The REASON Trump Is Skipping the GOP Debate





Liz dives into the question of why President Trump is skipping the first Republican debate. She highlights the statement made by Trump about his absence from the Milwaukee debate and points out that he referred to “debates” in plural, suggesting his likely absence from future debates as well.

Liz analyzes various theories circulating about Trump’s decision. Some believe his lawyers might have discouraged him due to ongoing legal challenges, while others argue he’s avoiding discussions related to January 6th. Liz dismisses these theories, emphasizing her doubts and favoring other explanations.

Liz reflects on the significance of candidates participating in debates and the value of direct interaction with voters. She expresses her personal wish for Trump to participate, citing his skill in debating and his ability to connect with the public through his speeches. Liz finds it puzzling that Trump is not taking part and speculates on possible reasons behind his decision.

She delves into the possible motivations, questioning if Trump sees himself as an incumbent and therefore doesn’t want to dignify his challengers with his presence. However, she believes a stronger argument lies in Trump’s dissatisfaction with the debate hosts: the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Fox News.

Liz asserts that both entities might have wronged Trump, leading him to avoid participating in debates hosted by them. She highlights the RNC’s demanding commitments from candidates and their request for Trump’s campaign data, which he might not be comfortable sharing. Furthermore, she discusses Tucker Carlson’s firing from Fox News due to his coverage of January 6th, suggesting that Trump might be reluctant to engage with the network.

Liz also delves into leaked debate preparation memos, specifically focusing on one for Ron DeSantis. She finds advice in the memo questionable, suggesting that attacking rivals might not be the best approach. Instead, she suggests focusing on broader Republican principles and contrasting them with Democrats’ policies.

Liz shifts to Hunter Biden’s legal issues and how they relate to his father, Joe Biden. She explains the potential leverage Hunter might have over Joe, which could explain the latter’s reluctance to condemn his son’s actions. She discusses the potential implications of Hunter’s lawyers threatening to involve Joe Biden as a witness in any legal proceedings against Hunter.

The conversation then shifts to the possibility of mask mandates returning for air travel. Liz discusses the role of vitamin D, exercise, and healthy habits in building immune resilience against Covid-19. She also mentions the potential risks associated with Covid-19 vaccines, citing recent studies indicating increased susceptibility and severity among vaccinated individuals.

Finally, Liz critiques the approach of health authorities during the early stages of the pandemic, particularly regarding the usage of remdesivir instead of other potential treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. She emphasizes the need to learn from past mistakes and approach Covid-19 from a more informed perspective.

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Why is President Trump skipping the first Republican debate? That’s a very interesting question. I think Trump confirmed that he was skipping the debates. In fact, if you read his statement that he released about the Republican debate in Milwaukee tomorrow, he actually referred to the debate as plurals, insinuating that he is not gonna go to any of the debates. This is what he posted on truth social. He said, new CBS poll just out has me leading the field by quote unquote, legendary numbers. Trump, 62%, 46 points above de sanctimonious, who’s crashing like an ailing bird Ramos Swami, 7%, Pence, 5%, Scott, 3%, Haley, 2% sloppy. Chris Christie, 2% Ada Hutchinson, 1%. Trump said, the public knows who I am and what a successful presidency I had with energy independence, strong borders and military biggest ever tax and regulation cuts, no inflation, strongest economy in history, and much more. 

I will therefore not be doing the debates. He said, debates, plural. You can see that right there on the screen. So I guess that does, that means it’s not just this upcoming debate. And there are some people who are proposing, I saw this on x, some people proposing that President Trump’s lawyers dissuaded him from attending this debate because of the possibility that any, anything related to January 6th, anything related to the prosecution would be used against him since, especially the Georgia lawsuit. I guess all of them. The one in, in, or the Georgia indictment, the one in Georgia, the one in Manhattan, the special counsel Jack Smith. They all have to do with his speech, mostly his tweets, his comments, his speeches. So there’s some people on X who are proposing that he’s not doing it out of prudence because anything he says about it will be used against him in these open cases. 

