Top 3 Moments From Ron DeSantis’s Presidential Announcement





Ron DeSantis announced his presidential candidacy on Twitter with Elon Musk, focusing on American revitalization through fiscal responsibility, energy independence, and merit over identity politics. The announcement faced technical issues but attracted a large audience.

Liz examines the most crucial things that DeSantis said, and shares her thoughts on Trump vs. DeSantis in the Republican primary.

Ron DeSantis opposes amnesty for politicians and public health officials responsible for harmful COVID-19 policies, calling for an honest reckoning and major overhaul of public health agencies.

DeSantis addressed bureaucratic power in the administrative state, specifically mentioning Chevron deference, and called for its abolition.

The upcoming presidential election is crucial due to a potential shift in global power dynamics with the US dollar’s declining dominance.

Liz advocates for holding politicians accountable and urges skepticism, expressing criticism of Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response.

In other news, Target withdrew their “pride” merchandise due to safety concerns for employees. Liz encourages consumers to boycott companies promoting queer theory aimed at children.

Additionally, California Senator Scott Wiener accused conservatives of “terrorist behavior” for removing a pride rainbow sign at a Target store. Liz criticizes Senator Wiener’s hypocrisy for not addressing the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020.

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All right guys. Welcome back to the Liz Wheeler Show. Ron DeSantis officially announces that he is running for president. It was a monumental announcement that we all knew was coming. Let’s be real. We all knew that Ron DeSantis was going to run for president. It was just a matter of when he was going to announce and how he was going to announce and with whom he was going to announce. And of course, he chose to do it on Twitter with Elon Musk, which I thought was really cool, I thought was a really good idea. Now this is what I thought before it actually happened before the deck issues, which we’ll talk about in just a second. But I thought it was really cool because of my very strong feelings about the media landscape, my very strong feelings that cable news is not just a dying industry, but its death has become accelerated since the firing of Tucker Carlson. 

We are now seeing the beginning of the end of cable news and the future of media. Of course, it’s not that conservative media is going to disappear, it’s that conservative media. The future of conservative media is right here. The future of conservative media is new media, the future of conservative media’s, independent journalists, independent creators offering you in the marketplace their goods and services. We are the future of media. And so I was excited to see DeSantis pick Twitter, cuz this is really cool, a beacon of free speech, not cable news. But then of course, we tuned into this space, this Twitter space. and by the way, thank you for everyone who joined us. We had a watch party, a live stream on the Liz Wheeler Show community on locals, and it was super fun hanging out with you. We ended up hanging out for two solid hours the first half an hour of which was just technical issues on the part of Twitter, Elon Musk and DeSantis. 

And I gotta tell you, as someone who works in broadcast, I mean, you work with technology, you have tech issues, right? Like, it doesn’t matter how professional you are, how premier your equipment is, this just happens. It’s like operating your computer. You can do the same thing every day and logging into your email, and then one day you’re just like, what is going on with this thing? It locks you out. That’s how it is working with technology. So I was kind of amused at first when they had all these technology issues, just because it’s kind of nice to know that it happens to other people. But then of course, you start feeling, I I started feeling sympathy for them, almost sympathy pains. You know how sometimes husbands, when wives are in labor, they get like abdominal pain, like similar to contractions, just out of sympathy for their wives. 

I started feeling like sympathy pains for Rhon DeSantis communications team because this is just your worst nightmare. it turned out okay, of course, they ended up switching, which Twitter account was hosting the space. We all saw it. That’s fine. still, this is going to be the primary thing that the Left attacks DeSantis for because it gave the Left the perfect excuse not to focus on what DeSantis actually said in his opening statements, what he said during the question and answer, which was really interesting. I enjoyed listening to it. there were three things that I pulled out of this entire two hour broadcast that I think are the three most crucial things that rhon, DeSantis said or spoke about. So I wanna talk about that tonight. I also want to answer a question that it’s a very valid question that you guys throw at me all the time. 

And I promise I’m not trying to be coy. I’m not trying to, you know, tiptoe around the question of do I like Trump better? Do I like DeSantis better? Who am I going to support in the primary? I haven’t answered this directly, be for a very specific reason. And so I wanna walk you through my thought process. And I also wanna hear, you know, your guys’ opinions too. If you know who you’re gonna vote for already. I wanna hear who and I wanna hear why, but I wanna share with you my thoughts on this. also we’re gonna talk about Target. Huge update on the target story. Target announced that they are pulling many of their many of their pride displays, the pride merchandise they’re pulling from their stores, they’re pulling from their website, which at first glance might seem like a victory. 

