Gen Z Takes On New 'Delicate Dumping' Dating Trend


A therapist in the UK has criticized the relationship trend known as "delicate dumping," deeming it immoral and cruel.
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A therapist in the UK has criticized the relationship trend known as “delicate dumping,” deeming it immoral and cruel. Instead, the therapist advises individuals who are ending a relationship to be honest and direct with their actions. Delicate dumping refers to the act of stepping back from a relationship without discussing its end. Strategies such as ghosting, slow responses, and complete avoidance of the other person are commonly employed in this trend.

Jodie Slee, a 39-year-old therapist from West Yorkshire, England, believes that delicate dumping, although seemingly easier, is ultimately cruel. She emphasizes the importance of courageously facing the situation and not resorting to cowardly behavior. Slee argues that delicate dumping involves disengaging from the relationship in a way that forces the partner to initiate the breakup.

Slee highlights that narcissists tend to utilize delicate dumping more frequently due to their emotional immaturity. A married individual from North Carolina shared that many men, especially when younger, engage in delicate dumping, convincing themselves that their partner will understand their intentions and leave them. Slee asserts that ending things with respect for the other person becomes more apparent as one matures.

The therapist suggests that the rise of social media has made it easier for people to end relationships. She gives the example where individuals actively engage with other people’s social media while disregarding their own partner’s attempts at communication. Slee advises individuals in relationships to trust their instincts and recognize the signs of subtle rejection, such as changed behavior and distancing.


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