Transgender Lifter Destroys Competition, Sets World Record


New Zealands Laurel Hubbard, the first transgender Olympian, cant make the lift on his final try in the womens 87kg weightlifting final at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
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A 40-year-old man named Anne Andres, who identifies as a woman, recently dominated a women’s powerlifting championship in western Canada, setting what some claim is an unofficial women’s record.

The Canadian Powerlifting Union’s 2023 Western Canadian Championship saw Andres lift a combined weight of 1,317 pounds (597.5 kilograms). The second-place finisher, SuJan Gil, lifted 854 pounds (387.5 kilograms). Fox News highlighted that Andres has set multiple records in the female division of powerlifting, and his recent victory established a new Canadian women’s national record as well as an unofficial women’s world record.

However, this achievement was not universally celebrated. The International Consortium on Female Sport (ICFS) took to Twitter to criticize the record, stating, “This is NOT a legitimate National Record. This is a mediocre lift by a mediocre male who is being allowed to lift.”

Despite this criticism, Andres stood on the podium with fellow female competitors. On social media, he expressed gratitude for the support and camaraderie of his peers: “Today I did some lifting… Friends who welcome me and love me and want me to be there. Friends who support trying to be the best me.”

Andres faced a unique challenge in March 2023 when a male powerlifting coach entered the same competition, breaking several of Andres’ records. Avi Silverberg, the former head coach for Team Canada Powerlifting, outperformed Andres by nearly 100 pounds in the bench press event.

Activist Riley Gaines, a former NCAA athlete, pointed out: “Anne Andres (male who identifies and competes as a woman) doesn’t understand why female powerlifters are so ‘bad’ at bench press….well idk Anne, but maybe it’s because you have 20 times more testosterone than them. Just a thought….”

Gaines also commented on the broader implications of the situation, criticizing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for what she viewed as a “radical disdain for women,” particularly in allowing Andres to compete and set records in women’s powerlifting.


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