Trump Pleads Not Guilty: The Craziest Thing To Happen to the Former President in the Courtroom





Donald Trump pleads not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records after being indicted by DA Alvin Bragg.

Liz makes the case that following the unsealing of the indictment, the charges brought against the former president are trivial and technical in nature and not indicative of any significant misconduct on his part. In fact, it’s one of the flimsiest, dumbest, most embarrassing cases. She breaks down two surprising things that happened to the former president in the courtroom.

Upon exiting the courtroom in Manhattan, former President Donald Trump reportedly engaged in a stare-down with District Attorney Alvin Bragg. This is part of President Trump’s power moves. We know, based on his history, he has the ability to interact with people in a way that disarms him so he’s able to actually get what he wants. He is a good negotiator, and is unafraid to use his posture and his demeanor as part of his negotiation.

Fortunately, there was no gag order that was issued against Trump. But unfortunately, Judge Juan Merchan did say something that is arguably worse. Holding up a piece of paper that showed a social media post of President Trump’s calling for his supporters to protest, the judge asked President Trump to not incite any violence, insinuating that Trump’s call to protest was a call for violence. If you needed any further proof that this judge is incredibly biased towards the Left, this is it.

Finally, Liz makes the case that the Trump legal team should be able to get the case easily dismissed, as the charges are weak and flimsy. The Left, however, wants just the opposite. Based on the next trial dates, the prosecution is setting up a trial that would require Trump to step away from the campaign trail and put him in the center of a clown show right before voters vote in the presidential primaries. This isn’t a fair trial—it is political targeting.

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A tiny, tiny part of me was worried yesterday when President Trump went into that courtroom, that Manhattan courtroom, that district attorney Alvin Bragg might have had something on him. Not because I thought Trump was guilty, not because I think Trump is a bad person, but just because all politicians or you know, politicians. And I thought, surely Alvin Bragg, this district attorney, wouldn’t be such a blithering idiot, that he would bring the charges that we thought he was bringing against Trump. Against Trump. The charges that had to do with Stormy Daniel that are basically just a bookkeeping technicality that no one gives a flying rat’s tale about. Part of me thought I was just like a tiny bit nervous when Trump took that motorcade from Trump Tower to the Manhattan District Attorney or the Manhattan Courthouse, because I thought, well, maybe something is in that sealed indictment. 

Maybe they found something, they found nothing. This is the flimsiest, dumbest, most embarrassing case that should be thrown out almost immediately. I know that there’s supposed to be another hearing here. In a couple months, we’re going to talk about exactly what Trump should do in that hearing, or what Trump’s attorneys should do when they file a motion to dismiss this case. It should be very easy to get this case dismissed, because when you break down some of the elements of this, it just completely implodes. It collapses. We’re going to talk about that in a minute. But first, there were two crazy things that happened in this courtroom, and you and I were not allowed to see this. We were not allowed to have front row seats to this because we were not allowed to have cameras. They took one photograph of Trump, which even that is atypical. Usually there’s just, there’s just courtroom drawings, those, those sketches. But two crazy things happened to President Trump reportedly in this courtroom. The first was reported by a law enforcement producer who talked to Fox News. He was actually in the, he was in the courtroom during the arraignment. He talked to Fox News after and described how President Trump confronted, at least with his looks, with his, with his demeanor, confronted Alvin Bragg. Take a listen. 

“I think it’s, I think, I think it’s worth noting. I, I think I brought it up already, but I may not have. President Trump, former President Trump, definitely glared at the DA Bragg when he left.” 

He glared President Trump glared at District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Apparently, president Trump was the last person, the final person to enter that courtroom, which makes sense from a security standpoint. This wasn’t intentionally just high drama, although it did add to it being high drama. That’s for sure. President Trump was the last person to enter the room, and he entered very slowly. He entered with a swagger. He, you can picture he does this sometimes it’s part of his power moves. This is how he approaches Putin or Xi Jinping or Kim Jong-Un. Very slowly, I will come to you at my own pace. And then he stopped. He looked around the room, he found Alvin Bragg gave him the whole stare down and glared, and this court reporter said that there was eye contact between the two of them. I love this. I think it’s hilarious, and it makes me, this is, this is one of the things that I wonder about President Trump that’s, that’s unrelated to his political career. 

