Don Lemon Fired From CNN, Claims He Found Out From Agent


Don Lemon signs off from his morning show on CNN


Don Lemon, the host of “CNN This Morning,” has parted ways with the network following a series of incidents involving the anchor’s controversial behavior. In response to being let go, Lemon vehemently denied knowledge of the news and expressed his shock in a tweet, stating that his agenct, Jay Sures of UTA, had informed him of his dismissal.

CNN refuted Lemon’s claim, insisting that he had been given the chance to meet with management but had instead chosen to tweet a statement.

While employees at CNN are believed to be “ecstatic” about Lemon’s departure, Collins and Harlow will continue to co-anchor the morning show to “stabilize things.”

Following the Monday morning broadcast of the faltering morning show, CNN CEO Chris Licht sent a message to colleagues announcing Lemon’s departure and expressing gratitude for his contributions over the past 17 years. Licht also stated that Lemon will always remain a part of the CNN family, and the network will support him in his future pursuits.

According to the New York Post, Lemon has hired Allison Gollust, a longtime CNN shill, to counsel him throughout his contentious breakup with the network:

“Gollust is former CNN CEO Jeff Zucker’s girlfriend. Zucker and Gollust were both ousted from the network after their affair came to light in 2022. ‘It’s a power move,’ one media insider said of Lemon’s decision to work with Gollust. Meanwhile, it is unclear whether CNN will continue paying Lemon.”

Lemon’s troubles had been ongoing, with a recent Variety article claiming that he had engaged in years of “diva-like” and misogynistic behavior, sparking controversy. He was also accused of sending threatening texts to Kyra Phillips, who covered the fallout from the US invasion of Iraq. Variety also reported that he made a derogatory comment about Soledad O’Brien, which he denied making. In February, he came under criticism for claiming that Nikki Haley, a Republican contender for president, was not “in her prime.” Lemon’s behavior resulted in alienating advertisers and causing staff backlash, leading to CNN’s decision to let him go.


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