with you. 

What going on with you, doctor? 

You got it hand. You got it over me. Yeah. 

But it would, you would have a much better argument, don’t you? 

You, you’re, you’re making my wife stay here. So 

If you’re taking care of yourself a hundred percent instead of just 

Concentrating, but you, but you still need your vaccines. I’m 

Sure you do. But vaccines aren’t gonna prevent cancer. 

No, that’s true. 

Right? And that’s true. And there’s a lot of diseases 

That, or diabetes are cardiovascular disease or a lot 

Of these diseases are connected directly to diet. Right? Yeah. Yep. 

Come on. And other lifestyle ch changes. 

Yeah. Good. 

Get exercising, sedentary life. I try to go on the treadmill for 30 minutes every try morning you try. I do it. Actually, I’m pretty good about that. Yeah. 30 minutes every morning on 

The treadmill. Why don’t you go for an actual walk? It’s 

More interesting. I do that too. So I do dog. I do. No, but I do ’em a 30 minutes on the treadmill in the morning, and then I and my, I take a long walk with my wife in the evening and get home. Oh, that’s good. But you know, the thing that knocks the crap outta you is the travel. Yes. I find that very frustrating because you don’t exercise and then you eat, you don’t eat well. Well, and you don’t control the diet as well. So that’s well, I have a solution to that and eat well and exercise those, those are solutions to that. Just do it, you know, I treat it like I’m brushing my teeth. I brush my teeth every day. Yeah. I exercise every day too. Yeah. So when I travel, I don’t have an option. When I land, I go to the gym. This is how it goes. I land, I get in my hotel room, I put my shorts 

On. Yeah. Yeah. I do that too. I do that too when It’s 

The only way. Yeah. Yeah. If you have to do it, if you, if you say this is just what gets done, right. This is how you 

Do it. Yeah. I try to be really compulsive about that. 

So yeah. I have it written out. I know what I’m gonna do. Mm-hmm. especially if the gym if’s great. If the hotel has a good gym, the hotel, you know, if they have weights and a bunch of different 

Ways. Well, I’ll run outside if we don’t have it, 

You run. 

Yeah. Do you? Not very well, but no, but you do. Okay. Yeah. We’re gotta get you healthy buddy. Yeah. Can’t be pushing only chemicals in injectable forms to facilitate health. Fair enough. Yeah. 

Not chemicals or vaccines. Oh, 

I’m sorry. What’s in them? What? I mean, it’s some sort of chemical. No, 

No, they’re antigens, right? What’s the fluid macromolecules? 

What’s the liquid 

Stuff? typically it would be saline or, you know, saltwater. 


That made my day. I hope it also made your day. I chuckled throughout the entirety. It’s the most savage takedown done in a gentle way that I’ve ever seen. He utterly humiliated the guy and it’s richly deserved. So I hope you enjoyed that as well. So what I wanted to do to today on this show is I wanted to talk just a little bit about the Covid vaccine, because the Covid vaccine did something very interesting in our society. It opened a lot of people’s eyes to the fact that it’s perfectly fine and rational and prudent to question the narrative given to us, whether it’s from our pediatricians, whether it’s from public health, whether it’s just this soci, this cultural norm about vaccines. In other words, when people heard about the things that were being said to us by fauci about the Covid 19 vaccine, and realized that the, that what Fauci was saying didn’t line up with reality, and yet Fauci doubled down on what he was saying. 

People wondered, okay, well, is the covid jab the only jab that this applies to? Or maybe we should start, you know, looking into other things. In other words, I cannot tell you how many of my friends after the Covid vaccine, you know, texted me or texted each other and we’re like, maybe we should start researching all vaccines. Like, maybe is this this the first time that we’ve been lied to? Or maybe we should actually not be taking the word of our pediatricians and public health officials. Maybe we should be looking at the data ourselves. and so if I’ve just described you, what I’d like to do is show you some books that are tremendous resources in researching all vaccines for yourself. Okay. So these are just a few of the books that I read when studying this that I share with my friends when they ask me. 

And highly recommend that any parent wondering about the topic of vaccines we all wonder about it might be interested. The first is Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies. this is, this one’s pretty self-explanatory. I mean, as parents, our first question is oftentimes, is this safe? What does the studies, what do the studies show? And honestly, our pediatricians don’t know the answer to that. They’re just taught a talking point. They’re not taught the science, they’re not taught the data. This shows what the actual studies that have been run on these vaccines show us, because just so you know, there’s these vaccine manufacturers are responsible for none of the adverse effects that children might experience after taking their vaccines. They have no liability if the United States government has taken over that liability. And since the United States government took over liability for vaccine injuries, they have spent 4.6 billion in vaccine injury compensation. 