But do not be fooled. Do not be fooled. This is actually not a victory for conservatives. It’s close, it’s almost, but if we stop the pressure now, then we will actually lose this fight because Target has not apologized. And in fact, they are blaming us, accusing us of being violent extremists, terrorists, and bigots for the reason they’re pulling us off their website. So we’re gonna have a little conversation about what the proper course of action for us as conservatives is in the wake of target pulling these items. And we also have one more update on the LA Dodgers. Remember we talked earlier in the week about how the LA Dodgers are honoring this grotesque sacrilegious group of transgender strippers who who dress up as versions of Catholic nuns. It’s so grotesque, they’re so irreverent. There’s an update on this story, just, it’s actually, it’s actually a heartening reminder of the very serious battle between good and evil that we’re fighting, but that we have not been abandoned by the good side. So without further ado, let’s get to it. 

Okay, we’re gonna talk about the DeSantis thing in a minute. We’re gonna talk about who’s better, DeSantis or Trump, who we’re voting for, why, who we’re supporting, who we’re opposing and what we should make of a couple of critical things that DeSantis said. Three things I actually picked out that I think are the most, the most important things that Desant said. But before that, I wanna show you just a little sneak peek of an interview that I’m so excited about. I did an interview this week with Chadwick Moore. Maybe you know who this is, maybe you don’t. He’s writing the definitive biography on Tucker Carlson. It’s coming out in July. And I sat down with him, talk to him for a long time this week. Fascinating guy, hilarious guy. But also, also he has insider information from Fox News about why Tucker Carlson was fired. Take a look at this. 

Dominion, of course, has denied this. And since then, Fox News has denied this. Dominion’s denial has interesting wording that has led many people to speculate that it is almost confirms that this is true. but they have denied it. And my sources are, they have, I have no reason not to believe that this is the case. So I you know, we went out with it that, you know, we felt that it was important that like we can, this might not be in, in the news by July, and people should know this because it, I think has huge ramifications for our democracy and for our First Amendment and how, what kind of a country we want to be. 

And that’s just a tiny sneak peek of it. The whole interview, you’ll be riveted. it’s coming out on Friday, so make sure you, you drop me your email address at so we can notify you the second it drops. You’re gonna love it. You really are. It’s one of the best ones that we’ve ever done. liz Drop me your email address. Okay, so the DeSantis announcement, I was excited they were doing it on Twitter. obviously it was pretty awkward when they had all those tech issues. And the Left is certainly going to use that as their primary line of attack. Like, oh, you can’t even roll out your presidential campaign. How incompetent of you. And here’s what I’ll say in response to that. I’d say the exact same thing if it happened to a Democrat, let’s be honest, of course we would do, we would make fun of a Democrat if this happened to a Democrat. 

So it’s whatever it happened. it, there were still so many people that signed on to the stream that they changed to when the first stream broke Twitter servers. which is kind of something, if you think about it, it’s kind of something that there were so many people interested in what DeSantis was going to say in his announcement that it actually broke one of the biggest social media platforms in the country, had broke the servers that couldn’t handle that amount of traffic. That’s pretty cool. when it comes to what DeSantis is offering versus what Trump is offering now, the race is real, right? It’s only been hypothetical or an anticipated race up until now. We all kind of knew that Ron DeSantis was running. We just didn’t know when. He’s been pretty coy about it. He said, you know, I’m not even really in the race. You know, I’m not a real candidate. Whenever anyone brings up the polls showing Trump being ahead of him. Well now it’s real. Now he’s running against Donald Trump. So all these attacks that Donald Trump has been leving at Ron DeSantis, now we’re going to see how Ron DeSantis is going to respond. But his opening statement, his his pitch to the American people saying, listen, I’m running for president. I want your vote. And here’s why. It was quite something. Take a listen to this 

While I am running for president of the United States to lead our great American comeback. Look, we know our country’s going in the wrong direction. We see it with our eyes and we feel it in our bones. Our southern borders collapse. Drugs are pouring into the country. Our cities are being hollowed out by spiking crime. The federal government’s making it harder for the average family to make ends meet and to attain and maintain a middle class lifestyle. And our president, well, he lacks vigor flounders in the face of our nation’s challenges, and he takes his cues from the woke mob. I don’t think it has to be this way. American decline is not inevitable. It is a choice. And we should choose a new direction, a path that will lead to American revitalization. We must restore sanity to our nation. This means embracing fiscal and economic sanity. 

