Target’s Transgender “Pride” Collection Designed by Satanist





Liz Wheeler supports boycotting Target for selling children’s clothing that promotes transgender ideology.

She references a video by “Gays Against Groomers” showcasing LGBTQ+ messages on Target clothing, including controversial items like a t-shirt with naked figures and a chest binder. Liz criticizes Target for pushing a dangerous and harmful ideology on children, and calls for a boycott to hold Target accountable.

Next, Liz identifies the people behind Target’s “pride” collection. She highlights a Target executive named Kirby, a self-proclaimed drag queen who can be seen dancing suggestively in one of Target’s promotional videos. Liz condemns the executive’s behavior, saying he’s acting immorally and inappropriately.

Liz also highlights a designer named Erik, who runs a fashion brand called “Abprallen” and a self-proclaimed satanist. She cites statements from the designer to argue that he aims to indoctrinate children into accepting transgenderism.

Finally, Liz discusses the NAACP issuing a travel warning for Florida due to Governor Ron DeSantis allegedly erasing black history and creating an openly hostile environment for people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals in Florida.

Liz accuses CNN of being purveyors of fake news, and criticizes the NAACP of being racist. She adds that Governor DeSantis outlawed Critical Race Theory in Florida, arguing that these subjects perpetuate racial tension and division.

Show Transcript

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Happy Monday. Welcome back to the Liz Wheeler Show. I gotta tell you guys, the target boycott is a lot harder for me than the Bud Light Boycott. I don’t drink beer. My husband doesn’t drink a ton of beer anymore. He doesn’t drink Bud Light very often at all. So my participation in the Bud Light Boycott was twofold. One of it was moral support. I wanted to be part of this ideological movement, even if I’m not a huge beer drinker, and thus my actual dollars as a consumer aren’t necessarily driving down the value of Bud Light. But also, I wanted to help publicize the cause because I’m privileged to have this platform. This is not the same as the Target boycott. The Target boycott. Let me tell you what kind of target shopper I am, so that you understand how serious of a thing that Target has done. 

What Target is doing to our children is far, far worse than what Bud Light has done. What Target is doing to our children is intentionally targeting them, no pun intended to destroy them. It’s evil. It’s pure evil. Wait until you see these photographs. Let me tell you what kind of target shopper I am. I’m not too, I’m not too snooty. I’m not too snobby to shop at Target. I’m one of those people that walks in Target. Maybe you’re like this too. You go into Target for one thing, you say, you know what? I need a throw pillow. You know what? I need to get some, I need to get some tissues for the bathroom. I need a new serving bowl. You go in for one thing, maybe something that was like $20, $30, and you come out with like $250 worth of stuff. Stuff that wasn’t on your list that you didn’t need until you saw it in Target and it was just priced low enough that you couldn’t pass it up. 

I have got, I’ve, this has happened to me innumerable times. Let’s just say that in numer, innumerable times, my husband has looked at our credit card bill and been like $310 at Target, Liz. And I’ll just from the other room be like, yep, yep, that’s correct. That is not fraud. That happened. That’s real. I love everything about Target, or I did until they started targeting our children with a transgender ideology. I will never spend a single penny again at Target. And it is a sacrifice because I love their shoes. One of my favorite pairs of jeans is from Target. They have really cute baby clothes, or they did before they started trying to turn babies into gender neutral babies. But I’m never gonna shop at them at their store again. I can’t wait until you see some of these photos. So not only is Target presenting in the front of their stores a pride collection for so-called Pride Month, which is June. 

