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Prime Minister Of Italy Giorgia Meloni Talks To Media
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Italy’s new conservative government may signal something similar for America. Giorgia Meloni led the conservative Brothers of Italy party to victory at the Italian polls last week and is expected in the coming weeks to become the nation’s first female prime minister.

Her platform: God, country, and family. In her victory speech, Meloni vowed to reject a globalist agenda that often treats people like numbers instead of unique human beings. She also promised to protect the identity of the Italian family. This message resonates with American voters, too.

Italians have faced a woke globalist government for more than a decade, and Meloni’s victory is the people’s referendum. Voters rejected outgoing PM Mario Draghi’s technocratic government that imposed lockdowns and “Green Pass” vaccine passports. Voters said no to Draghi’s radical leftist climate change alarmism and reckless spending. Instead, Meloni rejects the European Union’s authoritarian elitism and its open border policies . She stands up for the biology of sex and traditional marriage and is pro-life.

CNN responded to Meloni’s victory by comparing her to Benito Mussolini, claiming she will lead “the most far-right government since the fascist era of Benito Mussolini.” The accusation is a hilariously desperate attempt to demonize Meloni in the eyes of America. But that’s precisely because CNN fears Meloni is the kind of politician Americans would like.

Indeed, God, family, and country is how Republicans should play the U.S. midterm elections in November.

Republicans should remind voters that leftist identity politics steals your actual identity as a child of God, as a member of your family, and as a person. The Left’s ideological flirtations destroy the institutions that protect your identity. Your family is at risk. If Republicans want to sweep the House and Senate in November, they should fight like Meloni for God, country, and family.

They should also focus on Bidenflation. It hurts families. And focus on school choice, which puts children’s educational decisions back in the hands of parents. Oh, and focus on the radical gender ideology and those teachers, doctors, and politicians who encourage body mutilation surgery for minors. Republicans should focus on the FBI’s abuse of power. Biden’s Justice Department has already labeled parents domestic terrorists, while internal FBI training documents identified people who fly the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag as potential violent extremists. Republicans should focus on the Left’s insane anti-fossil fuel agenda, which has cost your family money by causing sky-high inflation, will increase your energy bills, and ultimately will cause food scarcity and medication shortages.

We are less than two months away from the midterm elections , which will decide control of Congress for the next two years. There is no time for squishy RINOs. We need conservatives who are proud to fight for God, country, and family. Meloni rejected woke globalism in favor of the family, and she won decisively. Republicans in the United States would do well to take note.


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