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Liz discusses various topics related to Pride Month and transgender ideology. Liz argues that Pride Month behaves like a cult and targets children, promotes an anti-Christian, anti-science Marxist ideology, and sexualizes children. She refers to a video showing elementary school children being forced to participate in a Pride Celebration, with teachers and administrators dressed in rainbow-colored attire.

Liz also includes a discussion about Megan Fox’s children and their clothing choices. She criticizes Fox for allegedly victimizing her children by allowing them to wear clothes traditionally associated with girls. She further suggests that Fox has bought into a “Satanic ideology” and accuses her of acting as a conduit for evil.

Additionally, Liz mentions Dylan Mulvaney, a social media personality and spokesperson for Bud Light. She expresses annoyance towards Mulvaney and criticizes Bud Light for their association with him. She argues that Bud Light, by hiring Mulvaney and donating to LGBTQ+ organizations, supports an intersectional ideology that promotes equity and discrimination.

Liz concludes with a discussion about a Target executive who identifies as a drag queen and praises Target’s support for the LGBTQ+ community. She condemns drag queens performing for children and criticizes the executive for posing inappropriately next to children’s clothing.

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Hey guys, Liz Wheeler here in honor of what Admiral Rachel Levine calls the Summer of Pride. I’d like to give you a recap of the most important topics related to, you can call it pride, you can call it the transgender ideology. It doesn’t matter what you call it. We know that it’s Marxism. So I’d like to give you the most important points that we have talked about. Without further ado, here is the best of pride. 

Pride Month is behaving as a literal cult, a literal cult, and they’re coming for our children. And I know this sounds some people are gonna be like, well, Liz, come on. This is just about, this is just about celebrating the advances that gay people have made in our country, equality, intolerance, and yada, yada yada. And lemme just tell you, watch this video, and you can decide for yourself, because this happened at an elementary school in the United States of America in honor of the first Day of Pride month, which the Left calls Pride Day. These are children. You can see the ages of these children in this video. Let’s play, let’s go ahead and play this right now. They’re entering school. They have no choice but to participate in this, in this Pride Celebration. Elementary School children, they are small children, and they’re met with teachers and administrators dressed in rainbow colored uniform onesies, waving pride flags. 

There’s the transgender progress flag, the transgender flag in this elementary school. Look at how small that child is. Those are kindergartners and first graders and second graders, and they’re all forced to walk under a rainbow arch. So when I say that this elementary school is forcing children to celebrate Pride month, I mean that, I’m not saying that to sound bombastic. I’m not saying that to be hyperbolic. Look at those teachers. They’re draped in rainbow flags, draped in pride flags. These small children are forced to participate in Pride Month. Understand what Pride month is. Pride month is not about the dignity of all human beings. It is not about celebrating equality under the law. It is not about promoting tolerance for alternative lifestyles. Pride Month is underpinned by queer theory. Pride Month is an anti-Christian antibi, anti-science Marxist ideology. You saw the transgender flag in the hallway of that elementary school. 

Those small children, some of them don’t even have their front teeth are being taught. You’re a boy. Well, you can be a girl. If you wanna be a girl, you’re a girl. Well, maybe you’re, maybe you’re a boy trapped in a girl’s body. Maybe you should go on hormones. Maybe you should surgically mutilate your body. Maybe you should wreck your fertility for life. Maybe you should reject your family. Maybe you should embrace a neo-Marxist ideology because it serves our political agenda. That’s what pride month is. Pride month sexualizes Children. It’s so dis, it’s so destructive. It’s so disgusting. And here’s what I will say this year, for the first time in the history of Pride month, because pride month is not new. For the first time, the Left has crossed the line. Now, I’m not saying in individual instances, the Left hasn’t crossed the line before. 

Of course they have. But as a whole, for the first time, the Left has collectively stepped over a line that the vast majority of the American people are not willing to tolerate. And that is sexualizing our children. And this photo, I wanna show this photo, this photo surface of Megan Fox and her three sons. And I think a lot of people on the internet, myself included, found this picture to be kind of jarring. As you can see in this picture, Megan Fox is standing beside, behind three little boys. But if you didn’t know they were little boys, you might not realize or recognize that these were in fact, boys. The one on the Left is wearing a pink shirt that said, strong girls. He’s wearing a choker necklace. He has a girl’s haircut, he has bangs in the front and long hair, short shorts. He’s dressed exactly like a girl. 

I mean, he, he’s starting to get old enough that he, he looks a little more masculine. The middle child, the smallest one also has hair down past his collarbones, parted in the middle. And then the one on the right is wearing what appears to be women’s like athletic wear leggings with with long girly hair as well. And again, just for context here, this is not the first time that Megan Fox’s children, her, her sons have been spotted wearing girls’ clothes. This is something that has become the norm. It’s something that she’s addressed before. And I wa I wanted to make something very clear here. These children are being victimized by their mother. She is directly responsible for serving as a bulwark between evil and her children. And instead, she is acting as a conduit for the evil to capture her children. It’s the most horrendous thing that I’ve ever seen in and of itself. 