I don’t quite buy that. I don’t think that that’s the reason. There are some other people who are saying that voters have a right to hear from the candidate. They have a right to hear from Donald Trump. They have a right to hear from Joe Biden. Biden too is refusing to debate R F K Junior. And lemme tell you, that’s a debate I would pay to see. I understand this. I do think that candidates have a responsibility to not just present themselves in a package to the public, but to actually allow the public to interact with them, to see them as human and not just as an online personality. my personal opinion on the matter is, I wish that Trump was doing this debate. I wish that he was gonna be up there. It would be way more interesting if Trump was up there than without him. 

And I don’t quite understand why he wouldn’t do it. It’s really a no-lose proposition for him because he is very skilled at debates. He’s, he’s hilarious at debate. It says where he, that’s where he shined in 2016. He’s great when people attack him. He’s great with the one-liners. He’s great with communicating with the American people. In fact, sometimes once in a while, I will confess to you, I grow a little bit tired of just the back and forth online when it comes to Trump. And I’ll be like, okay, I’ve had about enough of this. And then I’ll see him, whether it’s at a rally, whether it’s at a speech, an interview, and as soon as I see him again in person and hear him talk, see him perform essentially, I’m like, oh my gosh, I love this guy. And it kind of reminds me like it revives the fact that I think that he’s a hilarious person. 

So I don’t, I don’t understand exactly why he’s not going. I mean, some people are saying that he’s just, he’s refusing to acknowledge that there are any challengers because he thinks of himself as the incumbent. And he doesn’t want, he doesn’t think that he should dignify any of these other challengers from DeSantis to Pence, to Hay, to Ramas Swami by his presence. That seems like a pretty weak argument to me. The most convincing argument of why he’s not going is probably that this debate is hosted by the R N C and by Fox News, both institutions, which you could argue have wronged Trump. The R N C, of course, is asking for a pretty strict, I mean, I might even describe it as unreasonable com commitments from these candidates, a commitment to support whoever wins the Republican race. So what if Chris Christie won? 

I mean, I know L o l Chris Christie’s never gonna win, but hypothetically, what if he won? It’s Trump supposed to support him. What about Pence? Is he supposed to support Pence? Like that’s a pretty difficult request in addition to the fact that the RNC is asking for all of Trump’s campaign datAll of his voter data. So I understand that. I understand that he’s not happy with that. Maybe more importantly is the Fox news aspect. Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox because he was, or a ostensibly, the most likely reason he was fired from Fox is because he was covering January 6th. And the way he was covering January 6th was factual. It’s not like he’s on team Trump necessarily, but when you’re on the side of the truth about January 6th, you’re on the side of President Trump here. Tucker Carlson was fired because of that. 

That’s a pretty big affront by Fox News against President Trump. So that to me is the strongest argument for why it would be justified for President Trump not to participate in these debates, even though he’s very skilled at it. And yeah, the American people do need to see a president in a debate format, but the R n c Fox aspect is the aspect that I can understand he would not want to get involved with. I’m interested in your thoughts. Are you going to watch, he did announce also President Trump said that he’s going to, instead of going to the debate, he’s going to do an interview with Tucker Carlson that’s going to air at the same time. So we’re gonna keep an eye on those ratings. I think it’ll be interesting. And I wanna know if you’re gonna watch Tucker and Trump, if you’re gonna watch the G O P debate or if you are going to go to bed early and watch neither. 

So there was a debate memo that was leaked. This is obviously a preparation document. Every candidate before they debates on at this is true at local level, at whether it’s like a congressional race, whether it’s a state race, whether it’s a federal race, whether it’s presidential race. they, there’s basically a dossier that’s created for each candidate. It’s like a binder full of stuff, and it’s got stuff on their own policy. It’s got one-liners that are pre-written for them, all their debate talking points. It’s got all the opposition research on every candidate. The strategy for how in this case, maybe DeSantis would talk about Trump or talk about one of his other competitors here. And one of these debate memos was leaked. and it’s supposedly a debate memo that was created for Ron DeSantis. I’m gonna read this to you. This is from Fox News. 

DeSantis is denying that this is his, but I don’t know if I believe him. I don’t really believe a lot of what politicians say when it comes to stuff like this. This is what Fox says. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he’s quote, ready to do what we need to do at Wednesday’s first Republican presidential nomination debate to deliver his message and defend himself from rival candidates. The conservative governor also dismissed a leaked debate strategy memo from top advisors at the DeSantis aligned super back saying that quote, the memo is not mine. I haven’t read it. among other things, the memo, I think this is what we’re interested in the most, not whether DeSantis is denying it, but what was in it among other things, the memo urged DeSantis to defend former President Donald Trump. if as expected, the former president comes under attack from other candidates, the document also urges DeSantis to hammer Vivek bras Swami, another rival for the nomination who’s standing is rising in numerous polls. 

