Queer Theory Caused Nashville Shooting, Will Cause More Violence


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On March 27, a deranged and angry person murdered three 9-year-old children and three teachers at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, representing the latest in a seemingly endless chain of school shootings that have plagued our country.

Despite what most Democratic politicians and activists want you to believe, this tragedy is not the result of access to guns. Rather, the primary causal factor behind these murders is neo-Marxist queer theory indoctrination that twisted the shooter and transformed her from an innocent child into a deadly weapon of the Marxist vanguard.

Before delving into the details surrounding the attacker — who identified as a transgender male despite being born female — it is vital to explain exactly what queer theory entails and how it is inextricably linked to the Marxist ideology that seeks to destroy Western civilization via violent revolution.

Like the insidious critical race theory that has been corrupting our nation’s children into believing that all White people are inherently racist, queer theory is an outgrowth of critical theory. Critical theory, developed by the Frankfurt School, is an ideology built upon the idea that if you levy relentless criticism against prevailing notions and institutions, you can cause those prevailing notions and institutions to crumble.

It is precisely those prevailing notions and institutions that stand in the way of a Marxist revolution.

Biological sex is clearly determined by what your body looks like and what your DNA looks like. That is objective truth. This is why we have institutions such as the family and traditional marriage, because they are built upon objective reality.

Queer theory — and the transgender ideology that is part of it — is essentially just one segment of critical theory, aimed at deconstructing those truths by assaulting the objective definitions of man, woman, child, marriage, sex, gender, etc. Though it may sound hyperbolic to some, queer theory’s ultimate — albeit camouflaged — purpose is to spark a neo-Marxist revolution by destroying our prevailing notions and institutions; by destroying the American family, and by turning transgender and “nonbinary” youth into violent revolutionaries.

Queer theorists are using the LGBTQ community as their vanguard — the concept introduced by Karl Marx holding that the “oppressed” must violently overthrow their “oppressors.” Through queer theory and CRT, our children are being brainwashed to believe that White, conservative, religious Americans represent that oppressor class.

Essentially, LGBTQ people are told they are marginalized and oppressed — even targets of an impending genocide — and that to be truly liberated, to live their lives authentically and to be their true selves, they must throw off the yolk of their cisheteropatriarchal Christian oppressors.

The Covenant School shooter was a poster child of the queer theory indoctrination campaign. This was a woman detached from reality, indulging in delusions, likely given hormones and pharmaceuticals that exacerbated her mental illness, and existentially fearful for her own existence — because of what queer theorists falsely drummed into her already demented mind.

This transgender grooming is happening on a macro scale. It destroys reality in the minds of children. It makes them confused, and it assaults their very identity. It grooms them into perpetrating violence on themselves in the form of puberty-blocking pharmaceuticals, cross-sex hormone therapies such as testosterone, or surgical procedures to remove healthy organs and attach new organs that are unnatural to that individual’s body, and against others in the name of a revolution against oppression. This stuff is disgusting, brutal and demonic.

It is no coincidence that the victims of the Nashville massacre were all White, conservative Christians. These are the types of individuals whom the assailant and her peers are told to vilify. Though she was absolutely personally responsible for this attack, this was not an isolated act of lunacy. It was the direct result of queer theory’s pervasive tentacles that are wrapped around the public school system, colleges and universities, the medical community, many workplaces, and the media, not to mention insidious social media applications such as TikTok.

To stop this, we must take after states such as Florida and enact legislation to purge the school curriculum of queer theory’s influence and eradicate gender transition surgeries. In addition, parents and educators must tell the truth to children who are struggling with gender confusion. If you were born a boy, you are a boy. If you were born a girl, you are a girl. If that doesn’t work, then that child needs mental health care — outside the so-called gender-affirming model — so that he or she can feel comfortable with their natural identity.

If society continues to indulge these transgender fantasies, children’s mental and physical health will continue to decline. More youth will fall prey to the inherently violent, revolutionary neo-Marxist ideology of queer theory. Moreover, if we do not put a stop to this insanity, it is not an exaggeration to say that Western civilization as we know it is at risk of destruction.


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