Rep. Jordan and Whistleblowers Cast Doubt on Mainstream Jan 6 Narrative.


Whistleblower Hearing Helmed by Jim Jordan Attempts to Expose Weaponization of FBI
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Amidst all of the other chaos engulfing our country, one of our latest stories obligates us to look at a House hearing where three individuals, claiming to be FBI whistleblowers, have testified. These individuals are central to the Republican argument that the FBI has been weaponized against conservatives. The investigation is led by Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, who contends that the FBI and Justice Department have been heavily politicized in recent times. Click here for the full report.

Despite the FBI revoking the security clearances of three agents due to their involvement in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot, Republicans have hailed the whistleblowers as heroes for their courage in stepping forward. The Democrats, on the other hand, have raised concerns about the validity of these whistleblowers, as well as their access to evidence to back their claims.

The hearing got heated as Jordan refused to release a transcript or video of the interview with one of the whistleblowers, Marcus Allen. He claims Allen was not comfortable including Democrats in his interview and stated that Democrats aren’t entitled to all the evidence gathered from whistleblowers. This created an uproar, with Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez questioning the validity of evidence that one side won’t share with the other.

Now, Allen and Steve Friend, another individual testifying, have both had their security clearances revoked. Allen, in fact, has filed a lawsuit against the FBI Director, Christopher Wray, alleging violation of his constitutional rights and false accusations of harboring “conspiratorial views.” It’s a fiery situation, and one that clearly highlights the intense partisan divide on the topic.

Further complicating matters, the FBI revoked Friend’s security clearance after they discovered he downloaded documents from FBI computer systems onto an unauthorized flash drive. He was also found to be involved in “multiple, unapproved media interviews.” Both Allen and Friend now have 30 days to request reconsideration of the FBI’s decision.

The fourth witness, Tristan Leavitt, who currently serves as the president of Empower Oversight, brings a different perspective to the table. His organization legally represents whistleblowers, including Steve Friend, who are communicating with Congress.

This hearing is indicative of the escalating tension between Republicans and the FBI, particularly the executive assistant director of human resources, Jennifer Leigh Moore. Republicans accuse Moore of being part of a “purge” of FBI employees with conservative views, making her a potential target for a subpoena.

In light of these events, folks, we have to ask: are we seeing the weaponization of our security institutions for political gain, or is this legitimate concern for our national security? This is an issue that certainly deserves close scrutiny and honest discussion. Our democratic processes and institutions depend on the integrity of the people who run them and their ability to rise above partisan politics.


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