I find that very interesting. I would not take that advice if this isn’t DeSantis. Let’s just, let’s just accept that premise for a second. If this was created by a DeSantis super Pac, which isn’t technically allowed to communicate with a DeSantis campaign, and so they leaked it in order to get it to DeSantis, that would be a very typical political move. I wouldn’t take any of this advice. This is not good advice. He should not attack Vivek like, what’s, what are you trying to fight for second place? he should defend Trump, but he should not talk about the weaponization of the federal government beyond defending Trump and saying how awful it is and promising to abolish the FBI and any other of the intelligence agencies or federal law enforcement apparatuses that have been weaponized. What he should focus on. And this is true. 

Any, any candidate, I’m not sitting here just giving DeSantis advice here. This is actually, they shouldn’t be focusing on each other at all. You can compare and contrast yourself to the other candidates so that the voter knows what you’re getting. Like, okay, this is where he stands, and this is what I stand where I stand. But ultimately, this is the Republican party against the Democrat party. The vision and the principles of the Republican Party against the vision and the lack of principles of the Democrat party. And that’s where all the visceral savage mudslinging, that’s where it should live. It should live against Joe Biden. If the Republicans want to win, this is true. Whether it’s DeSantis, this is true. If Trump were going to be there, which he’s not, this is true. If it’s Vivek, this is true of any of the candidates. You want to actually win new voters that weren’t already going to vote for you, just by nature of being Republican. 

Then you talk about Covid, you talk about Covid lockdowns, which by the way, we’re gonna talk about more in this show because rumor has it reportedly allegedly the Democrats are getting ready to ramp all that stuff up again. People don’t want that. People don’t like that. You don’t have to be a to be against mask mandates and vet vaccines being coerced and your business being ruined. You talk about that. How did this happen less than two years ago in our country? And we’ve just forgotten it. No one’s been held accountable. Talk about Covid, talk about the transgender ideology. This is now in its infiltrated every corner of our society and our culture. And again, you don’t have to be a Republican to be against the transgender ideology. You don’t have to. Republicans, by the way, believe in equality under the law, equal rights for everybody no matter how they identify. 

But that’s not what the transgender ideology wants. They want you to be forced to celebrate their delusions because it’s a political tactic. And people don’t like that. Moms and dads don’t want biological males changing in the locker room with their, with their little girls. They don’t want biological males playing on sports teams. They don’t want their children being trans in school. They don’t want pornographic books being read to their kindergartner and first grader and second grader and third grader. They don’t want blue-haired teachers telling, telling their kids that they’re gender queer and that their pronouns are z Z. No one wants that. No one wants that in our society. And Republican candidates have been tentative about talking about it, but if they talk about it, they will win people over. Also, hunter Biden, they should focus on Hunter Biden. No one likes Hunter Biden’s corruption. 

Even Democrats think that it’s bad and wrong and it might change their votes. Talk about that. Contrast yourselves to each other. That’s fine. Compare your policies to each other. That’s fine. Save your attacks for the Democrats, that’s a campaign or that’s a debate prep memo that everyone should pay attention to. Speaking of Hunter Biden, you think the Hunter Biden corruption can’t get any worse? Wait till, hear what Hunter Biden’s lawyers threatened. Joe Biden. Yes, the president of the United States. Okay, hunter Biden’s Lawyers. This is according to the Daily Wire and others, this is quite the story. Hunter Biden’s lawyers threatened to force Joe Biden to the witness stand. If the Department of Justice charged Hunter Biden talk about a Mafiaa tactic. So one of the interesting things about the cocaine in the White House, the non investigation that followed that was people who thought that we would actually get to the bottom of it. 

Like it was obviously easy to figure out who had that baggie of cocaine. It was Hunter Biden’s. That’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist doesn’t even take, you know, encyclopedia Brown could have solved that mystery, but they were never going to solve that mystery because if they found out that it was Hunter Biden’s, they would’ve had to charge him for it. Or even if they didn’t, even if they found a way not to charge him for it would have violated what was at the time. His determined program for his other charges, his firearm charges and his tax evasion charges. And one of the, one of the elements of that, one of the conditions of that plea deal, that diversionary program, was that he remained drug free. So if he were caught with cocaine, it would’ve, it would’ve thrown him out of that diversionary program. 

