New Video Footage From January 6th Will Show Police Misconduct, Says Julie Kelly





Kevin McCarthy gave 41,000 hours of footage from the Capitol on January 6th to Tucker Carlson, and we are in for a wild ride. Will the defendants being charged be vindicated? Liz is joined by Julie Kelly to break down everything we can expect to see—and not see—on these tapes Nancy Pelosi previously refused to make public. This is The Liz Wheeler Show.

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Hi, guys. Welcome back to the Liz Wheeler Show. Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave 41,000 hours of footage from around the Capitol from January 6th to Tucker Carlson. Originally, it was reported that it was 14,000 hours of footage that then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi refused to make public, but 41,000 hours is a whole heck of a lot more than 14,000 hours.  

So what I wanna talk about tonight is what we can expect to see on these tapes. These are video cameras that show almost every aspect of the capitol from almost every angle except a couple. There are a couple blank spots on these cameras. Even to this day, even with this 41,000 hours of footage, there are some spots that simply aren’t surveilled, which you might be thinking, that seems really odd. Well, yes, I concur. That seems really odd.  

So what we can expect to see on these tapes, we will be vindicated the defendants who are charged with everything from vandalism to trespassing, to conspiracy, to seditious conspiracy, which is essentially treason to obstruction of an official proceeding.  

These defendants will be exonerated. Police on these videos will be incriminated Democrats and their mainstream media lackeys will be humiliated as the farce that they are for propagating the lies that they have told and continue to tell. There are some people out there, even conservatives, who are complaining that Speaker McCarthy gave this footage to Tucker Carlson at Fox News instead of just releasing it at large and letting independent journalists go after it and do the reporting themselves. And I get that.  

I understand that it’s a lot of fun as independent journalists to have access to something that you can pick through and, and, and present to the public. I understand that. However, here’s what I expect to see. I expect Tucker Carlson to do specials on this, for this to be an ongoing rollout of these videos. But I also expect a Twitter files style rollout after the initial announcement.  

I expect that journalists who, independent journalists, conservative journalists who you know and who you trust, re reputable journalists who have proven their integrity, I expect that they will be given access to this footage, and that we will see reports from these journalists in addition to Tuck Carlson. That is what I expect to see. one of the journalists, one of the only journalists in our country who has doggedly reported on the facts, the reality of what happened on January 6th.  

And I’m talking courageously reported seemingly tirelessly combed through court cases and filings and open source videos and body cam footage. Julie Kelly will join me tonight or today on the show to talk about what we can expect to see on these videotapes from around the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Let’s get to it. All right, with me now is the senior, is a senior contributor to American Greatness. Julie Kelly. Julie, good to see you.  

You too, Liz. Thanks so much for having me.  

Okay, so these tapes from the Capitol, that McCarthy, that Kevin McCarthy gave to Tucker Carlson, whose team is analyzing them right now, we expect to see the footage compiled into programming here in the next couple of weeks. First of all, I think a lot of us are expecting to see vindication of our theories or our, our analysis that the feds were somewhat behind coordinating and encouraging what happened on January 6th. So, my question to you first is, what on these tapes would you expect to provide that evidence of vindication that proof that the, that the feds were involved?  

Well, what I do think we’ll see is, Liz, what we’re seeing come out of the body-worn camera footage being released, this is footage that’s captured by DC Metro Police, body-worn camera. And that is these undercover agents informants who have been identified in the crowd. We just saw armed undercover agents in one body-worn camera footage reel, armed agents in full undercover garb walking from the ellipse to the capitol. What did they do? Will we be able to identify whether they were promoting or provoking or engaged in, involved in some of the violent behavior that day? 

 So I do think we’re gonna see a lot of those revelations that are unfolding not only the body-worn camera footage, but also in evidence submitted by defense attorneys in these ongoing trials in dc. So yes, I think we will see evidence, more evidence of that.  

