Report: Public Schools Picking Teachers Based on Adherence to Cultural Marxism


People against the transgender notification policy protest outside the Orange Unified School District meeting that will decide if the OUSD will implement a transgender notification policy in Orange on Thursday, September 7, 2023.
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Public schools across the United States have come under scrutiny for employing politically biased questions to screen potential teachers. This practice, as revealed by a survey conducted by the National Opportunity Project (NOP), is allegedly being used to assess the ideological alignment of candidates with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) objectives, rather than purely focusing on qualifications and merit.

As per the documents procured by NOP, public schools have been found to advertise job postings with veiled language that seeks “equity-literate educators” committed to “dismantling systemic racism” and promoting “social justice.” Such specifications, the report suggests, encourage applicants of a specific ideological leaning to apply, while discouraging others.

The interview process further extends this ideological screening, with candidates being asked loaded questions about how they would handle discussions about race in the classroom and their approach towards concepts such as “gender diversity.” NOP’s findings indicate that perspectives diverging from the district’s views on equity are judged poorly.

Schools like Fairfax County Public Schools use a screening rubric that defines an “outstanding candidate” as someone who can demonstrate strategies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and understands their role in breaking down barriers.

The hiring process also involves a certain degree of identity politics. NOP discovered that some schools ensure the presence of at least one person of color and one woman or gender-fluid person on the hiring panel.

This practice has raised legal and ethical concerns. Kristen Williamson, communications director at NOP, argued that these schools might be breaking the law by filtering potential teachers based on ideology. She noted that the effect of these policies is that teachers are selected based on subjective, quasi-political, and sometimes illegal criteria that are unrelated to their teaching skills.

The report indicates that these practices go beyond ideological alignment and often extend to physical characteristics. For instance, Hinsdale Township High School District 86 in Illinois insists on employees reflecting the student body in terms of race, cultural background, linguistic skill, physical abilities and disabilities, sex, and sexual identity.

Williamson urged parents and taxpayers to hold school districts accountable for their teacher hiring standards. She expressed, “These same teachers are recruited to be partisan political activists for teachers unions, forcing policies they teach in the classroom on the rest of the country through strikes, lobbying, and electioneering.”


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