GOP 2024 Contender Calls CNN Anchor a 'Petulant Child'


Vivek Ramaswamy speaks during the interview at the 10X Ladies Empowerment Seminar at the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa on August 04, 2023 in Aventura, Florida.
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Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy sharply criticized CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins following a heated interview.

Ramaswamy took to X, the platform previously known as Twitter, stating: “Hilarious interview with @CNN last night. Felt like I was talking to a petulant teenager.” This comment came after the pair discussed remarks Ramaswamy made about the 9/11 terrorist attacks to The Atlantic.

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Ramaswamy had implied in his comments to The Atlantic that federal agents were present on the planes hijacked on 9/11. During the CNN interview, he insisted he was misquoted, a claim subsequently challenged when The Atlantic’s John Hendrickson released audio seemingly disproving Ramaswamy’s assertion.

Further elaborating his stance, Ramaswamy said during the interview, “On 9/11, what I’ve said is that the government lied and this is incontrovertible evidence, Kaitlan, the government lied about Saudi Arabia’s involvement.” He claimed his discussion with the reporter was on the record and expressed frustration over not receiving the recording earlier. “The truth is there are lies the government has told about 9/11, but it’s not the ones that somebody put in my mouth,” Ramaswamy stressed.

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The contentious exchange didn’t end there. In a segment discussing his approach for countering a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan, Ramaswamy rebuked Collins, and later accused her of misrepresenting his proposal to arm Taiwanese citizens.

Critics accused Ramaswamy of “mansplaining” to Collins. He refuted this, arguing on X that, “Speaking the hard TRUTH to a female anchor isn’t ‘mansplaining,’ it’s the exact same treatment I gave to Don Lemon a few months back. I believe in equal opportunity for all media dishonesty.”

Ramaswamy is currently competing with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the second spot among GOP primary candidates, as per recent polls.


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