Biden's Mainstream Media Allies Ignore Corruption Scandal


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The most important story of the week–the blatant corruption linked to President Biden and his family–has been conveniently ignored and shielded from sight by some of our “friends” on the left.

Yes, Donald Trump, the candidate most favored by the Republican base, lost a civil case against writer E. Jean Carroll. The jury found that Trump had sexually abused and defamed Carroll, ordering him to pay $5 million in damages. It’s a significant story, no doubt, and you probably heard about it. It was plastered all over the front page of The Post, and it’s led the news worldwide. However, it’s up to the American voters to decide what they think about this. Will they consider it another mark against Trump, or is it something they’ve already factored into their opinion of him?

But let’s move to the other bombshell of the week, one that seems to have made a surprisingly quiet landing. The House Oversight Committee released a report on the Biden family’s business dealings, and it was shocking, to say the least. It’s been clear for some time that while Joe Biden was vice president, his son Hunter and brother James enriched themselves through pay-to-play schemes. But this report revealed it was far worse than we thought. The range of foreign donors included a corrupt Romanian businessman who gave the Biden family over $1 million. Even more scandalous, as many as nine members of the Biden family, including one of Joe Biden’s grandchildren, were benefiting from this influence-peddling scheme.

Yet, instead of covering this monumental story of political corruption, some media outlets focused on Congressman George Santos, a man of almost zero national political significance. Santos is not running for president, and it’s highly unlikely he will retain any position of power. But why focus on facts when there’s an opportunity to distract the public from a truly damaging story about the current administration?

The media is supposed to keep the public informed about both the pros and cons of every candidate. When the country next goes to the polls, if Donald Trump ends up as the Republican candidate, there will be no shortage of opinions and information about him. But the same cannot be said about Joe Biden, with half of the country being kept in deliberate darkness by a media that seems to believe its job is not to report on candidates, but to cover up for them.

This isn’t just a disservice to the name of journalism, but more importantly, it’s a disservice to the American people. Voters deserve to be more than half-informed when they cast their vote. “Some people say that democracy dies in darkness. But it can die in the full light of day, too.”


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