Met Gala HIDES Karl Lagerfeld’s “Fatphobic” Comments & Lizzo Looks Like a Giant Referee





Liz Wheeler shares her thoughts on the annual Met Gala event, which she describes as a “snobby elite fest” organized by Anna Wintour’s exclusive club of friends.

This year’s theme was in honor of the late Karl Lagerfeld, one of the most famous fashion designers of all time, known for his aesthetic of wealth.

But the same leftist elitists who make every effort to maintain their “woke” image, are ironically honoring a man who was openly fatphobic. Contrast this with musician Lizzo, who claims on TikTok to be “the new beauty standard” as an obese person and convince people that being fat is healthy.

Liz highlights some of Karl Lagerfeld’s anti-woke statements and views, and points out the hypocrisy of Lizzo and the Met Gala elites to conveniently ignore Lagerfeld’s politics.

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All right, guys. Welcome back to The Liz Wheeler Show. I love the Met Gala. It happened last night, and I love to hate it is actually a more accurate way to describe it. It is a snobby elite fest. Supposed to be a charity event, ostensibly is a charity event. But really it’s just Anna Wintour’s Snobby Club. And it has rules like no guest allowed. Like if you’re invited, you don’t get a plus one. Your spouse can’t come. Just you. Every single one of the 400 guests are handpicked by Anna Wintour and her snobby friends this year. This is political. I promise you it’s political. You might be thinking, I don’t care about Hollywood celebrities and awards shows and red carpets. Oh, but you’ll care about this. This year’s theme was in honor of Karl, in honor of Karl is supposed to be Karl Lagerfeld, one of the most famous fashion designers of all time. 

He was basically the brains and artistic genius behind the Chanel brand that we’re all famous for. He’s, he, he’s famous for giving a feel to the aesthetic of wealth. I think that’s how Vox described it, the aesthetics of wealth that is due to Karl Lagerfeld. So if we think of like pearls as being wealthy, that’s something that, that was the brainchild of Karl Lagerfeld. But this guy, I gotta tell you, I was doing some reading about him and lead up to this show cause I was like, okay, so what are these, what are these celebrities going to be dressed as? Right? If they’re trying to honor Karl, what does that mean? What’s gonna be on brand for Karl Lagerfeld? It’s one, I found this this phrase, the Aesthetics of wealth. But lemme tell you, Karl Lagerfeld is like a hilarious human being.  

A very, very funny, I was laughing reading some of his biographical information. And it seems to be the Met Gala, ironically, as woke as they are the MET Gala, it’s where AOC wore the tax the rich dress from a couple years ago that you might remember, Anna Wintour’s famous for saying that she’d never invite Donald Trump again. Fairy woke, very Hollywood, very, very leftist. They seem to be ignoring a very anti-woke element of Karl Lagerfeld that made me laugh out loud when I read this. Karl Lagerfeld was openly fatphobic. That’s right. Karl Lagerfeld criticized fat people in multiple ways. He actually, the reason he criticized fat people is because he was criticized for using very thin models to model his clothes. And in response to that, he said, well, no one wants to see a curvy woman. No one wants to see curvy women. Now, he was talking about fat women, not just non-model, but it made me laugh because, because of what Lizzo wore to the Met Gala, first of all, a couple days ago, let’s back up for a second. A couple days ago, Lizzo on Instagram, published a video of herself in which she claimed that she, Lizzo, you can get a picture in your mind of what Lizzo looks like. Morbidly-obese Lizzo claimed that she is the new beauty standard. Take a look at this.  

I just finished showering and doing my little routine. And you know what I realized? I am fucking gorgeous. I am the beauty standard. Catch up bitch.  

Oh, Lizzo is the beauty standard. Imagine what Karl Lagerfeld would’ve said to her about her. So she shows up at the Met Gala tonight, dressed like this, drum roll, please. Let’s take a look at Lizzo. Lizzo came dressed at what I can only describe as a gigantic referee. You can see it right there on the screen. A gigantic referee, a black dress, which I suppose is fine in and of itself, draped in pearls, draped in vertical stripes, pearls, she looks like a gigantic referee. I would just die to hear what Karl Lagerfeld had to say about Lizzo, because of course, Lizzo is on this weird political kick where she’s trying to “normalize” obesity. Not just normalize obesity. Like, don’t pick on me because I’m fat, or, you know, I’m beautiful inside. What? It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, none of that stuff.  

