Revealing the Obscene Details of 'Gender Affirming Care'


'Gay cure' protest in Sao Paulo
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The term “gender affirming care” has taken center stage in our ongoing debates about transgender issues, laws, and parental rights. But let’s not forget that not long ago, these procedures were simply called “sex change procedures.” The organized left, with their cunning tactics, has managed to twist our language, changing “sex change” to “gender affirmation.” Today, if you refuse to comply with your 10-year-old daughter’s request for puberty blockers, you could face criminal charges for child abuse due to denying her gender affirmation.

So, what exactly are these procedures? I must warn you that the truth is shocking and appalling – not the sort of conversation decent people like us conservatives should have. The transgender activists are counting on our inherent decency and reluctance to discuss such matters, just as leftists have previously exploited our discretion when it comes to discussing the horrifying realities of late-term abortion.

“In the same way they got away with euphemisms like “late-term abortion” knowing that we conservatives were too proper to discuss the ghoulish realities of a procedure that ends with scissors puncturing the brain of a fully developed pre-born infant, leftists expect to get away with these mutilations behind closed doors because our basic decency keeps us from discussing such disdainful topics.”

But we won’t let them win this time.

Recently on “O’Connor Tonight” on Salem News Channel, Dr. Jay Richards, Director of the DeVos Center for Life, Religion, and Family at the Heritage Foundation was interviewed on this subject. I strongly urge you to watch the interview above and, more importantly, share it on your social media pages. While there are no graphic images, the actual medical procedures – including the perilous fabrication of artificial sexual organs – are explicitly described so that the left can no longer hide behind a cloak of secrecy.

We must not allow the left to exploit our decency any longer. It’s time to shine a light on the harsh realities of these procedures and protect our children from irreversible harm. Let’s stand up for our values and fight back against the insidious manipulation of language and truth.


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