So it was never going to happen that they were going to find who it was. The media just doesn’t hold them accountable. So they could be like, oh, well, it was impossible to tell who it was. Maybe it was someone in the Biden or, but we just, we couldn’t tell. There’s no cameras there. Sure, the most secure location on planet Earth, you couldn’t tell who brought drugs in there. Forgive me if I don’t believe you here. Well, hunter Biden’s lawyers, the reason Joe Biden cannot condemn Hunter Biden for any reason, is because Hunter Biden has all the dirt in the world on Joe Biden. He could blow the whole operation just like that. And I imagine Joe Biden lives in constant fear of this. If I were Joe Biden, I’d be like, oh my gosh, when is the next laptop gonna come up where my naked crack smoking son is gonna be talking about all the money he’s made me? 

And more emails are gonna show exactly the world that I played in this, in this deal where my son was the beg man going around to foreign nations collecting cash in exchange for access to me. Like it would take one, one drug bender for Hunter Biden to blow the whole ordeal. And so what does Joe Biden do? He has to hold his son real close, bring him into the White House. That’s not fatherly love like he always talks about. That’s not close knit family. No, no, that’s fear. You hold this person so close so that if he starts to open his mouth, you’re close enough to put your hand over his face. That’s what we’re having happen here. And Hunter Biden’s lawyers are proving that this is what’s the daily wire rights. They say Chris Clark, a lawyer for Hunter Biden, threatened the US attorney investigating his client that if his client was charged in the case, the defense would call President Joe Biden to testify, thus creating a constitutional crisis by pitting the President against his own justice department. 

The warning came after information was leaked to the news media that federal prosecutors believed they had enough information to charge Hunter Biden for illegally purchasing a firearm despite being a drug addict. This is what Clark said in a letter to prosecutors, president Biden. Now unquestionably would be a fact witness for the defense in any criminal trial. This of all cases justifies neither the spectacle of a sitting president testifying at a criminal trial, nor the potential for a resulting constitutional crisis. Ho ho Well, I think we’ve cracked the mystery here. I think we now understand exactly why Hunter Biden is being protected the way that he is. If you actually wanted to hold Hunter Biden accountable, you would not rely on Joe Biden’s own Department of Justice. Joe Biden obviously doesn’t wanna be on the witness stand because that would be embarrassing for him, and he’s gonna do anything to avoid it. 

So clearly they’re not going to charge Hunter Biden the way that Hunter Biden doesn’t want to be charged. The the only way or the best way to actually stop this is not to wait for a Republican president. It’s not to hope that there’s a Republican Congress that’s gonna conduct some sort of investigation or hearings. No, no. The best way to stop this is for a conservative district attorney, a conservative prosecutor in a jurisdiction where the jury pool is friendly. Meaning not Washington DC not New York, somewhere in a red state where juries actually apply the elements of the statute to the facts of the case as is being presented to them. Some conservative prosecutor in a jury friendly jurisdiction to go after Joe and Biden for the same sort of charges that the prosecutor Fannie Willis in Georgia is going after Trump for. So Rico charges, because what Hunter Biden and Joe Biden did is almost exactly textbook what mafia would do or what a Rico charge would be. 

You’re not gonna be able to do this at the federal level right now. There’s, there’s too many swamp creatures. There’s, it’s too bureaucratic. It’s never gonna happen. It’s going to have to be done the way that Democrats are doing it to Trump. This is another one of those situations that’s so infuriating to be a Republican because Democrats figured this out a lot like long before Republicans figured this out. Why do you think Fulton County, Georgia is where the most likely case of Trump going to prison is happening in Fulton County, Georgia? Like what? This isn’t happening impeaching a president, but Fulton County, Georgia or Manhattan. Yeah. The reason for this is because Democrats cracked this code. Republicans are having to play catch up. But it doesn’t mean that, it doesn’t mean that Republicans shouldn’t play catch up. The only way to stop Democrats from weaponizing government against Trump or any other conservative by the way it won’t stop at Trump, is for Democrats to know that if they do this, it’s going to happen to them. 