It’s coming up next week and next week, the week after next week, they are targeting children on children’s clothes. I’ll show you a photographs, I’ll show you videos. I wanna look at these together of what Target is putting in front of our children, what they’re trying to get us to dress our children in, what kind of books they are offering for children. It’s outright propaganda for the transgender ideology, outright propaganda, and they’re inspired. This is a video that I have for you. It’s inspired by a drag queen and part of some of the, in this collection, this pride collection, the designer of some of these iden items is a satanist wait until we look at his Instagram account, what he stands for, what other products he makes. It will make you sick to your stomach. It is beyond the pale. What we cannot allow businesses like Target who are deliberately targeting our children for destruction, we can’t allow them to exist. We must bud light them. That’s what we’re gonna be talking about today. So let’s get to it. 

All right, guys. This target boycott. This is a totally different ballgame for me. I’ve been 100% supportive and I wish that there was more that I could contribute to the Bud Light Boycott, but I don’t drink beer. So that wasn’t a product that I ever purchased, so I couldn’t exactly make noise with my consumer dollars. So we made noise with this show. This Target boycott is an entirely different thing. This one hits home with me because I spend a significant amount of money at Target. I go to Target. I’m not a big shopper. I mostly shop online, but when I do go somewhere, it’s probably Target or it was until Target started targeting our children with a transgender ideology last year, it was rewarded. This is not the first time, by the way, that Target has done something questionable. I was talking to my mom about it this weekend actually, and she said, when we were children, meaning when she was raising us, she didn’t shop at Target with us. 

And I said, oh, why? What were you two and a half decades before your time? And she said, well, target back then was one of the first one of the first retailers that sold the morning after pill, the the Plan B, which is an at-home abortion. It’s an abort ofac. And she said, so when Target started selling those, when they were available over the counter at Target or in their pharmacy or whatever it was at the time, she said, I didn’t shop there because that was so morally egregious. And I thought, oh, wow, once again, my mother’s correct. Maybe this should come as no surprise. The the long I’m a mother. The more I realized that that is, that is a constant. So my mom didn’t shop at Target when we were growing up last year. Target rolled out chest binders, which I think a lot of people didn’t pay a lot of attention to. 

I remember hearing this story, but a chest binder is an apparatus that a young woman might wear if she is suffering from gender dysphoria and she is trying to hide her breasts. It is exactly what it sounds like. It looks actually a lot like a sports bra. It’s a little bit hardier of an apparatus, sort of like a corset, sort of like a sports bra. But if you just glance at it, if you just glance at a chest binder, especially if you’re a guy, you probably don’t know the difference between a chess binder and a sports bar. You would only know the difference if you were someone that was putting it on because it camouflages your womanly body. So last year, and maybe we should give ourselves a pass for this, maybe we should have seen this coming and reacted in a stronger way. Maybe we should have recognized that this wasn’t an anomaly that Target was, was carrying this product, targeting young women who were trying to trans their own bodies. 

But like I said, it didn’t have the appearance. When you just saw it, you wouldn’t have seen it. And then like, well wait a second. Something’s off. What exactly is that? No, it just kind of looks like a bathing suit top or like a like a sports bra. Again, it’s not, but that’s what it looks like. Target, by the way, going back to just a little bit further than that’s even Target was one of the first, one of the first retailers, big retailers to promote transgender bathrooms and not, not transgender bathrooms like individual male bathroom, female bathroom, and then a third like a family bathroom or an individual stall bathroom. No, no. Target did gender neutral bathrooms and gender neutral dressing rooms. This is actually something that I don’t like about Target and I haven’t liked a long time before I started boycotting. 

When you go to Target and you try and close, you’re in the dressing room and there can just be like a dude in the dressing room right next to you. I don’t like that. I don’t feel comfortable. I don’t try on clothes in Target because of that. And this is something again, maybe we all should have been like, well, wait a second, wait a second. Target. This was a pattern. This was not isolated incident. This was a pattern that was building to this. So all of this in Target’s passed this year. They launch a pride collection that’s displayed prominently in the front of their stores. And this is where thanks to the Twitter account, if you’re not following this Twitter account, you should be gays against groomers. They’re exactly what they sound like. It’s a group of American citizens who are gay, and they reject the transgender ideology and reject the grooming of children. They found this in Target and took a video, and you’ll hear a little bit of the person who was taking this video. You’ll hear a little bit of narration, but I’m gonna explain exactly what we’re seeing in this video because it’s shocking. It’s beyond the pale, what Target is putting in front of our children. Take a look at this. 

