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Liz presents a summary of several news topics. In Chino Valley, California, the school board removed the school superintendent after he violated his speaking time opposing a resolution to notify parents if their children were becoming “trans” at school. The resolution passed, prompting parents’ celebration.

Liz also discusses a controversial video where a woman debates body positivity and whether it’s real or parody. She also addresses the recent drowning incident at Barack Obama’s home in Martha’s Vineyard, pointing out unanswered questions surrounding it.

Next, Liz shares a video of climate activists blocking traffic, including a frantic mother trying to reach a hospital.

Liz also reports that Dr. Monica Bertoli, nominated to be NIH director, received over $350 million in research funding from big pharma, raising concerns about potential bias. She applauds a New York bill seeking to restore religious exemptions for vaccine requirements in schools, but highlights the challenges it may face in committee.

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I almost named this episode “School board parents totally destroy woke superintendent” because that’s exactly what happened, believe it or not, out in California of all places. In Chino Valley, the school board kicked the state superintendent, the California Superintendent of instruction out of the meeting because he violated his time. He came to the meeting to speak, he went over his time. The school board president stopped him short, cut his mic. And when he did not respect her direction to stop speaking, she adjourned the meeting and then had him thrown out by police. It is something, and this is only the beginning of the story by the way, the reason there was this hubbub at this school board meeting was because there was a resolution they were voting on that would require schools to notify parents if their children were being trans at school. And the California Superintendent of Instruction came to Chino Valley to speak at the school board meeting to oppose the resolution. He called it dangerous. He repeated the classic talking point that if you don’t trans the kids, then they’re gonna kill themselves. And this school board and the parents in Chino Valley, we’re having none of it. Take a look at this. 

Not only may fall outside of the laws that respect privacy and safety for our students, but may put our students at risk because they may not be in homes where they can be safe. 

Time, time, time. And I learned something from a previous board President. Guys, be respectful. 

The parents are going wild. As the superintendent of instruction walks away from the podium for just a minute, he’ll be back. 

Tony Thurman, I appreciate you being here tremendously, but here’s the problem. We’re here because of people like you. You’re in Sacramento proposing things that pervert children. You had a chance to come and talk to me, Tony, by all means, you had a chance to come talk to me. Why was it so important for you to walk with my opponent? You are the very reason why we’re in this. 

May I have as a point of order as the board president? 

No, this is not your meeting. You may have a seat. Because if I did that to you in Sacramento, you would not accept it. Please sit. You’re not gonna blackmail us. You already sent us a blackmailing letter on previously. 

You will not bully us here in Chino. Please, order. Take a five minute break. 

So the school president says that they’re gonna take a five minute break to adjourn. She walks off of the stage into the background. Police officers then come over to Tony Thorman, who is the superintendent for or superintendent of instruction, and they force him to remove himself from the podium. By the way, I think we should all give a huge shout out to the president of the Chino Valley School Board. Her name is Sonya Shaw. She handled that situation like a boss looking at this guy and saying, you’re the reason that we’re here because you are supporting things, curriculum and policies that pervert our children in school. Absolutely amazing. So this came right before the school board voted on the resolution. And I’m gonna show you a video of the school board casting their vote. You can see who votes yes and who votes no for this resolution. and then I’m gonna show you the response of the parents when this resolution was passed. So first, take a look at this vote. 

No discussion are gonna take it, vote. 

I know her voice is a little blurry in the beginning of this video, but in a minute you’ll hear her call the roll call for the members of this school board. 


She’s gonna start right now. 

Respect my colleagues. Mr. Bridge. No. Mr. Monroe. Yes. Mr. Cruz. Mr. Na Aye. And I’m a yes. The motion passes. 

