Are Those REALLY Trump Supporters Protesting in Front of Manhattan Courthouse?





According to a Daily Mail article, Trump is expected to be indicted today and the New York Police Department is preparing for severe protests. Today, Liz examines how this is just the latest example of the Left turning our country into a banana republic. How can we stop these attacks before they actually happen? Because we know that if this can happen to Donald Trump, it can happen to any of us. This is The Liz Wheeler Show.

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We have lots of new content over there all the time. And of course, on Rumble, that’s the completely uncensored version of the show. Whenever we have to censor ourselves, because YouTube’s terms of service are insane, you can find the uncensored version on Really appreciate that. Okay, the topic of today is really obvious topic. 

It’s, there are not a lot of topics that we talk about on the show that give me a physical or emotional, like a visceral reaction anymore. I feel like I’m kind of desensitized to all the heavy topics that we talk about. Not that I don’t care, I do, certainly I do. You guys all know that, but there’s not a lot of topics where I just feel sick to my stomach when I’m reading a news story.  

Usually I feel like I want to analyze this, I want to properly order this. Sometimes I feel a little bit angry or motivated, and I want to figure out a way to stop whatever it is. Whether it’s critical race theory, whether it’s queer theory, whether it’s DEI, whether it’s ESG all these different things. I want to figure out how to stop it. I want to get it over with this story today. 

And I was telling my producer this right before we went on air actually makes me sick to my stomach, because if this can happen to President Trump, the Daily Mail just released an exclusive last night that said that Trump is going to be indicted by the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. That indictment is probably going to happen today, Wednesday, although it’s possible that it could happen Thursday, because I guess they’re expecting another witness sometime today.  

And they’re not going to issue this indictment until that witness. We’re not sure who it is, who this witness is until that witness has actually testified. So could be Thursday, but the arraignment, which is when Trump would appear in court, when he would be fingerprinted, when he would, when there would be a mugshot taken of him, that is not expected to happen. He’s not expected to go from Florida to New York until sometime next week, even if the indictment happens either today or tomorrow, or I guess potentially Friday, whenever it is, that they decide to do this. 

But I’m reading this article by the Daily Mail, and I want to read a little bit of, of it to you, and in just a second to break it down. But I actually got a visceral reaction to this, and I feel bad for Trump. This is completely unjust. It’s completely wrong. It’s so far beyond a miscarriage of justice. It’s hard to even put into words what we are experiencing. We are actually naive in the United States of America.  

We are so comfortable. We are so fortunate to have grown up in the freest, most prosperous nation the world has ever known in the history of the world since time. I memorial that we’ve lost the idea of what it might feel like, what it might smell like, what it might taste like to actually be oppressed. In fact, we’re so prosperous that we as a society, I know it’s not you and me personally, but we as a society are making up oppression. 

We’re saying, oh, well, if you don’t practice DEI, then you are oppressed. If you don’t abolish the police, then, then you are, you are an oppressor. We’re making up oppression because we are so fortunate to have avoided it for so long, and I don’t think we fully realize the severity of what is happening. If Donald Trump is indicted for something that is a non-crime, I would like to remind everyone, you can talk about the legalities of campaign finance laws as much as you want.  

We know for a fact that the federal government analyzed President Trump’s n d a, his non-disclosure agreement that he had with Stormy Daniels, his porn star, who originally may issued this allegation that she’d had an affair with Trump. Trump threw his attorney, Michael Cohen paid her off $130,000 to not talk about this anymore because, I mean obvious reasons. 

Not only was he running a presidential campaign, he’s a married man, and this porn stars alleging that he had an affair with her. He is a businessman with a public reputation. It’s very damaging to have someone make these kind of allegations against you. There’s no real way to prove whether it’s true or false. And when you have, when you’re in the public eye, you have a lot of enemies.  

You have a lot of people who don’t care about the facts, who don’t care about truth, who want to take you down. So he paid this woman off $130,000 through his lawyer, and there was, there was some fudging of the financial documents when he paid her off. He said that, you know, these were legal fees paid to Michael Cohen, who he had on retainer. And those two things weren’t true. This wasn’t legal fees, and he didn’t have Michael Cohen on retainer. 

And so there is a very, very thin case to be made that this might be a misdemeanor because he falsified business records. But truthfully, no one gives a rat’s tale. No one cares. No one cares. And what’s worse is Stormy Daniels admitted later on that she lied. I want to bring this up. I’m going to bring this up. Let me find this, cause I want to read this article. Headline. This is from CNBC in January, on January, January 18th, 2019. This is the headline from CNBC. Amid publicity, tour porn star, Stormy Daniels denies having an affair with Trump in her statement Tuesday.  