Look at how ridiculous this is. 

Trans people will always exist. That T-shirt says that t t-shirt says Busy thinking about girls. That one says Live, laugh, lesbian. There’re a rainbow decorated like gay pride, rainbow decorated clothes for children pride. There are think of Christmas lights or twinkle lights, but Fri lights just celebrates pride. This is, can you imagine dressing your child naked like this? Naked on T-shirts? These are toddlers. That’s a onesie naked. That’s a baby. That stills wears a diaper. Oh, look at this one. 

And this might be a trans naked man on a T-shirt. 

Did you hear that? She said, this is a T-shirt. And while it’s a cartoon silhouette, it’s a t-shirt for a child with a silhouette of naked people on the front, naked women, naked trans silhouette of naked trans on the shirt that you’re supposed to put your child in. Are you kidding me? Thi this is evil. This is pure evil. You look at this and you, it’s hard to even process in your mind that someone would be doing this, that this is real, that this is prevalent, that this is aimed at our sons and daughters. I took my, I when I saw this video, I thought, okay, I took my daughter in Target like two months ago. That was the last time I was in Target like two months ago. This was like just, I just had my tiny baby in Target. Like, what if she had seen this? 

What if she was influenced by this? Now, when, when we were in there, this display obviously was not on display yet, but I just think about, I mean, my daughter’s my daughter, so I feel this special bond with her, obviously, but every other little kid walking in Target is going to be a target for this ideology. So I wanna bring up a couple of these pictures. It’s not just the rainbow that’s been co-opted by, well now the transgender ideology. It’s much worse than that. Let’s bring up this first photo. This is photo one B. This is a T-shirt that they’re selling in target for children. This is trans people will always exist. So this is not, this is not a t-shirt that’s intended to stand up for the human rights or equality under the law of people who suffer from gender dysphoria. This is perpetuating the narrative that Christians and conservatives are trying to propagate a genocide against trans people. 

It is that kind of narrative that leads to violence and terrorism in the name of queer theory. This is an incredibly dangerous shirt, and target is trying to sell it to your child. And then of course we have, this is photograph one C. If we could bring this up. So this is a tag that’s on a piece of clothing at Target. You can see it’s not just the pride flag. You can see that it is the progress, trans pride flag. Not exactly sure what it’s called, but you know the one I’m talking about, the one that has the trans colors and also the black and brown on there. It’s like the wokes of the woke flags. The only other thing they need on there is the Ukraine colors to make it complete. But look at what’s underneath that. Not, not only does it have the the trans progress flag, this is on a pair of, in either bathing suit, bottoms or briefs underwear. 

And what does it say? It says Tuck friendly construction and extra crotch coverage. Tuck friendly construction. What does that mean? I hate to even have to answer this question, but tuck friendly construction means if a man with male genitalia is trying to dress as a woman in a woman’s bathing suit or in women’s underwear, what’s going to be the problem here? Well, there might be a bulge, I’m sorry to be vulgar, but this is what’s being targeted at our children. They’re actually advertising bathing suits, women’s bathing suits for men to say, Hey, you can hide your weenie if you wear this one. You can pretend that you’re a woman. It’s it’s grotesque. It’s grotesque. And then this other photo, this is the photo of what I I, this is what I was talking about before, the chest binder so that it just looks like a top right. 