So that’s four to one. The resolution to require schools, to notify children, to notify parents if their children are being trans in school passed. You can hear the parents in the background. You can hear their cheers. But I’m gonna show you another video that turns the cameras so that you can see the physical reaction of these parents. It will give you chills. I mean, these parents are having none of it. These parents have come to protect their children, come to protect their children. As soon as this video, you can hear them still going. I mean, this is in the middle of the meeting. A meeting that’s supposed to be, it’s supposed to be a meeting of decorum. We can play that next video anytime. So now you can see a different angle. Look at the reaction of these parents. Parents jump out of their seats, fists in the air, flying, American flags, hugging each other, cheering, taking videos. This is the America that I wanna live in. And this is happening in California. Perhaps the b bluest state in the entire nation. And look at these parents. Look at these parents. You gotta love this. I love the guy with the American flag in the middle of the aisle. Look at how many people showed up to this meeting. This is what happens when parents take a stand. And I would bet you that most of these parents, maybe 10 years ago, weren’t even the most political people on the planet. But you come after our kids and moms and dads turn into grizzly bears, even in the state of California, even in the state of California. It is phenomenal. Okay, so I saw this video while I was doom scrolling on Twitter today. And it cracked me up. I laughed my head off when I saw this video. However, I can’t tell if this is real or if it’s a parody, which I know is a commentary on the chaotic society in which we are living. But take a look at this. I don’t know if this is a woman who is taking part in what the Left calls the body positivity movement, where if you state a fact, a scientific reality that being obese is unhealthy, then you are deemed fat phobic. Or whether she is illuminating the absurdity of those who are propagating that narrative. I can’t tell. Take a look. We 

Argued that the only reason people admire bodybuilders who have built their body with muscle and not obese people who have built their body with eating huge amounts of food, is because there’s prejudice against fat people. And so bodybuilding could benefit from including the non-competitive display of fat bodies alongside muscular ones. 

Okay? Is that real or is that fake? At first, I thought this was real because it seems like an argument that the ridiculous woke people would make about obese people and about this body positivity. If you notice that someone’s fat, you’re fat phobic, it seems like an argument that they would make in real life. But then when she said when she compared bodybuilders who build their bodies through muscle versus obese people who build their bodies by eating huge amounts of food, I thought, this has gotta be a joke. Right? She couldn’t have even, she couldn’t have said eating huge amounts of food and be serious about it. And then she suggests that the non-competitive display of fat bodies next to bodybuilders, I can’t decide. I go back and forth. I’ve watched this a dozen times today, and I, one time I’ll watch it and be like, no, she’s, she’s real. 

This is authentic. This is how ridiculous these people are. And I’m like, no, she’s fake. She’s just trying to show us a parody. She’s just trying to make fun of these people. I cannot decide. Let me know what you think. Let me know what you think you can, you can go to liz You can go to my twitter my username is Liz Wheeler. Let me know if you think that this is real, or if you think this is fake. I’ll post it over there and you can let me know under the comments or I’ll post it on Twitter. I mean, so a paddle borderer drowned at former President Obama’s home in Martha’s Vineyard. A tragic story, awful. a middle-aged man, he was in his forties, was paddle boarding with another man and or another person. I think it, I think it’s been reported that it was another man and fell off the paddleboard in this pond, which apparently is only eight feet deep and drowned. 

A nine one one call came from the Obama residents reporting this. And this man was declared dead. He drowned in the water. And there’s a lot of discussion about what exactly happened. Not just because this is a tragedy, but because it happened on the property owned by the former president. It’s odd enough when you have a drowning incident of a grown man, it’s super odd, super strange when it happens on a property that’s protected by the super, by the Secret Service. And a lot of people have a lot of questions. Now, I’m not saying that I’m a conspiracy theorist here. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I know there are some people that are like, oh, this sounds a lot like what Ted Kennedy did or think about the Clinton body count. There are a lot of comments like that that I see going around online. And I’m not sure that I’m convinced that there’s anything shady at play here. 

Although, if you’ll allow me this tangent Anthony Wiener, you remember him, used to be married to Huma Aberdeen. Huma Aberdeen was Hillary Clinton’s right hand woman until Anthony Wiener was, as his name suggests, exposed for being a pervert online and sending pictures of you know, his last name to young girls. Anthony Weiner was interviewed by Patrick Bet David on the P B D podcast. And Patrick bet David asked Anthony Wiener about his formerly close relationship with the Clintons and asked him about the reports on the Clinton body count. This allegation that Bill and Hillary Clinton had been associated with a very, very unusual, very abnormal number of suspicious deaths. And this is how Anthony Wiener reacted to this question. Take a look. 

