New Bill on Transgenderism Indicates Democrats Out of Touch


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This Thursday, House Democrats will have the chance to prove just how wedded to transgender ideology they have become, as Congressman Greg Steube’s (D) “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act” (HR 734) comes up for a vote. The bill aims to protect the opportunity for women and girls to compete without having their hard work destroyed by men who identify as female.

The American people have previously shown their opposition to the push for transgender inclusiveness. Anheuser-Busch faced backlash when it used trans-influencer Dylan Mulvaney as a symbol of inclusiveness in a Bud Light ad. The response resulted in many bars and restaurants ceasing to serve Bud Light, causing a temporary loss of $4 billion to $6 billion in market value for the beer maker.

A recent survey from America’s New Majority Project shows that 73% of Americans believe a teacher or school should notify parents if a child wants to identify as the opposite gender. Moreover, 73% also disagree with children receiving gender-affirming care without parental permission. A significant majority of respondents also oppose schools teaching children they can change their gender (72%), favor banning surgery on children to transition them from one gender to another (71%), and do not want teachers in kindergarten through third grade discussing gender identity with their students at all (67%). Furthermore, 60% say it is a form of child abuse if a teacher or school encourages a child to change his or her gender identity.

Despite this widespread opposition, President Joe Biden and his administration have consistently sided with transgender activists. On April 6, the Biden administration released a proposed pro-transgender regulation that would effectively undo Title IX, which established protections for women’s sports.

Title IX was part of a landmark 1972 civil rights bill that dramatically increased opportunities for girls and women in sports and other aspects of American life. Since its adoption, female participation in sports has increased 1,057% at the high school level and 614% at the postsecondary level. However, this progress is now threatened.

The threat of transgender males dominating female sports is real. Since 2003, biological men have won 28 women’s sports titles, a number that will only increase when the boundaries are completely removed. Sen. Tommy Tuberville has introduced the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act in the Senate to preserve Title IX protections and ban biological males from participating in women’s sports.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has also expressed his commitment to protecting women’s athletics. He hosted several female athletes at the U.S. Capitol on Girls & Women in Sports Day to hear their concerns about threats to Title IX, stating that he will always stand up for a level playing field for women in sports.

“The House has an opportunity to defend opportunities for girls and women. It is clear where the American people are on this issue. Now, we will learn whether House Democrats will side with the people who elect them – or with extreme transgender activists who want impose their agenda on the country.”

Thursday’s vote is important, as it will set the stage for the Senate to act on Sen. Tuberville’s legislation. It will also send a strong signal to the Biden administration that the extreme activists are in direct conflict with most Americans.


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