It looks like a gigantic sports bra, but that’s not what it is. That’s not what it is. It is intended for a woman to disguise her womanly body so that people might think she’s a man. The influences go beyond this. You can find this story I wanna read directly from from this article. It says, the Pride Collection features a wide range of items catering not only to adults, but also to toddlers and newborns. These items are prominently displayed at the front of the stores. Adult clothing includes romper bee shorts, pajamas, and shirts with rainbow patterns. Some shirts honor drag performers, Kaia and Trixie Mattel. Target also offers hoodies with the slogan not a phase, and garments with phrases like Busy thinking about girls and super queer. The store sells transsexual butterfly socks shirts with slogans like live laugh lesbian, and various other items with pride related themes. 

The Pride Collection extends to kids and infants featuring onesies, clothing, and bibs with slogans like Bien Proud. And I am proud of you always using Proud of course, in the way in, in the way that the Left has co-opted the word pride. There are also pride themed outfits, shoes, and socks for children and babies. Target also promotes LGBTQIA plus Books for Children such as Bye Buy Binary and the Pronoun book, as well as gender related Home day core products like mugs labeled gender fluid, rainbow, doormats, spatulas, and lawn chairs. Again, you can find the whole article at You see now why we have no choice. This, we, we as the consumer, this is a very special moment that we are existing in the United States, where we as voters, we as concerned citizens feel very helpless. We feel very disconnected from our vote. 

We worry that elections lack integrity. We worry whether our politicians listen to us. We worry about the bureaucrats in the administrative state, whether they are the actual ruling class, and we have no method of accountability to stop them when they’re abusing their rights. This is true in the FBI, the Department of Justice and every other agency in the federal government. And in this moment, you and I have finally found the way that we can partially hold woke accountable. And it should actually be very encouraging to us as it is simultaneously a sacrifice for us to participate in this way. But being able to actually, and I I’m sorry to make this pun here because it’s not even funny, but be able to target corporate woke with our dollars, with our behavior, and have it make such a difference the way that it has with Bud Light. 

We, my friends, have incredible power, incredible power, and target deserve tar. What Target’s doing is much worse than what Bud Light’s doing. The people behind the Pride Collection at Target prove my point better than I can make it myself. Okay? So the people behind this Pride collection, we’ve established what it is that Target is selling. We’ve, as we’ve looked at the photographs of the tucking underwear, this tucking bathing suit, we’ve looked at the chest binders, we’ve looked at the t-shirts that are not just propagating the progress trans pride flag, which is dangerous enough as it is, but propagating narratives that lead to such fear and desperation in the heart of confused young people, that it drives them towards violence, it drives them towards violence. So we’ve established the what it is, what’s happening in target. Now, let’s go one step beyond this. 

Let’s look at the who, who exactly is doing this. Because Target is not just some, some big entity that happens to be, that happens to be sentient. No, no, no. Target. All, all corporations, all businesses are made of people. So who are the decision makers? Who are the people behind this Pride collection? Well, first of all, let’s look at a member of Target’s executive team who identifies himself as Kirby. And perhaps this shouldn’t surprise us, although I confess I’m never going to get over my shock that people behave like this and that people who behave like this have influence in our society and particularly influence in grooming our children. But this target executive named Kirby, who’s presenting and bragging about this Pride collection is a drag queen watch. 

My name is Kirby and I am an executive team lead for Target. Also, I go by the pronouns. He, him, his, and my drag queen name is Shelby Lynn. Guys, it’s a wonderful thing to work for a company that prides yourself in honoring who you are as a human being and not just for a label that you carry around working for a company that brings full support to somebody. And that just really makes me feel visible is an amazing thing. Target is one of those companies, when I was looking for a career, I looked for someone that would back me, support me, and not just me, but my community. And our purpose is to help all families discover the joy of everyday life. And that really gives me that energy to survive and be that person I need to be for my team and my store and my community and guests that come in that are all alike and from different walks of life. 