And thi this is the one that’s kinda weird. And first thing I ask myself is, how the hell is our guy here, Anthony Wiener, still alive? What do you mean by that? Well, when you go through the list of people that have been close to Hillary Clinton and the Clintons and the Deadpool, this is not a conspiracy. Paula Wilker, John, I don’t know any of these names. Farne Walker. Barbara Weiss. We should verify this yourself. ’cause you’re, you’re running a radio. She should look it up. I don’t know any these names Charles, Dr. Stanley heard Barry Beal. Barry Seale, Johnny Long, can you read me 

The u r l you’re reading? Can you read me the ur l You’re 

We’ll send you the most credible source. You 

Look up what you’re, we’ll 

Put the link below, we’ll put the link 

Below. Tell me so I know what respond, respond 

To Friday. Kevin Ivy, Dan Henry, Keith Coney. And these were a part of the Ivy Henry Case. Keith McCaskill. What’s the Ivy Henry Case? you can look it up. Ivy Henry Case. So Gregory Collins, Jeff Rhodes, James Millen, Richard Winter. And then you got the close bodyguards. Major ke sick, William Barkley, captain Scott Reynolds, Brian Hanley, Tim Sable, general William, you 

Don’t even know what you’re reading. A list of how is this, 

How this helpful. Robert Kelly, Colonel Gary Rhodes Steve Wills, Robert Williams, Conway Lab Blue Todd McKean, I’m including in the show. It’s 46 names. And of what, 

Can you read me the list? Can you read me the URL so I know what you gonna 

List of before? when I question, when I finish this, when I finished this? Still in the You can look it up still 

In the You can look it up. This is a big moment, guys. Yeah. 

So you, you can go. And by 

The way, ads about chemtrails at the end of it. He hasn’t even asked the question, by the way. He is just reading the article. He’s reading, he’s 

Reading list of names. So he hasn’t even asked a question. It’s a list. The fact that you’re getting nervous is an answer. It’s not nervous. I just, this stuff makes me sick. Wrap sick when you repeat. Exactly. Exactly. It makes us sick as well. It also makes us, it obviously doesn’t because the establishment, 

A part of me wants to apologize to you for subjecting you to that cross hog. The other part of me watches that and thinks, first of all, any man that wears a ring on his index finger and only on his index finger should not be trusted. And Anthony Wiener was wearing a ring on his index finger, but his denial was kind of weird. Like you could think if you didn’t believe that the Clintons were associated with all these shady deaths, you could allow Patrick bet David to ask the question. And then you could have a pretty, you could have a pretty strong response condemning that. 

But that’s not what Anthony Wiener did. He did exactly what you would expect. A totally guilty person who knows where bodies are buried to respond. As I said, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m not saying the Obama via the paddle border who died at the Obama residence and Martha’s Vineyard had anything to do with the Clinton body count. I think it didn’t, I don’t think that we have evidence that there was anything shady at play here. But the Clinton body count, well, let’s just say that seems there seems to be a little more evidence behind that. I do have a few questions, and I think that this is reasonable for us to have questions when a man drowns in the pond on the residents of a former president of the United States, Barack Obama in Martha’s Vineyard, I think it’s fair to have questions, and I think that we deserve to have answers to these questions. 

Here are my questions about this man who, who was drowned. First of all, the initial reports on this story did not say who this person was. So my first question is, who is this? Who is this person that was drowned? We have since found out that it was Obama’s personal chef, a man by the name of Tafari Campbell, who worked for the former president and his family in, in Obama’s house. He was paddle boarding on the pond with someone else. And what’s strange about it is if you look at the Instagram account of Tafari Campbell, several years ago, he posted that he didn’t know how to swim, that he was unable to swim. So in a sense, you have to wonder, well, why were you paddle boarding then? But oddly enough, later on on his Instagram account, he posted that he learned to swim, which is great if you’re an adult that who doesn’t know how to swim and you learn to swim, kudos to you. 

Swimming’s great. And it’s also a safety issue. You should know how to swim. But who was he with? Who was this person? This is the strange part of the story to me, is that there were two people paddle boarding. It was Obama’s personal chef and someone else, and the other person who observed Tafari Campbell fall off his paddleboard, didn’t do anything to save. At least that’s a, according to the reports, according to the knowledge of what we know right now. It doesn’t seem that there was a rescue effort made. This pond reportedly is only eight feet deep. So a person who is able to swim and who is with another person who was observed by another person, you have to wonder what exactly happened. Was this an incident of drowning or did he have a heart attack? Did he have a stroke? Did he fall off the paddle board because of some other medical emergency or issue? 

What exactly happened here? Was the person who was with Tafari Campbell, was he a guest at the house? Was he a guest of the Obama’s? Reportedly the nine one one call came from the Obama’s main residence. So you have to wonder who called the cops who was aware of the situation as it happened. these are questions I think it’s fair to ask. This is not being a conspiracy theorist. I’m not suggesting that there was any foul play here, anything fishy happened. We don’t have any indication of that at the moment. I don’t think it’s particularly fair to assume, just because Obama’s a radical leftist who associated with critical race theorists and Marxists like Derek Bell defended him in college. I don’t think it’s fair to assume that he has anything to do with the Clinton body count, which according to Anthony Wiener’s response seems kind of like, it might be real, it’d be pretty easy to believe that that’s real. 

