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This is a Christmas-themed episode where Liz talks about the books she recommends for the year. She starts by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and hoping they spent time with their families and enjoyed the holiday. She also mentions having difficulty finding good gifts this year, but as usual, she gave books to her family. Liz is a self-proclaimed book nerd and enjoys reading as a hobby. She states that she reads for fun but also for studying purposes.

Liz mentions that this episode is her favorite to film every year because she gets to talk about the books that she enjoyed the most, found meaningful, or had a significant impact on her. Though she technically calls the episode the “5 best books,” she actually lists a few more than that, including one podcast, and one that is an essay.

She also talks about her New Year’s resolution, which is to read 50 books, averaging one book per week. She seeks the audience’s opinion on whether she has surpassed her goal or not, as there were differing opinions halfway through the year.

The host then transitions to talking about the books she recommends for the year. She starts with the seventh-best book, which is “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert Kennedy Jr. She acknowledges criticism towards Kennedy Jr. but finds his book to be accurate and informative. The book details the problems with Dr. Anthony Fauci and his corruption, which Kennedy Jr. exposes through his research.

She then proceeds to talk about the other books she recommends for the year, going from number six to number one. The host provides a brief synopsis of each book, highlighting what she found compelling about them. Her favorite of the year was the “Bible in a Year” podcast by Father Mike Schmidtz.

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