Why does the video end with us still of his butt? This is why the Left’s narrative when they, when they say, listen, conservatives wanna get involved in what adult people are doing consenting with each other. The answer to that is, I don’t think so. These, these drag queens are not just performing for adults. These drag queens are performing specifically aimed at children. And in this case, this guy is talking about being a drag queen. He’s posing provocatively sexually, if you will, in the middle of toddler and children’s clothing. What is wrong with you? That it, that it’s beyond perverted. Perverted doesn’t even like reach the level of describing how dangerous and grotesque and evil this is. Evil, evil is the only word that I can think of that accurately describes this. And evil is exactly what is behind this. So they’re in this pride collection. 

There are, there are items, some of ’em are clothing, some of ’em are little tchotchkes, some of them are purses and different designers design different items that are put in this pride collection. One of the designers of several items that are on sale and target as part of their pride collection is a satanist, a literal satanist, a worshiper of the devil. If I wanna look at these photos together, this is from the Instagram account, the designer’s Instagram or the designer’s name, like the design name. The company name is Ara Allen. Ara Allen, okay, this is the designer. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, yes. This individual who’s wearing devil horns, who is wearing a leather, bondage collar who’s wearing a black T-shirt with a devil written, drawn on the front and on the forehead of the devil is the trans symbol. And the words underneath Satan says, Satan respects pronouns. 

Every single phrase of that description that I just spoke should disturb us, but it’s all together in one person designing items, trying to influence your child. There are at least three different products that this person has designed in Target right now. This is photograph three A. You can see this on, you can see the brand Abprallen underneath these products, we belong everywhere. One says two queer for here and Cure Transphobia sweatshirt. We’re gonna get back to the cure transphobia in just a second, because when we go a little bit deeper into this Instagram account, you’ll see exactly what this designer means when he says cure transphobia. But I wanna read you how he announced that he was part of Target. This is what he said. He said, this has been so hard to keep quiet, but I can now proudly announce to you that you can buy Abprallen in US Targets. 

Part one of the range includes a messenger bag, a tote, and a sweatshirt available in Target stores and on their websites. When they approached me to design a range for pride, I realized that I had an opportunity to create something huge. I was given a chance to make work what would be seen by countless people. And I wanted to ensure that any young people who saw Abprallen in Target would know that who they are is beautiful, purposeful, and worth expressing. I imagined what it would be like for a younger version of myself to see something more specific, more tailor-made than a lackluster rainbow flag. I wanted to create a range that would embrace younger me and tell him that who he is is more than okay. That being trans is special and wonderful, and that the closet is not made for him to thrive in. 

I’m truly excited about this and having to keep quiet about it for nearly years, been hard, yada, yada, yada. So he stated in his own announcement that he was designing items for Target’s pride collection. That his goal in doing this is to indoctrinate children into thinking that being trans is cool. This is not an inference that I’m making, this is not an accusation from the far right, like the Left always says. He said it in his own words. He literally said he’s designing these products for children in target, hoping to influence children into thinking that transgender is cool and he’s a satanist. It’s not just a matter of of the transgender ideology being destructive to children’s bodies and minds and souls and spirits. It’s also a literal satanist. Like, I don’t know how many times I can repeat this before people understand before it, it almost feels like it takes time for me to process this. 

Like, oh, we’re not just recognizing elements of the devil in an otherwise evil ideology and like, and adding it up ourselves. Like, no, he admits that he worships the devil. This is what he says, admitting he worships the devil. He goes, one of my favorite and most popular designs, and the one that gave opera Allen it’s proper footing and direction. Coming up with this phrase really helped make Opera Allen what it is today. This is his description on a photograph. He says, Satan loves you and respects who you are. You’re important and valuable in the world, and you deserve to treat yourself with love and respect. LGBT plus people are so often referred to as being a product of Satan are going against God’s will. So fine, we’ll hang with Satan instead. 

And he says, Satan respects progra pronouns. He loves all LGBT plus people. If this, I mean, I could barely read the words I’m on. The only reason I’m even reading the words out loud honestly, is because half of you guys listen to this on the audio formats, and I don’t want you to miss out on this, but It makes me cringe and get creepy crawly skin to even say those words. And then, of course, it’s not just the transgender ideology, he’s embraced the entirety of the anti humanity, evil of the devil. This is photograph three. This is one of his products that he displays on his Instagram. It’s not sold by Target, but this is the same guy they’re buying from. It says it’s a little pin that says trans witches for abortion. 