But I don’t know that this has to do with anything. It might if they’re secretive about it, if there’s something shady about it, if they don’t answer our questions. But these are the questions that we should ask so that we know exactly what went down. This is sad. A man lost his life. A man. He wasn’t an old man. He was a middle-aged man. He died tragically. And if he drowned, it’s a horrible way to die. I’m sorry for him. I’m sorry for his family. I am praying for everyone who is involved, but I do want answers to these questions. And I think it’s perfectly reasonable that we demand those answers. Because the answers exist. It’s just a matter of whether we’re going to be told the information. So Greta Thunberg was arrested recently because she was occupying a location in the name of a climate protest, and the police told her to move and she refused to comply. So the police arrested her. She seemed delighted by the whole thing. I doubt she’ll face any repercussions because of course she is the climate alarmist little princess. But Greta Thunberg had a very interesting response when she was asked about this law breaking incident at a press conference recently. She told us directly what she wanted to happen to the world based on her climate fear monger. Right? Take a listen to this. 

Right now, we don’t have any laws that holds the carbon in the ground. We don’t have any laws that long-term protect us against the self-destructing greed that we have. Lets in full control over the world. the laws have to be changed. We know that we cannot save the world by playing by the rules because the rules have to be changed. It was true that I was at the place at the time, described it is true that I received an order, which I did not follow. But according to, to me, we are in an emergency. and then due to that, my, my sorry, my acting was legitimate. even if we have to face, 

So what’s really interesting here is she says the laws have to be changed and the rules have to be changed. But she’s been saying that for a long time. She’s been saying, how dare you, you have to do something, all of this. But the interesting part of what she said was this phrase, she said, we need laws to protect us against the self-destructive greed. So what does Greta Thunberg mean when she uses this phrase, self-destructive greed? It’s her way of describing capitalism. It’s her way of describing the fossil fuel industry. Greta Thunberg doesn’t want our, and this is not just related to the United States of America and our free market economy and the energy that we require to live prosperously and safely and healthily. She’s talking about the entire world. This is like Klaus Schwab bian level global planning. She doesn’t want a free market economy. She doesn’t want capitalism. 

She doesn’t want fossil fuels to be used for modern life. Fossil fuels enable us to have the prosperous life that we have. And I’m not talking about luxury. I’m not talking about private jets. I’m talking about clothes. Fossil fuels are made from petrochemicals or, or fossil fuels are used. The petrochemicals from fossil fuels are used to make clothes and textiles and medicine and surgical supplies and just about anything that you can think of. Fertilizer and weed killer and pesticides so that we can grow crops so that we don’t starve. Our modern way of life is built on fossil fuels. It’s not just a matter of, oh, don’t drive that gas guzzling ss u v. It’s not just a matter of, oh, John Kerry sold his private jet after he was criticized for it. That’s not what we’re talking about when we’re talking about fossil fuels. 

Fossil fuels underpin the entire western world. And Greta Thunberg wants to change that. She wants to re-engineer everything, and she wants the law to force you to comply with her. So yes, she’s a fraud. It also, I I know she’s about 20 years old now. She’s not as young as when she first came onto the scene, but she still strikes me as someone who has been brainwashed someone. I feel sorry for her actually, because it seems to me that she’s been manipulated into how she behaves, manipulated into maybe who she is at this point, at least who she is based on her behavior. Because she has spoken before about the fact that when she was very young, she had trouble sleeping. She couldn’t even eat because she was so paralyzed with fear that our planet was going to cease to exist and that she would die and our everything would be ruined. 

That she had a mental health issues, like a mental breakdown. Like if you don’t eat and you can’t sleep, then you are in crisis. And it wasn’t that she came to that on her own, it’s that the adults in her life brainwashed her with that kind of paralyzing fear in order to prompt her to do this kind of stuff. So she’s wrong. She’s wrong scientifically, she’s wrong. Morally what she’s suggesting would be absolutely catastrophic to humanity, but it’s also kind of sad what she’s doing. It’s terrible. And we can see the repercussions by the way. We can see what our life would look like if Greta Thunberg got her way. If if this vision that she has for our society without fossil fuels. If she got her way, then this is what we would see. Climate activists blocked a road recently, and it was caught on video when these climate activists were stopping traffic. A woman climbs out of her car and confronts the climate activists because they were shutting down traffic while she was trying to take her baby to the hospital. Take a look at this. She’s frantic. Like my adrenaline is increasing watching this because I feel the panic of a mother trying to get her baby help. Taking your baby to the hospital is a mother’s worst nightmare. And these entitled brats, these ignorant entitled brats who are essentially advocating for the destruction of humanity via communism, just stop oil. They said, our planet is more important to them than this child’s life. If this doesn’t make your blood boil, if you’re not infuriated, then well, then you’re not fully understanding what Greta Thunberg is advocating for 


It’s awful. 