I think the American people, Liz, will be shocked at what they see police misconduct  both inside and outside the Capitol building. I mean, egregious instances of police brutality against American citizens, including women. I think the American people will be shocked to see that.  

I think we’ll also see Liz, the deployment of photographers and videographers who were planted and stationed inside the building before the breach occurred. Why were there so many filmmakers and videographers and photographers, including Nancy Pelosi’s daughter inside the building, recording what happened? So what I believe Tucker will lay the groundwork for are some of the biggest bombshell revelations. And then you can have other journalists, other independent posters on social media who will do some more of the drilling down into the details.  

Yeah, my hope would be that this ends up like a Twitter file situation where independent journalists are able to comb through the footage and release what they have found. The way that the way so many, that handful of journalists that Elon Musk picked to go through all of the stuff on the back end of Twitter here. So I think it’s going to be vindication. I think that that’s pretty obvious. We have all the pieces, we just need the last variables here. But what do you think will be different in the footage from the capitol compared to the footage that was used or cherry picked even by the January 6th committee?  

Oh, you’re gonna see a big contrast in what the January 6th select committee cherry picked out of this surveillance video. Now, the surveillance video it’s important just for everyone to understand, this is what was captured by the Capitol Police’s closed circuit TV security system on January 6th, and I believe they also have some of it from January 5th.  

So this covers the entire ca  Capitol campus. And as you know, Liz, that’s huge. So it will be a lot of buildings and outside areas that aren’t relevant to the events of January 6th. But what they’ll have is the security video from all different angles inside and outside the building. This video has been under protective orders ordered by the Justice Department signed off on by federal judges in DC Capitol Police claim that its security information shouldn’t have been released. DOJ has designated it highly sensitive government material that is under even 30, 45 second clips.  

Liz are under protective orders. Defendants and their defense lawyers have very strict rules as to how they can view or access this video. I mean, this is really egregious that this trove video has not been made public, made public before now because they are trying to cover up various aspects of January 6th. And you even saw on Tuesday, Benny excuse me, Monday when this announcement was made. Benny Thompson, who is the chairman of the January 6th Select committee, came out and condemned Kevin McCarthy, forgiving this video tro to Tucker Carlson. This shouldn’t be a political fight if this were a terror attack. And the American people, which is what this doj Biden, Joe Biden himself, the House Democrats, even some Republicans claim is a terror attack comparable to nine 11.  

Then the American people should see all of it. If it were any other terror attack, so to speak, you would’ve had newspapers and journalists and legal defense funds and all sorts of entities screaming for the release of this video. Instead, it’s been covered up. And so that’s basically where it’s started, and that’s why you’re starting to see the Left. And people like Benny Thompson condemn and reject the release of this video. That’s not Liz, because the video supports the narrative, right? It’s because the video is going to be explosive. It will have both incriminating and exculpatory evidence for these January 6th defendants, as we see this entire official narrative crumble under the weight of actual evidence.  

That’s, that’s the part that gets me. I like, I’m looking forward to the evidence that debunks what, what we were hearing from the January 6th select committee, what we were hearing from the elected Democrats, what we were hearing from the mainstream media. But more than that, I don’t understand the justification when the justification for indefinitely imprisoning these people who were charged on January 6th, but not allowing them access to exculpatory evidence. I mean, that’s unconstitutional, is it not?  

It absolutely is. So much of this is unconstitutional, Liz, and you know this because you’ve covered my work and we’ve talked before. but the real villains here are the judges on the DC District Court. They are the ones who have enabled the total erosion of the constitutional due process. First, fourth, sixth Amendment rights of these defendants, a speedy trial, the presumption of innocence. I mean, you have men who aren’t even accused of violent crime, Liz, who have been in jail for two years awaiting trial on ridiculous concocted charges like obstruction of an official proceeding or seditious conspiracy. I mean, this is really a travesty of justice.  

