Disney's 'Snow White' Reimagined: Woke Update?


In this handout photo provided by Disney, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are seen in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at the new Disneyland Park on September 1, 2005 in Hong Kong.
(Photo by Mark Ashman/Disney via Getty Images)


Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of “Snow White” stirred controversy when images leaked by the Daily Mail suggested an inclusive, “woke” take on the beloved classic’s seven companions.

Rather than the traditional seven dwarves, the leaked photos showcased a diverse group of characters in terms of “gender, ethnicity, and height,” leading to backlash from conservatives labeling it a “woke” update. Initially, Disney discredited the photos, only to reverse their stance, admitting they were from the production set but were not official.

The controversy deepened as the Daily Mail misidentified the actors in the images as Rachel Zegler, cast as Snow White, and Andrew Burnap. In reality, the photos depicted their stand-ins. Zegler, who gained acclaim for her role in Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated “West Side Story,” is set to portray Disney’s first princess in the new adaptation.

Disney, aiming to modernize the tale for contemporary audiences, previously faced criticism for its portrayal of Snow White’s seven companions. The company committed to consulting with the dwarfism community to prevent reinforcing stereotypes from the 1937 original. However, a proposed idea to transform the seven dwarves into magical creatures via CGI was met with disappointment from various parties.


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