Native Americans Demand Washington Team Revert to Redskins


WASHINGTON, D.C. - DECEMBER 27: Washington Redskins fan "Chief Zee" watches the game against the Philadelphia Eagles on December 27, 2003 at FedEx Field in Washington, D.C.
(Photo by Jerry Driendl/Getty Images)


Eunice Davidson, founder and president of the Native American Guardian’s Association (NAGA), has officially approached the owners of the NFL’s Washington Commanders with a demand letter to revert back to the team’s original title: the Washington Redskins.

Backing their request, NAGA presented a petition carrying 70,000 signatures. Davidson writes, “We are passionate supporters of the Washington Redskins and its rich history. We urge you to reconsider the recent name change from the Redskins to the Commanders.”

At the heart of the argument lies the significance of the original name. The group stresses, “The name ‘Redskins’ carries deep cultural, historical, and emotional significance, honoring the bravery, resilience, and warrior spirit associated with Native American culture.” Contrary to some views, Davidson asserts, “It was never intended as a derogatory or offensive term but as a symbol of respect and admiration.”

Opponents of the original name cited cultural sensitivity as the primary reason for the change. However, NAGA believes there are more effective means of fostering inclusivity and respecting Native American heritage. “By reclaiming the Redskins name, we have the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue, educational initiatives, and collaborations with Native American communities,” Davidson notes.

In contrast, the new name, “Commanders,” is criticized for lacking the historical weight, essence, and tradition tied to the “Redskins.” The group feels the change has only diluted the team’s identity and weakened its bond with fans. Davidson continues, “The name change has caused division among supporters, tarnishing the team’s legacy and distancing it from its roots.”

The letter further emphasizes, “We believe that the name Redskins can be a catalyst for positive change, fostering understanding and appreciation for Native American heritage.” Wrapping up the appeal, Davidson states, “By reinstating the name Redskins, you will honor the history, tradition, and emotional connection millions of fans have with the team.”


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