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In this episode, Liz delves into an article from Tablet Magazine that discusses whether Barack Obama might have been gay, based on a letter from his past. The letter, penned during Obama’s time at Occidental College, contained a redacted portion that sparked controversy. The letter, sent to an ex-girlfriend named Alex McNear, revealed Obama’s musings on homosexuality and an androgynous mind.

Additionally, a recent exclusive from the New York Post revealed the redacted portion, indicating that Obama wrote about his androgynous mind and making love to men in his imagination. While the true implications remain debatable, Liz sees connections to discussions about gender identity and Marxist ideology.

Shifting to a tragic event, Liz addresses the devastating Maui wildfires, which have caused significant destruction and loss of life. She highlights the failure of Hawaii’s emergency warning system, particularly in the case of children being home alone during the fires due to school not being in session. She argues that citizens can’t solely rely on the government for their safety and must take responsibility for their own well-being.

Wheeler criticizes Senator Mazie Hirono for politicizing the wildfires and linking them to climate change, arguing that this is an inappropriate exploitation of a tragic event for political gain. She emphasizes that the wildfires were likely caused by human factors, not solely climate change, and references data indicating that global cooling had occurred over the past eight years.

Switching topics, Liz discusses the FBI’s fatal shooting of a man who had made threats against Joe Biden on Facebook. She expresses skepticism toward the FBI’s actions and highlights the need for accountability and transparency from the agency.

Lastly, Liz reports on Republican Congressman Greg Steube of Florida, who introduced articles of impeachment against Joe Biden. These articles accuse Biden of various wrongdoings, including abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and involvement in his son Hunter’s alleged crimes. Liz Steube for taking action and holding Biden accountable. She urges viewers to observe how other Republicans respond to these charges and whether they support or deny them.

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I was curious after the episode last week where we talked about Barack Obama and asked whether he was gay based on the article that had been published in Tablet Magazine, where writer David Samuels had interviewed historian David Garrow. David Garrow was the one who wrote the definitive biography of Barack Obama. And in this definitive biography of Barack Obama, David Garrow claimed that Barack Obama had written a love letter to one of his ex-girlfriends, in which he talked about either being homosexual or fantasizing about having gay sex with men. And we, we did a whole episode on it, and I think it, I think it was a good episode, but one of the questions that I had, or something I was curious about after the episode is in this letter that was written, we didn’t actually have the letter, even in David Garros biography. The letter wasn’t included. 

In fact, the only part that was included of the letter was everything but the juicy part. The juicy part was redacted. So I was left wondering, and I know I’m a skeptic by nature here, but I was left wondering, well, is it what it’s being portrayed to be is what Barack Obama said about fantasizing, about having gay sex with men. Did he actually say that? How was it phrased? What’s the context here? Is this being exaggerated? And I wondered how soon it would take for the actual content of that redacted paragraph to surface. It turns out that it didn’t take very long. It surfaced over the weekend. So I wanna read you this. This is from a report from the New York Post. This was an exclusive to them. The title is Barack Obama told x quote, I make love to men daily, but in the Imagination Letter shows. 

So this is what the day the New York Post says, former President Barack Obama wrote of his own androgynous mind and making love to men daily, but in the imagination, according to the redacted portion of a notorious 1982 letter obtained by the Post, the more than 40 year old letter to an ex-girlfriend recently resurfaced after Obama biographer David Garrow gave a long and winding interview on the one-time commander in chief. This is what Obama wrote In regard to homosexuality, I must say that I believe this is an attempt to remove oneself from the present, a refusal perhaps to perpetuate the endless farces of earthly life. You see, I make love to men daily, but in the imagination. Obama was 21 years old when he wrote this. He wrote it to an ex-girlfriend named Alex McNear in November of 1982. So it’s a little obscure what he is referring to. 

