Professor: Kids Should Be 'Casually' Exposed to Adult Genitalia


A girl holds the Transgender Pride flag during the pride march held in one of the most important streets of Madrid.
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Dr. Katja Thieme, a professor from the University of British Columbia, is openly advocating for exposing children to adult genitalia. Via her Twitter account, Thieme stated, “Let. Little. Children. See. Penises. And. Vulvas. Of. Various. Ages. And. Sizes. In. A. Casual. Normalized. Totally. Safe. Way.”

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Thieme’s comments were in response to competitive female swimmer Riley Gaines, an outspoken critic of transgender ideology and advocate for women’s rights, who Thieme labeled as a transphobe. The professor’s tweet drew a wave of criticism from social media users, leading her to make her Twitter account private.

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Riley Gaines has been at the center of controversy for her opposition to biological men sharing women’s facilities and competing in women’s sports. “Lia Thomas is not a brave, courageous woman who EARNED a national title. He is an arrogant, cheat who STOLE a national title from a hardworking, deserving woman,” Gaines posted on social media.

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Outrage over Thieme’s tweet continues to grow, with one Twitter user labeling her advice as “the absolute definition of grooming,” and another user suggesting an investigation if Thieme had children.

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Gaines didn’t hold back in her response to Thieme’s tweet, labeling the professor as “deranged” and suggesting she should be in prison. “If you need a guest lecturer for you[r] course, let me know. In the meantime, someone should check her search history,” Gaines wrote on Twitter.


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