His next product is a pin that says Times up for Transphobes. And it’s a picture of skeleton hands crushing a skull. Then it gets even more violent. This is photograph 3G. It’s a picture of a, of a Ram’s head tied to the head of a wolf, and it says, if I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear. This, I don’t know if this is giving you the chills, but you, it’s creeping me out. And then he says, this is this next one, three H says, pronouns are just the start. If that is not the most foreboding warning that I have ever heard, when I first saw this photo, I just sat there and I was like, he’s admitting what we already know. He’s warning us that it’s not really about giving medical care or social acceptance to people suffering from gender disorders. He’s admitting on his little graphic that this is Marxist ideology and that this is just the vanguard to start a revolution. 

And of course, he substantiates this with the photo you see on the screen right now. It’s a lighter or it’s a little gadget that looks like a lighter. And on it, it has the transgender symbol and it says, burn down The system system is spelled C-I-S-T-E-M. So like cisgender burn down the system. These people are Marxists, these people are communists, and they’re coming after our children. They’re coming after our children. I will never, ever, ever spend another penny at Target. I don’t care how much I like their jeans. I don’t care how much I like their discount shoes. I don’t care how how cute their baby clothes are. I don’t care how difficult it is to replace these items and the habits of shopping at Target, I am done. We cannot allow businesses in our country to exist when they are, their goal is to destroy our children, our children. 

And by the way, we should ask while we’re at it, why exactly are they, are they targeting the kids? Right? Why, why are they not just targeting voters or the the adult population in general? Why are they targeting small children? It seems like an obvious question maybe, but why children, why are they targeting children? Why are they, why do they have onesies for babies who are still in diapers bedazzled with the transgender ideology? And the reason for this is the same reason that the Marxists tell kindergartners that they’re racists because this is a Marxist ideology and they have to separate children from their family units. They, they have to warp our innate sense of right and wrong. The fact and innate sense of right and wrong is, I mean, our conscience. I mean, our reason, our ability to reason natural law, natural law being eternal law, these, these things like, oh, murder is wrong and we all know it’s wrong. 

We don’t have to be taught that. We don’t have to be told that we just know it. We, it’s knowable by human reason. Morality exists and we know it. And children, no matter how much cultural brainwashing they experience as they grow, they know right from wrong too. Unless, unless they are so warped and so damaged and so abused and completely separated from their parents who are supposed to form them physically, emotionally, spiritually, and morally, that they, that they become completely formed by the ideology, the evil ideology of the Left. This is why they’re going after kids. Obviously, it’s not because they’re all pedophiles. Some of them are, and that’s pretty clear. It’s because they want to destroy children in a way that oftentimes breaks people when children’s bodies are targeted, when children are targeted and groomed sexually into a transgender ideology, a part of them is broken. That cannot be fixed. And I say this as someone who believes that everyone is redeemable and everyone has value, but they’re breaking children in a way that you can always seek healing and you can always seek forgiveness. But there is permanent wounds that are caused by what the Left is doing to Gen Z and younger to all the children across our entire country. 

And they’re doing this to form these children, to separate them from their parents, to form them into Marxists because they hate our country and they want us to be communists. They want to be the communist dictators that rule our lives. And they’re targeting children, they’re targeting children to do this. And by the way, going back to Bud Light for a second, let’s talk about Bud Light, because when I use this phrase, bud light them for target, I mean it, I’m not gonna, I I I’m too recent to the boycott train, meaning I didn’t used to like boycotts. I didn’t used to think that they were very advantageous. I didn’t used to think they were very effective. I used to think that my time was better spent if a corporation was say, donating this. The example that I usually use is Kohl’s used to donate to Planned Parenthood. 