But then he says, this is a quote from the redacted portion of the letter. My mind is androgynous to a great extent, and I hope to make it more so until I can think in terms of people, not women as opposed to men. But in returning to the body, I see that I have been made a man and physically in life, I choose to accept that contingency he added. Now this girlfriend McNair the post says, who dated Obama during his year at Occidental College in Los Angeles, later redacted the salacious paragraphs, which the Pulitzer Prize winning historian Garrow hunted down and included in his tome rising star. The letter is currently owned by Emory University, which doesn’t permit it to be photographed or removed. Instead, Garros friend Harvey, Claire transcribed the paragraphs by hand and sent them to the author. Claire provided the redaction redacted portion of the letter to the post. 

So I’m not sure that that’s a definitive answer on what he meant. The androgynous mind comment that he made reminded me of the discussion that we were having last week with Dr. Miriam Grossman when she was talking about the origin of gender identity. And she was talking about John Money, this crazy, crazy evil doctor who pioneered transgender surgeries for children, and how he actually coined not just gender identity, but coined the idea of gender as being something separate from biological sex. And his idea was was that your body is what represents sex, but your mind is androgynous. And when Obama commented about his mind being androgynous, it reminded me of John Money’s idea that you should be psychologically androgynous. It’s really weird whether it means that he’s gay or whether it means that he bought into Marxist ideology that wants people to reject gender roles or whether he bought into twisted sex stuff. 

It’s a little hard to tell, but it it does tell us exactly what was in that article or in that letter, in the redacted paragraph. And we can see for ourselves that it wasn’t exaggerated in the original reports. Okay? The Maui wildfires are one of the most horrendous stories that we’ve seen in a long time. They’re some of the most destructive and deadly wildfires that have happened in the United States ever. And reportedly, a lot of those who have died have been children. And I wanna say from the get-go here, that when we’re consuming all of the news about these wildfires, one thing is very clear. Anyone who’s telling you a definitive answer about the origin of these wildfires, what caused them doesn’t know they’re doing it just for clips, but clicks. But there are a couple of conclusions that we can draw even with the information that we have now. 

Okay? So Maui wildfires, the death toll is growing by the day. I mean, It’s not even worth mentioning the number of people who have died because the number is changing so quickly. Apparently they’ve only, the search and rescue crews have only analyzed 3% of the burned area. So we have no idea how many people are going to die, that some of the estimates say it could be up to 500 people. God forbid. I pray that that is not accurate. But I think a lot of us are wondering what caused these wildfires, why this got out of control so quickly. I know there are a lot of, there are a lot of theories, perhaps even conspiracy theories that are floating around online. To me, it’s a little bit too early to make a definitive statement about what caused this. I think we can make a definitive statement about what did not cause this, and we’ll get to that in a second. 

I’m of course talking about climate change, but one of the things that has been my biggest takeaway in watching this story unfold is that we can’t trust the governments to take care of us. at all. They failed in the one responsibility that they had to the people of Hawaii, and that is their emergency warning system. I mean, this emergency warning system in Hawaii, you probably remember a couple years ago, it notified people that they were gonna be faced with some kind of ballistic missile. People were like, oh, we’re getting nuked by Kim Jong-Un. And they were like, oh, sorry. Someone just hit the wrong button in the control center. This emergency system has notified the residents of Hawaii that they were facing impending disaster falsely twice in the last couple years. And yet the one time that it really matters, the sirens didn’t go off. 

They didn’t warn people. I mean, I grew up in the Midwest, and every, the first Wednesday of every month, there was a test of these sirens to make sure that everyone knew what they sounded like to make sure that all the sirens were operational. The first Wednesday of every month at noon, these sirens went off for one minute. And no, if you were inside or outside, you were driving, you were in the basement of a building. You could hear them, and it was necessary. And so then when you were, you were used to the sound. So then when in the summer for, in Ohio was tornadoes, when there was a tornado warning or a tornado watch, you would hear these sirens. And what would you do when you hear these sirens? You would immediately, this was when I was a kid. So before iPhones, you would immediately turn on your television and see what the information was. 