What’s happening in DC and the concealment of the surveillance video is a big part of it. You have defendants who still don’t see all of the surveillance evidence video or even body cam footage or anything related to their case, and their trials are already ongoing.  

Many of them have taken plea deals because they see what’s happening in DC with these juries returning guilty verdicts in record time on every, practically every single defendant. So time is of the essence, and the January 6th committee has been complicit in violating the constitutional rights of these people. They don’t care. but look, I think it’s the more that the public is becoming aware of what’s happening to these people and how the Biden regime and Democrats and this court system has denied these people their rights I think we’re going to continue to see public outrage, and maybe Liz, maybe some of these judges will finally get the message. The American people are waking up to exactly what they’re doing in that DC courthouse.  

It makes me sick to my stomach to think that we live in a country where due process of law has been entirely dis discarded in favor of ideology. And this isn’t hypothetical that American citizens are sitting in jail suffering for this. I’d like to go through a couple of the incidents that happened on January 6th that the mainstream media or the January se sixth Select committee, I suppose they talk about the same things.  

They use the same narratives, but I’d like to go over some of the incidents and ask what you expect to see the tapes that would perhaps contradict the narrative. So start with Ashley Babbitt. We were told that, you know, she was, she was shot for accosting a police officer, that it was, it was justified use of lethal force. What do you expect the video to show?  

Well, look, there’s no security camera anywhere near what happened with Ashley Babbitt. Apparently there is no security camera in the speaker’s lobby. And this was right outside of that area where Ashley Babbitt was shot. What I do think we’ll see surveillance video of is her body being carried through that area and out to first responders in the ambulance waiting outside. That’s something that the American people really have not seen.  

There’s been little snippets, I think, of open-source video, but nothing official from the security system. So my guess is we won’t see outside of what we’ve already seen from body cam footage or other people who were in the area recording it because there aren’t any cameras there. But we will see how she was transported out of that building really in sort of an inhumane way and then carried off by the ambulance. So I think that’s all we’ll see in terms of what happened with Ashley Babbitt,  

That seems weird that there’s no cameras in the speaker’s lounge.  

I agree. There’s no security cameras either outside of the Columbus doors, which is the ceremonial entrance to the Capitol, which was the site of one of the breaches, including where the oath keepers entered. There’s no security cameras there. And I’ve also been told there’s no security cameras in the Rotunda which is very strange to me. But apparently that’s what the government has, has told defense attorneys.  

That seems extremely odd, especially considering that the reason for the cameras are supposedly so that Capitol Police can keep the members of Congress and their staff safe from not, not domestic threats, but from foreign threats from hostile governments or terrorists who would wish to harm them. That seems odd that they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t surveil those areas since there’s such highly trafficked areas. What about Officer Brian Sickney? What do you expect to see on the camera regarding what happened to him on January 6th?  

Probably not much more than what we’ve already seen from body-worn camera footage, which is also has been very revelatory, and that is just now coming out because of these trials that are ongoing. The government’s finally has a cough up this body-worn camera footage from DC Metro Police. We might see more of his activity on the Upper West Terrace where he went after he was sprayed. Now, he also suffered from the effects of police who were dousing people on the west side of the building with chemical spray. It also hit numerous police officers, and that’s how that line really broke down on the west side of the Capitol.  

And so it might show exactly from a little bit of surveillance video that we’ve seen that was given to the January 6th committee exactly what his movements were, where he went after he kind of washed his eyes out whether he did go inside of the building or he went back, or not really sure exactly where he went, but I think that that’s probably all we’ll also see of him.  

What about the first breach, that breach that Ray Epps has become quite well known for being associated with at least tangentially on some of these videos. What do you expect?  because, and this was pivotal by the way, a lot of people know this, but just just a little backstory. This was pivotal because when a lot of the people who had attended President Trump’s rally outside the White House marched to the capitol, the barricades had already been moved. They didn’t break through the barricades in the first area where, where the quote unquote breach occurred. Those barricades had been moved, but we didn’t see who exactly moved them or who gave the direction to have those barricades moved.  