So, before President Trump was president, he was obviously a television star on The Apprentice. Before he was on The Apprentice, what was he? He was a real estate mogul in New York City. He’s responsible for changing some of New York City’s skyline, which is an accolade or an accomplishment that is reserved to very few people. Very few people ever changed the New York City skyline. Donald Trump did that, which means that he had to have had significant interactions with the mob, right? Because the mob controls construction in New York. You don’t do any kind of development, any kind of large construction without being, without being not associated with the mob, but without the mob trying to strong arm you without the mob trying to hold you up for protection, money, et cetera, et cetera. Typical mob stuff. And I have always wondered how President Trump managed them because he has the knack. 

President Trump has the knack of being able to interact with bad people in a way that disarms the bad person. It’s like exactly what he did with Kim Jong Un, when he can almost charm the bad person in order to then get what he want. President Trump got exactly what he wanted from Kim Jong un, and I always, always, always have wanted to ask President Trump, I know this has nothing to do with politics, but I’ve always wanted to ask him about his interactions with the mob. What did they demand of him? What were these interactions like? Did he talk to them directly? Did he communicate with him through intermediaries? What did they demand? What did he give? How did he negotiate? this is a perfect example of why I want to know, because I think that President Trump is a tough guy. 

President Trump is a good negotiator. President Trump understands human nature, and he’s unafraid to use his posture and his demeanor and his facial expressions as part of his negotiation. So if this is true, and we have no reason to doubt that President Trump glare at Alvin Bragg, it’s something that’s completely within character. I think that this is, it’s a pretty crazy thing that went down in this very tiny courtroom in the Manhattan Courthouse today. What happened? Or yesterday? What happened in that courthouse, there’s another crazy thing we’re going to talk about in just a second, but it, it was a huge political win for President Trump. It was a surreal day. We’re living in a Banana Republic. President Trump said in his speech at Mar-a-Lago late last evening, that our country is going to hell. And he’s correct if we don’t course correct right now. But overall, what happened to President Trump yesterday can be turned into a political win because of what the left has done with these charges. So we’re going to talk about that right now. Let’s get to it. 

Okay. So the second crazy thing that happened to President Trump in the courtroom, this is actually crazier than I, I would argue it’s crazier than the unsealed indictment. It’s crazier than the charges against him, is what this judge said to President Trump. This judge, we talked extensively on the show this week discussing whether or not this, this judge would issue a gag order of Trump if this judge would prohibit Trump from talking about any aspect of case in the public. Fortunately, there was no gag order that was issued, and that’s the proper thing to do here, would’ve been very unfair. It would’ve been election interference if this judge had said, listen, you’re not allowed to defend yourself against these charges. It, it’s actually undermines the presumption of innocence because the media and Democrats and these people in law enforcement, like the District Attorney who are weaponizing the government against Trump, are making all these allegations against Trump. 

But he wouldn’t be allowed if he were under gag order to respond to them at all. That’s not going to stop the mainstream media from talking about it. It’s not going to stop them from exaggerating about it. It’s not going to stop them from trying to vilify him and destroy his reputation and his character and his candidacy and a potential presidency. It would’ve been grossly unfair. it also would’ve been completely out of precedent. Gag orders typically protect the defendant. It’s a sixth Amendment right to fair trial issue. They protect the defendant. if the case is talked about, the details of the cases are talked about too much. It can bias a jury, so it, it shouldn’t have applied here. But unfortunately, by the way, the judge didn’t issue a gag order today, which allowed President Trump to talk about this at Mar-a-Lago. But he did something that arguably is worse. 