Is it a thunderstorm? Is it a tornado? How close is it to us? What do we need to do to prepare? This is a similar system to what Hawaii system is supposed to do. I mean, emergency response officials in Hawaii right now are trying to minimize or belittle that system saying, well, it’s not a system that’s really necessary. All it does is tell residents to look up more information. Well, yeah, that information’s necessary. I mean, reportedly, we don’t have confirmation of these reports. And again, I pray that they’re not true. But reports coming from Hawaii is that a lot of the people who have been killed by these wildfires are children because school has not yet started. And parents were at work. They left their children home. They weren’t warned at work of these sirens. The children at home weren’t warned. And so they didn’t even know their houses were on fire until they were on fire and they died. 

But imagine if there had been an emergency system that had gone off, if they had gotten a text message and their phone had beeped, if they had had these sirens, they could have turned on the television, or maybe their parents could have called them or come home from work and said, Hey, maybe we need to evacuate. Let’s look at the information and analyze this threat for ourselves. But it didn’t work. And government officials, as they’re always doing, are trying to, are trying to slough off the responsibility as if it wasn’t their responsibility. We cannot trust the government to take care of us, and we have to rely primarily on ourselves, which I know is not the first choice of many people, sometimes including myself. But you see things like this and you’re like, well, am I gonna trust the government then the next time to take care of my family? 

Or am I gonna have to rely on myself? And I think the answer to that is very clear. Democrats mean to meanwhile are already trying to politicize this, which is the grossest thing to me. People are dying. We don’t even know how many people have been killed. We don’t even know how many children have been killed. And you’re already trying to use this tragedy to push your preexisting political agenda. It’s so grotesque, so grotesque. Senator Maisie Hirono went on television this weekend and blamed the wildfires, of course, on climate change. This is what she said. 

Experts warned that that extreme disasters such as this one are only becoming more common because climate change is fueling stronger storms, hotter temperatures, more widespread droughts. And earlier this week, president Biden incorrectly claimed he had already declared a climate emergency, which would give him additional powers to combat the climate crisis. Given what you’re seeing on the ground, do you want President Biden to actually declare a climate emergency? 

I think that we we very much need to acknowledge that climate change is upon us. There are whole states, by the way, Jake, where you can’t even use the words climate change because they still have a hit in the sand attitude. But for example, the Inflation Reduction Act provided some $300 billion to combat climate change and to move us away from continuing reliance on fossil fuels. Yes, there is more that needs to be done, and there will be lessons learned from this ongoing tragedy for the other counties as well as the county of Maui. Clearly, wildfires is an occurrence in Hawaii. People don’t realize that that acres are burned in Hawaii, as in so many other states. And in terms of the percentage of acreage burned. Hawaii is on a par with other states. There is not enough recognition that we are going to need to combat these kinds of wildfires. And that’s enough. We have situations where that’s enough. 

That’s enough. Climate change is upon us, she said, and she blames fossil fuels. That’s what she, that’s what she blames fossil fuels. It’s, it’s always a stupid argument. It’s always untrue. It’s always unscientific. But when she uses a stupid lying, unscientific political argument in the face of tragedy to push her own, I mean, what she’s essentially pushing is socialism. She doesn’t want us to rely on fossil fuels. So she wants us to go back to the dark ages where we don’t have antibiotics, we don’t have fertilizer and pesticides, so we don’t have crops. People are starving. We don’t have textiles that are made from petrochemicals. She wants us to, we, we won’t have cars. So we won’t have, I guess, interstate commerce unless we have a horse and buggy or can take it on our bike. the, the idea that we are not going to be a society reliant on fossil fuels. 

I don’t think a lot of certainly Democrats understand the physical ramifications of that policy. What would your life look like if we didn’t have fossil fuels? But I would challenge every single Democrat to try to answer that question. Or maybe you and I need to go around and ask all of our friends, what would your life look like if we didn’t have fossil fuels? If you didn’t have a car, if you didn’t have clothes, if you didn’t have antibiotics, if you didn’t have mass produced food, thanks to petrochemicals that allow us to, to grow things because of fertilizer and pesticides, et cetera, et cetera, what would our life actually look like? It would be awful. There would be mass death. And yet, this is what the Left is constantly pushing, and they’re doing it on the backs of these people who were just killed. And again, I’m not gonna sit here and make any definitive statement about what caused this, what the origin was, why it was so bad. 

