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The show begins with Liz Wheeler sharing updates on her recent trip to New York City. She describes how she recorded interviews and made appearances on various media platforms during her visit. She also went out for dinner with her business partner and family at a vegan restaurant where they played a game of guessing who was an actual vegan. Liz then recounts how she had to walk a block in the rain with her sleeping baby because the roads were closed for an award ceremony at the hotel next door, which was attended by Prince Harry and Megan Markle. Despite this minor inconvenience, Liz thoroughly enjoyed her time in New York City.

She then shifts to discussing the recent runoff election in Georgia that saw Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) defeat Herschel Walker. Liz argues that while this is not a huge loss for Republicans, as the Democrats already had control of the Senate, the fact that almost 2 million voters had already cast their ballots through early voting has changed the structure of how elections work and how voters are convinced. The Republican party has failed to adjust its election strategy to focus on early voting, which has played in the Democrats’ favor.

Liz goes on to explain that Walker was not a good candidate compared to Warnock, and the allegations of his past mistreatment of women were not the sole reason for his loss. She asserts that Democrats trying to make this about former President Donald Trump is not true either. Instead, she suggests that the importance of early voting and ballot harvesting in U.S. elections cannot be ignored, and that the Republican party must build an apparatus to compete with Democrats in these areas. While Liz acknowledges that in a perfect world, there would be no early voting or ballot harvesting, in the current reality, these methods significantly impact election outcomes.

She concludes by arguing that the Republican party needs to communicate more effectively with voters and meet them where they are on issues, rather than just focusing on existing Republican voters. Liz contends that a significant part of the Republican base is made up of working-class Americans who want good jobs, safe communities, and better education for their children. By addressing these concerns and finding ways to connect with these voters, the Republican party can build a winning coalition that can compete with the Democrats.

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We are live. Hi guys. Welcome to The Liz Wheeler Show. I’m Liz Wheeler. I am still here in New York City. A huge thanks to The First TV for being such gracious hosts, allowing me to shoot the show from their studios here in NYC. Really appreciate all the hard work that’s gone into this. It’s been a wonderful experience. We’ve had a busy trip here in New York. I usually just come in little bunches of a couple days at a time. So we’ve packed the trips full so that I don’t have to spend more time in New York than is necessary. We did the rounds for the media. I was on Sirius XM Radio. I sat down and had a long conversation over at Fox News with Will Cain on his podcast. I think you guys are gonna be really interested in that because it started out as almost a generic conversation about the 2022 midterms and what conservatism looks like moving forward, but intentionally or otherwise, we got really philosophical really quickly about what needs to happen at the zoomed out level, both the cultural level and the Republican apparatus level when it comes to the, what it is of conservatism, what our platform is, what our branding is, how we view liberty, the philosophy of governance.

And you guys know me, I whipped out the whole anti libertarian, pro Edmund Burke philosophy on ordered Liberty and Wil Kane pushed back a little bit on me at first. But I think I got him, I think I got him. You’ll have to be the judge of that yourself. I don’t wanna put words in his mouth here, but that episode came out yesterday on Wednesday. So if you haven’t already seen that, go ahead and go to Will Cain’s podcast his Fox News podcast, and check that out. I also reported a, an episode with Ben Domenech over at Fox News podcast as well. That’s gonna come out on Monday. We talked a little bit about the nuance of fraud in an election versus fraudulent behavior. Also a very interesting discussion I think you will enjoy. So keep an eye out for that.

I’ll share the links when those drop after the packed work days. Last night, this was funny, last night my business partner made a reservation for dinner for he and his fiancé and my husband and my daughter and I. We went out kind of aside from business, just for social purposes. And he made a reservation at one of the most famous vegan restaurants because I don’t eat meat, as you know. It was a place called Double Zero, and it’s famous for its vegan pizza. It was really good. I was very impressed. I’m not always impressed with vegan food because I’m not like ideological about being a vegan. I just do it for health purposes. So I’ve kind of embraced the idea that sure, what I’m gonna eat is maybe not as good as what you are going to eat, not as tasty.