That would be a story, but it gets worse. Clearly, those boys weren’t happy. I never said anything publicly because they were so young, and I thought it would stop because they were vocally expressing their desire to wear quote unquote boy clothes. We moved to Tennessee shortly after, and I saw this photo of the boys going around online this week. Really sad. It didn’t stop back then and wish there was more we could have done back then, but there really wasn’t anything we could do. And California, then he posts this third tweet and says, and to the community note, someone tried to write saying Only one of her kids has worn girls’ clothing. That’s not true. See below. And this is the photograph of her children when they were younger, her children being her sons, both wearing girls’ clothes. Now of course, they all three have extremely long hair, long hair that typically only girls have hair that long, especially at that age. 

Now, Megan Fox responded to Robbie Starbucks viral Twitter thread. And let me bring up her response. So this is the, this is, it’s a, it’s a two slide Instagram post. The first slide is a screenshot of Robbie Starbucks tweet. And then the, and then her description underneath says this, Hey, Robbie Starbuck, I really don’t want to give you this attention because clearly you’re a clout chaser, but let me teach you something ear, regardless, she said, it’s not a word Megan ear. Regardless of how desperate you may become at any given time to acquire wealth, power, success, or fame, never use children as leverage or social currency, especially under a erroneous pretense. Exploiting my children’s gender identity to gain attention in your political campaign has put you on the wrong side of the universe. She said, I have been burned at the stake by insecure, narcissistic, impotent little men like you many times, and yet I’m still here. 

You effed with the wrong witch. If it, I mean, that gives me the chills to read that because it shows you that she has completely bought into a Satanic ideology. She identifies as a witch. She’s also doing the classic Marxist tactic of accusing her opponent, of doing exactly what she’s doing, the reason that the radical left. And this is a tactic that they, that they co-opted from the Marxist. The reason they do this is because it’s a lot easier or it’s a lot more difficult to it’s a lot more difficult for the person being accused to be like, nuh, you’re doing it. So this is something that it’s actually in rules for radicals. In rules for radicals. He suggests that if you point at someone and say, you are using children as leverage, even if you’re the one doing it, it’s a lot harder for the person you accuse to be like, nuh, that’s what you’re doing. 

Just human nature. We tend not to believe the person that says, nuh, that’s what you’re doing in Glamour magazine uk. One year ago, Megan Fox said the following, she said, I bought a bunch of books that sort of addressed these things and addressed a full spectrum of what this is. She was talking about her son dressing as a girl. Some of the books are written by transgender children. Some of the books are just about how you can be a boy and wear a dress. You can express yourself through your clothing however you want. And that doesn’t even have to do have anything to do with your sexuality. So from the time they were very young, I’ve incorporated those things into their daily lives so that nobody feels like they’re weird or strange or different. Let me reread that last sentence. From the time they were very young. I’ve incorporated those things into their daily lives. Budweiser has announced their new spokesperson, and it’s Dylan Mulvaney. 

Hi. Impressive carrying skills, right? I got some Bud Lights for us. So I kept hearing about this thing called March Madness, and I thought we were all just having a hectic month, but it turns out it has something to do with sports. And I’m not sure exactly which sport, but either way, it’s a cause to celebrate. This month I celebrated my day 365 a womanhood and Bud Light sent me possibly the best gift ever, a Kon with my face on it. Check out my Instagram story to see how you can enjoy March Madness with Bud Light and maybe win some money too. Love ya. Cheers. Go team. Whatever team you love, I love too. Okay, love ya. Okay, break a leg. Woo. 

Okay. First of all, even besides the ideology that Dylan Mulvaney is pushing, I find Dylan Mulvaney to be one of the most annoying people on planet Earth. I do not understand how he has gained over 10 million followers on TikTok and almost 2 million followers on Instagram. So Bud Light is now down. What are they? They’ve lost 26 billion in the market in the past two months. And they didn’t apologize. They said, we didn’t mean to step into this controversial topic, which I completely reject as an excuse. You don’t hire the most prominent queer theorist or the most prominent transgender activist in the country without realizing that it’s a hot button topic. I I think leftists can be stupid. I don’t believe that anybody is that stupid to not realize it’s a hot button issue. But Bud Light betrays themselves. They actually do know what they’re doing. they just donated $200,000 to an LGBTQ organization, $200,000. 

So aren’t you glad you didn’t give your hard-earned money to Bud Light so that Bud Light could give your hard-earned money to an LGBTQIA activist organization? Let me read the press release. This is what it says today. This is on web wire and you can also find it on liz Today, bud Light and the National L GBT Chamber of Commerce, the exclusive certifying body for LBT owned businesses announced they’re extending their partnership to continue supporting economic opportunities and advancements for LGBTQ plus Americans and business owners across the country. Bud Light was brewed to be an easy to drink, easy to enjoy beer for everyone over the age of 21, and that still holds true today, said Anheuser Bush. We look forward to extending our work with the NGLCC to continue making a positive impact on the lgbtq plus businesses that play a critical role in bringing people together everywhere. 

