Apple Purges All Glenn Beck Podcasts with No Explanation


Glenn Beck speaks during his appearance at Politicon at Pasadena Convention Center on June 25, 2016 in Pasadena, California.
(Photo by Michael Schwartz/Getty Images)


Apple Podcasts has removed all 1,000+ episodes of conservative pundit Glenn Beck’s show, “The Glenn Beck Program,” without prior notice and without providing any explanation for its decision.

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In a tweet, Beck sounded the alarm about Apple’s move, sharing a communication he received from the tech giant. “This is from Apple. ‘We found an issue with your show, The Glenn Beck Program, which must be resolved before it’s available on Apple Podcasts. Your show has been removed from Apple Podcasts,’ from the Apple Podcast team,” quoted Beck.

The provided link for further details did not offer any clarification. Beck remarked, “And the link only says your show has been removed from Apple Podcasts. Well, we got that one dummy.”

Beck expressed his bewilderment to his team, stating, “I mean — I cannot imagine what they are — what they’re basing this one on. I mean, have we even had strikes. Nothing, right? This is crazy.”

Beck urged his followers to rally behind him. “You need to please retweet this and start a campaign to Apple to say put the podcast back on. This is absolutely freedom of speech. There’s nothing that we have said that would warrant any removal.”


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