But I do it because it’s necessary for my health, yada, yada, yada. Boring. Well, this place, double Zero had really good vegan pizza. But what was more fun is the game that we were playing. So it’s a classic New York City restaurant, right? It’s in this very small, very kind of hipster environment, like you share a table with other people. They’re long tables, kind of have actually like this desk here long slab tables, slab, wooden tables, high tops. And you sit, you know, you sit at a table maybe with more people than are with your group, which we did, although the conversations are separate, but you’re still like right together. But the game that we were playing was looking around this restaurant and of all the people there trying to guess who is the actual vegan and who was just, you know, the boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, friends who were dragged along to the vegan restaurant.

Highly recommend this game if you ever go to a crunchy restaurant or a natural food restaurant. We were laughing quite a bit about this. So then we got back to the hotel after dinner. It wasn’t terribly late, by the way. I mean, I have an almost two year old. So she was out past her bedtime, but it was still only, what, nine o’clock maybe. We got back to the hotel, or almost to the hotel. The car couldn’t actually get near our hotel. And which was strange because we’ve been taking cars in and out of this hotel the whole trip. The roads were all closed, the streets were closed at 9:00 PM on, what was it? A Tuesday night. And we were like, this is really strange. So we actually had to get out of the car and walk, probably a block in the rain.

It was pouring down rain in the rain with a sleeping child. She’d fall asleep in her car seats. And come to find out it’s because Prince Harry and Megan Markle were at the hotel next door receiving some award. I don’t even care what the award is for. Not interested. These people constantly pretend they want privacy, and then all they do is lead a public life. They were receiving some award at the hotel next door, and they got the roads closed and down for them. So I had to walk my sleeping baby through the rain so that Prince Harry could have the space and the privacy. He needs to accept a public award, go back to Britain. Don’t close down American roads and make me walk through the rain so that you can have ear space. So as you can see, we are having a delightful time in New York City.

It actually is. It has been really fun. Really fun. My husband during, I had a business meeting yesterday and my husband took my daughter to see St. Patrick’s Cathedral and she loved it. Absolutely loved it. So it’s been a great experience. But anyway, we have a lot to talk about on the show today. If you haven’t already subscribed to the show, please do so. Just go to Apple Podcast or Spotify, click that subscribe button on YouTube, hit subscribe. Also ring that bell so I can notify you when we have new videos and episodes and interviews. And on Rumble, don’t just click the subscribe button. There’s also a little red button that’s to subscribe that allows you to join the Liz Wheeler Show Community on Locals. Highly recommend that you join there. So what we’re gonna talk about today, we’re obviously gonna talk about the Georgia runoff, right?

This is what happened. This is what we need to discuss. Obviously, the Republican lost. Herschel Walker was defeated by the incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock. And what I wanna talk about today is I wanna talk about the real reason that Herschel Walker lost. We’re already hearing the left and the mainstream media one and the same, right? As well as some Republicans blaming Donald Trump for this. So is this true? Is this false? What is the real reason that Herschel Walker lost? We’re gonna talk about that. I also wanna talk about what this means, this loss. The fact that it’s now 51 to 49 in the Senate in favor of Democrats. They have the majority, what this means for the Senate over the next two years before there are more Senate elections. And I wanna talk about what needs to happen for Republicans to win the Senate again. So that’s what’s on cue for today. Let’s get to it.

Okay. Actually, before we talk about the Georgia runoff, I don’t know if you guys saw this story. This is maybe the funniest story that I, I’ve told like four people on my team. I’ve made the read this article just because I was laughing my head off about it. It is about Chris Christie, who by the way, I think has ambitions to run for president in 2024. But I don’t know if this’ll hamper him at all. This is the headline. Let me read this headline. This is a Fox News headline. It says, Chris Christie’s niece reportedly kicked off plane, injured six deputies in Thanksgiving disturbance. So that headline, by the way, is just a bunch of hilarity right there. But this is, let me read you a little bit of the article. It says, A woman reported to be a niece of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, was arrested on Thanksgiving morning after allegedly causing a disturbance on an airplane and injuring six deputies.