That’s such a good point, Liz, because Ray aps was with that very first group of people who breached the far exterior police lines. He actually whispered in the ear of Ryan Samsel, the man in the red MAGA hat who kind of tossed over the first set of bike racks and knocked over a police officer and ran up those steps towards the west side of the building. Ray UPS was right there, Ray Ups and also the Proud Boys were there, and we know informants who had been embedded in that group were also in that first official breach team, I guess you would call it, breach Group. so we will be able to see all of Ray S’s movements, not just what people have caught on open, you know, their own videos that were recorded. Also new video that I’ve seen, again, from the body-worn camera footage.  

But if we see all of the angles from that west side, we will see Ray UPS’s movements. What we already know, Liz, from his testimony into the January 6th committee, is that he was on restricted grounds for over an hour. and so that’s based on his own testimony right then and there, he allegedly committed a crime because that area had been shut off to the public. We have numerous defendants who have been charged with trespassing in a restricted area. Why hasn’t Ray eps his explanation doesn’t really add up. and so we’ll see exactly what he did, who he was communicating with, and the identity and activity of other known or suspected undercover agents and informants. Was he talking with them as well? So I think a lot of these pieces of the puzzle will, will come together because of course, the video will speak for itself.  

Hmm. And the galls too, on the capitol grounds, I mean, these were the, this was the source of the quote unquote Hang Mike Pence narrative that the Left really ran with. But we never saw who constructed those or who gave the direction to construct them or who encouraged and incited that that whole melee around them. I’d be interested in saying  

That. I definitely would too. And that’s another angle of the story that disappeared, not just by the January 6th committee, but in the media. I mean, this was a big thing. This is what the media said. The Trump supporters were gonna go capture Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi and hang them on this mock gallows with this orange noose, by the way. But yet we still have no evidence of who built that. Whoever constructed that, obviously also committed a crime. You’re building something on public property that was restricted access or shut down to the public. There’s no video of that. This is the most recorded event in US history, by far, the biggest criminal investigation in the Justice Department’s history. But there’s not a single photograph or piece of video that shows who put that up, what time they put it up, who was responsible for it.  

There’s no more investigation into it that like the alleged pipe bomber has completely disappeared from the headlines and any investigation or interest by house Democrats. So I do think that that’s one other aspect that we’ll see. We will see who was up on the scaffold. You know, there are people, not just defense attorneys, but witnesses who say there were people on the scaffolding, remember that is where all the inauguration set up and staging was being erected. There was a scaffold right in the middle, and people say there were people up on that scaffold with bullhorns. You could see on some of the video directing the crowd what to do and kind of giving signals to other people in the crowd. We should very clearly see on surveillance video exactly when those people got there, perhaps identify who they were, exactly what their movements were, who they were communicating with in the crowd.  

 so that will be another big piece of the puzzle that west side of the building Is really, I think, where most of the action is. And also, Liz, how so many people got into that lower West terrorist tunnel where the violent confrontations between police and protestors took place. And of course, as we know, that’s where Roseanne Boylan died. That’s where she was asphyxiated by this really lethal, almost potent chemical gas. That’s where she was trampled on, and that’s where she was beaten by DC police officer. There was at least another woman who I reported on Victoria White, who also was nearly beaten to death by two DC police officers in that tunnel. But it’s unclear how so many people got packed into that tunnel.  

And so we will be able to see more angles than we what we’ve, the limited amount that we’ve seen from that terrace tunnel of exactly what happened where Roseanne Boylan’s body went, how first responders aided her, and the handling of her dead body being moved into the building by at least two of the celebrity January 6th. Police officers who this day have not de detailed exactly what they did with her body. So we should be able to see that too.  