This judge said to President Trump in the courtroom, he held up a piece of paper that had been printed out, a printout that had been handed to him by the prosecution that showed a social media post of President Trump. The social media post was the one that called for president Trump’s supporters to protest. At least this is being, this is what’s been reported from the courtroom. And the judge says to President Trump, I’m not going to issue a gag order, but I want you to know that I’m requesting that you don’t incite any violence. And he held up this piece of paper more than insinuating, accusing President Trump’s post, his social media post, his call to protest of being violence, of being an incitement of violence. And he essentially told President Trump, I’m looking over your shoulder. I’m listening to what you’re saying. 

I’m watching what you’re posting, and if you post something or say something that I don’t agree with, then I’m going to issue a gag order on you. This is much worse than a gag order. It’s worse for two reasons. First of all, it’s vague and there are no clear standards. What, what, what is he not supposed to say? What is he not supposed to post? Calling for a protest is not inciting violence. Th this is, this is one of the reasons that you know that this judge is incredibly biased towards the left, not just because he donated to Biden, not just because his daughter worked for Kamala Harris’s failed presidential campaign, but because this judge is doing what the radical left has done to all of us in this country, which is conflate speech with actual violence. They want our words, our political opinions, our religious views to be treated under the law like a, a violent act like crime. 

This is what the left has done to President Trump when it comes to January 6th. They still, to this day, accuse President Trump of inciting violence on January 6th. Even though President Trump outside of the White House before anybody marched towards the capitol on January 6th, said, I call on you to peacefully and patriotically marched towards the capitol. He actually used the word peaceful. And yet to the left, that word means nothing. And they’ve invented this underlying dog whistle. They tell us that actually was a secret signal to his supporters to commit vandalism and violence at the capitol. This is, of course, what Marxists do. They redefine words to suit their political narrative, but there’s no clear standards of what this judge means. He didn’t say, okay, here’s the gag order that I’m issuing. It’s either narrow or it’s broad. Here are the standards. Don’t, don’t violate these rules. 

He has told Trump that at any time, arbitrarily without any notification, without any idea, that Trump could be doing something wrong, that this judge could interpret words that mean something else, words that have a meaning as meaning something else, and can use that to arbitrarily deprive President Trump of his first amendment right to free speech. This is incredibly dangerous, incredibly dangerous to both give arbitrary standards and to label speech as violence. This is so much more serious than the actual charges that are being levied against Trump. By the way, we don’t even fully know the charges being levied against Trump because the indictment when it was unsealed, it’s 34 felony counts, but it’s not really 34 felony counts. It’s really one count copied and pasted with a bunch of different dates. And the, and the, the original charge, of course, is falsification of business documents or business fraud. 

You probably heard this a million times. It has to do with the hush money payments that Michael Cohen gave to Stormy Daniels, who is the porn star who made the false allegation during the 2016 campaign that she had had a, a sexual affair with President Trump while Melania was pregnant with Baron. Michael Cohen paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 in an NBA agreement saying, we’ll give you this money if you don’t talk about this anymore. President Trump then reimbursed Michael Cohen for those payments. He reported that income as legal fees which is the incorrect way to report that, but it also doesn’t matter at all. It wasn’t a campaign finance violation. NDAs are completely legal in the state of New York. This is just a, a huge nothing burger. And even if you want to be uber nitpicky, legalistic about it, the best it would be is like this misdemeanor maybe. 

But no, no sensible, rational, reasonable prosecutor would ever bring that as a misdemeanor because it’s so obviously a silly, ridiculous thing that doesn’t matter to anyone and certainly not to our society. But Alvin Bragg is bringing it as a felony because there’s he has the ability to elevate a misdemeanor to a felony if, if he can prove that the misdemeanor was committed with the intent to conceal a secondary crime, a secondary crime. So of course, we all were scanning through this entire indictment looking, okay, well, what’s the secondary crime? What’s this thing? This is the smoking gun that we were supposed to wait for. This is what caused me to be just the slightest bit nervous. When Trump walked into that Manhattan courtroom. What is the secondary crime? We all knew the misdemeanor charges were being elevated felonies based on this legal doctrine that says, you can elevate a misdemeanor to a felony if there’s a secondary crime that he’s trying to cover up. 