She’s trying to convince people that objective truth is not objective truth. She’s trying to convince people that fat is healthy, that fat is normal, and that if you criticize someone or criticize the idea of being obese, because it is so objectively unhealthy, it leads to, you know, heart disease and diabetes and untimely death, that you are some kind of white supremacist, I guess. White supremacist, homophobic, fatphobic, bigot, and Lizzo showed up to the Met Gala like this. But this is not all that Karl Lagerfeld said that made me laugh. We are going to get into a few of his political points that, like I said, the Met Gala is simply turning their heads looking the other way, because they don’t wanna highlight what he thought. And in a moment you will see why. Let’s get to it.  

So Karl Lagerfeld, in addition to being quote unquote fatphobic, he said, nobody wants to see curvy women, which sounds very harsh. I know not all of us are as rail-thin as supermodels. And I don’t think that that’s exactly what he meant. I think that he got a lot more specific about what he went, let me read you a couple of these quotes. This is pretty funny. He said, he was asked, this is from a Vox, this is from a article. He said when he was asked how he felt about the German Woman’s magazine announcing that it would only publish photographs of quote unquote real women instead of models. Lagerfeld said, “You’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly. The world of beautiful clothing is about dreams and illusions.” 

He said, he has also blamed fat, blamed fat people for societal woes. “The whole in social security,” he said, “is also due to all the diseases caught by people who are too fat.” And he said when he was asked whether he, this is just killing me because he’s not wrong, right? Think about even here in the United States, he was talking about in Europe. But think about here in the United States, think about our emergency rooms at hospitals. The reason that we have overcrowding, the reason that we have long wait times is actually because of fat people. It’s because of people who are morbidly obese, who make the deliberate decision not to take care of their body, to eat unhealthy, to be gluttons. And the result of that is heart disease. The result of that is diabetes. The result of that is emergencies.  

And they overpopulate our emergency rooms to the detriment of the rest of society. Now, this is not a commentary on the dignity and value of people who are obese. It is, however, a method of accountability. And Karl Lagerfeld was not afraid of hurting someone’s feelings when he said, listen, this is not just a matter of individual beauty standards. This is also something that is no pun intended, weighing down our society. That pun is mine, not Karl’s. But he was asked in 2012 whether he had a responsibility to hire models who don’t appear to be unhealthy underweight. He said, “There are less than 1% of anorexic girls, but there are, in France, I don’t know, in England, over 30% of girls who are big, big overweight. And that is much more dangerous and very bad for the health. So I think today with the junk food in front of TV, it’s something dangerous for the health of the girl.  

The models are skinny, but they’re not that skinny, et cetera, et cetera. That’s pretty based to blame society’s woes on fat people. He also condemned, and this is a view that I will say that I share. He also condemned sweatpants. That’s right. He said, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life. So you bought some sweatpants.” I wore sweatpants in high school, in college sometimes. I don’t own a pair of sweatpants now because I agree with Karl Lagerfeld on this. You, an adult woman, should not own a pair of sweatpants. I’m even iffy on yoga pants. I do own one or two pairs, mostly just to sleep in. But sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life. So you bought some sweatpants. Amen to that, Karl.  

That’s a legacy to be proud of. He also condemned open borders, specifically the migrant crisis that Germany experienced after former chancellor Angela Merkel opened the borders in Germany. Remember that in that whole migrant crisis. He said one cannot, even if there are decades between them, kill millions of Jews so that you can bring millions of their worst enemies in their place. It’s pretty based. It’s pretty based. He also condemned the Me Too movement. He said, I’m fed up with it. What shocks me most is all of this in all of this are the starlets who have taken 20 years to remember what happened. Not to mention the fact that there are no prosecution witnesses. Something to be said there. There’s a lot of abuse in Hollywood. I’m not denying the abuse in Hollywood. There’s a lot of powerful men who abused and manipulated young women and continue to do so to this day.  