And I figured at the time, a decade, two decades ago that my time was better spent being an activist, directly opposing Planned Parenthood’s agenda versus, you know, trying to diversify my shopping habits and trying to find a corporation that didn’t behind the scenes donate to Planned Parenthood. I thought actually my time, the opportunity cost is better if I spend my time not finding other places to find clothes, but actually fighting Planned Parenthood directly. I don’t, I I don’t ascribe to that anymore. That was a, that was a viewpoint that I had that was suitable to the times and the times are different now. My, my mind has been changed on boycotts and I’m, but I’m not gonna boycott easily. I’m not gonna boycott easily because I don’t want to, It’s difficult to do and I don’t want to boycott unless it is going to be so effective that the woke corporation feels that they’re having the breath squeezed out of them if they continue to adhere to woke. 

So the bud, when I say Bud, light them to target, I mean, this company should not be allowed by us to exist among us. If they’re going to be targeting our children for destruction, we should bud light them. We should so suffocate their revenue that they are forced to readjust or they go out of business. I could never in good conscious spend another penny there, bud Light. Well, Budweiser and I guess Anheuser-Busch, they’re suffering from our boycotts and they’re suffering in a way that maybe they did not anticipate because it’s not just conservatives who are trying to boycott Bud Light. Now the Left is also trying to boycott Bud Light because they don’t think that Bud Lights responded strongly enough in defense of Dylan Mulvaney and the transgender ideology and woke to suit the Marxists who want and like, and support and push all of those things on all of us. 

So the reason that Bud Light reportedly, allegedly this was, this was kind of the rumor at the time. The reason that Bud Light even made that can for Dylan Mulvaney is yeah, because they had a marketing executive who was really woke. That I’m sure is true. But also the human rights campaign ha ha has an index. It’s part of an e s G metric called the Corporate Equality Index. And it measures, it quantifies businesses and gives them ratings based on, based on these certain standards about whether they are an lgbtqia a plus friendly place to work, right? So these businesses are graded on this scale, this corporate equality index. And to make it even worse, it’s not some like phantom vague thing online that maybe they have to keep an eye on with one eye if they wanna, if they wanna maintain their woke credentials. 

No, no. The human rights campaign actually sends representatives to individual bus businesses, essentially like a mob shakedown. They say, listen, if you don’t want us to destroy you with a bad rating, then you will do what we say, right? They’re like being paid. You have to essentially pay into the ideological pot for the protection of the woke of the woosters not to destroy you. It’s exactly mob stuff. It’s like mafia tactics all over again. Well, all this being said, the reason that that Bud Light even hired Dylan Mulvaney or was a partner with Dylan Mulvaney, was in pursuit of this corporate equality index. They previously had a perfect rating on their LGBTQ qia plus friendly scale. Not so much anymore. It’s not just conservatives who are boycotting Bud Light. Now the Corporate Equality Index, this is from Eric Blum, who’s the Senior Director of Programs and Corporate Advocacy. 

Sounds like bullying to me at the Human Rights campaign said this, Anheuser-Busch had a key moment to really stand up and demonstrate the importance of their values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. And their response really fell short. That’s what he said. So what happened is the Corporate Equality index suspended Anheuser Busch’s perfect score and told, this is what the letter said, told the company that quote, they no longer have a right to use the best places to work distinction. Ooh, what a threat. What a chilling, chilling threat. Imagine being on the inside of Anheuser Busch right now, Budweiser Bud Light, every way you turn a lose, lose, lose. You know what, you could have avoided this. You could have become the most popular conservative brand in the country. You were already the most popular beer in the country. And with the force of half of Red America behind you, you could have soared to heights, even even Eagles in your videos haven’t achieved before. 