What was it? Alvin Bg didn’t tell us. He didn’t say anything. He, he, he both had an indictment, which is the purpose of an indictment, by the way, is twofold. It’s to inform the defendant of exactly what the charges are so that they, including the statutes that they’re being charged under so that the defendant can defend themselves. And it also prevents double jeopardy. So if they’re ever these charges are ever brought again, then the defendant can very clearly say, Nope, I’ve already, I’ve already had had this. I’ve already been charged with this. You can’t charge me again. But Alvin Bragg did not make this clear. We literally don’t know what this secondary crime is. We can bring this up. This is we have this, this little piece from the indictment. It’s the Matt, I’m talking to my producer now in the control room. 

It’s one of the last, it’s like the third to last element of the show. I want to show it a little bit early. It’s that tweet from techno fog. he highlighted the part of the, he highlighted the part of the indictment where, look at that on the screen right now. I’ll read it to you. So this is the introduction to the indictment. It says, from August, 2015 to December of 2017, the defendant orchestrated a scheme with others to influence the 2016 presidential election by identifying and purchasing negative information about him to suppress its publication and benefit the defendant’s electoral prospects. So two things as techno fog, so aptly notes, there is no, there’s no law, there’s no statute, there’s no, there’s no federal statute mentioned. Like what law was violated here. What, what, what are you charging Trump with? What is this secondary crime? It, there’s nothing, nothing. 

There’s nothing communicated to President Trump. And then secondarily, if you notice those dates, it’s all the way through 2017. Well, in 2017, president Trump was actually President Trump. He wasn’t candidate Trump. He wasn’t campaigning for president. He wasn’t even president-elect Trump. He was President Trump. So how can actions taken after the president is elected and inaugurated, go back, be grandfathered into impact the outcome of an election? This is the worst, the worst case that I’m not even an attorney. And this is the worst case of political targeting that we have seen in a really long time. A lot of people are wondering, is this going to drag out the entire 2024 election season? What is going to happen here? Well, apparently this judge, this very biased, very partisan judge who issued this both vague and therefore all encompassing pseudo gag order on Trump conflating his words with actual violence, the most egregious part of this whole thing. 

He said he wants to move expeditiously. Expeditiously means quickly. But that’s not what we’re seeing when we look at the dates here. So the next advancement in this process is motions by the defendant are due by August. That’s right. It is April right now. So April, may, June, July, August, four months from now that is when defendants or the defendant must file motions. The prosecution has until September 19th to respond. So an additional month. The next court date is December 4th. It’s April right now, December 4th. The prosecution has requested a trial in January of 2024. How very convenient, how extremely convenient that they want a trial that the president would have to step away from the campaign trail to attend. That would obviously be of public and international interest right before voters in the presidential primaries. Huh? Does that seem like a sixth amendment right to a fair trial? 

It doesn’t seem like a fair trial to me. It seems like political targeting. So the penalty for the, the charges that Trump is facing, should he be convicted, could be up to five years in prison. In any other situation, this would probably just be a suspended sentence. There wouldn’t be any prison. There wouldn’t be any actual prison time served because there were no victims that were defrauded. And this is of course, accepting the completely wild, ridiculous and false premise that President Trump did something wrong. He didn’t. But in a similar case, if a person with similar charges had actually done something wrong, that would be the likely outcome. What the left is hoping for. The left is hoping to put President Trump in prison. They’re not just doing this to humiliate, they’re not just doing this to interfere in the 2024 election. They actually viscerally with their gut hate. 

They loathe, they, they despise President Trump because he represents us, because they hate flyover states and blue collar workers and Christians and anybody who dissents from the radical leftist ideology. People who love their families and love God and love America. President Trump represents us in their eyes. They want to destroy President Trump because they think by destroying him, they can destroy us. That’s the terrifying part of all of this, the terrifying part of all of this. So there was no mugshot, no handcuffs, no jail, even for a brief amount of time. During the arraignment hearing yesterday, president Trump was fingerprinted, which I literally don’t care about. What whatever fingerprinting is, fingerprinting, the whole process was fake. It was a farce. So in that sense, it’s bad, but it’s not, it’s not like it can be used for political advantage like a mugshot or handcuffs or prison or something like that. 