And I assume, although maybe this assumption shouldn’t be an assumption given that there’s no cameras outside of the speaker’s lounge, but I assume that there’s cameras on the door so that we can see once and for all whether these doors were actually breached or whether police officers opened the doors for the people that were there.  

Right? So we do have some limited video that kind of shows one man, George Tenney who’s al already been convicted, and he testified too of opening from the inside the Columbus doors. There’s a lot of dispute as to how that happened. You could see him talking to people on an upper level. Was that person telling him not to open the door? Was that person telling him how to open the door? It’s just weird that a random protestor would end up at the Columbus doors. You know, these huge, I think they’re 17-ton doors or something crazy, and just open them and let all these people in. And we will see more surveillance video like we’ve already seen, which is police officers opening that Senate door on the upper West Side, opening those doors and standing there while at least 300 people enter the building.  

They’re not trying to arrest them. They’re not telling them that they’re breaking the law, that the building is closed. You see, you know, sort of high fives. You see people speaking to the officers. There’s, there’s no audio on the surveillance video, but obviously it’s a, it’s a cordial environment there. Will we see more of that?  what we also should see is really alarming misconduct by police inside the building. You know, Liz, the narrative that the building inside was trashed by Trump supporters using, you know, bear spraying and fire extinguishers, breaking things simply is not true.  

The people who were responsible for any, most of the damage inside were again, DC Metro police officers in how they were treating people inside. Certainly there were protestors who vandalized things, but the overwhelming majority of the damage to the capitol was by police. And, and again, we’re gonna be able to see that some of the angles from the surveillance video.  

So that’s interesting because when we talked, I guess it was 3, 4, 5 months ago in September, and I ask you about the police contingent there, right? How was it that, that the police contingent so many police officers who rarely had days off or told to stay home, why wasn’t it properly staffed if they foresaw this threat? Which, if they had these informants embedded in different groups mm-hmm.  like the Oathkeepers or the Proud Boys, they were supposedly aware of what was going to happen.  

You’d think that they would bulk up security instead. It was, it was reduced below normal levels. And I ask you, who was responsible for this? Is there, is there one person who was, I suppose at the, not to use the word mastermind, but masterminded or orchestrated this entire, this entire operation, and you said the word Pelosi to me. Is there going to be on these videos, anything that shows us her role or the role of her staff or anything regarding her communications with, with Mayor Bowser about the Capitol Police and the DC Metro Police?  

Such a good question. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi, as you know, her office was completely off limits to the January 6th select committee. We have seen no documents out of her office, no correspondence, nothing. but what’s interesting is that her house Sergeant at Arms, Paul Irving did give over some material to house Republicans last year. He also testified to the January 6th committee. So did Nancy Pelosi’s top security staffers. Shockingly one of her security staffers who also was shared with House administration Committee told the January 6th committee, that planning for January 6th started in the summer of 2020.  

And when investigators asked this person, Jamie, fleet, well, why would you start in the summer of 2020, planning for January 6th?  he said, oh, it’s because you know, we had seen Trump and how erratically he acted, so we were just gonna plan in, in advance. What Paul Irving though testified to is that on January 5th, the day before hi, he gave only to Democrats, by the way, democratic lawmakers sort of a walkthrough of the joint session, which I’m not really sure why he would have to do that.  

It’d be interesting to see who was involved and how that went down. Even more alarmingly, as Paul Irving said, that he gave other Democratic lawmakers a tour or a redo of the evacuation route from the house. Now, Liz, if they weren’t worried that anything was gonna happen that day, if the same Paul Irving who is denying Capitol Police Capitol Police Chief Steven Sons request for ex extra extra help, extra National Guardsman, if that same Paul Irving, who is denying extra security at the same time, gave a redo or a walkthrough of the evacuation plan, and 24 hours later that’s exactly what was happening.  

