Nike Faces Massive Backlash Online After Apparent Partnership with Dylan Mulvaney


Nike and Dylan Mulvaney have a paid partnership together.


Nike faced backlash from social media users after announcing its partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. On Wednesday, Mulvaney revealed his paid relationship with Nike by posting a series of photos on his Instagram account. In these posts, he modeled a selection of Nike’s apparel, including a sports bra and pants from the company’s collection. Each of the Instagram Stories includes a mark that indicates it is a sponsored partnership on the Instagram platform, which, according to the platform, “means that the person who shared it has a commercial relationship with the business partner that’s mentioned, and that they were compensated in some way for the post.”

Conservative commentator Evan Kilgore tweeted, “Nike is now sponsoring the transgender activist, Dylan Mulvaney. Stop buying Nike. Pass it on.” Similarly, James Bradley, a candidate for the Republican party in California’s state legislature, tweeted that“ THIS is what TRUE misogyny looks like.”

The videos that Mulvaney uploaded on social media prompted some users to comment, “This is a slap in the face for all women!”

However, not all of the comments were negative towards Nike. Leftist Brian Krassenstein tweeted, “This follows her steady rise to fame, thanks in part to a lot of talent, a great personality and Conservatives not being able to stop talking about canceling anyone who works with her.”


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