Stop pricing hardworking Americans out of a good standard of living through inflationary, borrow, print and spending policies, and please embrace American energy independence. This also means replacing the woke mind virus with reality facts and enduring principles. Merit must trump identity politics. We must return normalcy to our communities. America’s a sovereign country. Our borders must be respected. We cannot have foreigners pouring into our country illegally by the millions, and we cannot allow drug cartels to poison our population with fentanyl. Public deserves safe communities and law and order must be maintained in American cities. We can’t have inmates running the asylum, and we must reject attacks on the men and women of law enforcement. We also must reestablish integrity in our institutions. This includes the military. I’m proud to be a navy veteran and Iraq veteran, and I revere our services. But when revered institutions like those in our military are more concerned with matters, not central to the mission, whether it’s global warming or gender ideology and pronouns, morale declines and recruiting suffers. 

And you need to eliminate these distractions. And we need to get focused on the core mission. We also cannot have true constitutional government if the most significant issues are decided by the whims of unelected bureaucrats rather than the people’s elected representatives. Reestablishing integrity in our institutions means we must reinvigorate our constitutional system by returning the government to its rightful owners. We the people, no social or eco transformation without representation. Truth needs to be our foundation. Common sense can no longer be an uncommon virtue. And in Florida, we proved it could be done. we chose facts over fear, education over indoctrination law and order over rioting and disorder. We held the line. 

I mean, that’s pretty good, right? It’s pretty good. I know the criticism from even some people on the right was that it was very scripted. It wasn’t off the cuff. And here’s what I will say, it’s a little bit, there is a little bit of an incongruency when you’re on a Twitter space because a Twitter space is supposed to be like a bunch of people just sitting around talking. It’s very casual setting. That being said, a presidential announcement when you’re announcing that you’re running for president actually shouldn’t be a casual announcement. It should be something that you’ve put a lot of th time and a lot of thought and a lot of effort and preparation into preparing exactly what you want to offer to the American people. So again, you can criticize the nuances of the of the how the announcement went. But my biggest criticism with it was there was no video. 

That’s, that’s something I just couldn’t get past. I mean, if we, if we think about 2015, for example, when President Trump came down that elevator and announced that he was running for president, what is it that we all think in our mind’s eye, we can all, we can all bring up this picture in our mind at a, at a moment’s notice. We, we see Melania coming down the elevator. We see Trump coming down the elevator. A lot of us probably can’t even remember what Trump actually said. What did, what did he say? What did the podium look like? No, no. We remember his entrance on that elevator images are very powerful in our society. We are an image driven society right now. We’re certainly not a society driven by ideas. and so it kind of blew my mind that the DeSantis team didn’t have any video accompanying this, like, for goodness sake, send a video crew, send, send, send some camera people, send some texts, make this a production where when people are sharing all of this information, when we’re analyzing and discussing it, we can actually put it on camera. 

I think that that would’ve been a more effective strategy. but it’s easy to sit here and criticize, right? Which is what we love to do. That’s exactly what we’re here for. So that was my biggest criticism. But just noting that the Left is going to obviously criticize the tech issues and that people on the right are criticizing him being scripted. I don’t think either of those criticisms matter, but if I were opposing a candidate, I would make the same criticisms. but the reason for that is because they don’t wanna talk about his ideas. Now, three things that he mentioned, I mean, everything that he listed in that opening statement was just beautiful. You can actually, by the way, if you didn’t get a chance to watch the whole Twitter spaces, if you didn’t get a chance to listen to his entire statement plus all the question and answer, we posted the entire thing uncensored on liz 

So you can go over there and you can listen to it. I wouldn’t say watch it, but you can listen to it cuz it’s on audio. The uncensored version is up on liz But the three most critical things that were discussed I want to show you the audio of those three things. I’m probably gonna say video a couple of times cause I’m so used to that, but it’s not, it’s just audio. Okay? The three most important crucial things that were said during this entire almost two hour Twitter space, I guess technically it was just over an hour, but including the tech issues. the first was not even something that Ron DeSantis said. It was actually something that Elon Musk said. Nonetheless, this was one of the most important things that was covered. in this Twitter space. You can take a listen right now. 

So Twitter was indeed expensive but free speech is priceless. 

Twitter was indeed expensive, says Elon Musk, but free speech is priceless. The reason I think this is so important is because Elon Musk obviously disappointed or hired a new C e o Linda Yar reno to run Twitter. And she’s like everything that we would not hire everything we do not want in a C E O for Twitter. She buys into ESG, she’s woke. She doesn’t believe in free speech. She thinks that advertisers should have the heckler’s veto over what you and I are allowed to say about controversial topics. She’s, I don’t like her at all, and I think it’s a very bad pick for Elon Musk. So it is reassuring to hear him say, yes, Twitter was indeed expensive, but free speech is priceless because maybe he’ll realize that his pick for c e o is not good and certainly hold her accountable if she wants to implement any policies known or unknown to him, that would restrict our free speech. 

