GPT-5 Release May Make AI 'Indistinguishable from Humans'


PRODUCTION - 25 January 2023, Hesse, Darmstadt: Doctoral student and AI expert Sven Schulze is at the Darmstadt "Leap in Time Lab" using examples and data to explain the error-proneness of ChatGPT. The new software can write texts in seconds that are barely distinguishable from those of a human.
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In the span of less than a year, Open AI’s revolutionary ChatGPT has already evolved from using GPT-3 technology to GPT-4 technology, which is more intelligent, accurate, creative, and useful than its predecessor by multiple orders of magnitude.

Now, reports are swirling that GPT-5 may arrive as early as the end of 2023. Like GPT-4, GPT-5 will be exponentially more advanced, and may even achieve artificial general intelligence–essentially meaning that ChatGPT will be indistinguishable from humans.

ChatGPT is currently the most sought-after generative AI technology, with individuals as well as many companies  integrating it into their everyday lives and business practices. A direct result of OpenAI’s innovation, ChatGPT is finding its place in notable ventures, particularly with Microsoft, who, through a substantial investment, has implemented this AI tech into many of its services.

OpenAI hasn’t halted its advancements. Introduced in March, GPT-4 stands out with its multimodal input feature. Unlike previous models, GPT-4 processes both text and images, further supporting various languages.

This upgrade not only amplifies ChatGPT’s efficiency but also its utility, making it almost indispensable for ChatGPT Plus users at a $20 monthly subscription. The bot’s ability to ace virtually any exam underscores its enhanced capabilities. OpenAI aims to elevate ChatGPT’s utility with plugins–many of which are already usable via their beta versions–potentially allowing it to source live internet data.

Given GPT-4’s impressive features, anticipation around GPT-5 is sky-high. Rumors suggest that this upgrade could easily blur the lines between AI and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) – where chatbots, like ChatGPT, mirror human intellect and problem-solving skills. If true, GPT-5 could redefine generative AI’s landscape.

Predictions indicate GPT-5’s completion by December 2023, with a possible intermediate GPT-4.5 version releasing earlier. Although no formal roadmap exists, access to GPT-5 might replicate the GPT-4 pattern – available for free on platforms like Bing Chat and with full features for ChatGPT Plus subscribers at a fee.

However, the exponentially advancing technology behind AI does not come without challenges. European privacy regulators are scrutinizing OpenAI, with ChatGPT facing bans and potential news access fees in some regions. These hurdles, coupled with the rapid pace of AI development, might influence the timing and pricing of upcoming updates.


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