Study: mRNA Covid-19 Vaccinations Cause Myocarditis


Moderna vaccines are prepared for application at a United States military vaccination centre at Camp Foster on April 28, 2021 in Ginowan, Japan. A United States military vaccination program aiming to inoculate all service personnel and their families against Covid-19 coronavirus is under way on Japans southernmost island of Okinawa, home to around 30,000 US troops and one of the largest US Marine contingents outside of mainland USA.
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South Korean researchers have presented groundbreaking findings in a paper published in the European Heart Journal, establishing a link between mRNA Covid-19 vaccinations and fatal myocarditis in 12 individuals under 45 years old.

In eight of these cases, the initial cause of death was misdiagnosed as “sudden cardiac deaths” until post-mortem examinations confirmed vaccine-induced myocarditis. The study states unequivocally, “Vaccine-related myocarditis was the only possible cause of death.”

These unexpected fatalities were identified through South Korea’s stringent reporting system for post-vaccine side effects, which legally mandates the reporting of all myocarditis cases within six weeks of vaccination. Out of nearly 500 cases, 87 were classified as severe, including 85 intensive care admissions, 21 patients requiring heart-lung machines, 13 deaths, and one heart transplant.

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The study goes beyond the scope of previous research by factoring in sudden death cases that had been overlooked. Autopsies revealed all eight individuals died from severe myocarditis, indicated by the infiltration of inflammatory white blood cells. These findings suggest there might be hundreds of similar fatalities globally that have not been officially linked to mRNA vaccines.

The South Korean researchers urge physicians to warn younger patients about the risks and monitor them closely for myocarditis symptoms following mRNA jabs. Given that South Korea accounts for roughly 3 percent of mRNA doses administered worldwide, the researchers estimate there could be between 300 and 500 similar cases globally, with a majority of deaths never officially attributed to the vaccine.

In their conclusion, the researchers expressed concern about “sudden cardiac death,” terming it the “most serious and worrisome adverse reaction of COVID-19 vaccination.” They urged for vigilant monitoring or warnings of sudden cardiac death as a potential fatal complication of Covid-19 vaccination, particularly in individuals under 45 receiving mRNA vaccination.

The study emphasizes the importance of post-vaccination monitoring, highlighting how South Korea’s strict reporting protocol identified cases likely missed by other systems, such as the United States’ Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).


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