So you don’t have to, you don’t have to pretend to believe the narrative that, oh, they never cause any adverse effects because the data is right there before your very eyes. And this book does a really good job of laying that out. The next book is the Vaccine Friendly Plan. This is a guide for parents. If you want to analyze the risk of a certain disease versus the risk the vaccine might pose. It’s a pretty good analysis of both of those risks. The only caveat that I would put on this book is the author is fairly liability focused, in my opinion, having read this book, meaning that the recommendations he gives on whether you should give a certain vaccine to your child and at what age don’t always match his analysis, like his analysis it’s sort of like one plus one plus one, and then you’d think the obvious conclusion would be three. 

And then out of nowhere, he says five. So what I would do, and what I did is I ignored his recommendations and just used his data to make the decision for myself. The next book is called Dissolving Illusions. Dissolving illusions answers the question. I mean, one of the most popular narrative is vaccines have saved millions of lives, right? While dissolving illusions looks at the history of disease in the 19th and 20th century and looks at, you know, malnutrition, looks at food contamination, looks at hygiene, looks at really crowded living spaces, a lack of of a sanitary sewage system child labor and all of these things, how they, how they, the conglomeration of them led to suppressed immune systems. Meaning that those children were much more likely to be susceptible to fatality from some diseases that actually aren’t as fatal as as they’re portrayed to be. 

It’s really fascinating. highly recommend this to anybody who has heard that line that, you know, vaccines have saved millions of lives. The next book is called Vaccines Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness. So this book essentially describes the mechanism of a vaccine as the same mechanism that causes an allergy, which is the same thing as autoimmunity. So we’re suffering right now in our country, and I am myself personally, and millions of others are as well. We’re suffering from this epidemic of autoimmune diseases that we’re obviously triggered by something they didn’t just happen randomly, arbitrarily. And it’s not just a matter of, oh, now we are, now we’re noticing autoimmune diseases. Like, no, you would’ve noticed if people were suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and MS and everything else a hundred years ago. People just weren’t back then and they are now. 

So why this book tries to answer that question. The next book is called The Vaccine Book. It’s also a guide for parents who want to analyze the relative risk for their child of the disease versus the relative risk to the child of the vaccine. And my caveat to this book is the same. He’s kind of liability focused in his recommendations, but some of the data in this book is helpful. The next book is called The Moth in the Iron Lung. one of the most common things that you will hear Provax Xers say, are militant provax. Like Peter Hotez is someone I would categorize as a militant. Provax is polio. But what about polio? This horrible, deadly thing that happened to children all across the country was eradicated within a generation by vaccines. And this book talks about what actually caused paralysis associated with polio and what actually eradicated it. 

It’s, it’s a mind blowing book, is what I would call it. The next book is called The Peanut Allergy Epidemic, what’s Causing It and How To Stop It. the CDC updated their childhood immunization schedule in 1989, and simultaneously, the VA or the peanut allergy epidemic began. So as you can see, this book is fascinating because this, again, was not something that we are just diagnosing more. We never had children 200 years ago dying of peanut anaphylaxis the way that we do now. Something is causing it. And this book examines the reason why the last two books are called Turtles All the Way Down, vaccine Science and Myth, that one’s self-explanatory. It takes the most common narrative lines that are propagated about this sort of universal vaccine schedule and breaks them down. And then the Unvaccinated Child, a treatment guide for parents and caregivers is also self-explanatory. 

So if you don’t, if you choose to space vaccines, so you choose to decline some, you choose to do something outside of the CDCs recommended schedule. What do you do when your child gets sick? Not necessarily with one of the diseases that the vaccine was supposed to protect against, but just in general, how do you, how do you properly handle your child’s healthcare? This is, this is a, a handy dandy guide just for that. So that’s my contribution to the discussion about vaccines. If I missed any good resources, please let me know. You can direct all the hate emails for questioning, for questioning the vaccine narrative to liz Go ahead and drop those in the comment section. I’d love to hear your thoughts. All right, Anheuser-Busch, Anheuser Buss has issued what I would call another non apology. they’re obviously panicking because this boycott against their brand is continuing as it should, and they keep issuing these statements which they think are going to trick us into becoming consumers again, but I cannot state this strongly enough, do not fall for this. 

