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Liz discusses her views on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She argues that the Left’s definition of diversity is actually racism or racial tokenism, while equity is seen as redistribution of wealth and opportunity, resembling socialism. She adds that the Left’s definition of inclusion is religious persecution, rather than tolerance for different viewpoints and lifestyle choices.

Liz presents a video from Project Veritas in which an undercover journalist talks to David Casamento, the assistant superintendent of curriculum at the East Meadow Public School District. Casamento discusses his efforts to integrate DEI into classrooms and admits to discriminating against conservatives when hiring teachers to prevent exposing children to conservative viewpoints. Liz criticizes this as political activism in the classroom and raises concerns about the consequences of DEI initiatives.

She also discusses Joe Biden’s executive order on advancing racial equity, which she sees as the codification of DEI into the federal government. Liz argues against hiring based on immutable characteristics like race and rejects the idea of a national divorce as a response. Instead, she suggests exposing the implications and damage of DEI policies to fight back.

Liz criticizes the focus on diversity without considering diversity of thought, equal opportunities, or inclusion of different viewpoints. She highlights examples such as efforts to diversify the aviation industry and proposed reparations as harmful and unfair. She emphasizes the importance of challenging and speaking the truth, even if it means not being “nice” according to current definitions.

Overall, Liz raises concerns about the infiltration of DEI initiatives in various institutions and the potential negative consequences she believes they bring to society. She urges awareness, resistance, and the exposure of what she perceives as the damaging effects of DEI policies.

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Hey guys. Liz Wheeler here. So DEI, diversity, equity, and inclusion. According to the Left, the definition of diversity is not diversity. It’s actually racism or perhaps racial tokenism. According to the Left, the definition of equity, it’s not equality, it’s redistribution of wealth or opportunity. It’s socialism, essentially. And according to the Left, the definition of inclusion is not tolerance for other people’s viewpoints or lifestyle choices. The definition according to the Left of inclusion is actually religious persecution. DEI is not good. DEI is incredibly bad. It’s incredibly dangerous. It’s something we need to protect our families against. And so I give you the best, or perhaps it’s the worst of DEI to keep your eyes out for 

What you’re about to see is Project Veritas undercover journalist talking to a man by the name of David Casamento. He’s the assistant superintendent of curriculum at the East Meadow Public School District. And he’s discussing his efforts as a political activist in the classroom. He characterizes his work as being political, even though he is ostensibly a teacher. He talks about his efforts to integrate DEI into his classrooms. And he talks about exactly how he discriminates against conservatives and refuses to hire them as teachers in schools so that children will not be exposed to their viewpoints since he said his job is inherently political. Take a look at this. 

My sexual identity was always part of my, my work because I believe in making connections with kids. 

Here’s the thing with DEI, if you push too hard doing the work and you get this pushback, it will be decades before you do the work again, right? So it needs to be incremental. Certain 

Movement will say, and I gotta tell you, I am not opposed to this question, right? Why do we need to sexualize kids at a young age after the pandemic, this explosion of trans, I’m like, how could this be? 

I mean, it’s, it’s dangerous right now. It’s dangerous for me. It’s dangerous for all people who wanna do this work. 

Do you encourage your teachers to write like a curriculum advanced in diversity, equity, inclusion, inclusion work 

Curriculum? Yes. Correctly. 

I’m not gonna trigger to, but we need the people. Otherwise, the work that myself and my generation, none is for not, and that’s where I’m starting. I’m personally, I’m having a personal crisis at action. Cause I really feel like the work that I’ve done for 42 years could be 

For not, well, I don’t want to hurt anybody. And I think I could, the way I’m thinking, 

You think you could hurt somebody? Yeah, 

Because I really, deep down, I believe that we should be waiting before we make those irreversible decisions. 

I think that’s 

His I am the assistant superintendent he needs. 

So let me ask you this question. Why do we care so much about this project, Veritas James O’Keefe saga, this feud, this breakup, these allegations, the defense. Why do we care so much about this? Is it because we’re interested in gossip because it’s kind of juicy cuz it’s kind of salacious? Or is it because of something more real than that? Is it because we see the level of institutional capture in civil institutions, cultural institutions and government institutions in our country, and we feel that we are on the brink of the point of no return? 

Joe Biden’s administration? Well, Joe Biden, I suppose issued an executive order recently called Executive Order on further advancing racial equity and support for undeserved communities throughout the federal government. What this is essentially is Joe Biden codifying, DEI, into the administrative state, into the federal government. And many people condemn this because it’s wrong. They say, oh, it’s tokenism. This is, you shouldn’t be hiring someone or not hiring someone based on an immutable characteristic like race. And that is of course, true, that’s of course accurate. However, that’s not the only reason to reject this, nor is it the proper way to fight back against this, the proper way to fight back against. This is not a national divorce. It’s not for not to balkanize to have red states and blue states and to a, if you’re, if you’re a red family in a blue state to leave if you’re a blue family in a red state to leave, no, that’s not, that’s not the proper thing to do. 

