Biden Administration Issues Warning to Migrants Ahead of Title 42 Expiration


Mayorkas took questions from reporters about the expiration of Title 42
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Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security, issued a warning to immigrants seeking entry into the United States, stating they would be unable to request asylum if they arrived at the border after Title 42 expired at midnight. The expiration of Title 42 is leading to an enormous surge of illegal immigrants at the border. Mayorkas briefed the media on the Biden administration’s strategy to deal with the situation. He stated that the government would now make use of its power under Title 8 to impose severe sanctions on immigrants who enter the country unlawfully, including a minimum five-year prohibition on re-entry and probable criminal prosecution.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources reported that Border Patrol agents apprehended 10,000 more migrants on Wednesday, marking the third straight day of increased activity. The Border Patrol has had its greatest daily totals ever this week in preparation for the termination of Title 42. Approximately 26,000 migrants are currently being held in federal custody by CBP. There is significantly over capacity in many sectors across the southern border, which has a capacity of around 19,000 people.

Mayorkas emphasized that the border is closed and human traffickers were distributing false information to people seeking a better life in America. “Smugglers have been long, hard at work, spreading false information that the border will be open,” he claimed.

“They are lying to people who are thinking of making their journey to our southern border. Know this: Smugglers care only about profits, not people. Do not risk your life and your life savings only to be removed from the United States.”

The CBP One mobile app, which enables booking appointments at ports of entry, is just one of the legal routes the Biden administration has offered for immigrants. Mayorkas urged people seeking refuge in the United States to utilize these options. He also noted that the vast majority of people will be deported if they are ineligible for relief under American law.

According to sources, the Border Patrol’s top concern right now is preventing images of crowding and processing migrants as quickly as possible. Authorities approved “safe” mass street releases earlier this week if CBP and non-governmental organization (NGO) partners were unable to contain them. It implies that the biggest wave of mass releases in recorded history has already started and will go on for a while. Mayorkas noted that the pressure of encounters puts tremendous pressure on staff, infrastructure, and communities. He added that the strategy to deal with the situation will be effective, but it will take some time for the consequences to materialize fully.


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