'Sound of Freedom' Defies Hollywood Skepticism, Ignites Global Anti-Child Trafficking Movement


Tim Ballard poses with friends and family during the premiere of "Sound of Freedom" on June 28, 2023 in Vineyard, Utah.
(Photo by Fred Hayes/Getty Images for Angel Studios)


“Sound of Freedom,” the gripping drama targeting child-trafficking and starring Jim Caviezel, has been described as more than just a movie by its producer, Eduardo Verástegui, who claimed it’s an ongoing movement. Despite skepticism from Hollywood experts, the film skyrocketed to the number two spot at the box office, generating an impressive $82 million in ticket sales. Verástegui’s joy at defying Hollywood’s expectations is palpable as celebrities flock to recognize the achievement.

Verástegui revealed on “Fox & Friends Weekend” the unexpected success of the “people’s movie” and how it feels to challenge the naysayers. “All the experts in Hollywood tell us that this is not a good film for them, that nobody will go see this film,” he said, but the faith-based thriller has now attracted more than five million viewers in just ten days.

In the words of the producer, “After praying to God for a miracle to happen for this film, please send an angel to rescue this film, Angel Studios rescued this film and, because of them, millions of people are seeing this film…I feel like I’m dreaming.” He sees the film’s surprising success as the embodiment of the American dream and a testament to divine intervention, referring to it as a “miracle.”

As the second weekend rolled in, the Angel Studios’ sensation scored an additional $24.7 million, marking a 26 percent increase from its debut weekend, amassing a total of $83.2 million so far. The film’s domestic revenue now surpasses 24 of the top grossing movies of the previous year, including “Scream (2022)”, “Morbius,” “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” and more.

Despite its widespread appeal, “Sound of Freedom” has faced media criticism from outlets such as the U.K. Guardian and Jezebel, linking it to QAnon conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, Verástegui affirmed the film’s broader objective: to shine a light on the child-trafficking crisis and help its victims.

In an emotional confession, he revealed his motivation, “I close my eyes every day in the morning, [asking] What if this is my son? What if he is missing?… I will give my life to find my child… I’m waking up every day to fight for four children to end child trafficking.”

Verástegui’s passionate commitment to this cause underscores the urgency to act: “I don’t want to wait. I don’t want to wait for this tragedy to come to my life for me to wake up. I want to wake up now.”


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