Now, let me just interject here and be like one single woman injuring six deputies. All I can picture is a woman actually going bananas, like physically going bananas to hurt six deputies. They must have been trying to pin her and hold her, and she must have been flailing and just going absolutely psychotic here. I don’t know how else she would hurt six different people. This is what the article says. Captain Jason Rivarde of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to Fox News that Shannon Epstein was arrested at approximately 6:00 AM that morning after being removed from a plane at Louie Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. According to, Epstein is Christie’s niece, and the flight was headed to New Jersey. She was removed from the flight after causing a disturbance, which included asking a family she believed was Latino if they were smuggling cocaine. This is what Riveri said in an email to Fox News.

So as if the headline is that bonkers enough, this woman was arrested because she looked at people who were Latino and asked ’em if they were smuggling cocaine. What, what? Holy cow. When deputies initially made contact with her, the article says on the jet bridge, she became extremely combative. During her arrest, she injured six deputies biting one and kicking another in the groin. Speaking of cocaine, you gotta wonder what kind of toxicity was in her system. Alcohol and drugs here. But wait, it gets better. Riveri said Epstein was eventually secured in a wheelchair and taken off the scene. Are you ready for this? RDI did not confirm that Epstein is the niece of the former New Jersey governor. But he did say that she, quote repeatedly stated that they, the deputies, would lose their jobs or be arrested because of her familial relationships. End quote.

So what we have here is 6:00 AM This was obviously after a red eye flight, right? 6:00 AM or maybe it was before an early morning flight. Whatever you have to get to the airport in the middle of the night is the point here. So in the middle of the night, this niece of Chris Christie asks a Latino family on a plane. If, because of their race, they are drug smugglers. After she’s removed from the plane, she bites a deputy, kicks another one in the groin, and then threatens to have them all fired because her uncle is Chris Christie, former New Jersey Governor. I don’t know about you. I mean, I actually think this is the funniest thing that I’ve, that I’ve heard in a long time. Not that I’m endorsing anything, not that it’s a good thing. Obviously. This is hilarious. This is hilarious.

I would love to hear Chris Christie’s take on this. I would love to hear him address this little incident, since his name was invoked. Like I said, apropos have nothing that says nothing to do with the Georgia runoff. It’s just the story that I’ve enjoyed the most probably in the last 24 hours. But now we get to the Georgia runoff, of course very disappointing outcome, although I can’t say that I’m particularly surprised, right? I don’t know if you were expecting Herschel Walker to win, you always have that little seed of hope. But I wasn’t that hopeful. I was kind of cynical about this. I was cynical about it just because of the factors that played into the election. The fact that Raphael Warnock in November actually won. He got more votes, a higher percentage of the votes than Herschel Walker did.

He just didn’t achieve 50%. So in Georgia, you have to win 50% in order to avoid a runoff. But on November 8th, Warnock got 49.5% of the vote. So he was shy by just half a percentage point that compared to Herschel Walker getting 48.5. So he, he lost by a percentage point already. So there would’ve had to be something pretty significant that changed in the space of one month, actually, not even one month, just shy of one month, for the outcome of the election to be different. So going into it, he was already an underdog and not an underdog that was particularly well-liked. He’s not the best candidate in the world, the Republican National Committee, as you know, I have huge problems with how they run elections, how they run ads their entire strategy for electing candidates. And then, of course, we have the early voting stuff.

So I was not particularly that played the early voting stuff, by the way, shouldn’t leave that sentence hanging the early voting stuff that plays in Democrat’s favors that Republicans have ignored and neglected to build a strategy of our own on. That’s basically what I wanna talk about today. But before we get to that, I just wanted to say this is a big deal, but it’s also not a surprise. When I say it’s a big deal in the big picture, in a sense it doesn’t matter. Not that it’s not bad, it is bad. The Democrats already control the Senate. This wasn’t a battle over who was going to control the Senate. The Democrats already controlled the Senate because even if Herschel Walker had won, which would’ve made the Senate a 50-50 split, we have a Democrat president and a Democrat Vice President.