That’s just one of those things that does not add up. So exactly what was happening on the fifth two in preparation for the next day and it would be good to get some more answers from Paul Irving as to why at the same time he was worried about evacuating Congress, but leaving it was his responsibility along with the Senate sergeant at Arms to secure the Capitol grounds. That just makes no sense.  

Did McCarthy, did Speaker McCarthy turn over video footage from January 5th?  

That I’ve heard, I’m not, I do not have that confirmed, but I do know in the affidavit that was given by Capitol Police in March of 2021, they did say that they had also archived some of the January 5th video. and I do know the January 6th committee used some of it because they tried to show Representative Barry Louder milk accused him of giving a surveillance tour.  

Of course he didn’t. It was just a walkthrough. I think he had his family because, you know, there was inaugural, I believe they’re swearing in the day before. and so I believe that that video also is available. I’m not sure if that’s part of what Tucker’s team has, but if, if they don’t or if it’s still available and, and Kevin Cardy has it, that should be a release too, because that could be as telling as anything we’ll see from the January 6th videos.  

Well, I hope that it is included, because we originally heard a report that there were 14,000 hours of videotape from January 6th, but to my understanding, Tucker’s team got a hold of 41,000 hours, so not exactly 14,000 hours, 41,000 hours to come through. That’s a lot. And I doubt it’s because there are additional cameras that we were not aware of. It’s more likely that it’s additional days or additional hours, not just those, what was it, eight or nine hours that they originally had put that protective order on. Mm-hmm.  hopefully this is, this is multiple days.  

So let me zoom out and ask you big picture here. I mean, what, what in your mind, or what, what are you looking for as the real smoking gun? The one or two things that would obliterate not only the mainstream media’s narrative, but the Department of Justice targeting of people who maybe they did commit vandalism, that’s wrong. Maybe they did trespass, that’s also wrong, but they’re not insurrectionists, they’re not terrorists, and they’re being imprisoned indefinitely on that charge.  

 that’s a good question. What the smoking gun would be. I think the ID or the, and this is something that defense attorneys will have to do because they’re gonna have to corroborate what the video they see and what they see in discovery, especially under protective orders about the use of these informants, where they were what they did. And so I think that will be, take some time is matching up the identities of these informants or undercover agents with what defense attorneys know or have and what will come out in the trials that will be part of putting it all together. But I do think you know, how police and protestors mo, for the most part engaged each other also will, will sort of, you know, debunk what the what the regime and the media have tried to portray this as.  

And also, Liz, the whole idea that Donald Trump was responsible for this, right? This is where this Department of Justice and special counsel Jack Smith are headed. They want to get a criminal indictment against Donald Trump, which should be easy in Washington DC grand jury for either conspiracy, seditious, conspiracy obstruction of an official proceeding. Their game plan is that they will prove that he was responsible for what happened when the video will totally contradict that they did not go there. To your point, a lot of people who arrive there, two o’clock, two 15, the barriers had already been taken down.  

You will see the provocateurs who tore down this light, what they called snow fencing around the Capitol. You’ll see people start to arrive. You’ll see them totally peaceful then being attacked by police officers. You’ll see them being totally peaceful, being lent into the building. You know, they weren’t there ransacking, the capitol infuriated after Donald Trump’s speech quite to the contrary that that’s just not what happened. So I think that that will be another thing that will come out of this is that this was, for the most part, spontaneous, you know, protest demonstration, people wanting their voices heard, then being kind of drawn into this trap attacked by police officers let in at certain angles that had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump’s speech at the ele ellipse an hour or so earlier.  

That’s the thing about this whole, this whole convoluted event, right, is that it is convoluted and that the, the best kind of information warfare is so convoluted that people can’t necessarily piece together what happened themselves. So they’re forced to rely on some kind of quote unquote expert. In this case, the mainstream media and the January 6th committee are trying to appropriate that position as the expert. Mm-hmm.  