This is the article, Clifford, that’s her real name. Clifford said she wasn’t denying the affair because she was paid hush money, but rather quote, because it never happened. Neither Cohen, Michael Cohen, nor Clifford Stormy Daniels’ real name have addressed whether she was paid $130,000. And if so, why? A publicist didn’t respond to questions about the statement on Tuesday.  

She was a liar. He paid her off because she was a nuisance, not because he did something immoral, which I suppose is neither here nor there in the legality of the thing. But I’m not sure that we understand how serious this is. If this can happen to Donald Trump, it’s unfair. It’s awful that it’s happening to Donald Trump. But if it can happen to Donald Trump, then we’re all screwed. 

And on that really depressing note, we’re going to break this down entirely tonight because there are a, a couple of other things that the majority of Americans that we’ve grown complacent over, and it’s time that we stop that. So stuff like this, turning our country into a banana republic, radical leftists like Alvin Bragg, this prosecutor that’s funded by George Soros, who is a darling of the Left right now, they love him because he’s going after Orange Man bad.  

If we wait until this stuff actually manifests, that it, that it happens, it’s really hard to stop it. What we have to do in order to avoid this is actually avoid it. We have to prevent it before it’s happening, which means we have to be self-aware and we have to have foresight, and we have to be able to predict how the Left is going to attack us before they wage the attacks. And there’s a perfect example of that that’s happening right now in our country. So let’s get to it. 

Okay, so let me bring up this Daily Mail article. I want to read it to you. This is the headline. It says, exclusive Trump will not be arraigned this week. Former president is expected to be indicted tomorrow, and Secret Service will make plans for his surrender and appearance in New York Court next week. So when they say tomorrow was published yesterday, it’s published on Tuesday. Today is Wednesday.  

This is what the article says. Donald Trump will likely be indicted on Wednesday, but won’t appear before a judge in New York. Until next week, daily has learned there will be no arraignment this week. A source familiar with the proceedings told Daily mail exclusively on Tuesday. The former president, who is currently in Florida, is expected to be formally charged tomorrow, after which the Manhattan District Attorney’s office will reach out to Trump and his Secret service detail to make arrangements for his surrender according to an insider. 

Meanwhile, it’s all hands on deck for the New York Police Department and Metro Police Department, as all officers on Tuesday are expected to be in uniform ready for anything in the wake of the potential indictment. Officials in New York City and Washington D.C. are preparing for possible unrest and demonstrations following the former president’s plea to his supporters to quote, protest in response to a potential indictment handed down by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, over hush money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels Trump had said last week, he was expected to be arrested on Tuesday, but a law enforcement official told the Daily mail that an indictment would likely happen on Wednesday at the earliest.  

A couple of things. First of all, this idea that all of the New York Police Department and Metro police officers are, this is like 35, 36,000 officers are all supposed to be in uniform to prepare for unrest. I don’t understand these police officers. This is such an obvious miscarriage of justice. How can you possibly take part in this? How can you possibly be complicit with banana republic? We’ve used that term so much. I hate to use it again because it’s almost lost its meaning. But this is something that happens in the Soviet Union.  

This is something that happens in a communist Marxist dictatorship where a political opponent of the President is imprisoned, charged with fake charges, put through a kangaroo court just because it’s the political opposition. This is the opposite of a democracy. It’s the opposite of a republic. It’s the opposite of the peaceful transfer of power. We should be fine in the United States of America if a president commits a very small crime and gets away with it. Not because it’s right, not because it’s moral, not because I’m advocating that presidents commit crimes, but because the peaceful transfer of power is so important. 

It is so important that we avoid even the perception of a current president politically, or targeting his political opposition. That former presidents, even if they commit small crimes, should actually get away with them because it’s more important that we maintain the peaceful transfer of power. And this is not to say that Trump committed a crime. This is by all standards, all ways that I’ve possibly looked at this.  

This is not a crime. This is not a crime. The very thinnest, the very thinnest argument, and that’s this or I should say the strongest argument that is still extremely thin would be the falsification of business records. And literally, no one cares. No one cares. You’re allowed to do NDAs in New York State. That’s perfectly legal. This was not paid with campaign funds. So this was not a campaign finance violation. It would’ve actually been a campaign. 

Finance law violation had Trump used campaign funds to pay off an NDA for something that was related to an allegation in his personal life, especially an allegation of this nature where he, I, if it were true, he would’ve tried to cover it up based on his business reputation and the fact that he’s married. Maybe he didn’t want Melania to know about this. If it were true, Stormy Daniels later said it wasn’t true. She, you know, didn’t return the money, but later said it wasn’t true.  