We do know from other wildfires in our country, specifically the ones that happened in California or that happen on a regular basis in California. But I was referring specifically to the 20 18, 20 19 wildfires in California that oftentimes it’s because of humans. It’s it’s started by humans. This is not just a random combustion that resulted in a fire that swept this island, just like it didn’t, it wasn’t a random combustion that resulted in California, in these wildfires. It’s usually started by humans. And it, the reason that it is so damaging is because we have more buildings, we have more infrastructure in places that we know are at high risk of wildfires. In fact, there are some places in our country that don’t, even in California, that don’t even ensure buildings that are built in these high risk areas because we already know that they are at high risk of wildfires. 

So we usually, the fires are manmade or started by, by human beings. They are damaging and they cost more money because the infrastructure that we build in high risk areas, and then there hasn’t been proper, oftentimes, I can’t say this definitively about Hawaii yet, but we’re gonna look more into this. But in California, they don’t do proper brush control. They don’t clear away these, these, these years and years worth of dead branches and dead trees that are just like combust and make these wildfires humongous. They don’t even do controlled burns anymore. I mean, even the Native Americans back in the day did controlled burns in these areas because they knew if they didn’t, what would happen? They would have, nature would take its course. Nature is going to take its course. And if you don’t do something smart to try to contain it or give it boundaries, then it’s going to be more destructive. 

That is the story, mark, my words, that we are going to hear in Hawaii as we find out more details about what happened here. It’s not climate change. In fact this is an account, this is a Twitter or an ex account that I really like. I wanna bring this up. This is element number four, junk science. If you guys don’t follow junk science, you should. it’s Steve Malloy. He worked in the Trump administration as e p as part of the e p a. He was part of the e p a transition. He posts all kinds of statistics all the time about climate change and about weather and about fossil fuels. And he goes the Washington Post is trying to blame the Maui wildfires and global warming claims that the alleged two degrees Fahrenheit since 1950. This is the claim that the Washington most is making. 

That we’ve the, we’ve increased the temperature on the globe by two degrees since 1950 constitutes the strongest connection, as in that’s what’s responsible for these wildfires. But Steve Magos, but the National Weather Service data for Maui Airport shows no unusual or special warming in 2023. And he posts the graph. We can bring that up on the screen too. That’s the Washington Post article. That’s just lying. But here’s the actual data from the National Weather Service. So what’s the explanation here? It doesn’t make sense, but of course none of this makes sense because in the whole scheme of things, it’s not just about one year. That, of course, would be the counter argument from the Left. Is that well, just because there’s nothing unusual this year. It’s been a buildup for a long time. Well, no, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, Noah, we can bring this up. This is the next this is element number five. 

Noah announced that actually in the last decade, the last eight years to be exactly, we haven’t had global warming, we’ve had global cooling. We haven’t increased the Earth’s surface temperature. It’s decreased despite all of the c o two that we are supposedly emitting into the atmosphere that’s supposedly an existential threat to the planet. We’ve actually seen eight years of cooling, which means that it’s not just, there are some conservatives and some Republicans who say, yeah, climate change is real, but the political hijacking that the Left does, proposing policies like AOCs Green New Deal, that’s the bad part. But we can acknowledge that climate change is real and that it’s probably manmade. I don’t even know that we should do that. I don’t think that the, I don’t think that the science even even substantiates that. All of the science that I have seen shows that even the, before you get to the policy prescriptions that the Left offers for the premise of climate change. 

If you just talk about the premise of climate change, I’m not even sure the science substantiates that, especially when the government’s agency, this is a government agency, Noah, and this is what Steve Mulloy tweeted. Noah makes it official the last eight years, global cooling at a rate of point 11 degrees Celsius for the decade, despite 450 billion tons of emissions, worth 14% of total manmade c o two in the atmosphere, c o two warming is a hoax. It’s kind of hard to argue with that because it’s science, it’s actual data. Instead of fear-mongering Democrats going on Jake Tapper’s show on CNN to try to push their preexisting political agenda on the backs of the people that we don’t even know how many of them died yet, it’s such an awful, awful tragedy and Democrats are such awful, awful people to be trying to exploit that. 