You have to also think that these people are turning off their intended audience, these climate activists who are blocking this road. Like, do they think they’re winning over anybody? I don’t think so. Look at the reactions from people in the cars. It’s not just that mom, people are furious. This isn’t going to convince anybody. This is their stunt that they’re pulling to make the news. And yes, I’m giving them news time to expose what bad people they are and what destruction they want for humanity and for our society. That’s what Greta Thunberg is advocating for. You remember Peter Hotez? He is the, I would call him militant vaccine advocate who refused to go on Joe Rogan’s podcast to debate R f k Junior. After R f k Junior went on Joe Rogan. It was probably, I don’t know the the numbers on it, but at the time it was an incredibly viral appearance. 

We talked about it on this show. I know you guys felt the same way that I did about it, that it was eye-opening. It was frightening. It was, I was so delighted that Joe Rogan allowed R F K to be on his show and to let R F K speak. We know that R F K sometimes can speak a little on the slow side, and a lot of hosts interrupt him a lot. But he talked about the corruption of big pharma and the regulatory agencies and the administrative state of our federal government. He talked about the corrupt, just the corruption and harm that pharmaceutical products have on people. That’s ignored because the government regulators want to later join the pharma companies to profit off of the products that they approve. It’s so evil. Peter Hotez was the Vaccinologist who refused to go and debate R F k, trashed him online, told, said he was a conspiracy theorist. 

He was propagating nonsense. But then when Rogan says, well, come on the show and debate him, this would be a great show. One person from each side, Peter Hotez, refused to do so because he’s a chicken. There was even a pot, a charity pot of $2 million that was offered to Peter Hotez to give to the charity of his choice if he would come on the show. And Peter Hotez was still too much of a little chicken. A little chicken. And maybe it’s no surprise, this is a tweet that Peter Hotez recently, I don’t know if we call it tweet anymore now that Elon Musk has renamed Twitter to X. It’s not Twitter anymore, it’s now Do we call it tweeted or do we call it Xed? That would be so stupid. That would be the worst thing that he could do if we have to call it Exed. 

But until we find out this information, we will still be calling it tweets. So Peter Hotez tweeted and he said not to be a Debbie Downer, but anyone worried about a post Barbie box office covid bump or post oppy? We’ll probably never know since no one seems to be keeping track of such things anymore. Keep up with your boosters and find a pink N 95 or kn N 95 if you can. I read this and I laughed my head off. I can hear you guys laughing right now. I can, if you’re driving in the car, if you’re working out, if you’re in your home tending to your children, if you’re scrolling Twitter, I can hear chuckles from around the country because what a loser Peter Hotez is a post Barbie box office covid bump. Is covid even still a thing? Are we still calling it Covid or are we just saying, oh yeah, I got a cold. 

Is it even, is it even still around? Because I think it’s selectively targeting people like Peter Hotez who seem these people, these like five times Vaxxed people seem to be the only ones who are getting it anymore. It seems to me that we aren’t really getting it anymore. Once in a while we get a sniffle or two. Maybe it’s covid, maybe it’s just a cold. Who’s to say the Peter Hotez wants you to wear pink N 95 to watch Barbie. And from what I’ve heard about the Barbie movie, maybe that kind of wokeness would be apropos. We’re gonna talk about Barbie a little bit later in the show because I do have an opinion on it. I haven’t watched it and I still have an opinion on it, which I think you’ll be very interested in. But I, before we get to that, I wanna talk about this new director that Joe Biden has nominated to be the director of the NIH. 