Now this might seem like an intimidating proposition. In fact, there were, there was someone on X. We could bring up element number two. This is a post on X by a username martyr made. I’m gonna bring this up on the screen so I can read this that says, I see people calling for Republican State Attorney General to find charges for Democrat politicians. Here’s how that would play out. The Democrats would reject the proceeding as illegitimate and refuse to participate, daring the State Attorney General to try to arrest them for it. Ben Shapiro would do a podcast describing why the indictments don’t technically meet the standards for whatever crime and therefore shouldn’t have been brought. Senate Republicans would rush to meet the press to denounce the State Attorney General for weaponizing the legal system. And the media would turn the state prosecutor and any state officials that back him into the biggest hate figures in the country besides Trump. 

Of course the G O p he writes is simply not built for this kind of fight. I gotta tell you, when I read that I couldn’t, I like read it five or six times. I couldn’t stop reading it because I’m worried that it’s true. I’m worried that that’s true. And it really means that we as the conservative movement and the Republican party and the officials that we elect to represent us, including prosecutors, including state legislatures, need to grapple with the question, are we really willing to fight in the ways that are required of us to win this fight? Or are we just going to hide behind this of being morally superior to the Democrat party, but never actually fight to eradicate the evil that the Democrats are bringing into our culture or our legal system? If we wanna just be morally superior, then we continue to do what we’re doing. 

If we want to win, then we can’t be the Republican party that martyr made described. We have to be willing to fight the fight even when it’s difficult and it will be difficult. The Democrats are reportedly preparing to lock down our society or bring back the covid restrictions. This according to new reports, actually stemming from Alex Jones has a whistleblower who said that T s A is planning to bring back mask mandates for air travel. So Alex Jones spoke with a t s A whistleblower who told him that airlines are going to be forced by the Biden administration to bring back mask mandates that this policy has already been created. It’s just in the process of being written before it’s being introduced to the public. This is what, and I know Alex Jones, right? Who knew that? Think about five years ago. Can you imagine that? We would’ve been citing him? But listen, he’s been right on a shocking number of things, and this is what he said about T ss a and mask mandates. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I got a call yesterday. An individual was in town and they wanted to meet with me that I know well, and they are a high level manager in the T S a. And I went and met with ’em and had a cup of coffee with ’em and they said, you gotta warn people Tuesday. We got called in the managers and told that by the middle of September that the new policy’s being written that this is done. They were told this is happening. This is not hypothetical. You’ll all have to wear masks again and show will airport employees. Then by the middle of October, they are going to say that everyone flying has to wear a mask. And in the meetings, people began to ask them, well, I mean, why is this happening? They said, well, because of the new variant in Canada and because of the W H O, they may, you know, declare this. But regardless, we’ve been told this is going to happen. 

It’s the end of August right now. If this happens, we’re gonna see it unfold in September for t s a and in airports and in October for air travelers. Is it going to happen? We’ll have to wait and see. I mean, this new variant that they’re blaming it on, if I if we could bring up this Bethany Mandell tweet, this new variant doesn’t seem too frightening because as Bethany points out, she goes, let me guess. It’s really dangerous because spreads easily because no one knows they have it and it manifests as a common cold. She wrote that in response to CNN saying, a highly mutated new variant of the virus that causes Covid to 19 has countries on alert as scientists scrambled to understand how far is ha far it has spread and how well our immunity will defend against it. Well, doesn’t sound too scary to me. 

Meanwhile, David Weissman tweeted at me. He is, he was a Republican years ago. He became a Hillary Clinton sporter in 2016. He thinks of himself as a liberal right now, although he doesn’t really fit in to the Left. He said, what do you think can help defeat covid? Lately I’ve been having mixed feelings about mask mandates myself. But what can we do to end this pandemic that we can all agree on? So first of all, it’s not a pandemic. It is not a pandemic. And I don’t say that is my opinion. I’m just quoting our president, Joe Biden. Joe Biden said that it’s over. He said that it’s not a thing anymore. Here are a few things that we should do. And by the way, I am a, I wanna issue an apology to anybody who’s watching on YouTube. we are going to have to censor this because YouTube did rescind their c Ovid 19 misinformation policy. 