The proper thing to do here is to expose exactly what the Biden administration is doing, meaning what the consequences are, what the implications are, what the damage is from A DEI policy and to show people how it’s harming them. And then, and this is a follow up to what we talked about yesterday, to stop being so nice about it. So let me show you what I’m talking about. Kareen. Shawn Pierre, the press secretary for the Biden administration, bragged from the podium in the press briefing room about the Biden administration being the most diverse administration ever. Take a look. 

and we are proud that through our work with members of Congress and stakeholders, we’ve made the most diverse administration that ever, ever, not even in modern politics, but ever. 

But what does that mean? A lot of conservatives and republicans are afraid to sit here and say, that’s not a good thing, because they’re afraid of being accused of being racist. They’re afraid of being accused of being a white supremacist, of being a white nationalist. And there are no such thing saying that it is not a bragging point to be the most diverse administration ever, because there is no inherent morality in diversity. No inherent benefit be got of tokenism is something that we should be saying. Diversity, equity and inclusion is not diversity of thought. It’s not equality, it’s not, it’s not inclusion of different viewpoints. It’s the opposite in the eyes of the Biden administration, DEI, diversity, equity inclusion is just the principles of Critical Race Theory. Diversity is racism. It’s discriminating against certain people based on the color of their skin. 

Equity is not equality. Equity is socialism. Equity chooses winners and losers. It’s, it’s everyone having the same outcome, not the same opportunity. It’s authoritarianism And inclusion is religious persecution because they don’t mean including everyone’s viewpoint. They mean you being forced to celebrate usually the radical L G B T Q agenda and the implications of this on a cultural level are devastating. They’re actually harmful. Look at this New York Times headline. It’s called The End of the All Male, all White Cockpit. It says, airlines are struggling to find enough pilots and to diversify a profession that has been very resistant to change. 

When you get on an airplane, would you feel more confident in the safety of yourself and your family? If you know that a pilot doesn’t matter what the pilot looks like, whether it’s a boy or a girl, whether this person is black or white or brown, would you feel more confident knowing that this person has passed rigorous training standards? Or would you feel more confident and safer knowing that this was a black person who was hired just because they’re black or a woman hired just because she’s a woman? I know what your answer is. It’s the same answer that we all answer. And it’s not racist to say that because it’s not a commentary on women. It’s not a commentary on black people. It’s a commentary on hiring people who are qualified for the position, not looking at them and say, I like the way you look because you look a certain way. You have certain characteristics that I like. Therefore, I’m gonna let you fly the plane. 

In Connecticut, in the state of Connecticut, there’s a bill. It’s bill, it’s called Bill eight 18, that’s proposing reparations, reparations to black people for slavery. What this means is that people who never had slaves are going to be forced by the government to give their money to people who were never slaves. That’s socialism. It’s authoritarianism, it’s unjust, it’s unfair. This is harmful to people’s lives. The Department of Defense, look at this picture from the Department of the of Defense. They tweeted about this. They bragged about hosting A DEI summit at the Department of Defense. The mission of the Department of Defense is to create a war fighting machine in the US military. It’s to win wars and kill people. That’s what the Department of Defense is about, to protect the homeland, our national security. Are we going to be better at winning wars and protecting our people if we choose, if we hire people based on what they look like instead of based on their qualifications, of course we’re not. Of course we’re not. And so this goes back to what we were talking about yesterday when we were talking about Matt Walsh and the video that he made about the transgender TikTok star, Dylan Mulvaney and how some conservatives saying, you know what? Matt Walsh was too mean. In fact, he was so mean that he was so mean that it was counterproductive to our cause. 

And I said yesterday, being nice, people misunderstand or deliberately willfully redefine the word nice. Being nice is not, is not the same as being kind, being nice is not being loving. Being nice is not speaking reality, being nice. The way that it’s defined by so many people these days on the Left, not apparently some on the right is nothing being nice, is just being soft. It’s just not ruffling feathers. It’s not being politically incorrect. It has no inherent moral value. It might be easier because you don’t have to challenge anything. You don’t have to defend your position. You don’t have to say anything that someone else is gonna use to levy a false allegation at you. But the DEI initiative, for example, DEI is racism, discrimination. It’s evil, it’s tokenism, it’s insulting to black people and to women. It’s religious persecution. It’s socialism, it’s Marxism. Our country is worse when we adhere to the tenants, the neo-Marxist at tenants of DEI, black people are worse off. Women are worse off. 