Why aren’t we talking about that? Isn’t that kind some kind of fraud, some kind of business fraud here. This is not, this is not a crime. This is not justice. This is a banana republic. And any police officer who’s taking part in this should be ashamed of themselves. Any police officer who would be complicit, any court employee, this should, there should be a mass walkout, there should be a strike. 

These people should say, I refuse to take part in this. This is not something that we can simply leave to the criminal justice system, leave to our court system, trust the process. Like, no, it’s not something like that. Just like, just like the January 6th stuff. Think about every person that was charged with crimes on January 6th when they didn’t commit violent crimes.  

They’re being held two years later in pretrial detention in the D.C. gulag for what? For vandalism. That sure was wrong, but they’re not terrorists. They’re insurrectionists. This is the same, this is the same kind of thing. This is political targeting. And by the way, this idea of political unrest, this will, this better not happen, this better not happen. I understand that protest is a really important part of the fabric of our nation. I support the right to protest. I’ve taken part in protests. 

I’m a proponent of protests in general, but we have to call it like it is. The left has made it too dangerous to protest because they have simultaneously compromised the federal law enforcement apparatus in the United States of America. And so what happens when you turn out to protest is exactly what happened on January 6th. You are going to be January 6th if you take part in a protest.  

There’s actually a protest that happened outside of the Manhattan Courthouse, and I want to bring this photo on the screen if we can. This was posted on Twitter by Ben Collins, who is a reporter at N B C News. And thi this is what he tweeted with the photo. This is actually quite funny. He said, I’m at the Pro-Trump protest put on by the New York Young Republicans Club. Not a joke. There are more reporters here than Trump supporters, and this was supposed to be the big one, meaning the big protest. 

He tweets again and says, it’s just a bunch of cameras taking picture of a guy who’s putting on a rat suit next to a guitar with the words hang fauci on it. This was supposed to start a half an hour ago. He said, the ratio of press to actual protestors at this pro-Trump rally in New York is probably five to one, maybe more than that. He goes, one guy yelling Frump, trying to rile people up.  

All the cameras just immediately wrap around him, including some known pro-Trump YouTube guys who really need this footage. The whole thing is very stupid. He goes, I’ve been to the a zillion of these, and every time it’s the same thing, surround the one counter protest and make gristle for the right wing content. Mine so dumb. Anyway, it’s completely dead here. So Ben Collins, as you can see, is coming at this from a left-wing bias. 

He’s saying, oh, American, right-wing media, especially new media, online media, are trying to make this about the counter protestors, those that hate Trump. But really, the, what he’s saying, without saying, or he says this, but he doesn’t make a point of it, is that this protest is dead. This protest is not violent. This protest is not going to be violent. This is not going to be civil unrest.  

And I cannot imagine attending one of these protests. I’m not going to sit here and tell you what to do, but I would not go to this. I would not set foot within a mile of a protest like this, because that ratio that he talks about, this being five reporters to one pro-Trump supporter, imagine the ratio of feds. There’s probably, probably all those quote unquote pro-Trump supporters are feds. This thing is entire land infiltrated. 

This is a landmine just waiting for you to get anywhere near the blast radius, and you are going to be harmed by it. It’s a trap. And by the way, here’s the problem. If you are entrapped in a protest like this, who’s going to defend you? Because we’ve seen now, after January 6th, the very, very few members of Congress who have defended the Jan, the rights, the constitutional rights, or the supposed constitutional rights of the January 6th protestors who are in prison right now. President Trump didn’t really say anything about them until in their support, at least until he started running for president this election cycle.  

He hasn’t paid the legal fees of any of these people who have been destroyed. Some of them have to use public defenders because they don’t have the funds to pay for several years of private lawyers. The only person that I can think of who’s really fighting for, for the January 6th defendants who are in prison, is Julie Kelly, the wonderful journalist and reporter from American Greatness, who has been more dedicated to uncovering the reality of what happened on January 6th and exposing the corruption of the legal system, the prosecutors and the judges that are handling these cases. 

She’s been a bigger advocate for these people, and she’s not even hired by them. She’s just doing her job as a reporter or journalist than anybody else that I can think of in elected office or otherwise. That’s wonderful, but that is not enough to risk your freedom. That is not enough to risk being thrown in a D.C. gulag.  