So I think that’s extremely critical. I know it’s not necessarily related to Ron DeSantis presidential campaign, but it is good to hear. It is good to hear. But Ron DeSantis, two of the most important things, or the two things that I think are the most important that Rhon DeSantis said is first he rejected the idea that there should be some sort of amnesty when it comes to any and all politicians of both parties and how they behaved during Covid 19. Not their personal behavior. I don’t care if they’re triple mask, if they want to be whatever, it’s a loser thing to do. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the policies that they imposed on us, the lockdowns businesses being closed, children not being allowed to go to school, forced masks, vaccine mandates that cost people their job. And Ron DeSantis rejected the idea that politicians and public health officials who called for those policies, who implemented those policies, that it should just be bygones, be bygones. No, no. Ron DeSantis said there needs to be an honest reckoning about what happened. Take a listen. 

Well, first we need an honest reckoning about what happened during Covid. And the only honest reckoning is that all of those agencies, all of the elites, the public health establishment, they failed. They instituted bad policies. obviously it’s a novel virus, but I think what happened was when the data was becoming more and more apparent that the path they were on was wrong, they doubled down and wanted to do it even more. And I really believe had Florida not just kind of stood in the way I think this country would’ve had rolling lockdowns for probably a two year period. And so their impulses were authoritarian. They were not following the data. And I think the US government needs to acknowledge the failures. And I think all of those agencies need to be cleaned out. what I saw just dealing with them was I saw a interest in the narrative and in politics over evidence-based reasoning and evidence-based medicine. And so I don’t have confidence that those agencies are up to the task. and I think you need major, major overhaul of the whole enchilada with respect to public health in this country. 

It’s like music to my ears. Like if there’s one argument that I’m not a single issue voter, I’m really not, I’m not a single issue voter even though I feel strongly about so many different things. But if there’s one argument that we are not hearing from very many politicians, really any politicians who are in executive positions of power, it’s that argument and it’s that argument that we must demand from our Republican candidates. I’m not sure I could have articulated it any better than Ron DeSantis did. He talked about them being authoritarian. He talked about them rejecting the evidence, and he understands exactly what Florida did. Not just bucking the trend, but actually protecting the entire country from further lockdowns. If it hadn’t been from, for Florida, there wouldn’t have been, Florida was a bulwark against fauci locking down our whole country. That’s perhaps the single most important thing that Ron DeSantis said. 

 the second most important thing that he said is a question that you and I talk about so often we talk about draining the swamp. We talk about bureaucrats in the federal government who rule our lives even though they’re unelectable and unfillable. So unaccountable to us, we talk about the administrative state, we all want to abolish the administrative state. That is something a lot of conservatives agree on. The question is, how is this done? Right? You can’t just go in and think you can play whack-a-mole with bureaucrats like Fauci and then Berks and then James Comey. You can’t just fire individuals when the entire administrative state is staffed with these bureaucrats. And our legislature has delegated, so delegated, and I should put that in quotation marks, delegated their legislative authority to these administrative agencies. And the judicial branch is practicing this deference to administrative agencies where they just accept the so-called experts in the agencies word over the voice of the people as represented in the legislature by their representatives, right? 

Rhon DeSantis went right to the root of this, right to the root of this. And if you guys, some of you watching this show, some of you VIPs, some of you true blues here are going to recognize this topic of conversation. Cuz we’ve talked about this before a long time ago, and we’ve talked about this on the Liz Wheeler Show community on locals in the v i p section, we’ve talked about Chevron deference. Maybe you don’t know this phrase, maybe you’ve never heard of it. Maybe you know exactly what it is. But Chevron deference is a Supreme Court jurisprudence where the courts defer to the administrative agencies and these experts and they just say, oh, it’s because of, it’s because of Chevron. It’s because of Chevron. And they don’t actually reexamine whether this is constitutionally sound. Ronda hand is went right to the root of this and says that we’re getting rid of, listen to this 

Chevron deference really curtailed or maybe even eliminated based on the US Supreme Court’s upcoming jurisprudence. And I think that’s a another reason why the bureaucracy has become so powerful because courts have basically been told they can pretty much do what they want and courts are supposed to just defer. I don’t think that that’s actually correct. I think the courts they have to make a judgment about what does the law actually say. And you can’t just defer to quote unquote experts in the bureaucracy. 

