What Is the Powerful and Shadowy Bilderberg Group Planning?


Secretive Forested Retreat Bilderberg Meeting
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Despite the myriad other causes of concern for the United States, it is important that we focus on the secretive Bilderberg Group that’s currently convening its annual meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. Shockingly, there’s a complete media blackout in the corporate press on this event, despite its potentially significant geopolitical implications. This secretive conference is even more exclusive than the World Economic Forum’s Davos gathering, with only around 150 of the world’s most influential people attending.

Although the Bilderberg website hasn’t been updated since last year, we know the meeting is happening thanks to the European Commission website. Independent journalists have also pinpointed the likely venue as the 5-star Pestana Palace Hotel in Lisbon.

This enigmatic conference, which dates back to 1954, features powerful individuals from business, politics, and media. What’s alarming is that discussions during these meetings remain closely guarded secrets, leading many to question the motives of attendees.

For a sense of how powerful these conferences are, just look at last year’s Bilderberg meeting in Washington, D.C. It featured influential figures such as the CIA Director, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Eric Schmidt of Google, Sam Altman of ChatGPT, and Peter Thiel. The topics discussed ranged from geopolitical realignments to post-pandemic health and energy security.

The topics the group will be deliberating upon include: “1. Geopolitical Realignments 2. NATO Challenges 3. China 4. Indo-Pacific Realignment 5. Sino-US Tech Competition 6. Russia 7. Continuity of Government and the Economy 8. Disruption of the Global Financial System 9. Disinformation 10. Energy Security and Sustainability 11. Post Pandemic Health 12. Fragmentation of Democratic Societies 13. Trade and Deglobalisation 14. Ukraine”

This year’s agenda and attendees remain unknown, but we’ll be keeping an eye on developments as they unfold. It’s high time we questioned the secretive nature of these conferences and the potential implications they hold for our world. Stay tuned for more updates on this shadowy gathering.


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