Parents Sue School Over Transgender Restroom Policy


Some places have decided that the label unisex offers the simplest solution to the question of what restroom signs should say as transgender activists fight to use the facility that matches their identity.
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Michigan parents have filed a lawsuit against Vicksburg Community Schools over a policy that allows transgender students to use restrooms that align with their gender identity.

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The lawsuit was triggered when four female students found a biological male student in the girls’ restroom. The parents claim that the district implemented this policy without informing them or the students, leading to feelings of fear and discomfort among the girls.

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According to the complaint, when the girls reported the incident to school administrators, they were advised to “tolerate it” and “look away” if a male student exposed himself. This response has been heavily criticized, with the parents arguing that the school is forcing the girls to be subjected to indecent exposure. The lawsuit also alleges that the girls feel harassed, shamed, and bullied due to this policy.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that some girls are reportedly avoiding using the restroom out of fear, leading to health risks and potential embarrassment. Matthew DePerno, the plaintiffs’ attorney, has accused the district of lacking transparency regarding this policy. He suggested that a unisex bathroom should be provided for transgender students, as is the case in other school districts.

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On the other hand, the school district argues that its restroom and locker room policies comply with federal guidance and Michigan law. Virgil Knowles, the school board president, pointed out that current binding case law in Michigan requires public schools to allow all students, including transgender students, to use the restroom that matches their gender identification. He urged parents who disagree with this policy to take up the issue with their state legislators.


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