So here’s the heart of the matter. Will Trump be indicted today? I don’t know. He’s probably going to be indicted today or tomorrow. I have said all along that Trump is going to be indicted. I’ve said this, I said this six months ago before the midterms in the lead up. When in the lead up to the election, when Joe Biden appointed that special counsel Jack Smith to investigate whether President Trump actually incited an insurrection about January 6th. I said, yeah, they’re going to arrest him, but they’re not going to do it before the November elections, because that would look really bad. 

It would rile up Trump supporters. Maybe they would lose some races in the midterms. They’re going to do it after. Well, here we come, it’s going to happen. And by the way, the moment that this indictment does come down, whether or not it the arraignment happens today or tomorrow or next week, whether or not President Trump stays in Florida or goes to New York we’re going to go as soon as this indictment comes down, we’re going to go live on Rumble.  

So make sure that you are subscribed over there, We’re going to break every little bit of this down as it unfolds, especially when they release when they release the legalese of what this indictment is. The other thing that I want to talk about today is this back and forth between President Trump and Ron DeSantis. They’re, I know I don’t always talk about this stuff because oftentimes I think it’s dumb. 

I don’t like to talk about dumb stuff, actually sometimes resent when I have to cover stupid things. But this has been in the headlines for a couple days and I know it interests a lot of us to watch what’s happening in the primary. So before we get into my opinions on this, I want to ask you guys, what do you think of this President Trump versus Ron DeSantis stuff?  

In fact, I have a poll that I want you to vote on. You can vote in this Anyone can vote in this. You don’t have to be a VIP, you don’t have to be a supporter here. Just go to and vote in this poll. The question in this poll is, Trump or DeSantis? That’s all there is to it. Just Trump or DeSantis. Who do you prefer? 

And once you post, once you cast your vote, I want you to post underneath and I want you to tell me whether the impending Trump indictment and Ron DeSantis response to Trump’s indictment. Plus this new interview that Ron DeSantis has given to Pierce Morgan. It hasn’t come out yet, but we have seen articles Piers Morgan published in op-ed talking about some of the things that Ron DeSantis said in this interview, including the fact that he said, I have what it takes to be president and I can beat Biden.  

And he talks a little bit about what makes him different than Trump. He said that he would have fired Fauci, that he handled Covid very differently and that he would not be ad admit he would not administer the government with daily drama, which was obviously pretty obvious shot at how Trump had enormous turnover and a lot of, a lot of ups and downs, daily drama. 

He said he would fill the government. DeSantis said he would fill the government with people who shared his agenda and shared the people’s agenda, and he wouldn’t bring people in with their own preconceived notions of what they wanted to accomplish in government. So I want to know what you think. Go to and vote in this poll. And then tell me whether this impending Trump indictment makes you more or less likely to vote for Trump. Whether Ron DeSantis’s response makes you more or less likely to support him.  

I want to know what you guys think of this. I do think it’s a little bit early. This is just my personal opinion. I’ll share it with you. What I think here. I think it’s a little bit early for real primary stuff to be happening. We have a lot of things that Biden is doing in our country that are bad, and I don’t want us to get caught up a year and a half in advance just in in inner party in fighting. 

That’s fine. I don’t mind a contentious primary. I kind of enjoy it, honestly. I like watching it. It’s like the, it’s like some people like to watch football. Some people like to watch MMA fighting. I like to watch politics. I like to watch the fighting. It’s just as brutal, just as bloody, just as, just as sporting and sometimes not always entertaining.  

And I don’t mind that. I think everyone that wants to should get into this primary. I don’t think anyone’s entitled to the nomination. I think that it’s great if all these people, if all these people jump in, I plan to harshly criticize each and every one of you that jumps in. Because that’s, that will make our nominee ultimately in 2024 for the Republican party better and sharper and more able to beat Biden. 

That being said, I don’t want to get caught up in every little he said, he said, she said, she said in this primary quite yet, because I want us to focus on Joe Biden and I feel like if we get too involved in this primary now that we’re going to miss opportunities to make the 2024 election a referendum on everything that the Left has done, everything that Biden is doing, and this Marxist ideology that’s pro fading our country.  

That being said, I do have a couple of comments that I will share with you about this Trump versus DeSantis thing. It seems, this is going to sound a little bit perverse, but bear with me. It seems that Trump is not entirely upset about the idea of being indicted. 

This is what seems like he could be putting a brave face on. He could be acting this way simply because he doesn’t have any choice. Maybe he’s feeling hopeless behind the scenes. It doesn’t seem that way. It seems like he understands the political benefit to him. If he gets indicted, it seems like he understands that even if he’s indicted, even if he’s humiliated by a perp walk, I don’t think he’ll be handcuffed even though the Left wants to handcuff him.  