And it turns into something where a talking point like Donald Trump’s mean language sparked an insurrection, becomes what the general public believes, even though the truth or even though the reality and the proof shows otherwise. So my question now is, I guess, less journalistic and a little bit more analysis of the voting population. If we find smoking gun on this tape, which we all expect to do because everything points to the fact that they exist, is it too late to change the public’s mind about what happened on that event? Is this ingrained in their minds as the narrative that the Democrats has have laid out? Or can it be reversed?  

I mean, look, this is gonna be ingrained on the Left in the Democratic party. I mean, Liz, you still have the overwhelming majority of Democrats who think that Vladimir Putin interfered in the 2016 election and helped Donald Trump win the White House. I mean, these people are sheep. They’ll believe whatever they’re told by Joe Biden or Rachel Maddow or the Washington Post. but so those people are, are not persuadable because they’re illogical people. but as far as the middle and certainly on the right Republicans, we can already see this big shift in public opinion on our side. And I think even independence as the Twitter files have have shown, and as the evidence grows unrelated to January 6th, but this really egregious, unconstitutional collusion, the real collusion between the government and big tech to show to suppress the rights of American citizens.  

This will just be another angle to that. So people are really waking up to what we’re up against. And this is this regime, the deep state, the ruling class, the administrative state, whatever you wanna call it, working with private industry, powerful corporations, what are supposed to be free speech platforms to deny us our rights. and this is, that’s January 6th on steroids, because now we have political prisoners. Now we have egregious prison sentences for people who are convicted. We have a Banana Republic style environment in the nation’s capital, both the legal and judicial system.  

So I don’t think it would be as hard of a sell Liz to convince people that January 6th was mostly an inside job orchestrated by the very same interest who brought us Russia collusion, impeachment one, you know, impeachment two the Twitter files, the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop coverage, et cetera. so I think it, I don’t think it will be as heavy of a lift as it was, say even a year ago. The climate, the environment, the outrage, the interest has really changed on our side. And so I do think that that’s a ripe environment for the truth. Now, to be told about this, what I believe will, is the biggest scandal in US history.  

Well, there’s some element of hope in what you’re saying, because if people’s minds can be changed, then accountability can be metered out, even if it’s not immediate. This stuff takes time, just like unraveling the Russia collusion conspiracy That’s right. Took time, but eventually it was done. And no accountability wasn’t w hasn’t been fully meted out for, for that either, but people understand that it was, that Vladimir Putin didn’t, didn’t interfere in our election to the extent that he elected Donald Trump. Right? He didn’t cheat on behalf of Donald Trump.  

People understand that in that the, the Zelensky Ukraine impeachment was also a hoax. That this was a disgruntled, a disgruntled member of the administration who politically disagreed with President Trump and tried to make it seem like a crime. And Democrats were happy to jump on that. This is, this is, this is, I hate to use the word crazy because I don’t wanna, I don’t need to put emotions, I don’t need to tell people how to feel about this.  

They can hear the facts for themselves. But you reported on something about 10 days ago that I wanted, I wanted to you to explain, but I also wanna share this with everybody that’s, that’s in this conversation with part of the trials that are still happening, that are ongoing. There’s no reporting about them except from independent journalists like you.  

But the Proud Boys trial shows the extent that the government is, is acting with deceit, that they’re acting in an unconstitutional manner, that they are not just hiding exculpatory evidence like these, these these, these videos from outside the capitol on January 6th, but they’re actually fabricating documents and then planting those documents in a place that makes it seem like the people that are being accused of wrongdoing. The defendants are the ones who created that. Can you walk us through that? Cuz that’s pretty unbelievable.  

Yeah, there’s so much to this trial. And look, these proud boys are charged with con  seditious Conspiracy. Only one of them is accused of a violence, and that’s Dominic Paola who smashed one of the windows on the east side. Otherwise, Ethan Nordeen walked through an open door. He walked through the door where police were Zachary R did is not accused of a violent crime, but these men have been in jail for two years, while the government not just delayed discovery evidence against them, especially related to now, one defense attorney suggested 15 informants Liz embedded in the Proud Boys Group months before January 6th.  