 the indictment, let’s talk about the indictment for a second. So the indictment that, I’m going to call it the indictment that wasn’t this, these unsealed charges, there was no secondary crime. And there has to be a secondary crime for these piddly little technical misdemeanors, which is actually just one misdemeanor copied and pasted to 34 different business documents, which makes it even stupider. There has to be this intent to conceal a secondary crime, which means there has to be a secondary crime. What is that secondary crime? There is no secondary crime that was, that was indicated yet. This is how Alvin Bragg described this supposed secondary crime. And this is very, very telling how Alvin Bragg described this, even though he didn’t include it in the actual indictment itself. This is how he verbally described it in his press conference afterward. This is what he said. 

“These are felony crimes in New York State, no matter who you are, we cannot and will not normalize serious criminal conducts.” 

Also felony crimes in the state of New York, the 52% of felony charges that you reduced to a misdemeanor because you were bankrolled by George Soros in the tune of 1 million. And George Soros doesn’t want his progressive prosecutors to actually prosecute crime. He doesn’t believe in law and order. He doesn’t believe in our justice system. He doesn’t believe in prisons. He doesn’t believe in police. He doesn’t believe in our country. This man is a joke. He’s an embarrassment. Actually, I don’t know any Democrat that could look at this guy and look at these videos and say, I am proud to be on that man’s side. I am proud of what he’s doing. He is humiliating himself, like his mother cannot be proud of him. He’s humiliating himself. He’s humiliating our country. He’s humiliating district attorneys all over the country. He’s humiliating the legal profession. Our enemies around the world are looking at us with disgusted. 

Some of them are probably laughing at us, mocking us, thinking well, the United States is going to be pretty easy to take advantage of if the Democrat Party can actually hijack and weaponize the power of the government to target Joe Biden’s political opponent. If they have that much power to do that, well, you know, they’re not as stable of a country as we thought. It kind of makes the idea that we’re giving away all of our money to Ukraine in the name of democracy, even more absurd, because we can’t even protect our own democracy here at home with clowns like this in charge. But this is what Greg said, related to the secondary, the supposed phantom, no one can find it secondary. This invisible secondary charge that has to do with elevating these piddly little misdemeanor. Nothings to felonies. This is how we described it. Take a listen. 

“Why did Donald Trump repeatedly make these false statements? The evidence will show that he did so to cover up crimes relating to the 2016 election. Donald Trump executives at the publishing company, American Media Incorporated, Mr. Cohen and others agreed in 2015 to a catch and kill scheme. That is a scheme to buy and suppress negative information to help Mr. Trump’s chance of winning the election. As part of this scheme, Donald Trump and others made three payments to people who claim to have negative information about Mr. Trump.” 

Okay, so first of all, the phrase catch and kill scheme sounds really bad. It sounds really dark, it sounds really violent. It’s not like any of the violent crimes that Alvin Bragg has declined to prosecute in New York. It’s not the grand larceny, it’s not the sexual assault. It’s not the violent criminals who have been released from jail and then committed crimes. Again, none of that. This catch and kill is nothing at all. It’s what they call white collar, meaning it’s something that’s done in the media and it, it, it’s simply nothing. It’s nothing. So what Alvin Bragg is doing is he’s pretending to be a federal prosecutor because there is a federal law related to campaign finance. It’s, it relates to how much you’re allowed to donate to a certain candidate. It relates to how you must report financial contributions to, or financial expenditures from your campaign. 

And federal prosecutors are responsible for prosecuting any criminality as it as it relates to campaign finance laws. The FEC is also the Federal Elections Commission is also responsible for keeping track of that. And let me just tell you the FEC, we’ve said this a hundred times this week, but apparently no one has told Alvin Bragg. The FEC investigated this exact scenario years ago and determined that this was not a violation of campaign finance law. Because the original allegation was President Trump disguised a an in-kind donation to his campaign as a personal expenditure when he should have used campaign money for that. and because he disguised that it was a violation of campaign finance law, the FEC looked at that and said, no, no, an NDA of this kind, I guess you could argue benefits a campaign, but it has to be something like this would have to primarily benefit a kind, a campaign in order to be categorized as an in-kind donation or a campaign finance law related issue, and an NDA that was entered into by a public figure, a married public figure, especially when it has to do with a sexual, with a an allegation of sexual misconduct. 

