Megan Fox Loses Her Mind When Confronted Over Forcing Sons to Cross-Dress


Megan Fox dressing her three sons as girls.
Robby Starbuck / Twitter


Over the weekend, actress Megan Fox and conservative influencer Robby Starbuck engaged in a heated social media exchange, triggered by Starbuck’s claims that he had witnessed Fox’s two sons have a “breakdown” over being “forced” to cross-dress.

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Starbuck, a music video director and unsuccessful 2022 congressional candidate, asserted that he saw the episode while living in the same California gated community as Fox about five years ago. Starbuck claimed on social media that Fox’s sons were visibly upset and expressed they were pressured by their mother into wearing girls’ clothing, while a nanny tried to console them.

The post further critiqued Fox, calling her actions “pure child abuse” and lamenting that California’s liberal attitudes and Fox’s fame would prevent any intervention. He also disclosed that he moved to Tennessee shortly after the incident but felt compelled to voice his concern following a recent viral photo of Fox’s sons, one of whom was wearing girls’ attire.

Fox retorted to Starbuck’s claims via Instagram, accusing him of exploiting her child’s gender identity for political gain and to chase fame. She warned him about using children as “social currency,” particularly under malevolent and false pretenses. Fox passionately defended her stance, saying that the attention-seeking approach had placed Starbuck “on the wrong side of the universe” and even suggesting he was meddling with witchcraft.

In response, Starbuck reiterated that he had no ongoing political campaign and that the incident did occur. He offered to privately share corroborating evidence, including photos of their children playing together and text messages from an independent adult who also witnessed the alleged incident.

Meanwhile, Fox responded through her Instagram stories with a veiled threat of witchcraft, sharing an image of a nearly-nude witch performing a “carcass-eating ritual,” with a caption hinting at her presence outside Starbuck’s house. Unmoved, Starbuck dismissed her threats, expressing his faith in Jesus and his commitment to pray for her boys.

In the past, Fox has openly discussed her son wearing dresses to school, stating it boosts his confidence. She has also made headlines with her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, over their eccentric practices, including a parody of the Last Supper. It’s important to note that the veracity of Starbuck’s claims is unconfirmed, and the debate around gender identity and children’s clothing continues to be a polarizing issue.


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