The CIA, Mike Morell, the Biden Administration, and their Conspirators Cannot Escape Justice


Former CIA Director Mike Morell
Getty Images / Sylvain Gaboury


The CIA, former acting director Mike Morell, and the Biden campaign colluded to produce a letter falsely claiming that emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation, and even solicited signatures from at least one former intelligence official. This is a severe breach of trust and a gross misuse of power if the allegations are true.

According to the article, this so-called “Dirty 51” letter was a concerted effort to discredit The Post’s reporting on the laptop. Notably, five former CIA directors, including the Obama-era chief John Brennan and 46 other intelligence officials, were involved. Brennan even admitted in a closed-door deposition that the letter was “political” — a major bombshell in and of itself.

Despite the best efforts of the FBI, Big Tech, and a complicit media to bury the story, The New York Post brought it to the front page. The letter was essentially a domestic disinformation operation by the CIA to deceive the American people and help Joe Biden win the 2020 election.

These revelations are immensely disturbing, to say the least, and raise serious questions about the integrity of our intelligence community and the lengths to which political campaigns and the deep state will go to win campaigns and advance their own interests.

What’s more, every one of those 51 intelligence officials knew the laptop was real and was not Russian disinformation. They also would have been aware of Hunter’s risky behavior overseas while his father was vice-president. And let’s not forget that Joe Biden himself knew about the laptop and that the Post was reporting the truth. Yet, he went into hiding and sent out his campaign spokespeople to lie on his behalf.

This story is a stark reminder of the importance of transparency, truth, and integrity in politics and the media. We must hold our leaders and institutions accountable when they fail to uphold these principles. And we must demand better from those who hold the highest offices in our land.


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