However, in a huge cop out that should surprise no one. They have implemented a new medical misinformation policy, which basically says if you dissent from anything the World Health Organization says on any medical issue, then you are not allowed to say it on YouTube. So, maybe this dissents, I don’t know if you wanna watch this full thing, which by the way, this and the video I’m gonna show after you really is a must watch. So you can go to if you wanna watch the video version or this uncensored version will also be on Apple and on Spotify, just searchable as wheeler show. So I responded to David about what we can do to end this. And I said, well, first of all, you can take vitamin D. second of all, you can exercise. Third of all, don’t be obese. Fourth, stop eating sugar and other crap. 

Five, take a probiotic. So your gut is healthy if your gut is healthy or immune system is going to be stronger. Don’t go to work or school while you’re sick. And this is true, by the way, of any sickness, not just Covid 19. It’s not special or specific to Covid 19. That’s just common courtesy. we can use available drugs to mitigate the severity of covid, like hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin things that we know work. And we can under any circumstance get the covid jab because new studies are showing that those who have gotten the covid jab are more susceptible to getting covid and getting covid more severely. covid seems like a basically a glorified cold at this point. It doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous to people who are very old or incredibly sick or obese. There are risk factors that can make even a common cold dangerous. 

But Covid is endemic. It’s going to be here and it’s going to stay here. There’s no such thing as zero covid at this point. We have to learn to live with it like we do a million other viruses. So it doesn’t seem like rocket science to me, but perhaps it does to others. R F K Junior issued a pretty stunning warning about what Fauci did during the first wave of Covid by ignoring hydroxychloroquine and ignoring ivermectin in favor of rem dessi and what that actually meant. I mean, if we’re going to face a quote unquote covid wave in this fall as the Biden administration is telling us, I think that they’re already telling people to get more boosters. which is ridiculous. But if we are going to face this, we need to remember that Fauci did this the first time around. Take a look. 

You want to treat them at home. Give them the things that we know. Kill viral replication, zinc, and anything that enhances zinc like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and a hundred other remedies that we now know dramatically reduced the spread of this disease. And what was our protocol? Our protocol was to do none of that. No treatment until you go to the hospital. Then your treatment are two things that are bound to kill you. Ventilators and rem Dvir and Tony Fauci knew that Rem DVIR would kill you. He knew that because in 2019 he tried to put use it for Ebola 2019. He tried to use it to, for Ebola. And within five days of treatment, it gave lethal side effect to 54% of the people in the safety monitoring board ordered him to terminate the use of that drug. And he threw a phony, contrived, absolutely fraudulent study that he manipulated and orchestrated of that drug made standard of care. It is homicide. And if you look, how does it kill people? Two ways, three ways. Kidney failure, heart failure, and all organ collapse. And what happened to the people who died in the pandemic? What were they dying of? Kidney failure. All the doctors said, you heard it again and again. We’ve never seen a virus that attacks the kidneys. ’cause it wasn’t the virus, it was the rem svir. 

I feel like we always focus on the lockdowns and our businesses being ruined. And the vaccine coercion or the vaccine mandates and passports and the mask mandates. And we forget about rem dessi. We forget what Tony Fauci did to all the people who were hospitalized with Covid by making rem dessi the quote unquote standard of care. Even though it was to use R F K Junior’s words, it was homicide, it was deadly. We have time for one more random thing from the internet. This is a princess overcomes her fear and slays the dragon. Take a look at this. Oh, I hate this. I hate this video. That’s about how old my daughter is. She’d be terrified of something like that. And that little girl got so scared she went and tackled it. But still, it’s so terrifying. 

I don’t like when parents do this to their kids. This is like, did you guys see that trend of moms cracking eggs on their kids’ heads and posting it on TikTok? And the kids were like so betrayed and so crying and the moms are just laughing at them. I do not like when parents do mean things to their kids just to get video. Like your kid trusts you to take care of them and protect them. You’re not supposed to betray them like that. On that note, thank you for watching it today. thank you for listening. In order to continue to support our show to protect us from demonetization, cancellation social ostracization, please join the Liz Wheeler Show Community as a premium subscriber. You can go to liz Join us over there. It helps you’re the bull Wark against cancellation. We appreciate each and every one of you. Liz Thank you for watching. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is the Liz Wheeler Show. 


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