And that’s bad and that’s wrong. It should be held accountable. But are there circumstances where the girls are making allegations just because the Me Too movement elevates them because they’re victims? I think, I think Karl Lagerfeld had a point here. So he’s a weird guy. He had a cat, a white cat named Choupette. Is the internet, according to the internet, dubs Choupette as the most spoiled cat on the planet? This cat, his cat had two maids. That’s right. Karl Lagerfeld said that his cat didn’t like to spend any time by itself. So his cat had two maids. He had the cat has had his own iPad in case he got bored. He ate dinner on designer dishes at the table with Karl lunch and dinner. He had weekly manicures, a private medical consultant and Louis Vuitton luggage. So I think it’s safe to say that Karl Lagerfeld was out of his mind. 

Karl Lagerfeld was a total nut, but I don’t know, reading about his biography, I expected not to like him cuz he was Hollywood fashion designer. I kind of enjoyed getting to know the guy. I kind of enjoyed researching it. And what’s really funny is Jared Leto showed up to the Met Gala last night, dressed yes as Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Chopette. You can see this on the screen. I laughed so hard when I saw this. I immediately wondered who it was. I wasn’t sure who it was when he first showed up, but of course it was Jared Leto. I don’t know all celebrities, but I am familiar with him. So that’s pretty funny. I think he might be the only one who actually stayed on theme. You’re supposed to, you’re supposed to dress on a theme. It’s almost more of a costume party than any other kind of event.  

And this is the epitome of in honor of Karl. So I thought what we would do is we would take a look at some of these outfits because the outfits that people wear are,are an illustration. They exemplify some of the cultural issues inherent to the Matt Gala. Plus, let’s be real. It’s just fun to criticize how ridiculous celebrities look. Okay, so let’s get to the part of the show that I’ve been looking forward to all weekend. That is let’s criticize some celebrity dresses because as I said, this is not just fun to criticize, it is just fun to criticize. But there’s also a cultural commentary inherent to this that we should examine. So without further ado, producer Matt, could we bring up the first, the first outfit here? Who do we have? Drum roll please. I don’t know about you guys. I don’t know all the celebrities, all the names of all the celebrities.  

My celebrity knowledge is limited to maybe like 10 years ago. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union wearing a long red raincoat. What is it? Raining Duane Wade wearing some kind of cape. Okay, well, Duane Wade looks like he’s pretending to be Casanova and Gabrielle Union looks angry, but they trans their kids. So I’m gonna rate that one ugly. Nicole Kidman is next. Oh, Nicole Kidman looks nice. That’s the top of, it’s like a nice outfit. It’s sort of a fluffy feather duster looking dress, but it’s missing a piece in the front. On the bottom it has this weird v towards the feet. So that gets a medium rating for me. I don’t think there’s any cultural commentary there. And she has a kid with an, I think her kid is named Apple or is that Gwyneth Paltrow? I don’t remember. They kind of look the same to me.  

Okay, that one’s not, that one’s nothing special. Let’s see the next one. Karly Klos. Oh, Karly Klos is married to Jared Kushner’s brother, I believe. And she announced her pregnancy with her second child at the Met Gala. She’s wearing some kind of black ensemble. It’s not that cute. Draped in pearls. I gotta tell you guys, this is not a cultural commentary. I do not like pearls. I don’t know why I have actually engaged in self-examination. Like, what is it about pearls that I don’t like, but I do not like them. I don’t, I don’t like a pearl necklace. I don’t like pearl like a pearl, A single pearl. I don’t like pearl rings. I don’t like pearl earrings. I just don’t like ’em. I do not think they’re cute or pretty or beautiful. And all of these people at the Met Gala were covered in pearls.  