To your point, it looks like a document that they claimed proved that the Proud Boys had a plan to overthrow the capitol on January 6th. Not only was not authored by anyone in the Proud Boys Organization or group, it was authored by someone at least partially authored by someone who just as recently as 2018.  

 and this is a young guy, was a government in was, was a government intelligence asset. He was in a special program, Florida State University to, as he calls it, groom him to work in the FBI as some sort of intelligence or informant asset. But all of a sudden he creates this plan. His excuse is super flimsy. He passes it off to another woman who he knows. I don’t know if she’s a target, I don’t know if she’s also some sort of a source.  

They emailed this to Enrique Terrio, the leader of the Proud Boys at the time. There’s no evidence that he even opened it. Liz, let alone shared it with anyone as a plan for January 6th. But the government has used this as evidence against them. And this judge, Tim Kelly, who’s an absolute disgrace to the bench, even though he knows the origination came from no one in The Proud Boys, he has still allowed it into evidence and let the prosecutor spin it to the jury as some kind of document that the Proud Boys are Enrique Terrio put together.  

 at the same time he won’t. Everything related to the informants is under seal. Even the media got outraged a few weeks ago, and Judge Kelly had a sealed hearing about some information related to a few key FBInformants. the DOJ has asked Judge Kelly to vet the defense attorney’s questions, cross-examination questions of government witnesses, including FBI agents about the use of informants they want. This is crazy. Every lawyer who sees this is like, I’ve never seen this before.  

The government wants Judge Kelly to vet pre-vet questions that defense attorneys wanna ask witnesses. And Judge Kelly is going along with this, what’s happening in this courtroom. It really, it makes me, what, it makes me sad what’s happening to these men. they don’t deserve it at all. They were actually there to help protect police, to pro protect protestors from what had happened to them, Liz, in November and December of 2020.  

And that is being attacked by B L M and Antifa thugs in the streets of Washington, DC without any help from police. They were there to help the police. They were there to protect people. Enrique Terrio was talking with an undercover DC metro agent who they were sharing information about what they were possibly hearing about potential violence. Joe Bigs was talking to the FB in the summer of 2020 about BLM or Antifa violence.  

They were working with the police and here they are now consider terrorists and traitors by this Justice Department with the full Imper promoter of Judge Tim Kelly, who by the way, is a Trump appointee, which makes it even more disgraceful. What’s happening in these courtrooms. Is truly tragic, heartbreaking, and infuriating. And that’s just the tip of the Iceberg List, what I wrote about an American Greatness in This Proud Boys Trial.  

And this is, this is just a fraction of what, of what’s happening. Partially because these videos have not been available to exonerate these defendants against the accusations in the targeting by Department of Justice. Julie Kelly, guys, you can find her work at American Greatness. You can also follow her on Twitter. She has one of the best Twitter accounts on the entire, on the entire platform. It’s Julie underscore Kelly number two, Julie underscore Kelly number two, highly recommend you follow her over there. Julie, thanks for being on the show. Really appreciate it.  

Thanks so much, Liz. Appreciate being on.  

All right guys, make sure you subscribe to the show so that you don’t miss anything. We will be breaking down all of these, everything, as the tapes come to light. You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts on Spotify. You can follow us on YouTube, on Rumble and on Locals. This is one of the most important stories in American political history.  

The ramifications of this story, the mainstream media narrative, the Democrats targeting of American citizens, and what happened on January 6th. This will pave the way for what happens next in our country as a whole. The importance of this story simply cannot be overstated. And I’m glad that we’re walking through this together. again, make sure you subscribe because we will be breaking down each and every bit of footage as it comes to light. 

Thank you for watching. Thank you for listening. I’m Liz Wheeler. This is the Liz Wheeler Show. 

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