This is what the Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth said, he said, we recognize that over the last two months, the decision surrounding our company and Bud Light has moved away from beer or the discussion surrounding our company. And Bud Light has moved away from beer. And this has impacted our consumers, our business partners, and our employees. We are a beer company and beer is for everyone. Today, we are announcing three important actions as we continue to move our business forward. First, we are investing to protect the jobs of our frontline employees. Secondly, we are providing financial assistance to our independent wholesalers to help them support their employees. Third, to all our valued customers, we hear you our summer advertising launches next week, and you can look forward to Bud Light reinforcing what you’ve always loved about our brand, that it’s easy to drink and easy to enjoy. 

As we move forward, we will focus on what we do best brewing great beer and earning our place in moments that matter to you. Here’s to a future with more cheers, Brandon Whitworth. Now, some conservatives are saying, oh, okay, look, they’re gonna a, they’re gonna launch an advertising campaign that kind of gets back to their core values. And my response to that is, no, do not fall for this. This is not an apology. This is not reversing course in any way, shape or form. In fact, they don’t hear us. He says, we hear you. And he says that in a very patronizing way, in a very condescending way. And the reason that I know that it’s patronizing and condescending, it’s because if he actually heard our concerns about hiring Dylan Mulvaney as their spokesperson propagating the transgender ideology, then he would apologize for it. He would apologize for it, and he would retract it. 

He would say, we regret that we will never do it again. And we disavow that ideology, but he’s not doing that because he doesn’t actually hear us. He doesn’t agree with us, and they’re just trying to wait us out. It’s a game of chicken right now to see who will falter first. They’re hoping that we lose steam. They’re hoping that we lose interest. They’re hoping that they can just wait, wait, wait. And if they pander to us enough with patriotic themed ads, we’ll think that they’re on our side again, and we’ll go back to drinking their product. Do not fall for it until, and unless they apologize directly for what they did, bud Light should be dead to us. 

The LA Dodgers finally actually hosted their Pride night. Yes, this has been about a month coming since they announced that they would honor this satanic drag group that call themselves the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They dress up in drag as sexualized versions of Nun, these grown men, nuns, these grown men to mocking Catholics and Christians, and in the name of Pride, the Dodgers honored them while it finally happened, despite all the protests. And I’d like to show video first of the actual ceremony, if you will, where these drag queens were honored if we can play this video. This is element number six. So this on the field there, right at the, at the edge of the grass, you can see two of these Sisters of Perpetual indulgence, these drag nuns in drag. You’ll notice that the rest of the stadium is empty. 

Now, the corporate media, if you, if you Google this or anything, you’ll get all kinds of fact checks that say, you know what? The stadium wasn’t actually empty. This game was highly attended. and yes, that’s actually true and we’ll address that in a moment. But the important thing about this video is this shows how terrified the LA Dodgers are because they did their ceremony honoring this drag group an hour before the first pitch, before anybody had showed up. Why did they do that? Because they were worried about the reaction of people that were in the stands. They were afraid of consumers of their product, and yet they were also too afraid to disavow the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. So the mainstream media might be trying to distract you by saying, oh, that’s a misleading video, because you know, the stands did fill up. 

And yeah, that’s true. But the fact of the matter is, the Dodgers did this at a time when no one was in the stands, and they did that intentionally. That’s the pivotal part of this story outside of the venue. This is what the counter protest. This was Catholics and Christians protesting this blasphemy and protesting the Dodgers, honoring this blasphemy. You can see how many Catholics and Christians are outside. It’s a beautiful sight to behold. Look at all those people. Dodgers. Look at all those people. Thousands of people showed up to protest against the hate and the bigotry of the LA Dodgers. And I gotta tell you, I am a little bit disappointed that more people didn’t refuse to attend this Pride Night game. I wish that it had been an empty stadium the whole time. It wasn’t. It’s la So maybe they really tried to recruit people to show up. 

I don’t know. I wish that it had been an empty stadium for the whole time. But what I will say is I was looking at data before we started the show. And last year for Pride Night, the Dodgers drew a crowd of 52,505 people. This year for Pride Night, they drew 49,074 people. So they saw about a 7% drop in attendance which isn’t huge, but it’s also not, it’s not insignificant. And the data that I, the data that I was really looking for that I could not find, if someone else can find this, that would be great. the data that I think would really be interesting is I don’t think that the one-to-one comparison between Pride Night 2022 and Pride Night 2023 is an accurate comparison because this year, their Pride Night celebration also fell on Father’s Day weekend. So the Father’s Day weekend baseball game, I imagine this is a speculation I couldn’t find I couldn’t find hard numbers from the La Dodgers from last year, but I would suspect that Father’s Day Weekend draws more people to the ballpark than your average game attendance, right? 