Kiki Palmer,actually looks kind of retro. She looks like she is. She looks like from the eighties, she looks pretty cute and I think that she just gave birth, right? There’s nothing too special or anything about that. She looks like she’s dragging a bedsheet behind her for her cape, but that one’s a big whatever from me. Nothing too special there. Penelope Cruise. Okay, Penelope Cruise. We’re just playing these pictures in any order. She actually wins. She’s my favorite outfit of the whole night. She’s dressed in a beautiful, beautiful wedding gown and a beautiful veil, and her makeup is pretty. She is actually exemplifies what I think celebrities should look like on the red carpet, which is the prettiest version of themselves. So makeup that’s flattering to their faces, dresses that accentuate their curves that are just beautiful. I think she looks stunning.  

It’s like a Chanel thing too, right? That outfit. So, in honor of Karl right there, what do we got for the next one? Let’s get to some of these political ones. Who’s next? Naomi Campbell. She looks pretty, nothing political about that one. She looks pretty kind of a pink dress with what looks kind of like a bunch of tin cans up on the top. I don’t know that there’s anything political about that one. Let’s keep going. Next. photo mod. Oh my word. This is the most hideous dress. What is that arrow pointing to? So it’s a, for anybody listening to the show, it’s a black dress, sort of a black sheath dress with cutouts on right at the waist, like right at the right at her hip bone up to her ribcage cutouts, and then a giant arrow pointing down like, what is she reminding us that she, that she has lady parts down there that is grotesque. That is hideous. Totally hideous. Okay, what’s the next picture? Next picture. How is that in honor of Karl?  

Ben Platt? I don’t even know who that person is, wearing an ugly white space suit either. Looks like he’s about to do a moonwalk or he is wearing a too small milkman outfit that was put through the dryer. The pants are wrinkled and the jacket is too short. I cannot imagine what these people are thinking. Rita Ora is wearing what looks like a funeral ensemble that went through a wood chipper. That is not cute. I don’t understand. Celebrities have all this opportunity to dress in amazing outfits and they picked the most ridiculous ensembles. This is Ashley Graham, who is stunning wearing, I don’t even know how to describe that. It looks like a feather duster at the bottom. It looks like she is flying through. Looks like an airplane. It’s got these weird hips to it. Very odd, very odd outfit. Let’s go to the next one.  

Tika Waititi. Who the heck is that? I don’t even know who this person is. Wearing a bathrobe, a silk bathrobe with a string of pearls. That’s not cute. That’s not cute at all. That’s not cute at all. Grace Elizabeth, I don’t know who that is either, but she looks pretty. She’s wearing some kind of pink outfit, pink cutout outfit. Okay, let’s go through these. Let’s go through these a lot faster to get to the political stuff. Rami Malak is, is he wearing, you know, when I first saw this photo, I actually thought he was wearing earrings, but I think that that’s the chandelier in the background, so there’s nothing special to that. James Cordon and his wife, James Cordon looks the same way. He always does. He looks like a waiter. Brian Tyre Henry in some kind of crazy, crazy cape layered.  

Boz Luhrman and Katherine Martin. Celebrities are the nuttiest people on the face of this earth. Really? They are. But Iman Hamman looks beautiful. Karen Elson is, again, dressed in this black see-through. I don’t get the see-through stuff on the red carpet. I really don’t. Lala Anthony is one of the hosts. I think she hosted it. She looks pretty except for the sunglasses. I do like that outfit. It’s cute. I don’t know if there’s anything else. Anna Wintour. Let’s stop with Anna Wintour. She was the one who hosted this and she looks like she’s just going out for a walk in the rain. There is nothing special about this outfit. So here’s the thing. Here’s here, here’s the political comment that I would make. When you are hosting an event that’s one of the most highly visible events in the entire world, and it’s dedicated to art, don’t you think you should step back and ask yourself, what is art like?  

What is art? What’s the purpose of art? Art is supposed to serve maybe a political purpose. It’s supposed to display truth. It’s supposed to display beauty. It’s supposed to make you think about things in a way that you haven’t, from a perspective that you might not have organically viewed reality and earth. But I don’t look at what happened at the Met Gala and think that is beauty. That is reality. That is truth, that is perspective. I don’t look at that and think that’s art. Some art doesn’t have to be like organically pretty. When I say beautiful, it can be truth and beauty juxtaposed in the battle of good versus evil where good triumphs, right? Like art doesn’t have to be something that’s just a painting of flowers. Art can be something that’s moving as long as that message moves you good and not evil.  

