Report: Fingerprints Found on White House Cocaine Bag


Curator of the Store Room of the Public Prosecution Service, Anton Jofer, holding a bag with confiscated cocaine at the press conference with the Munich Public Prosecution Service.
(Photo by Lino Mirgeler/picture alliance via Getty Images)


A new report has emerged claiming White House officials possess knowledge of the individual who allegedly smuggled cocaine into the premises, which starkly contradicts an earlier statement by the Secret Service that they lacked sufficient evidence to identify the person of interest.

Citing a security source, Soldier of Fortune magazine stated, “We know who handled it… We’ve known since last week.” The report suggested fingerprint analysis could potentially identify the person in question. The revelation, if proven true, could have profound implications for the credibility of the Secret Service.

The magazine mentioned two sources providing the identity of the supposed perpetrator, but chose not to disclose the name, pending official confirmation. Notably, the report contradicts the Secret Service’s earlier statement released on Thursday.

According to the Secret Service, the FBI conducted thorough forensic testing on the substance and its packaging, including advanced fingerprint and DNA analysis. Yet, they claimed, “the FBI’s laboratory results, which did not develop latent fingerprints and insufficient DNA was present for investigative comparisons.”

This outcome led to their conclusion that no evidence could be compared against a known pool of individuals. They also stated that the lack of any surveillance video footage and other physical evidence impedes their investigation.

Anthony Guglielmi, U.S. Secret Service spokesman, disputed the claims made by Soldier of Fortune. He emphasized, “The FBI independent from the Secret Service tested the packaging of the cocaine and there were no discernible fingerprints or DNA found on the baggie, the packaging.” Guglielmi added that the absence of investigative leads and physical evidence left them with no reasonable suspicion to link any individuals present in the White House that day to the contraband item.

With around 500 people having passed through the entrance between June 7 and July 2, pinpointing the suspect has proven a significant challenge. As a result, the Secret Service claimed its investigation is currently closed due to lack of evidence. Guglielmi mentioned, however, they would welcome any sourced information from Soldier of Fortune magazine regarding the identity of the person who brought in the cocaine.


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