Carlson's Popularity Grows Despite Coordinated Attacks


Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Appears At National Review Ideas Summit
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Ladies and gentlemen, grab your popcorn, because it seems like Fox News might be betraying its viewers once again. After taking Tucker Carlson off the air, we’ve seen a cascade of leaks from Fox, courtesy of Media Matters. To top it off, Donald Trump has been caught doing business with CNN, so it seems like anything’s possible nowadays.

Media Matters released a set of videos on Monday, which actually just show how awesome Carlson is. He’s caught on tape criticizing the Fox Nation site – and honestly, many of us agree with him. I don’t subscribe to Fox Nation myself, because Fox News is just a mess.

Now, onto the juicier leaks from Tuesday, which are even better (for Tucker Carlson, that is). Media Matters calls these videos “creepy,” but anyone with a sense of humor will disagree.

In one video, Carlson and Piers Morgan joke about discussing Carlson’s sexual technique. It’s just male bonding, people. In another leaked video, Carlson describes someone’s girlfriend as – brace yourselves – “yummy.” Sure, he’s joking around, but he even addresses the anti-fun Nazis at Media Matters directly.

The third video features Carlson mocking that infamous Bill O’Reilly meltdown by shouting, “F*** it, we’ll do it live!”

So if Fox News is behind these leaks, is this really the worst they’ve got? If anything, these leaks just show Carlson as a guy with a sense of humor who’s enjoying life. He’s cool, funny, and one of the guys. These leaks only help his image, which means he can do even more damage to Fox News.

Fox News might think it’s invincible, but firing Carlson was a dumb move. And being seen as spooning with Media Matters? That’s no way to hold onto your viewer base.

You’ve got to wonder if Fox News and Bud Light share the same crisis team.


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