 not even, not even sexual assault, but infidelity is obviously a personal matter at best. A professional matter can hardly be categorized as a political matter that might be just like down the list, third in the priority list here. And the FEC was like, no, this, this wasn’t a campaign finance violation. Because first of all, it’s a personal thing. And secondarily, can you imagine if President Trump had actually used campaign funds to pay off Stormy Daniels? Can you imagine the left would be prosecuting him for that? So this is a prosecute him. If he did prosecute him, if he didn’t, a lose, no matter what you do, you will be charged. We will slam the, slam you with the law. So the FEC decided, no, we’re not going to, we’re not going to look into this. Or they did look into it and they decided not to prosecute it because there’s nothing they can, they can do about it. 

Federal prosecutors likewise looked into this to see if there was some kind of crime that was committed. They declined to prosecute it. So then we have Alvin Bragg, this Manhattan District attorney who is trying to take the prosecution of federal crimes into his own hands. We have an apparatus to prosecute federal crimes. That’s not what the district attorney for Manhattan, the borough of Manhattan is not responsible for prosecuting federal crimes. He’s not allowed to prosecute federal crimes. That’s a separate apparatus. But because the FEC declined, because federal prosecutors wouldn’t bring any charges against this because it’s so stupid, obviously not a crime. Alvin Bragg is trying to bring these charges himself, bring these charges himself. But, but there’s a statute of limitations issue that he is dealing with. So the statute of limitations on the, I almost want to put it in quotation marks on the misdemeanor charges has expired. 

Alvin Bragg has no authority to bring misdemeanor charges simply for the falsification of business documents. The way that he is, he is claiming President Trump did, he’s passed the statute of limitations. He, he didn’t do it in enough time. He’s not allowed to do that. he’s only allowed to do it now, and arguably he shouldn’t be because he has elevated this to a felony based on this allegation that there was an intent to conceal, conceal a secondary crime, a federal crime of campaign finance. What we can infer, Alvin Bragg did not state this in the indictment or in the press conference. What we can infer is that he is saying that what Michael Cohen did by first paying Stormy Daniels, that $130,000 was exceed the limits for campaign contributions. He’s making that same allegations, that same allegation regarding Karen McDougal, who was another woman who brought a similar allegation against Trump and was paid, I think $150,000. 

He’s making that same allegation. We think about that. but again, Alvin Bragg has no authority to prosecute a federal crime. And federal prosecutors have already declined to prosecute this crime in the FEC found that President Trump did not do anything that would violate campaign finance law. In fact, in if it were the reverse, if Trump had used campaign funds to pay off these women for these allegations, what I call nuisance settlements, because this happens oftentimes, unfortunately, to high profile men who get women making false allegations about them because the women think that they will be believed. They think that this is the way they clout chase. This is their 15 minutes of fame. And so high profile men often settle with women even when the allegations are false just to shut them up because they are a nuisance. That’s what Stormy Daniels turned out to be. 

She said that this was not true. Michael Cohen paid her off just because she was being a nuisance. Unfortunately, that is the way of the world. And if there’s criticism and illegality to that, it should be aimed at Stormy Daniels. It should be aimed at a woman making a false allegation, just a prophet from it leading, giving the Democrats exactly what they need, this weird pathway to get to President Trump. So, Alvin Bragg, let’s talk about Alvin Bragg for a second. There’s this narrative going around from the left that if you note accurately note the reality that Alvin Bragg is funded by George Soros. And when I say funded, I want to be very specific. During his campaign for election, Alvin Bragg was people donated to his campaign. George Soros pledged a million dollars to a specific entity that gave a million dollars to Alvin Bragg. 