I don’t think the Met Gala, I think the Met Gala has lost sight of what art is and what truth is and what beauty is and what reality is. And honestly, if you wanna know the definition of art and truth and beauty, you should ask the Catholic church who were essentially the ones who invented art, invented, invented, the sort of political way that you can express beauty either by fashion or by, you know, painting, canvas, sculpture, architecture. And maybe Anna Winer needs to, needs to revisit or needs to revisit that. The funniest part of all of this, I know that this isn’t a terribly political segment. The funniest part of all of that is that Hollywood, the epitome of woke, honored Karl Lagerfeld, who was pretty much anti woke, especially in his, in his abject fat phobia that they just conveniently ignored because they wanted to dress up in his designs, even as Lizzo Lizzo showed up, dressed as that referee.  

Okay, let’s talk about Hunter Biden. And Hunter Biden went to court this week. He went to Arkansas because he fathered a child that he refuses to acknowledge a little girl who is now four years old. A little girl’s name is Navy Joan. He fathered a child with a stripper, a stripper whose name is London Roberts. This paternity Hunter Biden’s paternity has been confirmed. Hunter is without a doubt the father of this little girl. He was forced by a court, a court ordered DNA n a test confirmed that Hunter Biden is in fact the father. And you would think that that’s what it would take, right? You would think that if, if Hunter Biden had sex with a stripper who got pregnant, kept the child and told Hunter Biden that she had his child, that he might deny it up until the point that the court forced him to take a paternity test.  

But once he did, how dare you deny this child. You fathered this child. But Hunter Biden refuses to give Navy Joan this little girl, the Biden family name, even though she is a Biden, whether or not she is denied the use of the last name. She is a Biden. She’s Hunter Biden’s child. She is the granddaughter of the President of the United States, who by the way is also denying her lineage, her Biden lineage. Joe Biden at Christmas time, this was especially evident at Christmas time. Joe Biden hung stockings in the White House with the names of every one of his grandchildren, except for Hunter Biden’s daughter, Navy Joan included on his stockings included on his hearth, on his fireplace where all the stockings were hung were stockings that included even stockings for the dogs and the cats that the Biden owned.  

So the Biden dogs and the Biden cats get stockings, but the Biden granddaughter confirmed by a paternity test, Hunter Biden Sutter does not. It’s so grotesque, it’s so hideous that it’s one thing when you think about Hunter Biden doing what he does, like using crack and making money off of corrupt business practices and filming himself doing sexual things because he’s a gigantic, disgusting pervert crackhead. But to subject a child to this is just the epitome of evil. It’s so, and the media, by the way, has given Hunter Biden a pass for being a horrible human being. The reason he was in court in Arkansas this week was not to establish paternity for this child. Paternity has already been proven. The reason Hunter Biden was in court was because he was petitioning the court to reduce his child support payments. He doesn’t want to support Navy Joan.  

He doesn’t want to support his daughter. He wants to take money away from her. He doesn’t want to, he wants to be a deadbeat dad. And he actually went to court in Arkansas to petition the court to allow him to be a deadbeat dad and the mainstream. He has just given him a complete pass for this to a complete pass for being a horrible human being, which is ironic in two ways. First of all, it’s ironic because Democrats claim to be the party that champions women. They claim to be the party that champions single moms. And yet what Hunter Biden is doing from the lap of luxury where he lives, is he’s ignoring this child, his child, his daughter. He’s making it very difficult for Navy Jones mother to support her. He has abandoned the family and Democrats who claim to care about, about women and children, and single moms are just silent.  