Again, I know a lot of politicians who talk about draining the swamp and I’m, I’m not trying to, to to take a veiled shot at Trump, right? I I’m not on either team here. I’m an undecided Republican primary voter, if you will. but there are a lot of people that talk about draining the swamp. There are not a lot of people who have an articulated playbook for exactly how they’re going to do that. I loved hearing that from Ron DeSantis. now going back to what I said before the Left is going to attack, I said the Left is going to attack Ron DeSantis not based on anything that he said, but just based on the tech issues. And Biden tweeted during Joe Biden, I’m sorry, Biden did not tweet. Let’s be real. I’m sure he doesn’t know how to operate Twitter. Joe Biden’s staff tweeted from Joe Biden’s Twitter account during this Twitter space. 

 can we bring that up on the screen? This is a pretty funny tweet. It’s element number five. it actually is funny. I don’t think that Biden’s funny. I don’t think Kamala’s funny. I think they’re incredibly destructive. Marxists, but they posted, donate to reelect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s caption was this link works as opposed of course too the Twitter spaces that was crashing. That’s his response. Obviously they’re responding not to anything that DeSantis said because they’re scared to address it because people support those kind of policies. Border security people support school choice, people support anti critical race theory, antique theory. People support using the power of the government to order society to order Liberty people support. Joe Biden can’t oppose that or else voters are going to reject him. President Trump also responded, this is my favorite tweet. He p he posted a bunch over on Truth Social, but this is, I think I have no idea where this one came from and I’ve just, I’ve read this about 12 times since he posted this during the Twitter spaces. 

I still can’t fully figure out what it means. But let’s read this together. This is element number six. He said, Rob, quote unquote, I guess he’s calling Ron DeSantis. Rob. Now Rob, my red button is bigger, better, stronger, and is working truth like true social. Yours does not per my conversation with Kim Jong un of North Korea soon to become my friend. So let’s parse this. Let’s, let’s try to break this down. This is what I’ve been trying to do. I’ve trying to breaking it into small pieces almost like you would a a big word that you didn’t know what it meant. Actually, can we bring that back up on the screen for a second? Cause I wanna read that as we look at it. So Rob, I don’t know if this is like a junior high tactic of intentionally using someone’s or an incorrect name for someone to try to get under their skin. 

This is the first I’ve heard of this new, this new name. I don’t think it’s gonna be effective on my red button is bigger, better, stronger than it’s working. So he’s saying that truth Social works, while Twitter doesn’t well be that as it may the Twitter sa space broke, but like Twitter has so many people and truth social, I don’t think the numbers are comparable. And of course he’s explaining his joke when he said, per my conversation with Kim Jong un, because I think Donald Trump told Kim Jong un that my red button to launch the nukes is bigger, better, and stronger than Kim Jong un. So ex don’t explain your joke. Don’t explain your joke. The, it’s kind of a nutty tweet. It’s kind of a nutty tweet from Trump. Sort of funny if you read it like 20 times. But not the kind of thing that’s going to convince anybody to vote for Trump over at DeSantis. 

I don’t think any of Trump’s responses tonight would do that. Maybe it would’ve been better just to kinda just to kinda stay in the wings, let DeSantis make his announcement, and then roll out your defenses. But that is obviously not Trump’s style for better or for worse. So now I wanna talk about, just for a second, this question. People throw it at me all the time. It’s a valid question. And I don’t mean to be coy when people are like, do you like Trump or do you like DeSantis? Whose team are you on? And I’ve, I’ve never really said, but it’s not because I’m trying to withhold information, it’s not because I’m waiting. Some people said, oh, you’re just waiting until you see which one is going to win the primaries. You can jump on that team. Utterly untrue. I’m on nobody’s team. I’m here to criticize everyone and support whomever the Republican candidate is. 

 it wouldn’t be fun if I was on somebody’s team, right? How could you actually criticize someone if you’re on their team? You can’t, it’s not the same. So I’m on nobody’s team so that we can be perfectly honest, perfectly savage in our criticism of everyone. and I haven’t decided yet. I haven’t decided, I truly have not decided who I’m going to cast my ballot for. But I will tell you some of the things that worry me about Trump and some of the things that worry me about DeSantis because I do like to look at politicians through the negative lens and ask the question, how could they mess up or where are they going to go wrong? In what way are they deficient? I like to be very, very hard on politicians because I don’t trust them. I think they’re either shady, power hungry or maybe seeking profit or just plain old incompetent. 