And the Tiebreaking vote in the Senate is the Vice President. So it would’ve been the same situation that we have experienced for the last two years. This is one extra seat, which just makes Kamala Harris more useless than she already was, because now her vote will never be needed in the Senate. But the Democrats already controlled the Senate. So big picture, not a huge change. The one aspect of this, just in looking at what this means for the Senate in the next two years is Republicans won’t have as many seats powerful seats on committees as Democrats will. So they lost some committee seats, which is bad, it’s harmful. But when it comes to the overall vote of legislation in the Senate or judicial confirmations in the Senate, the Democrats already had the majority. So in that sense, I don’t know, it’s not as big of a loss as the runoff elections were in Georgia in 2020, because that actually did impact the outcome of who controlled the Senate.

This didn’t, this didn’t. So the background of this, as I said, Warnock had already defeated Walker on November 8th. Just the rules in Georgia required that it go to our runoff because he didn’t clear that hurdle of it being 50% of the vote. But here’s the thing, this is one of the most interesting statistics from this runoff election, is that going into runoff election day, almost 2 million voters, 1.8 million voters to be precise, had already cast their ballots in the early voting. Almost 2 million people had voted ahead of time. So this really changes the entire structure of what our elections have been historically. And I’m not talking about historically, like 200 years ago. I’m talking about like five years ago, 10 years ago. This idea that most of the campaigning happens directly before the elections, the October surprise and presidential elections, that’s almost eliminated.

It’s, it’s, it’s relegated to being moot at the very least because of early voting. So 1.8 million, almost 2 million voters cast their ballots in the early voting period in Georgia. Early voting ended Friday, December 2nd. So then you had Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and then election day was Tuesday. Early voting on that Friday, the last day, the deadline for early voting, there were over 350,000 people who cast their ballots early. This is really significant. This changes the entire structure of how elections work and how voters are convinced. And it’s right here where Republicans, in two different ways, have failed to adjust their election strategy. This is actually the real reason why Herschel Walker lost. It’s not because Raphael Warnock was a good candidate. He’s obviously not. He’s basically at least allegedly a domestic abuser. He ran over his ex-wife’s foot in his car after an argument.

He, by all accounts is a terrible father who would leave his children with a babysitter during these small periods of time when he would, when he had visitation rights with them, he wouldn’t even spend time with them. He would go traveling about, he’s obviously very far leftist. He pretends to be a pastor, yet he supports abortion up to the moment of birth. That’s fundamentally anti-biblical. To put it colloquially, he sucks. But Herschel Walker is also not a good candidate, right? He’s a good candidate compared to Raphael Warnock. But Herschel Walker s had some serious problems, some seriously bad decisions that he made in his life that became public towards the end of the campaign, which I think did impact the outcome. It did impact people’s decision whether to vote for him or not, particularly women’s votes, because the allegations were that he mistreated women, that he slept around, that he, that he didn’t, he didn’t support for or support or provide for children that he had begot with different women.

So those things are true. They’re not untrue. But is that why Herschel Walker lost? Did that make the difference? Was that the single thing that you can pinpoint as being the deciding factor and why he lost? I don’t think so. I don’t think so. And I know Democrats are trying to make this about Donald Trump. They’re saying, listen, Donald Trump threw his weight behind Herschel Walker and still Herschel Walker didn’t lose. This is because Raphael Warnock made all of his campaign ads about Herschel Walker’s ties to Donald Trump. And Donald Trump is so unpopular that this caused voters not to vote for Herschel Walker. Honestly, I don’t think that that’s true, either. I think that there are a lot of people on both the Right and the Left who feel that they have some kind of political capital to gain by either giving Trump credit for victories, or assigning Trump blame for losses.