They’re completely silent. Joe Biden himself throughout his political career has made it a habit of criticizing deadbeat dads. That is a policy Joe Biden has been talking about for decades. And yet, when it’s his own son, when it’s Hunter Biden, the crack smoking deal making corrupt son of a son, Joe Biden suddenly doesn’t care about deadbeat dads anymore. All Joe Biden would have to do is tell Hunter Biden that he will be cut off if he does not support his daughter. But Joe Biden deliberately chose not to do that. Now, this story is hideous in and of itself because Hunter Biden is just the most despicable human being. The Biden family by extension, they can read the news just like we can. They know that Hunter Biden fathered this little girl. They know that a paternity test confirmed that it is Hunter Biden’s child. They know that Navy Joan is their granddaughter and they’re deliberately choosing to ignore it.  

There’s another element of this. So when Hunter Biden goes into that court, when he went into that court in Arkansas to petition the court to reduce his child support payments, one of the procedures that typically happens in a proceeding like this, a court proceeding like this, is the court gains access to Hunter Biden’s financial records. What, what kind of financial shape is he in? What kind of assets does he have? What’s his income? Where’s it coming from? How consistent is it to determine what percentage of that or what amount of money Hunter Biden owes to his daughter Navy Joan in support payments because he has otherwise abandoned the child’s mother. So perhaps this is why Joe Biden is giving Hunter Biden a pass on being a deadbeat dad. Perhaps this is why the media is giving Hunter Biden a pass for being a horrible human being, even though they claim to support women and children, except when it’s a Hunter Biden woman and a Hunter Biden child.  

But perhaps the reason Democrats in the media are ignoring this story is because this plausibly could lead to a financial examination of Hunter Biden’s, of Hunter Biden’s records, his his monetary paper trail, if you will. And boy oh boy, does Joe Biden not want that to happen? Boy oh boy, does the mainstream media not want that to happen? Because what would happen is the court would establish for certain the truth that we already know that Hunter Biden’s laptop is in fact Hunter Biden’s laptop. It is authentic. The information on it shows us that Hunter Biden not only engaged in paid to play business deals, he not only sold access to his father’s administration and the Obama administration when his father was vice president to foreign companies tied to foreign nations who are adversaries of the United States, Ukraine and China, but that the quote unquote big guy also financially benefited from these deals.  

So not only was the national security of our country put at risk, the vice President of the United States who is now the president financially benefited from this corruption. We know it’s true. It’s been established beyond any doubt at this point that the Hunter Biden laptop is authentic. It is Hunter’s laptop that’s on it. The evidence on it is correct, it is accurate, it is real. But what has the mainstream media done? The mainstream media spent the entire summer and early fall of 2020 telling us that the Hunter Biden laptop was fake. That it was Russian disinformation. They censored it on Twitter and on Facebook they wrote articles saying that it was fake. There were 51 intelligence officials that signed a letter saying it looks a lot like Russian disinformation. We should ignore it so that voters didn’t take it into account during the 2020 presidential election.  

And what if, what if engage in this thought, experiment with me. What if Hunter Biden goes to court in Arkansas to establish the fact that he wants to be a deadbeat dad? He doesn’t wanna pay child support payments for his daughter, Navy Joan, who he refuses to acknowledge. But when he’s there asking the court for permission to be a deadbeat dad, they say, well, okay, let’s take a look at your financial records to see what it is that you can afford or not afford to give financially to your daughter. While they’re doing that, they have to establish where his income comes from and how much money he has and what his assets are to determine what’s fair and what he has the ability to pay. And what if they have to certify that the Hunter Biden laptop is real because they have to examine it to determine what money he got when and from whom?  

Well, no wonder then the media doesn’t want us to know about this. No wonder the Democrats are being silent on this because who’s gonna be in the crosshairs? Who’s gonna be the guilty party when this is established by a court of law in the United States of America? The mainstream media are going to be humiliated and the Democrats are going to be caught in a web of corruption that is inescapable. So suddenly it makes a little bit more sense why Hunter Biden going to court in Arkansas to request that the court allow him to be a deadbeat Dad has just been completely buried, dropped on the cutting room floor at newsrooms across the country before any news editors even could have a chance to touch it so that it doesn’t burn their fingers.  