I have a very negative view on most, if not all politicians. And I highly advocate that you all share this view. I think it’s the proper view for politicians. We should be very skeptical and distrustful of our politicians. It’s really the only way to hold them accountable. Because if we become too supportive, then we think of politicians as a friend. We think of politicians as someone on our team, and we think of them in too protective of a way. So it blinds us to holding them accountable. Because in order to hold someone accountable, you have to be able to criticize them. And I understand that we do have to be cautious about our criticism when when it comes to how unfair the mainstream media and the radical left are. We don’t wanna give ammunition unnecessary ammunition to the radical left, to the mainstream media. 

 and so because of that, oftentimes I think conservatives hold back on their criticism of our own politicians because we either want to put them on a pedestal or we think of them as family, as our champion and just don’t want to, don’t want to criticize ’em. We’ve, we’ve sort of brainwashed ourselves into believing that they are the one that’s come to save us. Maybe this is a commentary on our society’s godlessness on our, on our shift away from an actual savior to now we look for a politician. Maybe it’s just our protective instinct because the mainstream media is so unfair to politicians. We don’t want to give them ammunition regardless. We have to criticize these people and we should look at them through the lens of skepticism. It’s how I analyze politicians. And let me tell you, when it comes to President Trump, I think he was a good president for three years. I think he was not a good president for the fourth year. And the reason is because of Covid. The reason is because he forced, 

Forced this vaccine and he still stands by it. By the way, he hasn’t even, he hasn’t even admitted that it’s not a good idea. He was a proponent of masking. He encouraged lockdowns and actually tried to publicly shame Georgia when they tried to open up. He elevated Fauci and Burkes with his White House task force, COVID task force. And on the last day in office, he actually gave a medal to Dr. Fauci. this not just bothers me. This is so troubling. This is something that’s so problematic that I don’t think we can just leave this in our rear view mirror if we don’t leave it in the rear view mirror with Democrats. Why should we with Republicans, we’re not Republican because they’re our family. We vote for Republican politicians because they’re supposed to advance our principles. They’re supposed to protect our country, right? If a Republican politician fails, why on earth should we give them the benefit of the doubt? 

It’s just a politician. So for that reason, I’m skeptical of Donald Trump. Again, I think he was a very good president. And as you know, you probably listened to me during his four years as presidency during the four years of his presidency. And I often defended him because the attacks from the mainstream media were false. They were ridiculous. The weaponization of the federal government against him was unjust and unreal, honestly. But when we’re analyzing whether we should vote for him again, those issues have to be addressed. On the flip side, Ron DeSantis, Ron DeSantis is, would come into office if he were president at a very significant moment, not just for our country, but for the globe. We are on the verge of a total reorganization of the world order where the American superpower is about to be unseated. We are about to lose our status as the most powerful nation in the world because not just, not only because, but primarily because of the Ukraine and Russia war, right? 

With this enormous amount of spending, all of our money being sent over there, the devaluation of the US dollar, these other countries, the bricks countries, but also others who are creating this currency alternative. The US dollar is the reason that we are the world’s superpower. It’s not because of the strength of our military. We are the world’s superpower because of our economic strength. And if you take away America’s economic strength, meaning if the US dollar is so devalued that the world doesn’t need it, they turn towards another currency, then we are no longer going to be the most powerful country in the world. Some other nation like China will be, or Russia, or God forbid, a Chinese Russian alliance, which is perhaps what’s in the works right now with these different meetings between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. My skepticism with Rhon DeSantis, it’s not that he’s soft on on Vladimir Putin. 

It’s not that he’s soft on the Ukraine war. My skepticism is does he have what it takes to end that war? Does he have the foreign policy philosophy and the ability to put that into practice to end that war? For example, when Donald Trump says, my first day in office that war ends, I believe him. I have confidence in him. I know that will happen. But is that the case with Ron DeSantis? Does he have enough foreign policy experience? Because as a state chief executive, you’re not dealing necessarily with foreign policy issues the same way you are as president or the same way you are if you’re in the federal government. Does he have the experience to negotiate the end to that, to demand the end to that in a way that preserves the American superpower? Right? So I’m looking at these two men, not what I like about them. 

There are many things to like about both of them, right? There are many things that they’ve achieved. President Trump during his presidency, Ron DeSantis during his tenure as governor of Florida that are to be respected, that have made this country and the state and the country through the states a better place. that’s, that’s not how I’m looking at this. I’m looking at this. What are their weaknesses? What are their vulnerabilities? And the reason that I’m doing that is because that’s what the Left looks for. The left looks for their vulnerabilities. Where where can we exploit them? Where is their weakness so that we can try to stymie their entire agenda by, by using that weakness against them. That’s what happened with Trump during Covid, right? So this is why I’m an undecided voter. I’m not trying to be coy, I’m not trying to sidestep around this. 

I certainly will tell you honestly when I decide who I’m gonna vote for, whenever that may be. I mean, I’m interested in this playing out before my very eyes. I’m interested in your take. I wanna know, are you for Trump? Are you for DeSantis? Do you not know yet? What are you looking for? What questions you need answered? But that’s where I am. It’s a valid question that, that you guys have been asking me. And I’m not trying to withhold any information from you. I’m just, I need my my, my skepticism on both accounts. I need that addressed before I can properly make that decision. Fortunately, we’re about a year out before we have to make that kind of decision. So we will have to wait and see quick update on the target situation. So we’ve been talking about Target a lot lately because this is a pivotal moment in our country. 

