Liz Wheeler: Dear Trans People, Radical Leftist Activists Aren’t The Allies You Think They Are


Marchers with Trans Support Flags at Rally
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If you identify as trans or non-binary, this letter is for you.

You have been victimized and exploited. You have been used by horrible people. You have been abused, and your life will never be the same. This must be hard to hear, but it’s the truth.

You aren’t transgender or non-binary. You are either a man or a woman. You have been tricked by a cult called Queer Theory into thinking you are oppressed and marginalized, tricked into thinking you are about to be the target of a genocide, and tricked into thinking that it is Christians who are oppressing you—none of this is true.

The people who taught you this theory are the ones who hate you. They want to turn you into kamikazes and suicide bombers. They want to make you so angry and afraid and desperate that you will do anything for them, even start a literal revolution.

They know if you’re angry enough, you will commit violence. They groom you into it by advertising a “trans day of vengeance” and lying to you about what Christians and conservatives think (we don’t hate you, we hate the people who are victimizing you). They want you to commit violence, and they don’t care if you are permanently hurt or die in the process. To them, you are just a pawn in service of their political agenda. They want to start a Marxist revolution, and they’re counting on you being just brainwashed enough to do it for them.

Maybe you’re too far gone for the simple truth to reach you. I hope not, but it’s possible. You may need mental healthcare. You may even need a cult deprogrammer. But you may also just need someone to tell you the truth for once, because the truth can set you free.

First you must recognize that there is an objective truth—THE truth. You’re a boy if you were born a boy. You’re a girl if you were born a girl. And this is amazing. It means you’re beautiful just the way God made you—yes, God made you, and whether you love Him or not, He loves you. He even made you in his image.

I know you’re suffering right now. Anyone would be in your position. You’ve been abused. Someone hurt you and made you feel worthless. You feel disassociated from your body. Your mind is whirling with anxiety, depression, and discontent. You long to find your true self and desperately want to escape the way you feel, just so you can have control of yourself again—so nobody else can hurt you.

That’s why you’re so angry now. Even in your new identity, you feel depressed and traumatized. Queer Theory wants you to believe that someone is trying to “erase you,” all while they exploit your pain and use your trauma to further their own pernicious aims. They are evil. Their goals are atrocious. And their path leads to oppression, tyranny, and death.

But here’s my message to you today—it’s not too late to step away from this cult that has preyed upon you. It’s not too late to love yourself just the way you were made. It’s not too late to take control of your own fate. There are so many people ready to love you and help you heal.

You’re worth it.


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