Because I don’t think the Secret Service would let that happen. Even if he’s convicted, which he probably would be, just be based on where this, this trial happens, not because it’s a a legitimate charge, but just because the jury would not actually be a jury of his peers. It would be a jury of his opposition and they would, and they would convict him just because of who he is, because they hate him. 

Even if he gets convicted, he’s not going to serve the rest of his life in prison. It probably would not be a significant prison sentence at all. And it seems that, it seems like he understands the political benefit that this might have for him. I said on the show on Monday that I think if he is indicted, and especially if he’s convicted, I think this guarantees him the nomination for president of, for Republican nominee or guarantees him that spot as Republican nominee in 2024.  

I don’t think this guarantees him the presidency. I know Elon Musk said that, and a lot of other people are saying, well, you’ve just about handed Trump the presidency of you indict him. I don’t think that’s true. I think the Republican base might rally behind him. I don’t think that Democrats who’ve previously hated him would all of a sudden say, well, Alvin Brig, a man we’ve never heard of in, in a Manhattan district attorney funded by George Soros is abusing his power. 

Therefore, now I’m going to, now I’m going to vote for Trump after spending the last eight years hating him. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think that I think the Left perversely wants Trump to be the nominee in 2024 because they think they can beat him again by hook and by crook. So as perverse as it might sound, it seems like Trump understands the political benefit to being indicted to potentially being indicted or probably being indicted.  

He’s also, the reason that I say this, the, the information that I’ve used to form this opinion is the fact that instead of talking about how this is a threat to our nation because it is an abuse of the government’s power against the citizen based on that citizen’s politics, instead of talking about that, instead of saying, listen, if this can happen to, to me, it can happen to you guys because that’s where I am sitting right here at this desk talking to you guys right now. 

The feeling that I have when I see the Trump indictment is, first of all, it’s unjust. Second of all, it’s a threat to our country because it just, it perverts the rule of law. We aren’t a nation of laws if this is what happens. We are a nation of elitists who get to target people based on their politics. And the third feeling I have is a feeling just this gross, visceral feeling that none of us are safe, none of us are safe.  

If this can happen to someone as powerful as Trump who served as president of the United States, who has an unlimited war chest of not only money but political capital because he has half the country that’s behind him. If this can happen to him, it can happen to us. And there’s no reason why it wouldn’t happen to us if we happen to become a thorn in the side of the Leftist who did this to Trump. 

That’s, that’s how I’m coming from. And I don’t see that reaction from President Trump right now. I see him using this instead to target DeSantis to try to, he’s trying to make this a political, he’s trying to make himself, in a sense, a victim, which he is, but it’s never, it’s never an appealing mantle to put around yourself, even if you are a true victim to say, oh, I’m a victim. Look at me.  

But instead, he’s using this as a clue against DeSantis saying, well, why aren’t you being loyal enough? Why aren’t you refusing to sign extradition papers? Even though anybody who looks at the law in Florida, the technicality of extradition doesn’t mean that the governor of the state gets to decide or gets to deny extradition. It’s a purely administrative task, at least as far as I understand. Anybody who’s a, who’s an attorney and who has a different opinion, you can write to me and you can prove to me if I’m incorrect, but I’ve analyzed this and I’ve had lawyers look at it, and it doesn’t appear that there’s anything that DeSantis could do. 

This is a purely administrative, like, did you file the proper form? It is not an analysis by DeSantis of whether the charges are fair, whether the district attorney is bringing this case properly. It’s just, did you file the right, like paperwork, whatever number, like 1, 2, 3, 4.8, like a government paperwork thing. And instead, Trump is using it to bash DeSantis pretending that DeSantis has some power over this, but is handing willingly handing Trump over this district attorney, and this is what you call dirty politics, right?  

Trump has been making allegations against Ron DeSantis for the last month or two, most of which are completely without merit and kind of absurd on their face. It to me, it shows that Trump is afraid of DeSantis, which maybe he should be from an objective standpoint. I know Trump is usually wildly ahead in the polls. 

You’d think he would be pretty confident in his position, but DeSantis is the, his, his closest runner up in the polling. And so Trump has been playing pretty dirty politics against DeSantis. And there’s a couple ways of thinking about this. First of all, I don’t really care if people play dirty politics. I know that this is maybe an unpopular opinion.  