And I just don’t think that Trump’s influence was the deciding factor in any of the elections or most of the elections in the midterms. I don’t think that Trump made or broke these elections. Certainly not, certainly not. Maybe we’re just talking about this one. Maybe not, certainly not this one. I don’t think that that’s true. But this is what the never Trumpers on the right and the left want you to think. They want you to think that Trump is toxic. They want you to think that Trump is not good at picking candidates. That’s not why Herschel Walker lost. Herschel Walker lost because Democrats built up the early voting apparatus in the state of Georgia and Republicans didn’t. This is sort of a continuation of what we talked about yesterday when we talked about the R NNC elections and why it’s so important that the future RNC chair hopefully Harmeet Dhillon, Lee Zeldin, by the way, decided not to run.

So this, this race will be between Harmony Dillon and Ronna Romney McDaniel. But it’s why it’s so important that a, an RNC Chair recognize and acknowledge the reality of the political enemy that we face. Because if we don’t acknowledge that reality, we will not fight against this political enemy. Well, we will not win. We will lose. And this election in Georgia is a perfect example of this because it is ideal to have just election day. Early voting is unfair to voters. It actually disenfranchises voters because it doesn’t allow them the opportunity to know all of the information up to voting day. This is not hypothetical. If you go back to 2016, right before the election, James Comey, who was FBI Director at the time, read, basically read that indictment of Hillary Clinton regarding keeping classified information on her home brew insecurity email server, including top secret level information about human sources around the world.

This could easily have been hacked by foreign adversaries, probably was, and could have been used against our human sources, could have caused the death of actual people, let alone the national security impacts here in the United States. At the end of this indictment, James Comey said, but even though these are all the reasons you could indict her, we’re not going to. After this, the Google searches for can I change my vote skyrocketed. Because so many people had voted early and cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton in that election. But when they heard this information, the F B I director admitting how corrupt Hillary Clinton was, how dangerous she was, and how just dismissive of the harm that she caused, that she was acting on the campaign trail, people regretted their vote. They wanted to change it. They wanted to take back their vote for Hillary Clinton and switch that to Donald Trump, but they’d already cast their ballots.

And there are a few states, by the way, that you can change your vote. But it’s not easy. It’s a convoluted process. And in general you can’t. But people wanted to, which is a perfect illustration of what I mean when I say that voters are disenfranchised by early voting. They don’t have all the information they need. These October surprises, which are the bulk of fundraising and advertising spend happen in just a couple of weeks before the election. So Democrats realize, well, if, if the Republicans have good talking points or valid attacks against our candidate, what we need to do is we need to make sure that people vote before they hear about those attacks. Since Republicans really won’t plaster the airwaves with, with all of that information until just before the election. So here we have this early voting apparatus in Georgia.

It’s not just Georgia, it’s all across the country. In my opinion. It’s one of the biggest reasons, if not the primary reason, that we lost the midterm elections, or I know technically we won. Yes, technically we won, we did. But it wasn’t the red wave or the red tsunami that we were hoping for, that we were expecting, even though we owned public opinion, even though people are dissatisfied with Biden. Those things don’t really match what we saw in the outcome of the election. Why? Well, because of early voting. So in Georgia, specifically, if you look at rural counties, rural counties is where Herschel Walker should have dominated because city centers, urban centers tend to be very liberal. That’s where Rafael Warnock dominated, obviously, but rural counties, Herschel Walker didn’t mobilize an early voting apparatus. He didn’t target those people that he knew would be Republican votes.

Ask them for their votes, show them how to early vote. I I know in some states ballot harvesting isn’t legal. And in a purely objective standpoint, in a utopian world, that’s a good thing, right? In a utopian world, we would not have early voting. In a utopian world, we would not have ballot harvesting. We would just have election day where you go in person on election day and cast your paper ballot after showing your voter ID. But that’s not the reality that we face right now. And if we don’t acknowledge this reality that we are facing early voting, we are facing vote harvesting organizations by the Left, and that this makes a huge difference in the outcome of the elections in so many different states, and at the national level, at the federal level, all the way up to the presidency, then we’re never going to be able to compete with the Left.

