Biden Makes Another Racist Remark Against Minorities


U.S. President Joe Biden coughs as he delivers remarks on the contract negotiations between the United Auto Workers and auto companies in the Roosevelt Room at the White House on September 15, 2023 in Washington, DC.
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The White House has found itself in another challenging position, needing to defend President Joe Biden after he made a controversial remark implying that black and Hispanic workers lack high school diplomas. This statement was met with widespread criticism and accusations of racism, forcing the administration into damage control.

Biden’s exact words were: “We’ve seen record lows in unemployment particularly — and I’ve focused on this my whole career — particularly for African Americans and Hispanic workers and veterans, you know, the workers without high school diplomas.” The official transcript, however, attempts to edit Biden’s statement to reflect a different reality, suggesting that the “workers without high-school diplomas” were a separate group from the African American and Hispanic workers.

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This discrepancy between Biden’s spoken words and the official transcript led to backlash on social media, with users labeling the situation as “embarrassing,” “sad,” and “infuriating.” Critics pointed out that the majority of individuals over the age of 25 across all ethnic groups have completed high school, contradicting Biden’s implication.

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This is not the first time President Biden has faced criticism for his comments. In 2019, he said that “poor kids” are “just as bright and just as talented as white kids,” a comment widely criticized for its racial undertones. He also referred to black children as “roaches” and described former President Barack Obama as a rare “bright and clean” black person. Additionally, Biden told black people that they weren’t truly black unless they voted for him and the Democratic Party.


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