We, we used to, like 10 years ago, say, oh, politics, you should still be a gentleman. You should still be classy. You should still respect your opponent. But we’re way beyond that In modern politics. If we play by those rules, we’re going to be defeated every time by the Left. And then, not that we should cheat and lie and steal, but I don’t care if we’re like savage. I don’t care if we completely eviscerate the Left as long as you know, we’re doing it legally. 

And when Trump acts this way, when he plays dirty politics and he is trying to be savage against DeSantis, it just shows me that he knows how to fight that he knows how to be savage, and I want someone who knows how to be savage to fight against the Left.  

So while I think it’s kind of silly to aim it at DeSantis, at the same time, I appreciate the fact that he’s at least willing to be savage. He’s at least willing to play dirty politics because you have to be if you are going to win in, in this country. That’s one way to think about it. Another way to think about it is to say, listen, don’t, don’t, don’t knife the people, don’t knife people in your own party, especially people who have a political future after you. DeSantis is like half of Trump’s age right now. 

He’s going to be in politics for for decades. President Trump is not. He’s almost 80. So don’t, don’t ruin political candidates that are probably going to follow in your footsteps. Many ways to look at this, many ways to look at this. Like I said, I don’t really care that much about the dirty politics. I kind of respect politicians who play dirty politics as long as they do it legally and at least have a good basis for a good premise for playing dirty politics.  

But the indictment itself, this is a really big deal. This is a really, really big deal, and it’s not something that should be exploited the way that gun control activists exploit mass shootings when there’s a mass shooting and we’re all heartsick over the loss of life because some maniac murdered, mass murdered innocent people, political activists who don’t respect our constitution and our second amendment and our fundamental human right to keep and bear arms defend ourselves against tyrannical government. 

They try to exploit our sadness and sometimes our fear that this could happen to a member of our own families. And they try to use that. They exploit that to try to pass their political agenda legislatively, or use executive power to to dictate it, to issue a fiat. And I hate that. That’s politics that I cannot tolerate because that is, it’s wrong, it’s immoral. That is what I don’t like about what I see here is President Trump can play dirty politics with Ron DeSantis all he wants. That’s fine.  

Ron DeSantis can play dirty politics with Trump all he wants. That’s fine. I want to see politicians who understand that they’re going to have to play pretty rough to beat the Democrats. I don’t want some polite young gentleman who trying to run against the Democratic party that’s been co-opted by Marxist. Like, no, you gotta be savage to beat these people.  

But what I don’t want is I don’t want something as serious and as gut-wrenching, wrenching as an indictment that shows us that our country is a sick, sick country. That our government is a sick, sick government. And not just as it relates to targeting Trump, but as it relates to potentially targeting us. I don’t want our emotions and our fear and our support of Trump in this scenario. I don’t want that exploited and weaponized against a fellow Republican. 

That’s perhaps what’s happening right now, which is why I said perversely, it sounds like President Trump might want to be indicted, but one of the things that Republicans have not done a good job with in the past, well, as long as I’ve been alive, is self-awareness. If they’re able to just very objectively categorize both their strengths and their weaknesses, if they really know themselves, and if this is not just like a one-time analysis, like, oh, I like to talk. Oh no, I’m an introvert.  

If you are in a state of constant self-analysis that you’re very aware of how you operate, it’s usually an indication that you’re also aware of how other people operate. And I like, I, it’s one of the reasons I like to read fiction actually, because I consider myself a hobby student of human nature. I really like to analyze what makes people tick, why people do things, why they react in certain ways, why they don’t react in certain ways, why they shut down. 

I really like to understand why people do what they do or why they don’t do what they don’t do. And part of that is having self-awareness about yourself. For example, I’m very self-aware about the fact that I’m an intense person. This is just who I am. This is how I was made, this is the gift that God gave me. And I really appreciate, I really appreciate this, this thing about myself that I’m very intense.  

I’m very passionate. I care about things and it brings me great energy to talk about things that matter and to fight back against injustice. I also know that my intensity has as most characteristics do, my intensity has a flip side that sometimes I care about things or I dig my heels into things that don’t matter the same way as all the things we talk about in this show. 

Like, I am very confident that I am correct on these things that we talk about in politics and principles and religion on the show. But I’m also very convinced that I’m correct about almost anything that I talk about including like how I load the dishwasher or how I how I do the laundry. Everything intense about everything. So you can imagine it’s both good and can be kind of annoying sometimes. I would imagine. You can ask my husband about that, although I doubt that he’s the best man I’ve ever known, and I doubt that he would say anything negative. B 

ut self-awareness is very important and it’s a hallmark I think, of being very successful because if you understand yourself and how you operate and what your strengths and weaknesses are, you understand other people how they operate with their strength and weaknesses are, and you are better able to achieve success. 