That’s when we say a Soros funded prosecutor. That’s what we’re referring to. We just followed the money trail, followed the money trail from Soros to this organization, to Alvin Bragg. It’s not that complicated of a topic. It’s not that complicated of a money trail. It’s not, there’s no shadow organizations, there’s no, there’s no shell companies, there’s no offshore accounts. This is just a direct line from George Soros to Alvin Bragg. Now, the reason that that’s a problem is because of what George Soros himself admitted. This is another reason why this allegation from the left, that if we note that George Soros funded Alvin Bragg, then we are somehow levying anti-Semitic accusations against George Soros. What on earth does, does anti-Semitism or him being Jewish have anything to do with this? In the Wall Street Journal? The Wall Street Journal, this is not a terribly liberal outlet. 

They’re not based conservative, but of all the sort of mainstream outlets, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Wall Street Journal is by far and away the best. They have some reasonable people that write in there. The Wall Street Journal published a piece written by George Soros about why he is funding progressive prosecutors in this piece. George Soros says, I’m not trying to hide this. I’m doing this openly. I want people to know what my strategy is. I want people to, to appreciate it and embrace it. He said, I’m funding these prosecutors because I want them to prosecute crime less. I want people to serve less time in prison. I want to decriminalize our system. I want, I want to, I mean, he calls it mass incarceration. The problem of mass incarceration. I would disagree and contest that we don’t have a problem with mass incarceration, but George Soros thinks we do. 

And George Soros wants to change that by funding prosecutors who will prosecute crimes less so that fewer people are sent to prison. He openly admits this. So as you can see, the idea that noting that George Soros who has this agenda of wanting to fund prosecutors who won’t prosecute crime, giving money to a specific amount of money, to an organization who gave that specific amount of money to Alvin Bragg, has nothing to do with George So’s heritage or his religion. It’s not an anti-Semitic attack. Anti-Semitism is the poisonous ideology that wants to exterminate Jewish people. What on earth does observing and believing what George Soros articulates about his own political ideology have to do with anti-Semitism? They’re obviously not the same thing at all. Do not let the left frighten you into not observing and examining and repeating and exposing what George Soros is doing in our country. 

Your attacks against him are not anti-Semitic. You are simply noting his political influence, his political activism, and anybody who partakes in political activism. I remember saying this at the time actually about Greta Thunberg when she was young. I said, listen, I know that criticism, especially harsh criticism of Greta Thunberg makes it look like, oh, conservatives are punching down at a child. But when a child wants to have influence on a national stage, that child has to understand that you can be one or the other. You can be a child, in which case adults should be a little gentler in criticism or your political ideology. Your political agenda can be taken seriously on the adult stage, in which case, out of respect for the political sphere as respect actually for your presentation of your political view, we will treat it as harshly as we treat other adults political agendas. 

That’s the same thing here with George. I, the same thing applies to Dylan Mulvaney. Actually, you know, some people are like, well, it’s not nice to criticize Dylan Mulvaney, this transgender TikTok star so harshly. And I’m like, yes, it is. Because you’re not criticizing him personally. I mean, maybe you say it’s annoying, but that’s not that mean. That’s fine, that’s not what I’m talking about. But you’re criticizing his political activism because he’s tied his personality and his platform into political activism trying to get the president of the United States not to allow states to ban the genital mutilation of children in the name of transgender ideology. Of course, you can criticize that. That’s the same thing with George. So do not let these leftists frighten you from making criticism of anybody’s political activism no matter who they are. The left picks individuals to conduct their edgiest political activism. 

When they think the poli, when they think the individuals are sympathetic, figures enough that if we criticize the activism, they can immediately accuse us of being mean to the individual classic tactic. Don’t fall for it. Don’t fall for it. So then we get to President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago speech last night. It was crowded. One of the most fun parts, I think was looking at who was there. You could see pretty clearly that Marjorie Taylor Green was there. You could see that Congressman Matt Gaetz was there. You could see My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell was there. Karrie Lake was there. Don Jr was there. Kimberly Guilfoyle, his, I believe fiancé was there. Eric Trump was there, Laura Trump was there. Ivanka Trump did not appear to be there. Melania Trump, Trump’s wife did not appear to be there. A few question marks about why that is, but President Trump began his speech by talking about the crime that he actually did commit. Take a listen. 