Meanwhile, the FBI shot and killed a man who was threatening Joe Biden on Facebook shot and killed. I I never remember this happening before. There are always crazy people who make threats against presidents of the United States, and that’s obviously wrong. I never remember hearing about the FBI gunning down someone who made a threat against a president online. Okay, so I wanna bring this story up next. This man threatened Joe Biden online. This is according to the Daily Wire, the 17 year old, 75 year old, I should say, 75 year old Utah man who was shot dead by FBI agents on Wednesday morning for making online threats against President Joe Biden and other government officials, was a pillar of his local church community and posed no real threat to anyone. A former neighbor and friend told the Daily Wire, Tim Rich first heard of the incident through a neighborhood Facebook group where households posted about hearing gunshots. 

And later that a SWAT team had raided the home of his friend Craig Robertson. Rich immediately had an inkling of what the nature of the raid was. He was Facebook friends with Robertson and saw his political posts, which included one last week in which Robertson said he had to dust off his sniper rifle. In preparation for Biden’s arrival in Utah for a political fundraiser, rich said he mostly ignored Robertson’s political rants. I just dismissed it. He’s ranting again, voicing his frustrations. Rich said, I don’t even know how many friends he had on Facebook. I would imagine not many. And that his posts weren’t going to many people Robertson’s post about shooting, Biden referenced his M 24 sniper rifle. Other subjects of his Facebook threats included Vice President Kamala Harris, attorney General Merrick Garland Post from September of 2022, read Death to Joe Biden. Rich said he was shocked when he learned the interaction ended with the death of his friend. 

And he believes the choice law enforcement made to conduct an early morning raid led to the avoidable result. And here’s why. Robertson was largely immobile standing just about five feet, six inches and weighing roughly 300 pounds. The elderly man would hobble around with a cane. He was known to drive to his church, which was only about 200 yards from his home. And law enforcement presumably knew all of those details. As Robertson had been under surveillance for months and two agents had already interacted with him before the fatal Wednesday morning raid. So I don’t know the circumstances. I don’t know if this guy was taking pot shots at the fbI and the F fbi. I was shooting in self-defense. What I do know is that I don’t give any benefit of the doubt to the fbi. I, the FBI has tried to target parents. The FBI has tried to target Catholics. 

The b i has tried to target conservatives. The FBI has tried to label Patriots as domestic terrorists. These are not good people at the b i. There’s institutional rot to the core at the FBI and they will not get even a smidge, not even a sliver of the benefit of the doubt from me. The troubling part of this is it seems like this very easily could have been avoided. They could have picked this guy up if he was, if they believed that he was a credible threat against Joe Biden and if he was, it doesn’t matter his politics or Joe Biden’s politics, he should have been arrested. That’s fine. If he was a credible threat posing a credible threat against Joe Biden, if he had both the intent and the means to carry out the threats that he was posting online, then why didn’t they just arrest him when he was hobbling on his way to church or when he was driving 200 yards to his church? If he was constantly in and out of his house and he moved very slowly, couldn’t they have just walked up to him and arrested him? Why conduct an early morning raid when they could have done it in the light of day in a way that might have avoided this kind of escalation? 

I don’t trust the FBI as far as I can see them. And it seems to me really strange that a man who was threatening Biden on Facebook was shot dead by the FBI and people are just shrugging this off. Meanwhile, articles of impeachment have been filed against Obamagainst Biden, I should say a little bit earlier than people expected. A Republican went rogue, as you might say. This is a report from Fox News. It says, Congressman Greg Stuby of Florida jumped ahead of his Republican colleagues on Friday and introduced articles of impeachment against President Biden. While several congressional committees are building a multi-pronged case to remove Biden from Office, Stuy said it was past time to take action. He filed articles of impeachment against Biden charging that the President had been complicit in his son Hunter’s alleged crimes and had worked to shield him from justice. 