Republicans lack self-awareness individuals out there who are part of the Republican party. Maybe you are very self-aware, maybe you’re like, oh, yeah, I totally know what you’re talking about. But as a, as an institution, the Republican party and the conservative movement have lacked self-awareness for quite some time now, a long, long time. We are completely unaware. We’re completely naive, we’re completely complacent regarding what we’re fighting against, the implications of what we’re fighting against. And the result of this has been that bad things happen in our culture, both in civil institutions and in political institutions.  

And we act surprised that these things happen. We don’t see these coming. We’re just like, oh my goodness, where did critical race theory come from? Oh my goodness, when did public schools become such a bad thing? We are so naive and so complacent that we’re not only surprised when these things happen. 

We for a time are actually in denial that they’re happening. There are still people to this day who are defending public schools, Republicans who are defending public schools like, oh, it’s not happening in your school, in your neighborhood that’s just happening in, you know, California or in New York or somewhere very, very liberal. And there are people that are like, well, even if it’s, even if it’s happening in school, you can always talk to the teacher.  

They can change the curriculum. There are people that are so naive, so complacent, so they, they lack such self-awareness that they actually believe that that is true. And it is objectively false. The institution of the public school system has been thoroughly corrupted. There’s nothing individual teachers can do about it. There’s almost nothing that even principals can do about it. And it is in every single public school, in every single neighborhood, in every single city, in every single state across the country, barring none. 

It is entire. It is thorough. And we were surprised when this happened. So surprised that we went into denial. Well, the same thing with President Trump’s indictment. This actually should not surprise us. This not only has been very obvious that the Left has been trying to bring this to fruition. First in Russiagate, like they impeached President Trump. They wanted the Senate to convict him so that he would be thrown from office and possibly imprisoned.  

They just happened to lack a majority of Democrats in the United States Senate. They even had some Republican defectors side with them during these, during the two impeachments Russiagate and then Ukraine. Twice they impeached him. And they actually didn’t do that, just ceremonially. They did that because they are actively seeking a way to arrest him, actively seeking a way to criminalize him. And then you had the classified document stuff at Mar-a-Lago. 

They wanted to criminalize him. They were not just trying to ruin his reputation. This wasn’t a political gambit that they thought, oh, well, if we can embarrass him, if we can show that he is a hypocrite, then maybe that’ll convince some of his supporters not to vote for him anymore. No, they, they actively wanted to charge him with a crime using a statute that if convicted of this crime would prevent him, it would prohibit him from running for president again. They wanted to put him in prison and prevent him from running for president.  

So this should not surprise us that this possible misdemeanor that literally no one cares about, that’s being elevated to a felony by a prosecutor funded by Soros, who has downgraded 52% of felonies in New York to misdemeanors because he doesn’t believe in the criminal justice system is now using weaponizing against President Trump because they want him arrested. 

If we’re surprised about this, if this shocks you, if you don’t believe this is real, it’s because as a party we lack self-awareness. We lack the ability to analyze ourselves and analyze our opponents and what our opponents are motivated by, how our opponents operate, what they’re willing to do, and what their ultimate goal is. And because of that, President Trump is about to be indicted.  

And it’s like we were talking about on Tuesday yesterday about the war in Ukraine and how the war in Ukraine is a travesty. And there’s no real way to get out of it in a good way. Like it’s a lose-lose right now. Any option is less than ideal. And the reason for that is because we allowed the situation to happen in the first place. The way to prevent a lose-lose outcome is not to allow the situation to happen in the first place. 

And we could have prevented the situation in Ukraine from happening by, if Biden had taken a strong foreign policy stance, if he had actually used the power of the US economy to threaten Vladimir Putin in a way that Vladimir Putin believed, then Vladimir Putin wouldn’t have have invaded Ukraine as he didn’t during the Trump administration because he a, he knew that President Trump would never allow him to do that while allowing the Russian economy to survive.  

We could have avoided it. And, and we certainly should have. And now we’re in a situation in Ukraine where it’s like, well, what do we do? Do we now that all these people, these Ukrainians have died, do we like just allow them to surrender? Do we give away some of Ukraine’s sovereignty? Do we give away some of their territory? How do you broker a peace deal here? 

And all the options suck because we never should have gotten into this situation in the first place. That is because of a lack of self-awareness on the parts of Republicans not understanding what the Democrats want, that the Democrats want Ukraine to actually throw to throw Putin and Xi Jinping from China together to unseat the United States as the world’s superpower. The same thing applies here. The same thing applies to the President Trump indictment. There are no good options.  