“And I never thought anything like this could happen in America. Never thought it could happen. The only crime that I have committed is to fearlessly defend our nation from those who seek to destroy it.” 

This guy has unlimited energy, and I don’t say that as someone who, who is a suck up to politicians, who’s a shill for politicians. Not at all. Just a, an accurate observation. Imagine flying to New York one day, the next day going through this arraignment process, flying back to Mar-a-Lago and having that energy to give that kind of speech. Unreal, unreal. And honestly, he barely looked phased. He looked the same as he always does. His presentation was per usual. He came out swinging, gave his, it was very smart actually, how he laid out his campaign agenda. There were some lefties that were like, oh, this sounds like his typical stump speech. And I’m watching thinking, well, yeah, of course it is, because every network is carrying it. So this is a perfect opportunity for President Trump to reach people who don’t otherwise hear him. With his criticisms of Joe Biden, which most of the Americans share, and what he’s offering as president in 2024, it was brilliant of him to do his, his stump speech in front of such a humongous audience, especially when that included like the viewers of MSNBC and CNN, both of which carried it to a certain point and then got their panties in such a little wad that they cut away from it, which made me laugh. 

But also their viewers, you got to try a different channel. You got to get away from those people. Trump is right though the crime that he committed. The reason that this prosecutor is going after him is because he’s a candidate for president of the United States. Had President Trump decided not to run, had he decided just to be a king maker in the Republican party, maybe, or go back into business, he would not be facing these charges. These charges are not only political targeting because the left hates President Trump as the former president. These are not only political charges because the left hates President Trump as he represents us. These political charges are election interference. They’re intended to impact the outcome of the 2024 presidential election. It’s the only reason these charges being brought. Otherwise, this prosecutor would never have brought them a very chilling, chilling observation to that we should understand. And President Trump, by the way, understands the threats of who’s behind this. He likewise noted in his speech that this is not just a, a random prosecutor. This is not just an individual who hates him, but is an ideology that’s been funded, that’s using Alvin Bragg as their embarrassing, as their embarrassing puppet. Take a listen, 

“And this is where we are right now. I have a Trump hating judge with a Trump hating wife and family whose daughter worked for Kamala Harris and now receives money from the Biden Harris campaign. And a lot of men. We recently had another trial, and the same judge told the fine man who worked for me for many, many years that if you admit your guilt, you’ll be in jail for 90 days. But if you don’t, if we go through a trial and you’re found guilty, you’re going away for 10 years and maybe longer, which for a 75-year-old man with a great family really means life. What the prosecutors and judge did to that man, I will never forget because it’s right out of the old Soviet Union. That’s where we are.” 

Remember earlier in the week when we watched that video of the Communist Congress in China, when Xi Jinping had his, had the former president, a political opponent removed from Congress, that they just surprised him and publicly humiliated him and disappeared him. And the guy was surprised and he knew exactly what was happening. The former president knew exactly what was happening. He knew that Xi Jinping and his communist thugs were targeting him because of his politics. And he looked at Xi Jinping and he was like, are you kidding? Are you really doing this? And Xi Jinping just brushed him off like a fly off his jacket. That’s what’s happening here in the United States. This day is a sad day. Yesterday was a sad day and a scary day for our country overall. I got to tell you, I feel encouraged about what’s to come because these charges are so absurd. 

They’re so silly. They can’t possibly stand up in a court of law because there’s nothing to them. There’s nothing to them. There was no secondary crime articulated. The primary misdemeanors are not even provable misdemeanors. And that’s that There’s no campaign finance law violation. Federal prosecutors decline to prosecute. And this is going to galvanize people behind President Trump to support his campaign. Maybe they’re going to drag it out over the course of the next year. Maybe it’ll go more quickly than we think. But ultimately, president Trump won today in court even as he was the target of the grossest Poli political targeting campaign that I have ever seen in my entire life. Make sure you subscribe to my show on on Apple Podcast and on Spotify. Thank you for watching today. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is the Liz Wheeler Show. 

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