They really want to social engineer the next generation of our nations. And we talk often about the institutions. How if you walk into these classrooms, you can see pride flags and Black Lives Matter flags and posters about neo pronouns. And if you go into teachers union conferences, you can see DEI training and CRT training and SEL training. SEL is social emotional learning. And it’s, it’s just as toxic as Critical Race Theory just as to toxic as DEI, diversity, equity and inclusion. But what we don’t often talk about is the creators of this curriculum, the creators of the curriculum that teachers unions harness. We talk about the power teachers unions have over choosing curriculum, but we don’t talk about the creators of the curriculum. And the creators of the curriculum are clearly very important because that’s what’s being poured into the minds of your child. 

Will this woman, Gavin Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Newsom, she is one of the faces behind the curriculum being taught to your children. She is one of the proverbial quote unquote experts. She is speaking to your child, telling them what is true and what is not true, what is right and what is wrong through her warped lens of neo-Marxist ideology. So it’s not just the institution that we should focus on. The institution itself can be neither moral or immoral when it’s something like a school system, right? There’s, there’s nothing, there’s nothing inherently right or wrong, good or bad, about the idea of a classroom. It’s the people running it, the organizations running it, and then the people who are behind the organizations. And so when we talk about institutional capture, the school systems not just captured by the teachers’ unions. The teachers’ unions themselves are leveraging so-called expert groups. 

Groups that are, that claim expertise in various disciplines. Like in this case, she is trying to fight sexism through film and making, making films that she charges classrooms to show to their children. This is a face behind the institutional capture. And I think it’s easier to understand how infiltrated our institutions are, how weaponized our institutions have become when we see the faces behind the institutional capture. That’s one. So the kind of Critical Race Theory that Angela Davis preaches, it’s Marxism. She knows it’s Marxism. She’s an, she’s a self-avowed Marxist. We know it’s Marxism because we know how to study, we know how to read, we can see exactly what she’s preaching, and we take her at her word. So the kind of Critical Race Theory that she’s preaching is Marxism, and it’s embedded into our society via DEI. We’ve talked about this a lot on the show. 

DEI is diversity, equity, and inclusion. But it’s not the way that you and I would define the word diversity as diversity of thought, diversity of experience. Equity is not equality, even though it sounds very similar. and inclusion is not actual inclusion. It’s the opposite of inclusion. It’s not tolerance for a diversity of viewpoints or lifestyles or value systems. That’s how you and I might understand DEI or diversity, equity and inclusion, if we defined it the way that these terms have traditionally been defined. But the Left, and by the Left I mean Marxists, and which means communists have redefined these words. Now, that’s not only a facet of what it means to be a communist who try to obliterate reality. It’s also proof that communists want to control our lives. They want to appoint themselves as the arbiters of truth to tell us actually what you think you know isn’t true. 

But you have to take our word for it, that what we now say the definition of diversity is, even though it differs from what you all already knew, is the real definition of diversity. So it’s a very, it’s a very mind bendy, a very poisonous, a very tricky communist tactic. But DEI, diversity, equity and inclusion, I mean, diversity by the standards of the Left is racism. Equity by the standards of the Left is socialism and authoritarianism and inclusion is actually religious persecution. So very, very evil stuff, very evil stuff. We know this. It is embedded into our nation at school, at the university, in the university system, in workplaces, in hospitals, in healthcare. It’s really becoming something that you can’t escape. And it’s about to get much worse. It’s about to get embedded so deeply into our country that we, the American people have no way to eradicate it. 

And I say this, I say this somewhat is a warning. I say this because we need to sound the alarm on this before it’s too late because we’re at the point right now where at individual university levels we could eradicate DEI If we wanted, we could say, listen, you’re not gonna get federal grants. You’re not gonna get federally subsidized student loans. If you perpetuate DEI, we could do this. If we had a Republican president at the state level, we could get rid of ESG. We could have state legislatures and state treasurers do what Riley Moore did in West Virginia, for example. He’s the treasurer of West Virginia and ban investment firms. That traffic in ESG ESG being, being what, what enforces DEI it’s the enforcement mechanism of DEI. we could have states be prohibited from investing any taxpayer money with investment firms that invest using ESG metrics. 

ESG metrics are that the social credit score that businesses are graded a against E Es. And these e sg metrics are very far leftist political ambition. So if if a company doesn’t have DEI as part of their corporate structure, they would get a low score. If they, if they support the UN’s climate, climate agenda or climate change agenda, then they would get a high score, right? So if and if you get a low score, you might be denied access to capital. You might be punished by these investment firms. If you get a high score, then you get a, then you get access to capital, you get lower, lower rates, you actually have access to to the market. It’s the enforcement mechanism. ESG is the enforcement mechanism of DEI, which is Critical Race Theory, which is Marxism. It’s a little convoluted, but it’s important that we understand kind of the clear train of thought between what we see when we hear equity and how it not only goes directly to Marxism, but it is embedded into our nation. And it’s anchored there by this ESG stuff. 


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