This year, bud Light will donate $200,000 to the NGLCC in support of the Communities of Color Initiative. This initiative, they say, is designed to support the growth and success of minority lgbtq plus owned businesses through certification, scholarships, and business development in an effort to create equal opportunities for the economic advancement of small businesses in the LGBTQ plus community, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So you could see that this is sort of intersectionality, right? It’s both gay people and people of color who fall under this this umbrella of DEI that the Left is trying to force on all of all of our businesses across the entire country. And this, this umbrella of DEI, we discussed this yesterday when we talked about Chick-fil-A. It’s not diversity, equity, and inclusion, the way that you and I understand those words, the way that they were originally defined. DEI, diversity, equity, and inclusion have been redefined to mean racial quotas to mean equal outcome or socialism discrimination, redistribution of wealth and inclusion is religious persecution. You will be forced to adhere to the radical leftist ideology or you will be ostracized because inclusion under the definition of the Left does not mean just tolerance for everybody’s viewpoint. It means that their viewpoint, the Leftist viewpoint must be universally celebrated or else you actually will lose your position in society. So what we have here is Bud Light actually doubling down on what they did. 

But this target executive named Kirby, who’s presenting and bragging about this Pride collection is a drag queen watch. 

My name is Kirby and I am an executive team lead for Target. Also. I go by the pronouns. He, him, his, and my drag queen name is Shelby Lynn. Guys, it’s a wonderful thing to work for a company that prides their self in honoring who you are as a human being and not just for a label that you carry around working for a company that brings full support to somebody. And that just really makes me feel visible is an amazing thing. target is one of those companies, when I was looking for a career, I looked for someone that would back me, support me, and not just me, but my community. And our purpose is to help all families discover the joy of everyday life. And that really gives me that energy to survive and be that person I need to be for my team and my store and my community and guests that come in that are all alike and from different walks of life. 

Why does the video end with this still of his butt? Th this is why the Left’s narrative when they, when they say losing conservatives wanna get involved in what adult people are doing, can consenting with each other. The answer to that is, I don’t think so. These, these drag queens are not just performing for adults. These drag queens are performing specifically aimed at children. And in this case, this guy is talking about being a drag queen. He’s posing provocatively sexually, if you will, in the middle of toddler and children’s clothing. What is wrong with you? That it, that’s, it’s beyond perverted. Perverted doesn’t even like reach the level of describing how dangerous and grotesque and evil this is. Evil, evil is the only word that I can think of that accurately describes this. And evil is exactly what is behind this. 

The Satanist who designed Pride merchandise for Target is blasting target now, criticizing Target for removing his merchandise from both the website and many of target stores. The the designer’s name is Eric Carnell. This is what Eric Carnell said. He said, it’s a very dangerous precedent to set that if people just get riled up enough about the products that you’re selling, you can completely distance yourself from the LGBT community when and if it’s convenient. He said, if you’re going to take a stance and say that you care about the LGBT community, you need to stand by that regardless. So this is what I mean. Bef when I said before that pride month, this here for the first time, it’s so obscene, it’s so egregious. It’s certainly crossed a line that it’s never crossed before. Sexualizing our children, grooming our children, exposing our children to just pornography, pornography, and pretending that if you are a parent who opposes that, that you are bigoted, that you are hateful, that you’re transphobic, that you contribute to the suicide rate of the LGBTQIA community. 

These, this absolute gaslighting, these lies, these, they’re really hideous lies too because of what, what the accusations are. But Eric Carnell, the Satanist designer proves again, that pride month is not about tolerance. It’s not about equality. You have to actually stock satanist, designed merchandise aimed at children or else you are anti LGBTQ. I’d be interested in what the, the majority of gay and lesbian people in our nation think of this because it seems to me that this is antithetical to what most people with same-sex attraction believe about equality under the law. Most people, I would venture to say, and maybe maybe most gay and lesbian people are too afraid to speak up because they don’t wanna be ostracized. I don’t know. But it would be interesting to hear what the majority of non-political activists, the majority of people who are gay, who are non-political activists, think about the idea that if you don’t stock satanists design merchandise aimed at grooming children in queer theory, that you are anti-gay. 

It seems to me that gay and lesbian people are actually being hijacked in pursuit of the transgender ideology, which is of course queer theory. but by the way, this, this, what Eric Carnell says that target caved and that target is, is distancing some themselves from the LGBT community isn’t even true. Greg Price, journalist Greg Price obtained, and I’m gonna bring this up on the screen, obtained an internal email from Target that they sent to their employees on yesterday on June 5th that actually asks them requests that they take part in so-called Pride Week. You can read this on the screen. Part of the, some of the activities that employees are encouraged to participate in are queer bingo and board games. Pride Plus Culture Club presents how to be a better ally. You can attend that and Pride Plus Pro Sports Panel, well so much for targets distancing themselves from the LGBTQIA agenda. They certainly are not. 


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