But instead, you chose to be cowards. You chose to just say, oh, we didn’t mean to be so controversial. Yes, hiring a man pretending to be a woman who’s the most prominent transgender activist in the country was an accident, right? No one believes that they even have distributors now, bud Light has distributors in the south begging for consumers to return, saying, oh, as a Budweiser distributor, we also feel the same way as you about the Dylan Mulvaney thing. Don’t punish us. Let me tell you guys, that’s not the way it works. You gotta say to those distributors, Nope. You, as distributors say to Anheuser Busch, we can’t do business with you if this is who you’re hiring and this is the ideology that you’re promoting. It’s anti-American. That ideology, anti-American speaking of anti-American, the naacp, believe it or not, this is a headline that actually, it’s ironic that it comes out of Florida cuz it’s a little bit like one of those Florida man headlines. 

Except this time the NAACP has issued an active travel warning for Florida, an active travel warning for Florida. And you might be thinking, okay, but for who and why they’re warning the NAACP is warning black people not to travel to Florida because of Governor Ron DeSantis. And to explain why they’re doing this, I’d like to subject you all to a video from CNN for which I make no apologies. This is the funniest CNN video that you’ll see all week because CNN let’s be real. Isn’t that funny? But this one is, take a look. 

NAACP has issued a travel advisory for Florida, and it’s urging the black community to avoid visiting or moving to the Sunshine State. According to the statement, the advisory comes in direct response to Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, quote, aggressive attempts to erase black history and it calls Florida openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and the LGBTQ individuals. CNN has reached out to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for comment, but did not receive a response. 

That’s actually my favorite part of the video at the end when it says CNN reached out to Governor Ron DeSantis, but we did not receive a response. No, you didn’t. And you shouldn’t expect one because you’re liars, you’re purveyors of fake news and you are hilariously racist. Well, governor Ron DeSantis outlawed and Florida was critical race theory. He outlawed the so-called, this is a euphemism, African-American studies, which is just critical race theory packaged to indoctrinate children into thinking that white children are inherently racist and black children are inherently oppressed. And that there is racial tension between the two. That nothing about your character, nothing about your behavior, nothing about equality under the law could ever possibly smooth over, could ever possibly find an equilibrium. It’s evil stuff. That’s in Criti, the critical Race theory. African American Studies, that’s what Governor Ron DeSantis banned. And because of that, this is what the NAACP said, Florida’s openly hostile towards African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ plus individuals before traveling to Florida. 

Please understand that the state of Florida devalues and marginalizes the contributions of and the challenges faced by African Americans and other communities of color. Wow. Wow. So what does this tell you? The left is so desperate. This is, I almost say that this is the Left’s final frontier. They have exhausted all of the subtle methods, all of the infiltration they’ve captured our institutions. They’ve in inserted insinuations into pop culture and movies and on TikTok, and now they’re just being overt. Now they’re like pushing the entire pot into the table. They’re all in. They are targeting toddlers and babies in Target. They’re telling black people not to travel to Florida because Governor Ron DeSantis said, you can’t indoctrinate the school children of Florida and Marxist theories. They’re not even hiding it anymore. They, it’s overt. And we cannot just sit back and laugh. 

We cannot just sit back and grump about it. We cannot just play defense. We have to go on offense. If these corporations are targeting our children, we’re done. End them. Don’t spend another dime, another penny of your money at these corporations in the marketplace. Suffocate them out of existence. They don’t deserve to exist. If what they’re doing is trying to destroy our kids, it’s evil. And the designer behind it proved that. Guys, if you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter, now is the perfect time to do that. All these topics that we’re talking about, it’s kind of just a matter of time before we’re kicked off of YouTube. We know that based on how many strikes we’ve gotten recently. But I really want to make sure that we are in touch if and when that day does happen. So drop me your email address, go to liz That’s liz Drop me your email address so that we can stay in touch. And while you’re there, let me know what you think of our brand new website. Leave me a comment if you want, tell me what you like you don’t like, visit liz Thank you for watching today. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is The Liz Wheeler Show. 


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