Now, this outcome is going to suck one way or the other. He’s going to be indicted. He’s going to be, he’ll probably surrender himself because he’s not going to be arrested. The Secret Service would never allow him to be hauled in. But we’re going to have a mugshot of President Trump that’s always going to be plastered on every tv. No matter what the topic is, no matter what the story is, this is going to be Trump’s branding, is the mugshot that we’re going to get of President Trump next week because we failed to have any self-awareness to prevent this from happening. 

I want to warn you about something that’s about to happen in the United States. We’re on the cusp of this. And if Republicans don’t have self-awareness, this is going to be catastrophically destructive for our entire country, our nation, our entire country, our economy, our rights, us as individuals and our families. And it’s something that Joe Biden did this week. Joe Biden vetoed the first bill of his presidency. 

And I’m going to show you a video, but the bill itself was a bipartisan bill. It was actually passed by Congress, which means that both Republicans and Democrats had to vote for it or else it was going to be dead on arrival. But both Republicans and Democrats did vote on it. This bill was intended to revoke a Department of Labor rule. So a rule that was written by unelected bureaucrats in Biden’s administrative state in his department of labor that would allow fiduciaries. 

So financial managers who manage your retirement accounts, your retirement investments, would allow them to use ESG investing when managing your finances. This is unreal. If you use ESG, it means that in your investing, it means that you are not actually investing the money thinking that you’re going to get the greatest financial return.  

You’re investing this money in political causes, which is wildly unethical, and people would have no choice about this. This Department of Labor rule so infuriated the United States Congress people of both parties, they passed this bill to revoke this rule, sent it to Biden’s desk, and he vetoed it. And this is what he said when he vetoed it. 

I just signed this veto because legislation passed by the Congress when put at risk the retirement savings of individuals across the country, they couldn’t take into consideration investments that wouldn’t be impacted by climate, impacted by overpaying executives. And that’s why I decided to veto it. It makes sense to veto it. 

Okay. So everything that he said is obviously a lie there. In fact, I want to bring up that video was posted on his Twitter account. I’m going to bring up the tweet because the text he posted with his tweet was even more egregious than the words he said in that. He said, this is what he tweeted. He said, I just vetoed my first bill. This bill would risk your retirement savings by making it illegal to consider risk factors that MAGA House Republicans don’t like.  

Your plan manager should be able to protect your hard-earned savings. Whether representative Marjorie Taylor Green likes it or not, this is the biggest lie in a tweet that maybe has come from the entire, from the Biden administration in his entire presidency. And that’s saying a lot. ESG would cause your retirement savings to only go to companies that like pay for abortions for their employees or add a queerness agenda to children’s programming or sell transgender underwear for adolescents or want to ban fossil fuels. 

That’s what ESG is. ESG is all the radical leftist agenda items packaged in one metric system that companies are graded against. So a company, if they don’t act in accordance with these, these DEI, if they don’t have DEI initiatives, these anti-racist, these neo-Marxist initiatives in their workplace, then um, they don’t score as high on this rating.  

And if your fiduciary is investing your retirement savings according to ESG standards, and they’re only investing in these companies that are woke corporations, woke companies versus investing in companies that are financially successful, that’ll bring you the biggest return. Biden vetoed this, and let me tell you, we are on the cusp in this nation of ESG becoming something that we’re not going to know how to get rid of once it has thoroughly taken hold. 

If Republicans lack the self-awareness to stop this before it fully comes to fruition, it’s going to be the same thing as Ukraine. It’s going to be the same thing as the Trump indictment. It’s going to be the same thing as, oh, when did critical race theory show up in schools? I’m so surprised that our public school system has been so thoroughly compromised. It’s going to be hard to undo it once it has happened if we don’t have the self-awareness to stop it before it happens.  

What we’re going to talk about on tomorrow’s show is what our country will look like if ESG has taken hold. And this is something that you might not even realize when e ESG takes hold because it’s going to take hold of our financial system first. And we’re going to talk about the implications in our personal lives if we allow ESG to take hold. 

If we lack the self-awareness to stop this before it starts. Like I said, if the Trump indictment happens sometime today or tomorrow, we’re going to go live on, head over there, subscribe to that. You don’t want to miss it. We’re going to break it down together and I want to hear all of your opinions on that.  

So join in the live chat. Tell me what you think. The Liz Wheeler Show. I want to hear everybody’s analysis and opinion and prescription for how we fix this problem., thank you for watching today. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is The Liz Wheeler Show. 

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