Targets pride displays aimed at queering children aimed at grooming children require us to boycott them. A company in the United States that aims queer theory at children, the way that Target has aimed queer, the queer theory at children cannot be allowed to exist in the US marketplace. It’s up to us as consumers to send that message. I said this earlier in the week and I’ve been reflecting a lot about this. So often you and I feel that our voices aren’t heard. We fear that our votes have been diminished. We feel that the systems have been rigged against us, and we are in such a moment where all of a sudden you and I have become the most powerful entities in this particular battle of the culture war. And it’s not only a good feeling, it’s something that we should take full advantage of. We should not let this moment go. 

And here’s what I mean. So if we can bring this up on the screen, I wanna show you, target announced that they have pulled many of their pride merchandise off the shelves. In fact, the Satanist that we talked about earlier in the week, the Aara ARA Allen, the guy from Britain who is a Satanist making t-shirts like Satan, loves pronouns, et cetera, et cetera. They’ve pulled this off the website. You can see this. You search for that brand name on the website and it’s gone. It’s completely gone. Many target stores have also moved their pride display from being displayed so prominently in the front of the store to the back of the store. And Target actually issued a statement. By the way, if you haven’t been following this, some of the merchandise, the pride merchandise are like sweatshirts that say Cure transphobia and a children’s book called Bye Buy Binary and a bathing suit that advertises that it is tucking friendly, meaning a biological male with male genitalia can fit into a female bathing suit because there’s extra space for his genitalia. 

Disgusting. I know, sorry to be graphic, sorry to be grotesque. But that is what Target is selling to young people. in addition to this Satan designed merchandise, so Target all across the country. Now, it’s not just some of the southern stores all across the country, they’re pulling back on some of this merchandise. And at first glance you might think, oh, we won. This is a good thing, but no, no, no, no, no. Let me warn you. Target is playing the long game here. There’s something much worse going on. This is their statement. They said, since introducing this year’s collection, we’ve experienced threats impacting our team members’ sense of safety and wellbeing while at work. Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior. Our focus now is on moving forward with our continuing commitment to the LGBTQIA plus community and standing with them as we celebrate Pride month and throughout the year end quote. 

So understand exactly what this is. Target is not apologizing. Target does not think that they did anything wrong. Target is blaming you. Target says that you are violent. Target says that you are confrontational. Target says that you are a threat to the safety and wellbeing of their employees. Now this is false. We’ve seen no evidence whatsoever that this is true. In fact, this is a really funny tweet that I think encapsulates exactly exactly the point that I wanna make. So I just wanna read it directly to you. This is from Justin Hart. He said, my wife is spot on the Left can burn cities to the ground and it’s mostly peaceful protests, but moms decide to shop less at Target and it’s a threat. That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. A couple of customers throwing a product on the ground to film. It is not confrontational behavior that threatens someone’s safety and wellbeing. 

Target is playing the long game here. This is a very insidious strategy, a very dangerous strategy because it plays into the Left’s hate speech agenda. We’ve seen this even at the upper echelons of our government in the F B I and the Department of Homeland Security, for example, where they have labeled first, they labeled our views on Covid and the Covid vaccine and masking. They labeled that as dangerous, right? They said that that can cause actual harm, so it must be censored. They’ve said that we, if we fly a flag, a Betsy Ross flag or a don’t tread on me flag, that that might make us militia violent extremists that parents who run for school board are domestic terrorists. This larger hate speech strategy of the Left is constructed in a way that identifies our values and labels them not as words, not as speech, but as actual violence, as actual physical danger. 

And therefore, that gives justification to government entities to censor us under the guise of keeping people safe, ensuring security. This is what Target is doing. This is what Target is doing. They’re backing off because they’re afraid they’re freaking out. The executives at Target are freaking out that they’re going to experience a Bud Light boycott. And lemme tell you what Bud Light did was bad. They deserve to be boycotted. What Target is doing is 100 million times worse, they should be boycotted into obscurity because it’s not an isolated incident. This is a pattern of ideologically committed behavior from target targeting our children. They cannot be allowed to exist in the marketplace. We cannot allow them to exist in the marketplace. And no, we won’t have to boycott every business. I I’ve heard this frequently in the past couple of days, people saying, well, if we’re boycotting woke companies, where does it end? 