It’s long past time to impeach. Joe Biden Stuy said in his statement, he has undermined the integrity of his office, brought disrepute on the presidency, betrayed his trust as president and acted in a manner subversive of the rule of law and justice at the expense of American citizens. Suby filed four articles alleging high crimes and misdemeanors by Biden, the first accuses the president of abusing the power of his office by allegedly accepting bribes, committing Hobbes, act, extortion and honest services fraud related to the use of his official position. These charges arise from Biden’s alleged involvement with his family’s business dealings, including Hunter and James Biden’s, the president’s brother alleged effort to sell access to then Vice President Joe Biden between 2009 and 2017 in exchange for payments and business opportunities from foreign and domestic business partners. Okay, that one seems valid to me. House Oversight Committee chairman Congressman James Comer on Wednesday released a memo purporting to show that foreign payments to the Biden family totaled more than $20 million. 

The second article charges that President Biden obstructed justice citing I R Ss whistleblower testimony that quote, members of the Biden campaign improperly colluded with Justice Department officials to improperly interfere with investigations into tax crimes. Alleged to have been committed by Hunter Biden, both the Justice Department and special counsel David Weiss, the US attorney appointed to investigate. Hunter Biden have denied that the Biden administration impeded weiss’s work. That one also seems valid to me. The third and fourth articles accuse Biden of fraud and paying for hunter biden’s illegal drugs and trusts with prostitutes respectively also seems valid to me. All of these seem valid to me. I know that the Republicans were waiting for committees to what? Collect information. I’m tired of waiting for committees. I’m tired of hearings. I feel half the time that hearings held by the House of Representatives and even the Senate are just intended to get video clips for senators and congressmen to post on their Twitter accounts, to help ’em go viral and to help ’em get more TV hits. 

I’m glad someone actually had the guts, had the gumption to file these charges, file these articles of impeachment against Biden. It’s about time someone did that. And it’s gonna be very telling. This is what I’m looking for in the coming days and weeks, which Republicans are willing to say, yeah, this is obvious. Clearly he did this, clearly he’s guilty of it. And the repercussions of that should clearly be impeachment. This is not difficult, this is not controversial. This is, this is just exactly how our constitutional republic was designed, exactly how our government was formed. The accountability mechanism in our government to hold a corrupt public official accountable. This is it. Keep an eye. Keep an eye. I’ll be keeping an eye on which government officials, which elected politicians are in agreement or which ones are denying it. Alright, we have time for one more cool thing from the internet. And this isn’t even totally random given that Vivek Ramas Swami rapping clip that’s gone viral, which we will watch shortly. But this is a weatherman doing the Lose Yourself Challenge 

Going with the big one today. Eminem, lose yourself. Here I go. It’s my shot feet fail me not challenge accepted. Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize a nice weather day this week, would you capture it or let it slip? Today’s your day to do that, but it’s still technically winter. Snap back to reality. Oh, there goes gravity temperatures way down to the fifties. Hold your nose. ’cause here goes the cold water, the wind and the cold settling in Friday for sure. I mean, today we’re okay, but at the risk of being chewed up and spit out and booed off stage, we’ve got a messy kind of situation coming. Only about a quarter inch of rain in the last five weeks. And if you’re a gardener like me, these times are so hard and it’s getting even harder trying to feed and water my seeds. Plus teeter totter between not running up the water bill and trying to keep everything alive, coast to coast. Snows. It’s known as the Globe Trotter. So that’ll do it for our part of the show. But the beat goes on, da dumb da dumb. You better lose yourself. And Houston happens coming up next. 

That is hilarious. He did that. He actually did that so well. So I’ve done, I’ve done stuff like that before where I had a friend at my old job and we made Betts all the time like basically challenging betts and said like, here’s a phrase. Here’s a word I challenge you to say this on air, but make it sound totally natural, like work it into what you say. And we did this for weeks and weeks entertaining ourselves. He did that really, really. I’d like to think that I did pretty well when we did that. but this weatherman did a really, really good job. Alright guys, thank you for watching. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is the Liz Wheeler Show. 


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