Disney Partners with Transgender Man for Girls' Clothing


Mickey Mouse rides in a parade through Main Street, USA with Cinderella's castle in the background at Disney World's Magic Kingdom November 11, 2001 in Orlando, Florida.
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


The Walt Disney Company has recently taken a bold step in its marketing approach, partnering with gender-fluid influencer Seann Altman to promote women’s apparel on Disney’s TikTok channel.

This channel boasts more than 260,000 followers. The purpose of the channel is to showcase “Disney-inspired makeup and outfit tutorials, DIY projects, and all things Disney art & fashion.”

Altman’s collaboration with Disney highlighted a Minnie Mouse-themed ensemble, comprising a vibrant red dress, chic yellow pumps, and a characteristic red hair bow. This collaboration video didn’t just stay on Disney’s page; Altman, leveraging his substantial following of over 717,000 subscribers, posted the video on his page, rapidly amassing 865,000 views.

Celebrating the collaboration, Altman exclaimed, “I literally look like Minnie Mouse!” and further declared, “Minnie is ME! I fit right in with Mickey and his friends!”

Disney’s inclusivity initiatives have already sparked controversy in the past. In May 2023, Disneyland faced backlash for having an employee, donning a dress and sporting a mustache, greet children at their fantasy boutique – “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.”

This boutique, a favorite among kids, allows them to get makeovers and emulate their favorite characters. A video surfaced on X displaying the employee, introducing himself as Nick, “one of the fairy godmother’s apprentices,” eager to assist in the magical transformation process.


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