Because people go with their dads, dads take their kids to the baseball game on Father’s Day weekend. So I suspect that just comparing the attendance of Pride Night to an average game isn’t a totally accurate comparison. My guess is that Father’s Day usually has higher attendance. But like I said, I was looking for the data and I couldn’t confirm that. but 7% decrease in attendance from Pride Night 2022 to 2023 isn’t something to be dismissed. Although I wish that it had. I wish that it had been a little bit more than that, a little bit more than that if I’m being perfectly honest. So also last week, this got lost in the shuffle a little bit over the weekend, but this is absolutely incredible reporting from Matt Walsh. at The Daily Wire, he essentially exposed internal documents at Fox News. Yes, Fox News that are propagating queer theory, propagating the transgender ideology. 

This stuff is pretty horrendous. It’s not, it’s not just tolerance and inclusion and diversity. As bad as that is, this is actual indoctrination of their employees and really horrendous and really horrendous things. So I wanna read you a couple of the tweets. He posted his expose his investigative research on Twitter, and he said, we’ve obtained internal documents from Fox News employees. Fox is celebrating pride by encouraging employees to read about, and I’m sorry that this is graphic, but this is what he tweeted, just being verbatim here. Glory Holes supporting a group that gives sterilizing hormones to homeless youth and deployed woke AI to monitor everyone. He goes on to say, let me bring up the exact tweet. Here he goes. Under the heading Support one another Fox encourages their employees to donate to the Trevor Project, Ali Forney Center and LA L G B T Center. 

He says, the Trevor Project, which Fox says is devoted to helping L G B T Q. Young people, hosts a sexually explicit chat room that connects children as young as 13 years old with L G B T adults, the Ali Forney Center. Walsh writes, which Fox praises for rescuing homeless L G B T youth appears to admit on Twitter and its website that it injects these homeless young people with cross-sex hormones, which are known to cause sterilization. The Los Angeles L G B T Center, which Fox calls Unstoppable, has posted a video of a mother surprising her, quote unquote, trans daughter with a child’s first dose of hormones. YouTube removed the footage for terms of service violations, but a screenshot is still on Twitter. Walsh says, let’s scroll down a little bit more on the Fox employee portal. Employees are also encouraged to expand their perspective by reading books, by trans activists, including a memoir titled Ferris about a precocious boy who would grow up to become a woman. 

Matt Walsh says, the book contains information that’s obviously important for Fox employees as they go about their duties at work. For example, an early scene explains what a glory hole is. And just so you know, I refuse to read that part out loud. You can go to Matt Walsh’s Twitter thread and read it for yourself. It’s extremely sexually graphic, very explicit, very disgusting. Fox News is promoting this to their employees, promoting it. He goes on to say, not all Fox employees are happy with this propaganda. That might be why last year, Fox experimented with a solution to monitor employees commitment to DEI. It’s an AI platform called escal, which tracks employees commitment to the cult of d ei. Fox Leadership told employees to sign up for Escal so that the AI could help them engage in activities that will deepen their understanding of identity and explore more nuanced d and i concepts. 

How crazy is that? So they are tracking, tracking their employees to see if they, if their web searches, I guess I don’t know, are in accordance with DEI. And then Walsh says, all of the woke indoctrination Fox pushes on its employees seems to have succeeded. Some Fox News employees are openly hostile to their audience. Here’s the Instagram page of one employee with pronouns in bio who is highly influential over Fox News’s actual content. He shows a screenshot of the pronouns in his bio. This employee oh wait, he says this Fox News employee also regularly lashes out at Fox News audience. In a recent post, for example, he attacked conservatives concerns over drag queen’s targeting children writing. When are you Hicks going to be honest about who the real problem is? This is disturbing. If you’re shocked by this content, well, so am I. 

We all should be. If this is who Fox News is going to be, then Fox News is not the Fox News that we knew and we loved, and we owe no loyalty to this version of Fox News. In fact, this version of Fox News sounds like the type of organization that we would refuse to take part in because what they’re promoting is not just bad, it’s not just wrong, it’s not just immoral, it’s destructive, inhumane, and evil. Kudos to Matt Walsh and his team for uncovering this kind of corruption in the depths of an organization that pretends to be conservative. Guys, if you missed the beginning of the show, I just wanna reiterate that I’m offering you a month of ad free episodes on liz because you know, I want you to be able to see the show without ads, especially when one of our programmatic advertisers slips in a Pride ad. I want to make that right to you. So I want you to go to liz Use my promo code pride to get a month of ad free episodes of the Liz Wheeler Show. Thank you for watching. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is the Liz Wheeler Show. 

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