So the former director of NIH was Francis Collins. He was ostensibly Fauci boss because Fauci was the head of a sub-agency at NIH, the NIAID. So this new NIH director nominee, her name is Dr. Monica Bertoli. She’s 64 years old, which I suppose is apropos of nothing except for the fact that over the course of her career, she has been funded by Big pharma. This is another example. Peter Hotez wouldn’t debate R F K because he knew that R F K would hold him accountable for the corruption that happens between big pharma and the regulatory agencies of the administrative state of the federal government. And here we have a perfect example of that. This new this Dr. Monica Bertoli has she, and I suppose if you wanna be perfectly accurate here, which I do, I always do. It wasn’t that it came to her directly, it’s that it came to her organizations. Organizations where she worked, organizations that she ran, research that she was piloting. 

If you put it all in that bucket, she received more than $350 million in research related funds from big pharma, even from Pfizer, from AstraZeneca. This is an exorbitant amount of money. So you’re telling me that this woman who has been funded by Big Pharma, all her research, her entire resume is about fighting back against cancer. And all of these cancer research projects were funded by Big pharma. You’re telling me that she’s now gonna serve as the director of the NIH And she’s not going to be biased, she’s not going to be biased towards big pharma that funded her career. I’m sorry. I don’t believe that. And I don’t think the Left believes it either. This is corruption. It’s the definition of corruption and we all know it. This is just the first time in our country when the majority of Americans have been touched and hurt by this corruption. Our eyes are open. We are no longer blind to the bad things that Big Pharma is doing with big government. 

No longer blind to that. There is one good thing that is in the works. This hasn’t come fully to fruition yet related to big pharma and vaccines, et cetera. The state of New York, believe it or not, I know it’s a very blue state. The state of New York, there’s a bill in their state assembly that would bring back religious exemptions for vaccine requirements for school children. So journey back just a couple of years and the state of New York eliminated the ability for parents to submit religious exemptions for their children to attend school. The state of New York, as all states do, had, has requirements that that say that children must have this number of vaccines if they want to attend school. And if we were operating in a nation that respected parental rights and parents would have the absolute right to say, I want an exemption for my child for this because of medical reasons, because of religious reasons or because of philosophical reasons. 

But what Big pharma and the Militant Vaccine Act activists did is they took away philosophical and religious exemptions so that parents could not choose of their own own judgment not to get their child a certain vaccination. In order to send them to school, they’d have to ask permission from a doctor. And we know doctors aren’t going to give that permission. So New York eliminated this right of parents to seek religious exemptions. But there’s a new bill in the New York State Summit. Let me bring this up so that I can tell you exactly what the number is on this bill. This is Senate bill S one 18 in the New York State Senate that would restore religious exemptions. It provides a religious exemption from vaccination requirements for school attendance. That’s the summary of the bill. Bill number SS one 18. The sponsor of this bill is Patrick Gallivan. 

He is a Republican. Shocker, of course, he’s a Republican. The co-sponsors are Jacob Ashby, Mario Matera, George Bolero, and Dean Murray. All Republicans. Again, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at this point ’cause it’s Republicans that are standing up. This is great news right now. The bill is in committee. It’s in the Senate’s Health Committee. This is often where bills go to die in committee unless parents and citizens stand up and demand that it be passed to. well the next step here would be put on the floor calendar and then pass the Senate and pass the assembly. Parents stand up and demand this would be a huge, huge victory for parental rights and for liberty as a whole, for liberty as a whole. If we could restore these religious exemptions. So yes, bad news from Peter Hotez, one of the people who propagates the nonsense that that says that everyone should be vaccinated to the gills regardless of what parents think. That’s essentially his standpoint. Biden’s picking an NIH director who is just gonna regurgitate the same old big pharma stuff ’cause she’s corrupt. But at least we have this little bit of encouragement. Alright, we have time for one more thing before we go. This, my friends, is a video of hundreds of golden retrievers who are gathered or that, I guess they’re not people that are gathered in Scotland for the 155th anniversary of the breed. Take a look at this. 

Look at all those golden retrievers. Here’s my question. When I see this video, here’s my question. Can their owners tell them apart 

Like there’s hundreds of golden retrievers in the salon? Do the owners look out there and is, do they recognize these dogs the way that you would recognize your kid? Where it’s like, yeah, I see my dog because I know my dog. Or are they kind of confused? Do you think that it’s just like, well, this one kinda looks like mine. I had, I had a purple bandana on mine too, so I guess I’ll take this one home. I don’t know who’s to say. Who will ever know? The dogs can’t tell us. The dogs can’t tell us. Guys, make sure that you pre-order my book, hide Your Children, exposing The Marxist Behind the Attack on America’s Kids. You can go to hide your children to pre-order it. It’ll be in your mailbox in just a few weeks. Thank you for watching today. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is the Liz Wheeler Show. 


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