So you had Herschel Walker who his campaign and the RNC combined, because the RNC should really be in charge of this, didn’t really build an early voting apparatus. They didn’t go after those voters. And you can see this with the outcome in rural counties compared to these urban centers, the turnout just wasn’t there. You would’ve had to have a significantly increased turnout, people who did not vote in the general election being convinced not only to vote, but to vote for Ursula Walker in order for him to win in this December runoff. And it didn’t happen. It did not happen. This is the reason why I’m not surprised that Herschel Walker lost, but it’s also the reason that I’m the most frustrated that he didn’t, because we can, we can win this.

There’s a way that we can compete with Democrats when it comes to early voting and vote harvesting without sacrificing our principles about election day. Okay. So we can do two things at once. We can, as a Republican party, a conservative movement, we can acknowledge that we want election day, not election season. We can fight to make the rules and laws in states so that it is election day and not election season. And while we are doing that, we can build up an apparatus for early voting to compete with the Democrats because that is their primary strategy at this point. If we neglect to do the latter while we are fighting for the former, then we’re going to, well, we’re gonna have repeats of what happened in Georgia. We’re gonna lose because we can’t compete with a party that is specifically reaching out to voters who might not otherwise vote long before election day telling them, this is how you vote, this is how you, we’ll come and pick up your ballot, we’ll show you who to vote for.

And then collecting that ballot and dropping it off at a Dropbox or at the polling place. We will never be able to compete because it’s, it’s as small of a percentage as just a quarter of people in 2020, for example, who voted on election day. Everyone else either voted with absentee ballots, mail-in ballots are early voting. And so if Republicans are just competing for that 25% of vote that we saw in 2020, then what do you think? Like who, C even if we won the entirety of that percentage that votes on election day, it’s still not gonna help you overcome the deficit that we’ve already allowed to happen thanks to early voting. It’s in a sense, it’s mind blowing that the Republican party didn’t see this immediately in 2020 and readjust in 2022.

But listen to how effective this is. This is a tweet from a political consultant named Greg Price, and I wanna read it to you for verbatim, because this illustrates exactly what I’m talking about. He says, from 1992 to 2020, Republicans never beat a Democrat congressional incumbent in the state of California. Since then, since 2020, the California GOP has done it five times. So for 20 years, not once in the past two years, five times why Christ says they learned how to prioritize early voting ballot, harvest, and invest in ground game. And then he says, do this in every swing state and we will win again. He’s correct. He’s absolutely correct. If the RNC, this can’t be done by every individual campaign, although campaigns have to acknowledge this and build their ground game accordingly. But if the Republican apparatus does not build up an early voting organization to compete with Democrats, we’re just gonna lose.

And sure we need better candidates, of course we do. But at the same time you hear this, you hear this argument that, oh, if we just had better candidates, we’d win. And you look at some of Democrats candidates, look at John Fetterman in Pennsylvania. Well, they didn’t need a good candidate in a swing state, and they still won. So it renders our argument that do we need better candidates? It maybe informs us that, of course we do because we want them to be good in Congress, but, but campaigning is a different game than governing. And so campaigning and, and winning elections is different than standing strong for your principles and how you vote in in Congress once you’re elected. So if Fetterman can win in a swing state, not even a strong blue state, then do we need better candidates? Or is there something else?

Well, we need better communication to voters, meaning don’t just talk to Republican candidates. Can’t just talk to existing Republican voters. Republican candidates have to talk to people specifically who aren’t Republican and meet them where they are on issues that they care about, that there’s mutual agreement and invite and ask those voters to vote Republican even if they haven’t previously done so. We need better communicating, we need better branding so that people, we talked about this yesterday, so that that voters who do agree with the policy options that Republicans are putting forward don’t feel like they can’t cast a vote for someone they agree with because that person’s Republican. We have to de-program the indoctrination that Democrats have inundated people with telling them that the Republicans are extremists and domestic terrorists and racists and bigots and homophobes and xenophobes and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

We have to undo that. We have to rebrand the Republican party. Again, that’s the job of the RNC and we have to have a clear platform. We can’t operate as a party without a platform. People have to know what we stand for. And if Republican candidates are too afraid to take a strong stance on issues in the culture war, for example, because they’re afraid that it’s gonna hurt them in the polls, or they’re afraid of being called names, then that’s how we as voters vet those candidates. Those are not good candidates. If they’re afraid to go out in public and say, listen, we should not have a Congress that is redefining the word marriage to include same sex partnerships. We should not have laws that allow abortion because abortion ends in human life. We should not allow critical race theory in our schools.

