Survey: Most Americans Believe President Biden Is a Criminal


WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20: U.S. President Joe Biden hugs his son Hunter Biden, wife Dr. Jill Biden and daughter Ashley Biden after being sworn in as U.S. president during his inauguration on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2021 in Washington, DC.
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A new survey from Rasmussen Reports has found that a majority of Americans believe President Biden to have engaged in an illegal coverup on behalf of his son, Hunter.

The poll found that 60 percent of likely voters believe Joe Biden has illegally covered up his son’s foreign business ventures, with 61 percent believing the scandal to be “serious.” Sixty-six percent of Republicans view the scandal as “severe,” compared to 20 percent of Democrats.

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) drew parallels between Biden and Richard Nixon, accusing Biden of weaponizing the government to protect his family, a statement agreed upon by 58 percent of voters.

Interestingly, demographics play little role in one’s perception of the severity of the scandal, with 63 percent of white people, 56 percent of Black people, and 62 percent of other minorities viewing Biden’s involvement as somewhat serious, though more men (67 percent) than women (57 percent) see the issue as a scandal. Older voters are also more likely to view the scandal as very serious.

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Income levels played a role too, with voters earning between $30,000 and $50,000 most likely to see Biden’s involvement as a severe scandal.

Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, testified before Congress on Monday, stirring controversy by revealing that he had shared speakerphone calls with both Hunter and Joe Biden when the latter was vice president.

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Although Archer insisted that business dealings related to Ukraine and China were never discussed, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, reported Archer’s claim that Joe Biden was involved to boost the “brand.”

Hunter Biden’s multimillion-dollar consultancy for Ukraine’s Burisma and other international entities is viewed by many as an attempt to gain access to the elder Biden.

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The survey of 1,027 U.S. likely voters was conducted on July 26-27 and July 30 by Rasmussen Reports with a margin of sampling error of plus/minus percentage points at a 95% level of confidence.


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