Shocking Reveal: Biden's DOJ Drops Child Sex Trafficking from 'Areas of Concern'


U.S. President Joe Biden (L) and Attorney General Merrick Garland walk into the East Room for the Public Safety Officer Medals of Valor ceremony at the White House on May 16, 2022 in Washington, DC.
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In an alarming move, the Biden administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has quietly declassified child sex trafficking as an “area of concern,” a status previously afforded by the Trump administration. This change, discovered by journalist Natalie Winters in late May 2023, marks a shift in DOJ’s strategic priorities amidst increasing criticism over Biden’s continued promotion of mass migration and the open southern border.

“The child sex trafficking, once a top priority for the U.S. government under the Trump administration, is no longer considered a concern for Biden’s DOJ,” Winters reports. The deletion of information regarding this horrific crime from the DOJ’s webpage has raised eyebrows and questions on the nature of the move.

On May 12, 2023, the DOJ reportedly altered its homepage content related to child sex trafficking, including the removal of three specific sections: “International Sex Trafficking of Minors,” “Domestic Sex Trafficking of Minors,” and “Child Victims of Prostitution.” These sections were included as part of the subject areas that the DOJ’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Services focused on, as of May 28, 2020, during the Trump administration’s tenure.

The now-deleted information provided in-depth insight into the global challenge of child sex trafficking and exploitation. It spoke about the international and domestic scope of the problem, discussing instances of children being trafficked into and within the United States. The information also warned about the homegrown issue of American children being recruited and exploited for commercial sex.

This development coincides with the release of the hit anti-child trafficking film “Sound of Freedom,” and follows recent reports accusing the Biden administration of indirectly aiding child sex trafficking. Whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas, a former Health and Human Services bureaucrat, recently testified before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement, alleging that the U.S. government might be inadvertently acting as a “middleman” in a large-scale child trafficking operation.

“Whether intentional or not, it can be argued that the U.S. government has become the middleman in a large-scale, multi-billion-dollar, child trafficking operation run by bad actors seeking to profit off the lives of children,” Rodas stated.

As of this writing, the Biden administration and the DOJ have not provided a reason for the removal of this critical information. In the wake of this revelation, advocates and concerned citizens alike demand transparency and a renewed commitment to the fight against child sex trafficking.

“Today, children will be sold for sex. Today, children will call a hotline to report they are being abused, neglected, and trafficked…” said Rodas, amplifying the urgent need for action.


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