Hunter Biden is not only a despicable, horrible human being. The depth of the Biden family corruption, I think would shock even conservatives if we knew the extent of it. Then of course, we have Republicans on the other side of the aisle, Republicans, Republicans who are criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis because DeSantis is taking on Disney. So Disney is suing DeSantis because he and the state of California or the state of Florida, not the state of California, I wish the state of Florida, including the Florida legislature, revoked Disney’s special privilege of self-governance where they’re located. This was not, this was not done as political retaliation. It wasn’t, it’s not the deprivation of a right ode to Disney because it’s a special privilege. It’s something that was extended by the legislature and the governor of Florida at the time when Disney was serving the interests of the people of Florida.  

When Disney stopped serving the interests of the people of Florida, when they started grooming kids with their intentional, quote unquote queerness agenda that they insert into their children’s programming by their own admission, DeSantis and the legislature in Florida decided that, you know, Disney no longer serves the interest of the people of Florida. So they revoked the special privilege of self-governance that Disney had. Disney’s suing DeSantis over it. DeSantis is fighting back. And you would think this would be a very obvious, you’d think it would be very obvious that Republicans would side with DeSantis because DeSantis is in the right. This is a power he had as governor. It’s a clear matter of right and wrong Disney engaging in wrong DeSantis being right. You’d think that Democrats would be the ones that would oppose this. Not even all Democrats. You would think, you would think it would just be radical leftists that are opposed DeSantis, but even fair-minded liberals and Democrats would see that what Disney is doing to groom our children is bad.  

It’s wrong, it’s destructive and it’s evil. That’s why when, when DeSantis in Florida passed the parental rights and education law, the majority of both Republicans and Democrats supported that law, which disallowed schools to teach radical gender ideology in kindergarten, first, second, and third grade, and prohibited schools from hiding from parents when their children were transitioning at school. The majority of even Democrats supported that bill. But oddly enough, in this case, now that Disney’s suing DeSantis, Republicans are criticizing DeSantis and you have to stop and think, huh? Why is that? Why are Republicans of all people criticizing DeSantis? And I think that we have the answer here in a daily caller article titled Republicans ripping DeSantis for feuding with Disney took the company’s campaign cash. Oh, well, there you go. This is what the daily caller writes house speaker Kevin McCarthy said on Thursday, the DeSantis should quote, sit down and negotiate with a company rather than pursue legislative action against them.  

McCarthy has also been the recipient of Disney Pack funds with the McCarthy McCarthy Victory Fund, a joint fundraising group with Congressional Republicans receiving 47 and a half thousand dollars since 2015. This is per the F E C individually. McCarthy also received contributions from top Disney executives such as Bill Bailey, Disney, senior Vice President of Government relations in Washington dc former chairman and C E O Bob Chap, Kevin Lansbury, the Chief Financial Officer of Disney Parks and Jeff Baha, the president of Walt Disney World Resort, which has been the focus of DeSantis ire. Okay, there we go. Well, it says similar. The daily caller says, similar to McCarthy’s comments, Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott, who is DeSantis immediate predecessor as governor of Florida, also criticized DeSantis position against Disney calling for cooler heads to prevail, and that both parties quote start working together the daily caller reports during his tenure as Governor Scott’s superPAC, let’s go to work.  

Received $252,503.34. This in 2015 from the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts as an in-kind donation per report from the Orlando Sentinel. Disney also sent a donation of 730,000 to Florida GOP in 2014, which spent heavily on Scott’s campaign according, again to the Orlando Sentinel. FEC records reveal that Disney’s Pack has donated $2,000 to Scott’s since he became a senator. In a written statement, Scott, senior advisor Chris Hartland, said the Senator quote does not make policy decisions based on political donations, which absolutely slays me. Of course he does. Of course he’s influenced by that. The fact that he’s lying actually compounds this problem and makes it worse. He is lying, of course, this is a lie. Every politician when they get a significant amount of money, cannot help themselves but be influenced in their behavior, their actions, and their decision making by whether or not they need the money from the donor who has a specific agenda.  