No, no, no, no, don’t misunderstand. We will not have to boycott every company. We will only have to boycott several companies, the most egregious examples, and we will have to ruin them in the marketplace. And when we do, then other companies will understand that quote unquote, celebrating pride is a market death wish. That celebrating pride, promoting queer theory will result in their business being ruined in consumers rejecting everything about their business because of what they’re trying to propagate on consumers. So we won’t have to boycott everyone. We have to ruin blood light and Target and whoever else comes down the line doing something as egregious as they’re doing. And then the market will balance. Then woke, corporations will understand exactly what choice they’re making and they won’t think they can just get away with it. They won’t think it’s just a little noise. They’ll know that if they do this, they’ve ruined their business and they won’t be able to justify that to their board of directors. 

They won’t be able to justify that to their investors. They won’t be able to justify that to their bosses. They won’t even be able to justify that with an ESG rating. So understand that what Target is doing, they’re not backing down, they’re making a strategic next move. And our response to that is to reject it. Our response to that is do not cave. Do not stop the boycott. Speed it up, increase it, pass it along. Encourage your family and friends to never spend another penny at Target because they’re trying to demonize you. They’re accusing you of essentially being a terrorist, actually California senator, he’s a California State Senator Scott Wiener, this is what he tweeted. He said, target is removing LGBTQ Pride products because of terrorist behavior like this. Yes, this is absolutely terrorism and Target should be ashamed for caving in, just like Anheuser Bush caved in and people wonder why there’s so much fear in our community. 

The video that he posted that he called absolutely Terrorism is, you can see just a little, a little snippet of it there on the screen. It’s a guy who took down the Pride rainbow from the top of the display and dropped it on the floor and gave it a kick. I’m not endorsing the behavior, but it’s like the most vanilla thing that you’ve ever seen. And I actually laughed when I saw it, not because I endorsed the behavior again, but because to this Senator Wiener says is absolutely terrorism, but where was he when Black Lives Matter was literally burning down black-owned businesses? Oh, it was racial equity. This is fair. Property’s just property. These people are just looking for their rights, standing up for themselves, rejecting the system, the LGBTQ lobby. And politicians like Senator Wiener who serve it are frauds. 

They’re hoaxes. They hate you. They want to stifle you and censor you and cancel you. And they’re trying to use Target to do that. Don’t let them absolutely reject it. We are, we are winning this, we are about to establish our power in the marketplace if we don’t give up. One other thing that I wanna mention, the LA Dodgers, we talked about how they invited the quote unquote Sisters of Perpetual indulgence. This basically transgender group of Satanic nuns they call themselves. It’s so sacrilegious. I hate to even use that term, but that’s how they dress. They dress up as this twisted, warped version of nuns. And I don’t even wanna get into the graphic stuff. We did that yesterday. That’s not what I wanna talk about right now. I just wanna take a step back and remind us that we are in a battle of good versus evil, right? 

It’s never been clearer that this is not just left versus right. This is not just Democrat versus Republican, conservative versus liberal. We are in a battle of good versus evil. And sometimes it feels like the forces of evil are so prevalent and so evident, swirling around us constantly. And we wonder where is God? Where’s the force of good? Well, let me just remind you that, and I don’t mean to sound preachy here, but this was something that just really touched my heart when I saw this. and I’m so happy that this story is gaining so much traction. If we could bring this up on the screen first, the tweet. So as sacrilegious so-called transgender nuns are parading around the LA Dodgers. This is a tweet that said, according to reports, the body of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, the founder of Benedictine Sisters of Mary, queen of the Apostles, has been found incorrupt in Missouri four years after her death. 

So what is incorrupt? Incorrupt means that this sister died. She was buried in just a plain wooden coff and it wasn’t even sealed properly apparently. And four years later, her body is not decomposed. She is, as you see on the screen, she’s dead. But her body has not decomposed. She still has skin. She stills a face. Her hands, they covered in wax. That’s why they look like that. But her body has been miraculously preserved and it just, I saw this story and I saw it a couple of times before it really hit home that, you know what, maybe this is not a coincidence that this nun’s body, this holy woman was kept incorrupt by God for some purpose, may be such a purpose as this to counter these satanic so-called nuns in in LA and across the country, these sisters of perpetual indulgence. And it’s just, we are in this battle of good versus evil. 

And we have to pick a side and we have to stand with that side. And this is just a reminder, my friends Jesus is here with us fighting by our sides. And if this is not evidence of that, then I don’t know what it is, what is. And if this doesn’t encourage us, then I don’t know. I don’t know what will. Guys, don’t forget to drop me your email address at Thank you so much for all of you who have signed up for my new email newsletter. I sent stuff actually just like this. I sent this out on my email newsletter before we even talked about it on the show. So drop me your email address liz, so I can always send you the best stuff as quickly as possible. thank you for watching today. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is the Liz Wheeler Show. 


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