We should not allow parents to be excluded when their children are transitioning in schools. We should not allow groom teachers. If there are Republican candidates or even incumbents who are afraid to say these things, then they’re not the right candidates for us. And the way that we, as the voter interview those candidates is by presenting as a party, a platform that says, this is what we as Republicans stand for. And if you as a candidate want to run under the helm or under the name of our party, you need to sign on to these things. You need to be unafraid to address these things. You need to defend these things, and you need to be proactive in, in, in supporting and pushing and introducing and sponsoring these policies in your seat in government. That of course, is not something that could have been done by Herschel Walker, but it is something that must be done by the RNC proactive branding invitations to non-traditional GOP voters and a very clear platform.

So this kind of, this kind of brings me back to what we were talking about when we were talking about the RNC Chair election. So did you guys write to your state committee members of the RNC? Did you look at that website that I posted? Did you send emails and make phone calls and say, listen, Ronna Romney McDaniel, I know she served five years, she’s zero and five in elections at the helm of the RNC. That is not a good record. It’s time for a change. It’s time for Harmeet Dhillon. Honestly, the entire leadership of the Republican Party, whether it’s at the RNC McDaniel, whether it’s McConnell in the Senate, whether it’s McCarthy in the house, it’s time for entirely new leadership. McConnell was the one who blamed candidates for being bad candidates a couple months ago.

And while in a sense he wasn’t incorrect about some of them, although I think McConnell was probably talking about Blake Masters, I thought Blake Masters was a good candidate. McConnell didn’t like him because Blake Masters challenged McConnell. But McConnell’s not wrong that Perche Walker wasn’t a good candidate, But McConnell knew what he was doing by saying that at that exact moment. He knew that would do us voter enthusiasm, which would diminish voter turnout, which would lead to Republicans not winning. That’s not something you do when you have Republican party principles as the primary. Your primary goal, your primary agenda. That’s something you do when you’re just a swamp preacher. And that’s what, of course, McConnell as McCarthy’s says, that he’ll fight the culture wars, but he’s not demonstrating his willingness to engage in fighting the culture wars. It’s time for us to clean house.

I said yesterday, I’ll say it again. We need someone in charge of the RNC who will do to the RNC, what Elon Musk is doing to Twitter. And that is just clean house. Let me tell you guys, I have never been more convinced of anything than I am of the fact that we have to completely revamp the RNC. We have to have a chair that understands the difference between outright fraud and fraudulent behavior. Understands what electioneering is, understands that building an early voting apparatus is critical to winning elections. And if we don’t compete with the Democrats, then we won’t win, no matter how good our candidates are. I have never been more convinced of anything, and I know it’s distasteful to some Republicans to engage in an early voting when we don’t believe in it, to engage in ballot harvesting when we see that it’s such a vulnerability to fraud.

But sometimes you have to compete where your opposition is in order to enact the changes that you ultimately feel are right and good and proper. Georgia is a perfect example of this. The reason Herschel Walker lost this runoff, the reason Raphael Warnock is still a United States Senator, the reason the Republicans lost committee seats in the Senate, the reason we have a 51-49 Democrat majority in the United States Senate when we should have, as Republicans, swept the entire Congress is because of early voting. It’s because of ballot harvesting. And it’s because Republican leadership refuses to compete. It is time to make a change. Alright, thank you for watching today. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is the Liz Wheeler Show. If you haven’t already, give this video a thumbs up. Hit the subscribe button below and ring the bells. Make sure you never miss a video.

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