And that is why they gave the money to the politician in the first place. That’s how politicians work. It’s how campaigns work. It’s how political donations work. It’s why the lobbyist class is so powerful. It’s actually why I argue against term limits in Congress. I know this is very counter to a lot of, or a lot of Republicans and a lot of conservatives who say, you know, we would solve the problem of politicians profiting off their office if we restored the idea that politicians are just supposed to be from among us. They’re not supposed to be career politicians. They’re not supposed to be professional politicians. They’re supposed to have a career, have something that they do, then take a season to go serve in Congress and then come back and continue their career. A lot of conservatives and Republicans say the solution is term limits, and I don’t agree with that.  

I think that career politicians are a problem. I think their corruption is a problem, but I don’t think that putting term limits on would solve the problem of corruption because everybody surrounding that politician, all the political money, the lobbyists, the infrastructure that teach politicians how the, how the system, how the game works, it’s that money that would become really powerful. Then it would be the lobbyists that would become really powerful. Then it would be, it would be the infrastructure influenced by the lobbyists who would become really powerful. Then the same money controlling the politicians would still control the apparatus that helped new politicians, newbie politicians, naive politicians know how to do their jobs. So a little bit of a divergence there. But of course, Senator Rick Scott is influenced by campaign donations. Obviously he is, the Daily Caller goes on to say, Scott and McCarthy’s comments have been echoed by another top congressional Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a close ally of former President Trump, who is running for president again in 2024 and has criticized DeSantis actions against Disney in anticipation of his primary challenge.  

Graham, who said that he understood Disney pushing back against Florida’s GOP backed legislation to crack down on the company, has received $14,000 from Disney’s pack over his senatorial career. Of course he has, of course, he has Republican senator Marco Rubio of Florida, according to the Daily caller, who recently suggested that DeSantis actions could be seen as problematic to businesses has received $20,500 since 2016 from Disney, of which 11,000 was donated to his most recent election campaign. The money was formally donated by the Walt Disney Company Employees Pack, a political action run by Disney’s top executives. That was organized in 1993 by the then CEO of APAC officially affiliated with Rubio Al, known as the Reclaim America Pact, has received $35,000 since 2011 with the funds being used to support his reelection campaigns and donate to other candidates. The list goes on and on.  

It’s kind of funny, isn’t it funny, not funny. Almost every Republican criticizing Ron DeSantis and his so-called feud with Disney has Disney’s money in their pocket. You are kidding yourself. If you believe that having Disney’s money in your pocket makes no D difference in your position on this issue, I, for one, really am glad to see which candidates or which candidates and politicians can be swayed by money and which ones are true to their principles. I’d rather know that Marco Rubio and Rick Scotts and Lindsay Graham and Kevin McCarthy are in the pocket of Disney because of their money than wonder if they’re based and wonder if we can count on them. Now we know, now we know.  

Now we know the Republicans criticizing DeSantis over holding Disney accountable. Remember what Disney is doing here too. This is not just a little tit for tat situation. Disney is propagating queer theory and critical race theory on children across our nation. Disney’s incredibly powerful. They’re incredibly influential in shaping the hearts and the minds and the belief systems of young people who consume their content. And when they insert actual intellectual, ideological poison intentionally into their programming, then you would think Republican politicians who stand opposed to the Marxism would actually stand opposed to the Marxism. But only Ron DeSantis is the one doing it. McCarthy’s, not Rick Scott’s knot, Lindsay Graham’s knot. Marco Rubio’s not because perhaps they don’t acknowledge or understand the reality of the political enemy that we face and how incredibly powerful Disney is in distributing and propagating the Neo-Marxist ideology, whose goal is the destruction of our country through the destruction of culture, through the destruction of children and children’s innocence and children’s beliefs about sex and whether men can be women and women can be men, and what nuclear families are and what your skin color means about you and your beliefs and your behavior.  

This is nasty stuff and perhaps it should come as no surprise that the people criticizing DeSantis have Disney’s money jingling in their pockets. Alright guys, make sure you subscribe to the show. Go to Apple Podcast, click that subscribe button, go to, click subscribe over there to thank you for watching today. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is the Liz Wheeler Show. 

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