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Congress Returns To Capitol Hill After The Weekend
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On November 16, all 50 Democratic senators and 12 of their Republican counterparts voted to advance the Respect for Marriage Act, circumventing the filibuster and paving the way for the bill’s imminent passage. 

In what should come as a surprise to no one familiar with the insidious tactics utilized by the Marxists currently in control of our government, the goals of this bill are being completely misrepresented. It’s time we cleared up exactly what this bill means and break down the sinister ramifications of its potential passage. 

At its core, this legislation would force the federal government to recognize any marriage that was performed according to a state law. If a same-sex couple gets married in a particular state— California, for example — then the federal government would be required to recognize that union.

There are at least three major problems that would necessarily result from this.  

First, the bill amounts to a direct assault upon religious liberty. The anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, anti-religion, anti-God, secular mob will undoubtedly use this law to target people of faith. They will target non-profit organizations. They will target churches. They will target religious schools. You won’t be able to conduct business under the premise of the biblical definition of marriage or you will likely come under fire. As Rachel Bovard at the Conservative Partnership Institute notes, it even creates a cultural justification for market institutions such as banks to discriminate against people with traditional views, dovetailing effectively with the advent of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) social credit scores that can and are being utilized to reduce or eliminate one’s access to financial services based upon social values.

Which leads us to the second problem: this bill gives government the power to redefine words. This has nothing to do with sexual orientation or sexual attraction. It’s about the definition of the word marriage, and whether government at the federal or state level has the right to redefine what marriage is, and has always been, since before the inception of our country. 

After all, if the federal government can be forced to recognize a same-sex union, what would the limitation be upon recognizing polygamous marriage? What about a marriage between an adult and a child? Once definitions become malleable and subject to political whimsy, they cease to have any meaning, and can be wielded against society at will. There are no limitations.

Our government does not have the right to redefine words. That is a core tenet of authoritarian rule. 

Third — and perhaps most importantly — the bill will inherently become a legal catch-all for the Democratic Party’s radical progressive agenda, which hinges upon the deliberate Marxist goal of destroying the nuclear family and ultimately deconstructing our society’s moral fiber. 

Among many other positives, traditional marriage between a man and woman is the best protector against child poverty and physical and mental health problems, while also being a bulwark against crime, drug use, and suicide. Moreover, we need children to populate our country’s next generation. It is in the national interest to support, encourage, and reward marriage between a man and a woman, and support parental rights to raise children according to the morals and values passed down through families for generations.

Instead, we now have drag queens parading in front of children as young as two within public schools and libraries — some of whom have been identified as pedophiles — indoctrinating children according to the state’s woke preferences. We have transgender surgeries regularly performed upon children, causing immense psychological damage in addition to the physical mutilation that is impossible to reverse. Our children are being inundated with LGBTQ teachings directly pushed by public schools, often at the expense of basic curriculum staples such as math and science.

 Astoundingly, some of these teachings incorporate advocacy for pedophilia. In fact, many advocacy groups—which often have especially strong presences on college campuses — promote tolerance and acceptance of “Minor-Attracted Persons” (MAPs). College professors have even joined the pedophilia bandwagon. When pedophilia threatens to become normalized, we have a problem.

Beyond these incredibly concerning elements, one of the other tremendously worrisome aspects of this bill is that 12 Republicans said: okay, let’s get this done. This clearly shows us that these senators do not understand what we are fighting, that they are not aware of the political enemy we face.

Ultimately, this bill is not about equal rights or codifying gay marriage into law. This is a radical leftist agenda that assaults the rights of religious people and institutions, grants government virtually unlimited power to define truth and morality, and provides protection for perverted, anti-American individuals and organizations. 

As a silver lining, perhaps this conveniently identifies which of our politicians need to be voted out of office. Anyone who votes in favor of this bill needs to go. Period. If you don’t understand what we’re fighting for, then you can’t fight for us. Good-bye. You’re fired.


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