Targets Drops Queer-Themed Kids and Baby Line Ahead of Pride Month


Target has released its latest "pride" collection in anticipation of the designated "pride" month in June.
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Target has released its latest “pride” collection in anticipation of the designated “pride” month in June. Some argue that the collection is a tool for the Left to impose their radical gender ideology on both adults and children.

The pride collection features a wide range of items catering not only to adults but also to toddlers and newborns. These items are prominently displayed at the front of the stores. Adult clothing includes rompers, beach shorts, pajamas, and shirts with rainbow patterns. Some shirts honor drag performers Katya and Trixie Mattel.

Target also offers hoodies with the slogan “Not a Phase” and garments with phrases like “Busy Thinking About Girls” and “Super Queer.” The store sells transsexual butterfly socks, shirts with slogans like “Live, Laugh, Lesbian,” and various other items with pride-related themes.

The pride collection extends to kids and infants, featuring onesies, clothing, and bibs with slogans like “Bien Proud!” and “I Am Proud of You Always.” There are also pride-themed outfits, shoes, and socks for children and babies.

Target also promotes LGBTQIA+ books for children, such as “Bye Bye, Binary” and “The Pronoun Book,” as well as gender-related home decor products like mugs labeled “gender fluid,” rainbow doormats, spatulas, and lawn chairs.

Target’s actions align with the far-left agenda to replace the biological reality of two sexes with an ideology based solely on feelings and culture. Target has a history of participating in the pride movement, including eliminating gender-specific labeling in the toy section back in 2015.

In the following years, Target faced controversy for its bathroom and changing room policies, allowing men to use women’s facilities. Last year, the company collaborated with “queer-owned” brands, normalizing gender uncertainty by offering products like chest binders.


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